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Master Yi Build Guide by MutinyxWithin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MutinyxWithin

OMG IT'S MASTER YI (laning and jungle build)

MutinyxWithin Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow summoners, and welcome to my very own Master Yi build. Master Yi can be a very devastating Champion especially late game once he is either fed or farmed up with all his items. This guide will show both aspects of laning and jungle, as well as the different paths to take for each. One aspect of this guide focuses on purcahsing a Warmogs as well as an Atma's to improve his survivability in team fights, and yes, IT DOES WORK! Well, on to the guide...

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Pros / Cons

+ Good farmer
+ Great Jungler
+ Awesome Ganks
+ Beast attack speed (omg highlander)
+ Beast attack damage (Wuju Style...)
+ Good Escape Mechanism (Cannot be Slowed...)
+ CD Reset after kills
+ Amazing backdoor power

+ Fairly squisy early game
+ CC Vulnerable (Stuns, Snares, Fears..)
+ Low mana early game (if you spam abilities)

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Skill Sequence

Double Strike This passive has great synergy with Master Yi, especially once you have your items. Passive + Ult + Items = omgwtfisthatdamge. Also great for jungling, get to hit monsters twice every 7th attack.

Alpha Strike This ability is just great for chasing and ganking. Press Q, click on enemy champion, dead damage and teleport right next to them. With this you're almost impossible to dodge. Also VERY good for jungling and farming due to passive of 400 dmg to monsters.

Meditate Use this ability when you're low health and you just happen to get hit by Gangplank's or Pantheon's and ever stupid Karthus' annoying . Meditate gives you bonus 300 armor and magic resistance when maxed while channeling, which makes you almost invincible. Also useful early game laning when you're a bit low on health and need some health regen.

Wuju Style Bonus attack damage?? HELL YES. Use this when attacking enemies as well as during jungling to hit your targets harder.

Highlander Oh how I LOVE this Ultimate. This is what makes you shine in fights and ganks. Bonus attack speed and movement speed make you a complete NINJA ASSASSIN. This combined with alpha strike and your items can give you multi-kills when used effectively. Also, prevents all slows so you can use it to run away if you're in danger.

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Summoner Spells

Flash This is a great summoner spell overall, especially for those necessary escapes and can even be used offensively to catch a fleeing enemy champion.

Ghost Ghost is great for chasing and when combined with the bonus speed from your ultimate, your speed goes OVER 9000.

Exhaust This ability is also great for chasing and taking down enemies. However I don't really prefer it on Master Yi because it doesn't really help very much for escaping uses when compared with the above two spells.

Ignite Good for ensuring that 20-HP running Kennen will die. Not really recommended though because you do enough dmg and they should be dead anyways once you engage.

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Run the typical 21/0/9 tree for added DPS. Make sure to take the improved buff duration on utility if you're going to be jungling, as well as the Smite bonus on the Offense tree.

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Berserker's Greaves Great attack speed bonus (25%) and synergizes well with your attack speed reliance.

Wriggle's Lantern This item is essential for most junglers, so take this if you're gonna jungle with Yi. 18% Lifesteal as well as bonus attack and armor makes this great early-mid game.

Warmog's Armor Yeah, yeah I know what you're all thinking. OMG DUDE WHY U GET WARMOG ON YI NOOB. Well, my reasoning for this is because of Yi's squishiness and lack of survivability. Getting this item helps with your survivability in mid-late game fights. Trust me, it's useful.

Atma's Impaler This combined with your Warmog's will give you bonus attack damage as well as armor to add to your survivability. With this, Warmog's, Wriggle's and Youmouu's Ghostblade, you should have over 200 dmg ALONE.

Youmuu's Ghostblade The active for this item is great for teamfights and just fighting in general as it pretty much is another one of your ultimate with a 1-minute cooldown. The passive armor penetration is also useful for dealing more damage to your enemies.

Infinity Edge This item is great for your damage output, as it gives you extra damage crits as well.

The Bloodthirster The damage and lifesteal on this baby is soo useful on Yi. Also, it gives bonus damage and lifeteal for every kill that you get.

Frozen Mallet Useful for survivability and especially it's slow on hit effect.

Stark's Fervor Replace your Wriggles from before if you had one with this bad boy. The lifesteal and attack speed works great, but the best part is the aura which gives it to your allies as well. Great if your team is AD heavy.

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Possible/Situational Items

Mercury's Treads Get this item if the opposing team has a lot of CC which is giving you problems. The tenacity on this item will help out with that annoying stun or fear. Also useful if their team has a bunch of AP champions.

Phantom Dancers If you don't like Starks or anything, you can get this item. The bonus attack speed, crit chance, and movement speed totally compliments your role as a ninja assassin.

The Black Cleaver If their team is stacking armor because of your godlike damage, use this baby to reduce them back to squishiness.

Wit's End Get this if you need some extra magic resist and attack speed. Also useful if the other team has alot of champions with mana.

Banshee's Veil This item's great as it gives health, mana and magic resist, but mostly because of the 30 second bubble it gives you. Great for dodging CC and other nasty spells.

Quicksilver Sash If you find you're getting shut down because of that snare, use this item to cleanse out of it quickly. Also good for the extra magic resist.

Guardian Angel Good for the bonus defensive stats it gives, as well as the revive passive.

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Laning as Master Yi

If you're going to lane with Master Yi, there are a few tips and pointers you should keep in mind:

Early Game As soon as you spawn at the fountain, try to pair up with a support or champion with a stun, slow, or any good hard CC. This will help you to deal damage to those affected enemy champions. Use your alpha strike sparingly to farm and harass the enemy (HOWEVER DON"T ALPHA STRIKE ONTO THEM TO HARASS UNLESS YOU CAN KILL THEM, AS IT WILL PUT YOU RIGHT BESIDE THEM). A good tip to keep in mind is that alpha strike hits 4 of the nearest enemy objects, so aim for the minion closest to the enemy champion to harass them. Once you and your lane partner have harassed them enough, get a stun on them, alpha strike, ultimate, and what do you know, their dead. Hah.

Mid Game This part of the game is when Yi starts to stand out. If you managed to get a few early game kills and adequate farm, you should have the items necessary to deal significant damage on your enemies. Try to get red buff as often as you can as it helps ALOT when attacking. During team fights, wait for your tank to initiate and wait until most of the enemy's CCs are down. Then alpha strike onto the squishy of their team, activate your ult and Wuju Style that ***** till he dead. Then proceed to do so with other enemy champions if you can kill them. If you're in a sticky situation where you need to run, pop your ultimate and run like hell.

Late Game Now THIS is the best part of the game. If you've managed to get enough kills and farm, you're build should be complete and you should be dealing massive damage to the enemy. Use the same procedure as explained above during teamfights if you can win them. However, if you find that you are losing, ask your team to distract the enemy while you run up to the enemy towers and start backdooring the sh*t out of them.

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Jungling as Master Yi

If you decide you're going to jungle with Master Yi, here are some pointers:

First take a look at Stonwall008's awesome video to see just how Yi should jungle:
Make sure you have the necessary runes to jungle, or else you will fail miserably.

First buy a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Pots and start at the twin golem camp. Put your first point on Wuju Style and start attacking them. Smite the first golem once you hit it.

Proceed to the Wraith camp and alpha strike onto them. If you're lucky, the proc will activate and it'll be easier to clear the wraiths.

Move onto the wolves, and repeat the above process.

Finally approach Blue Golem and alpha strike, making sure to pop a health pot and your Wuju Style. Smite it when you can and finish off the little lizards. Port back and purchase a long sword and a couple pots if you can.

Finish off the Lizard Camp the same way and now you're ready to gank! Make sure you have red buff on you if you're going to gank as it helps tremendously because of the slow. Once you get to level 6 however, your ultimate should be the only thing you need.

When ganking, hide in the brush and tell your teammates to initiate. Then alpha strike on the enemy, pop your Wuju Style and Ultimate if you have it, and watch as the kills come flowing towards you.

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Master Yi is a very fun champion to play overall, and when used smartly, can become a full fledged killing ninja. Thanks for checking out this build and please rate and comment, thanks!