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Vayne General Guide by Noobgam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noobgam

On wings of night

Noobgam Last updated on December 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About the author.

Hello everyone, my name is Noobgam. This is my first guide, but I hope after reading this guide you will understand how to play Vayne.
I am playing League of Legends till the beginning of the Season One.
In the Season Two my highest elo was 1313 (Silver league)
In Season Three I hit Gold League and now I am in Gold I
Vayne is one of my favourite champs so let's start out my guide that will explain you everything.

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Pros / Cons


  • One of the best duelists in the lategame.
  • Has great mobility due to her Tumble.
  • Can easily escape from some men these are engaging on her like Zed or Lee Sin.
  • Has no reason to run from tanks or stack penetration due to her Silver Bolts.


  • Has low autoattack range so she gets easily poked by Caitlyn and Jinx early.
  • Has actually no escape except of Flash.
  • Has no actual Crowd Control in teamfights ( Condemn should hit the wall to stun)

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Let's start this guide with short look at runes these i decide to take.


I take Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage. So why would i take it?
We all know that Vayne is not so good at early game and becomes hyper dangerous in late game, so i decide to play defensive early and have these runes to increase my power in lategame even more.
Other suggestion is taking Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you feel yourself uncomfortable without like any AD early game.


I take Greater Seal of Armor cause Seals are made for armor, we benefit the most from these.
We need some tankiness -> why not take them.
Why not Greater Seal of Scaling Armor?
We will get poked so hard early game and you want us to have no armor early? Strange idea.
But if we know that we will win the lane you can feel free to take them.

I take Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage cause i just want to increase my damage even more and Greater Glyph of Attack Damage will not grant us enough.
Another suggestion is Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.
I can suggest you these cause Vayne actually has constant Magic Resistance, so it will be better to endure some more attacks from enemy Ap Carry or Sona

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Let's take a short look at masteries these i take.
Offensive tree:
Butcher will help us to lasthit early on.
Fury will increase our damage from Silver Bolts a little.
Deadliness will grant us scaling attack damage so we can become even more powerfull in lategame.
Weapon Expertise will grant us physical penetration so we can focus tanks without building any special items
Havoc will increase our damage output a little, so that would be nice choice.
Lethality and Frenzy will make us much stronger after we will build critical attack chance.
Brute Force will grant us little Attack Damage bonus, this will increase our damage early so we can lasthit and poke our enemies without losing much health.
Sunder will let us penetrate enemy armor so we can damage enemy support like Leona or Blitzcrank in early game.
Executioner will let us lasthit enemy champions with ease.

Defensive tree:
We need some tankiness to face enemy AD carry and survive his poke so we take Durability and Hardiness .
We would like to have even more chances to survive on gank so Summoner's Resolve will be the best option cause it grants 20 more shield what does actually matter early.

Utility tree:
I have only one mastery point left so i waste it in Summoner's Insight to have my Flash more often.

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Summoner spells

So my advice is to take Flash and Barrier. This is usefull in 80% games.
Good choices:

Flash - is actually the best choice on Vayne in my opinion. She has no escape, she has only Condemn to push one enemy away from her. This is not always enough to stay alive.

Barrier - is another good choice. You will be able to 1 vs 1 most likely any person cause you got much more survivability than they can expect. This can also save you from some ultimates like Ace in the Hole.

Cleanse - is great choice if you will face hard disabler or just disabler that will make you vulnurable so you can die on your bot lane like Sona. Do not try to keep it when Sona will ult on you. Try to remove the Nasus's slow or Jax's stun or other things before enemy team will waste all their spells on you. You will just die to fast.

Heal - is enough OK spell you can take it instead of Barrier but be carefull of healing reduction effects.

Medium choices:
Ignite - this spell is not actually needed on Vayne you got enough damage, you dont need do reduce enemy healing reduction you dont need that bonus damage. You got your true damage from Silver Bolts and this is enough to kill tanks.

Teleport - this choice is weird. Cause taking that will make you lose Barrier or Flash. Two things these Teleport is made for are: unexpected ganks and returning to your lane faster.
1. Why would you even try to gank as Vayne? You better stay with your support cause otherwise you can easily get focused and be taked off fast.
2. Why would you need that. If you ran low on health you can just Barrier to fight enemies or stay in back and regenerate your health.

Other spells are bad in my opinion.

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Skill Sequence

What should we max? Why should we max?
Actually there are three choices what skill to max. But let's take a look at every skill and weight pros levelling up each of them.



  • Cooldown decreases with each level, so you will become more mobile.
  • AD Scale increases so does the damage.

Silver bolts:


  • With each level this will gain much damage so you will be able to outdamage enemy AD carry.



  • Cooldown decreases so you can stun more often.
  • The actual damage if you stun the target is insane early.

So what should you max?
This depends on enemy champions facing you.

If the enemy AD Carry is Caitlyn, Varus, Corki or even Ezreal you will have to max Tumble to avoid damage from their nukes or to hit them if they hit you.

If the enemy Support is Sona, Lulu or Soraka you better max Condemn cause if you will stun them they will lose plenty of health and will be vulnurable for some time.

When think you are going to win the lane you better max Silver Bolts to win any trade and damage much more than their AD Carry.

You should understand that your build should be other from my build if you max Tumble or Condemn cause they are hardly dependant on your actual AD when my build is focused on attack speed to attack faster to use my Silver Bolts better.

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Items may be different if we max different skills. First let's understand what is the difference between these?

Tumble relies on our Attack Damage level so we should rush B. F. Sword to have much AD early to have plenty of damage when we are using our Tumble. We shouldnt rush Blade of the Ruined King when maxing Tumble cause Blade of the Ruined King grants only 40 AD so you will not gain anything from this one and The Bloodthirster grants 100 AD so it's much better. Also Infinity Edge that grant us 80 AD so this will

Silver Bolts rely mostly on our attack speed so we can build items like Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer or Zephyr and we will have more than 2 attacks per second. We can damage tanks hardly even before they could get you.

Condemn relies mostly on our Attack Damage and Cooldown reduction so Zephyr should become our main item.

Anyways we can split items into three groups:

Good items:

Blade of the Ruined King - one of the best items on Vayne cause his active grants us much movement speed and slows our enemy so we can easily escape from enemies and we won't lose any health. Also Blade of the Ruined King grants us nice passive that will let us damage enemy tanks more and will let us heal when we attack enemy.

The Bloodthirster - grants us 100 AD and 18% Lifesteal so we will damage much from our Tumble and Condemn and will heal the damage we got very fast.

Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer - are situational items you should take what you prefer more. If you need critical strike chance and attack speed you can feel free to take it.

Infinity Edge - is one of the best on any AD carry especially on Vayne it grants critical damage chance 80 AD and increases our critical attack damage more.

Berserker's Greaves - is nice choice to have them. They grant much movement speed and attack speed, but do not forget to change these to Zephyr in lategame. You will not lose much in movement speed but you will get more AD and Attack Speed

Mercurial Scimitar - would be nice choice if enemy team some disables these make you easy to kill like Sona, Nasus, Fiddlesticks, Rammus or others.

Warmog's Armor - Grants us 1000 health so this will let us be tanky enough to survive enemy assasins like Zed or if enemy AP hsd just used all his spells on you.

Trinity Force - this is the item that you CAN build on Vayne cause of her movement speed passive, cause it grants you a little bit of health that you need, a little bit of AD that you need. Also in grants you nice passive effect of like 300 more physical damage after you use any of your spells. That one synergy with Tumble pretty well.
Ok items:

Thornmail if enemy team has AD mid lane and AD top laner or just their AD champions got fed, but in my opinion Warmog's Armor would be better.

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Laning phase / counters

After we got what we should max, what items we should build we should keep going to laning phase.
First thing I am going to tell you is that Vayne relies so hard on her support in early game.

In early game Vayne has one of the lowest base armors in game and her armor per level is quite low too. So you mainly rely on your support early cause enemy can poke you easily and if your support will not heal you / poke them you will simply lose your lane.

The thing I should mention is that Vayne should be very defensive early in reason of her low armor and low health.

This way we can find Vayne counters easily and Vayne's best supports on lane.

is hardcore counter of Vayne due to her poke from her basic attacks (she outranges Vayne + her passive can let her do that) also she has her Glitterlance so she can slow us very hard, also she can reveal us with with her Help, Pix! so our Final Hour will not be as usefull as it could be.

is enother opponent that is hard to face on lane with her range. You better not let her autoattack you on first two levels. Just farm, try not to let her poke you. At the next levels if she tries to Headshot you try to Autoattack her back then Tumble + Autoattack then Condemn. This will make this trade go mostly in your way.

is really hard to face as Vayne cause he will always turn trades in his way by using his Spinning Axe try not to trade with him before you know for sure that you can outdamage him. This moment is when his support left his lane to ward for example. If he's alone on lane you can engage on him and in most cases gain a kill. Still the most usefull advice for you is to stay in back and farm creeps.

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Vayne is great AD Carry, but you need to practice her a lot, and you should know that if you are facing Caitlyn, Draven, Corki or some of AD carries these are hard to beat while playing Vayne you should be hyper defensive in early game. Feel free to comment and correct me if I am wrong somewhere.


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