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Orianna Build Guide by becakun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author becakun

Orianna - A guide to dominate Orianna, The lady of clockwork

becakun Last updated on November 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guide we'll learn how to play with Orianna, the lady of clockwork. In spite of not being so OP as other champions, Orianna is a great champ and she can do a lot of damage to other champs as supporting your allies. Orianna can go to bot lane as to mid lane. In the mid lane you should raise your ability power at the maximum to defeat the enemy champ the most times you can. In the bot lane you should improve your ap too and raise Command: Protect and Command: Dissonance to help your ally.

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Build Explanation

First Items- You should buy a Doran's Ring because it gives you Ability Power, health and mana regeneration. You should buy 2. This Item it's perfect for the beginning and you should buy it. Sorcerer's Shoes are good to deal more magic damage and they give you movement speed. Then you should buy some mana potions and health potions. You should buy wards too.
Tear of the Goddess will give you more mana and mana regen for the early game.

Final Build- Athene's Unholy Grail is a good choice for the mid game because it provides Ability power, cooldown reduction, magic resistance and mana regeneration. Rabadon's Deathcap it's obrigatory for AP carries because it provides a lot of ability power and Orianna needs it. Void Staff grants ability power and magic penetration wich is really good. Zhonya's Hourglass will provide ability power and armor, because Orianna is squishy and she needs it.
Abyssal Mask will provide ap, magic resistence and magic penetration.

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Situational items

Liandry's Torment can be a good item for Orianna. This item provides health, and orianna is squishy so you need health, and ap and magic penetration to deal more damage. The passive will deal damage over time during 3 sec.

Seraph's Embrace besides providing ap, this item will improve your mana and mana regeneration. If you whant to be always with mana to protect from ganks buy this item.

Morellonomicon is good for mana regeneration, cooldown reduction and ap.

Guardian Angel if you whant to be more tanky, buy this item. This item can substitute Zhonya's Hourglass or Abyssal Mask and provides 50 mr and 50 armor + his passive that revives you with 30% health and mana, but has a high cooldown.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter will give you a lot of ap and health. Combined with rabadon's it will give you 130 ap, that's a lot!

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This spell is used in enemies that are running away with low health. Try to use it when they are running away by using Command: Dissonance to put them slower and you faster. Ignite will take care of the rest health.

This spell is necessary for Orianna because of her low health. Use it properly because it has a high cooldown. With this spell you can teleport a few meters, and combined with Command: Dissonance can save your life.

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Abilities explanation

Clockwork Windup deals bonus magic damage after hitting the same target many times. Its a real good ability because it saves the weak Orianna's attack damage.

Command: Attack is Orianna main attack abilitty and its used to place the ball where you whant. Combined with Command: Dissonance its a great abilitty to farm and to attack champions. Can be used to harass to.

Command: Dissonance its the most orianna's versatile abilitty. It can be used to farm, to put allies and you faster and to put enemie champs slower.

Command: Protect is the abilitty of Orianna that gives to you or to you allies a shield that protects you for an certain amount of damage. Combined with Command: Dissonance its a great abilitty to run away while being protected. In team fights try to use this on your allies to give them more chances of winning. This abilitty increases your magic resistance too.

Command: Shockwave is Orianna ultimate and gives a lot of damage to other champs. This abilitty can change the result of a teamfight if used correctly.

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- A very original champion that has a unique character and a great lore.
- good champ to farm.
- Command: Dissonance is very versatile.
- great combos.
- beautiful skins.
- great damage.
- can carry very well

- A little squishy.
- Hard to play.
- Very mana hungry.

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Skills combinations

-For farming Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance do a great damage. If you whant you can use Command: Attack followed by Command: Dissonance and Command: Protect to deal more damage and to get the ball back to you.


-To kill champs use Command: Attack Command: Shockwave Command: Dissonance Command: Protect Command: Attack. This combo will do great damage.

- Orianna can be used for jungling too! To be an Orianna jungler try to use the combo below and repete it until the neutral monster is dead.

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Team fights

Orianna is a great support in spite of not healing. With Command: Protect followed by Command: Dissonance Orianna can be a great supporter by protecting allies and putting them faster.

During team fights you should always use Command: Protect on your allies and use Command: Dissonance and Command: Attack. And if it's possible, use Command: Shockwave on the most possible number of enemie champs at the same time. Use Command: Protect on your team's meele adc, so you dont have to use command:attack to place the ball near the enemie champs.

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- For running away, use Command: Protect Command: Dissonance to get extra health and slow enemies, as running faster.
- In teamfights use Command: Protect to protect your allies and Command: Dissonance to deal damage to nearby enemies.
- Your ball can be placed in bushes as a ward.
- Command: Shockwave can be used to get the enemies closer to you as to get the enimies away from you. This ability deals a lot of damage and can turn the fight to your team side. If you fail it you can compromise all your team.
- Orianna is very mana hungry, so you need to save mana and to improve mana regen.
- The ball is great for stilling dragon and baron kills. You just have to place it with Command: Attack and use Command: Dissonance
-The ball is a little bit slow, so try to place the ball in the correctly zone so that she don't take to long time arriving to you or to your enimies.
- the ball can be used to intimidate the enemie champ. Try to place the ball in the correct place so you can farm while he's trying to avoid the ball.
- use Command: Attack to place the ball, and if you have great mana regen you wont have mana problems by using it constantly.

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It looks like we came to the end of this guide. Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote on it. I hope to see a lot of Oriannas!!

See ya :3