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Caitlyn Build Guide by ultimoreaper



Updated on July 31, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ultimoreaper Build Guide By ultimoreaper 2,435 Views 0 Comments
2,435 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ultimoreaper Caitlyn Build Guide By ultimoreaper Updated on July 31, 2016
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Hi I am Ultimoreaper hut you can call me ulty. Caitlyn is one of my best adc pick. I know caitlyn can be hard but trust me we have all been there but once you get the hang of it Caitlyn csn be the most broken champion you have ever played. P.S. When using Caitlyn you need to trust you Gut.
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Skill Sequence

When using your Q, you must advance it always because of her 1 second delay. Her Q can/will pass through enemy champions so don't worry when a champion or creeps blocking an enemy champ.
Her W can be used as a ward. It can be also used for esapes or back-up plans. Her W can turn a bad situation into a good one. When going one on one and the enemy champ gets caught in your W I reccomend using this combo: (when caught in your W) W-Q-W then start your poking. As you can see I wrote W after getting caught I did that because once an enemy champion gets caught you can place another W in their place so that they can get caught again.
Her E can both be used for chasing and for escaping. If here E hits an enemy champion it will activate her crit attack without disturbing her passive count(you can only do it once per hit of her E).
Her ult has a high damage but can be blocked by enemy champs,windwalls and can be postponed by stunes and silences. You need to time your ult. I reccomend saving your ult for that one champ who is running away given that ther are no champs that are capable of negating your ult is nearby. What I personally do is I aim from the sides.
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Pros / Cons

- She has a high attack range
- She has a high movement speed
- She can hit a crit without any crit build or runes or masteries because of her passive
- It is hard to aim her Q because it has a 1 second delay
- Her ult can be blocked by anyone
- She is very squishy
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Creeping / Jungling

Creeping for Caitlyn is very easy given her long attack range. Always remeber that for every 7 attacks her next attack is a crit. (When attacking in a bush) It stacks by 2 so every 3 attacks her next attack is a crit. Her Q can be used to easyly clear the jungle wave. Save your passive for champions or canon minions.
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Team Work

Her passive is very helpfull in teamfights because of a sudden burst of damage when attacking. Her Q can hit multiple champs which is helpful for the extra poking. Her W can stop a champion which gives your teamates an extra time of hitting them. Her Ult isn't really helpfull when it comes to teamfights. Her Ult is usually used for those last champs that sre trying to run away.
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Unique Skills

She has a passive that crits for every 7 or 3 attacks. Her Q has a 1 second delay (like thresh) so others will react to the usual adc (skillshots are released upon activate).
Her Q is not like you ordinary adc ult it does not hit or it cannot hit multiple targets at once. She is the only champ that crit for every 7 to 3 turns(consistently). She is the only champ that activates a crit attack after using and hitting an enemy champion. It's always better to be Unique than be the same as others so don't lose your liking with cait just because she has alot of diffrences.
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Thank you flr taking time to read and look at my guide hope you liked it. May it give you guidance when using Caitlyn. Now go forth and crush enemy champions with this guide.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ultimoreaper
ultimoreaper Caitlyn Guide
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