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Olaf Build Guide by Przemoboski

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Przemoboski

Olaf The Berserker 'Chomp' 'Chomp'[Updating for season 3]

Przemoboski Last updated on February 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello ! This is a build for Olaf which is still in progress but yet useful anyways
I'm working on this build and its going to get updated For now only thing you need to do is to click Rate up button this will help me alot ! thank you.

Thanks for 20000 views ! ;)

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For masteries i have focused on physical dmg [21/9] and Point in Hardiness to make olaf tankier i didnt add other points in Hardiness or Resistance as i have added them in Veteran's Scars and Durability to make olaf more tankier and to have more hp for his W (+dmg from max hp) and olaf is about building hp isnt he? oh and this greeny thing Perseverance gives you hp regen which is okay
(i have no idea why it comes up with garens passive :< )

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

On runes ive got Greater Mark of Attack Damageand greater mark of armor penetration which give me a nice boost to dmg and armor penetration i didnt add more in armor penetration
as olaf has true dmg from his E and anyways he has penetration from his Ragnarok passive.On seals ive got Greater Seal of Armor this gives you a nice boost to your armor this will help you if you want to take boots instead of cloth armor if against a ap these could be turned into greater seal of magic resistance which will give you boost to magic resistance.On glyphs i took some greater glyph of scaling magic resistance which will give you a boost to your magic resist late game as if i would get Greater Glyph of Magic Resist it would get me alot early game but not that much late game so greater glyph of scaling magic resistance is probably better if not against a ap.On quints ive got Greater Quintessence of Life Steal which gives alot of life steal at start also as they added the new spirit items in season 3 and i dont buy lantern anymore they are really helpfull
Combining Vicious Strikes, Ragnarokand Berserker Rage at low health is really op
also the life steal runes might help you alot out there

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Items did you say? oh yes right

Starting items
for starting items i recommend taking taking Cloth Armor as it gives you alot of starting armor but it could only be build into Wriggle's Lantern which is quite nice but there are better items also you could take Boots of Speed for higher mobility but becouse of season 3 you have more starting movement speed (25 movement+) so you only get 25+ mobility from Boots of Speedwhich is still quite nice but not 50+ .But if you wanna be a pro damager you should get Doran's Blade which gives you 10+ dmg 80 health for his W and new passive from season 3 passive-5 hp per hit that means you can get alot of life each hit + you can also use your W for extra dmg and life steal.
last starting item is Hunter's Machete which i would only recommend to take to jungle but its easy to last hit with it and also it can be built into Spirit Stone which gives you alot of hp regen so if someone gets close to you BANG TRUE DAMAGE PENTA KILL but it harms you too so if you dont want to lose mana for your W to life steal to get hp for another E you can just get Spirit Stone which gives alot of hp regen also it gives you mana regen so you can just throw ur Q and just pick up the axe and again and again and then go CHOMP CHOMP and oh last thing about Spirit Stone it gives you 10% more damage to monsters then Hunter's Machete (so spirit stone gets you 20%)

Oh and dont forget!

take Health Potion's when you take Cloth Armor , Boots of Speed or Hunter's Machete at start! (3-5) Also when you get back from lane first time get a Crystalline Flask which gives you 3 stacks of fresh tasty!crystalline water every time you visit the shop and each stack restores 100 health and 40 mana over 10 secounds (300 health and 120 mana all 3 stacks) this item never gets destroyed! but its not that good mid/late game as it only has 3 stacks good for start bad for later.

Early game items
Your early game items should be your choice of boots Spirit Stone , Phage and you should have started building up for a Frozen Mallet or a Spirit of the Elder Lizard
as these items give you nice boost to your mana/hp regen,bonus movement speed,small boost to ad and hp.

Why spirit of the elder lizard?

Its your choice i just picked that as that's what works the best for me as Spirit of the Elder Lizard gives you loads of dmg true dmg over time for every skill or auto attack and other bonus things from Spirit Stone but if you are playing against a ap or someone with high cc you could pick Spirit of the Ancient Golem as it gives you tenacity which lowers the time of stuns,slows,blinds etc tenacity doesen't stack so i recommend taking this if you just dont Mercury's Treads and want to take berserker greaves or some other boots instead.Also it gives you alot of armor and loads of hp for your W and also for Atma's Impaler if you buy it later on.wait what? Spirit of the Spectral Wraith? dont even think about it your not a ap get over it !!!

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This is end of my current build its going to get updated probably everyday as i get new ideas thanks for checking this build out i hope it wasn't boring thanks :P
last edited : 15/1/13