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Elise Build Guide by becakun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author becakun

[season 7] A guide to master Elise, AP OFFTank

becakun Last updated on September 4, 2017
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


12 Ferocity
















18 Cunning
















0 Resolve
















Threats to Elise with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks If you catch fiddlesticks alone in the jungle and you attack him with your entire kit, he may be already dead.


Name: Becakun
Favourite champions: Elise, Orianna and Syndra.

Elise is my favourite champion of all league of legends' champions. As a jungler main, Elise provides all things a jungler wants, like good ganks and a great sustain in the jungle.
One thing that makes Elise so fun to play it's her kit that has 6 abilities. I never get tired of playing Elise because she's very unique and versatille. You can be a melee champion or a ranged mage, you can be a tank or you can be an AP burster! When I started playing League of Legends I felt imedeattly in love for Elise so I decided to write a guide about her! I tried to cover everything that everyone should know about Elise in order to play her ;)

But why should you play Elise? Well, Elise is one of the most unique champions in the game. Her Rappel and ultimate Spider Form are what makes Elise this unique. Like I said before, Elise is very versatille since you can decide to go for a tank path if your team lacks of tanks, you can go full AP if your team has no AP carries, or you can choose an AP offTank path (my favourite) to burst down enemies while being tanky enough to stay in the frontline! If she's difficult? Yes, she is hard to main. But that way it feels even better when you master her ;) ! At the beggining, her kit might seem strange if you never played a champion of this type, like Nidalee, but you'll get used to it, believe me!

If you have any doubts about Elise feel free to ask on my guide's discussion and don't forget to vote if you enjoyed my guide!!

+Good early game dmg
+Good sustain
+Very good ganks
+AA based on your AP
+Good escape(rappel)
+Can dodge lots of abilities
using rappel
-Hard to master
-High mana costs early game
-Squishy early game
-weak against counter ganks
-Not so good at very late game

These are the runes I choose because they give you tankiness for early game and provide ability power (In spider form, her basic attacks deal damage based on your AP, so extra AP is always recommendable)

SPACE This is the seal I've been using for a long time. I used to recommend Greater Seal of Armor instead of this one. However, I think these seals are super useful late game, since they provide a decent amount of health - around 200 health. With these seals, you'll be even more tanky! I find these seals to be better than [greater seal of armor] since that extra armor isn't really necessary. Sure, they are useful on some junglers to help them clear the jungle early game, but Elise already has a very good clear, even at level 1 thanks to her spiderlings. SPACE

SPACE If you want you can replace this runes for Greater Glyph of Ability Power because you only need magci resist to survive in ganks and to protect you from the enemy AP champion. However I find this runes to be more usefull since you want to be tanky Elise and health without magic resist or armor it's like a cake without eggs. :) SPACE

SPACE Gives you magic penetration to deal more damage to those tanky enemy champs like mundo or renekton. You should always have this runes because they will help you to counter tanks. I don't recommend building Greater Mark of Ability Power since that way your damage will be ignored by the target's magic resist. That way, if you have magic pen, you will be able to ignore some of their magic resist! SPACE

SPACE Essential on Elise. These runes give you lots of AP for early game. They really help you to survive in the jungle because of your passive (In spider form you deal bonus magic damage on you auto attacks and you get healed the more AP you have). Besides that, your spiderlings will also deal more damage and your abilities will too. SPACE

You can also use some Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed to have more attack speed. Attack speed on Elise is good because that way you will have more sustain in the jungle while in spider form. The more auto attacks you deal, the more health you recover because of your passive. However I prefer to go for Greater Quintessence of Ability Power because your w already gives you attack speed. Armor is essential early game for your jungle clear, since jungle mobs deal damage based on their attack damage so, the only way to protect yourself from their attacks is building armor with Greater Seal of Armor . But still, Elise has a very good jungle clear at early levels so, armor seals aren’t really that necessary.

With the season 7 materies update we now have a different pool of masteries that change from player to player. I prefer to use 12-18-0 on Elise to have access to the keystone Thunderlord’s decree.


ACE TIER 1- Fury vs Sorcery

Fury gives you 4% attack speed and sorcery gives you 2% spell and ability damage. As Elise already has a steroyd (her w in spider form) I think she doesn't need more attack speed to survive in the jungle. I find more useful to use Sorcery because it will boost your abilities damage by 2%.

TIER 2- Fresh Blood vs Feast vs Expose Weakness

Expose Weakness is the winner here. With it, your allies will deal more damage to a champion you have already attacked. So, It's great for ganks. Feast is not necessary since you have great survability in the jungle while Fresh Blood is only good for laners to poke.

TIER 3- Vampirism vs Natural Talent

Vampirism increases your spell vamp and life steal while natural talent gives you more AD and AP per level. I prefer to use Natural Talent instead of Vampirism because Elise already has life steal because of her passive and spiderlings. So I prefer to have more AP at level 18 so I can deal more damage Late Game.

TIER 4- Bounty Hunter vs Double edge sword vs Battle Trance

Battle Trance is, in my opinion, the best option here. Bounty Hunter is not a bad mastery but is more recommendable to carries, like mid laners or adcs that can snowball hard. Double edge sword and Battle Trance are similar in some ways but I find the second one to be more effective. While Battle Trance boosts your damage by 3% over 3 seconds - it takes 3 seconds to get the full bonus damage ONLY when fighting enemy champions - Double Edged Sword boosts damage instantly by the same amount in every situation (even against jungle mobs) but you'll take 1,5% more damage. I prefer Battle Trance since you won't take adittional damage from enemies and Elise can survive more than 3 seconds in a fight to get full bonus.

And this is our Ferocity tree. This tree focuses primarily on boosting your skirmish potential since it gives you bonus ability power and bonus abilities damage. I only put 12 points on this tree since I prefer to put 18 on Cunning tree to have access to the keystone (that I will explain later) Thunderlord’s decree. However, never forget masteries are personal and depend from player to player. So, if you want to put 18 points on Ferocity feel free to do it ;3.


ACE TIER 1- Wanderer vs Savagery

Wanderer gives you a bonus 3% movement speed out of combact and savagery gives you extra damage to minions and monsters. I prefer to use wanderer because that way I will be able to move easier in the jungle. That way Elise can get to lanes and mobs faster. Savagery is also good on Elise but she already has an awecome clear speed so I don't think it's necessary to choose that tier 1 mastery.

TIER 2- Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin

Runic Affinity gives you 15% bonus duration on buffs and Secret Stash boosts your potions, flasks and elixirs. Assassin gives you extra damage (2%) while you are fighting alone. I think this one is pretty easy to decide because Elise is a jungler with great survability in the jungle. Elise doesn't need the extra healing from her potions because she already has a good clear speed and life steal (from spiderlings), so I find it more useful to use Runic Affinity because you will have less mana problems at the beginning and the Red buff is really useful in ganks. Assassin it’s also a bad choice for Elise. Elise is a jungler so her primary job is to gank. While you are ganking you will always be with your lane teammate(s). That way, you will never benefit from this mastery boost.

TIER 3- Merciless vs Meditation

Merciless provides 5% extra damage against champions who are under 40% health and meditation regenerates 1.5% missing mana every 5 seconds. I prefer to use merciless in order to deal more damage to low health enemies. This way, it will be easier to finish off some enemies. Elise might suffer from some mana problems early game but remember that in spider form she doesn't consume mana, so Meditation isn't mandatory.

TIER 4- Bandit vs Dangerous Game vs Greenfather's Gift

Bandit gives "passive" gold, Dangerous Game game makes kills and assists grant 5% missing health and mana and Greenfather's Gift boosts next attack damage after stepping into a bush. I prefer to use Dangerous Game because it's very effective on teamfights. With this mastery, you'll be able to stay in battle a little longer, or even survive, and one more elise stun in a fight might change the winning team! Bandit is more aproppriated for supports and elise farms alone at the jungle, so this one is useless on her. While Greenfather's Gift is good for counter ganking or fights in the jungle, you can't guarantee that there will be a bush in every team fight. Because of this, you won't be able to "use" this mastery in every situation, while Dangerous Game can be always used.

TIER 5- Precision vs Intelligence

Precision gives you extra armor magic penetration (hybrid penetration) while Intelligence increases you cooldown cap by 45% (you will be able to have 45% cd) and gives you 5% cooldown reduction. This one is also very personal and depends from person to person. However, I find Intelligence to be more useful on Elise. Elise doesn’t really beneficiate from Precision, since her q Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite both deal damage based on enemies’ %health. But I think Intelligence is a very cool mastery, since it increases your cooldown reduction, and Elise really needs it (her abilities’ cooldown are very high!)

KEYSTONE - Stormraider’s Surge vs Thunderlord’s decree vs windspeaker’s Blessing

I think this one is pretty basic. The chosen one is Thunderlord’s Decree. Stormraider’s Surge is better on spammers like ryze or cassiopeia. It gives you extra movement speed after having dealt an amount of damage and gives you slow resistance for that amount of time.

Windspeaker’s blessing it’s one of the most useless keystones on Elise. This mastery is only good on supports since it increases your healings and shields. Elise doesn’t have any shield to start with. In addition, she also doesn’t heal her allies so this keystone should NEVER be built on Elise.

The chosen one is Thunderlord’s decree. Probably the mastery that suits the best on Elise. This keystone gives you lots of burst potential. It activates after you have attacked an enemy with 3 attacks and since Elise has more abilities on her kit than most part of the champions, it’s really easy for her to activate this spell! In spite of not being able to constantly poke the enemies (since she is a jungler and she stays at the jungle most part of the early game), Elise can poke very well enemies at mid/late game with this keystone and it gives Elise a really good advantage. Try to activate Thunderlord’s decree before using Venomous Bite, since this ability gives more damage based on the enemies’ missing health. This way, if you use Venomous Bite after activating thunderlord’s decree, you will deal more damage than usual!


Deathfire Touch it’s another viable option on Elise. However, if you go for this keystone, you will have to put 18 points on Ferocity. Deathfire Touch deals Dps damage (damage per second) and it burns enemies. Early game this mastery isn’t really that useful, but late it deals very good damage. However, I find thunderlord’s to be more effective on Elise since it gives Elise more skirmishing potential.

Other options are Courage of the Colossus , Stoneborn Pact and Grasp of the Undying. These three keystones can be useful if you're going for tank Elise since they beneffit from your maximum health. However, you can only use them if you put 18 points on resolve tree, abdicating cunning or ferocity tree. Stoneborn Pact can be a good choice if there are many basic attacks based champions on your team, like Yasuo, Tryndamere, and all adcs. This way, they'll get healed a little bit after you hit your stun - your cc ability. The other ones are useful if you're looking for more suvability in teamfights.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Here I will give you my opinion when it comes to skill sequence on Elise. I guess my skill sequence is the most popular sequence on Elise and basically everyone goes for it. As you'll see ahead, I prefer to max Neurotoxin/ Venomous Bite before Volatile Spiderling/ Skittering Frenzy. I do this because when you max q you're leveling up 2 damage abilities. Never forget that when you put a point on Neurotoxin you're putting it on Venomous Bite also. This way, you'll be increasing 2 damage abilities that are very important on her combo. Volatile Spiderling/ Skittering Frenzy are not bad but there's no real beneffit from maxing a steroyd in first place, but I'll explain this in more detail ahead.

This way, I always max R > Q > W > E

I recommend maxing Neurotoxin/ Venomous Bite first because it's Elise's main damage ability. In spite of Volatile Spiderling dealing lots of damage, I consideer Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite to be more effective. The health % damage is very usefull against tanks like Garen or Darius that are picked many times in the top lane. Most of the junglers are tanks so Elise's q helps to counter them. Venomous Bite it's so usefull to finish off those low hp enemies that are trying to run away! Note that when you're leveling up your q, you're boosting 2 damage abilities, helping you bursting enemies down.

After maxing q try to max w in the second place. Elise's w in human form is gret to poke and to farm. If you have Liandry's Torment this ability will deal tons of damage because it damages everyone in the explosion ratio, applying Liandry's passive to everyone. The main reason I max this in the second place is because in Spider Form this ability is pretty useless in teamfights or in ganks. I find Venomous Bite more useful for these situations. Skittering Frenzy it's only necessary for jungling because it provides more sustain and clean potential, but excepting that, it doesn't offer a lot of skirmish potential. There's no point in maxing a steroyd in first place and you would only end up beneffitiating from Volatile Spiderling when it comes to ganks, not Skittering Frenzy. However, this is the first abilitty you should put a point on, at level 1, since your attack speed steroyd it's very useful when it comes to killing mobs in the jungle.

In third place I max Cocoon/ Rappel. This ability is Elise's only crowd control ability. The reason I evolve this ability in the last place is because Elise needs damage and power early game so I prefer to max fist her damage abilities. Maxing this first will only give you one more second stunned and less cooldown on rappel so I don't think it's good to max this ability in first place or in second place. If you max this first you will notice that Elise will deal less damage, not being capable of bursting off her enemies.

Always try to max Spider Form when you can since it's your ultimate ability.


Flash - I always take flash on
Elise. For me, it's the most important summoner
spell in the game. You can use it to run away,
to chase enemiesor to dodge enemy's abilities.
If you know how to play Elise very well
you can replace flash for other SP
because you have rappel. However,if you use rappel
to enter the teamfightyou won't be able
to leave it without flash.
With flash, you can pass through walls in the jungle.
Flash is also good to set up a Cocoon. If you want
to stun a certain champion in a fight, like the adc or
mid laner, youcan flash to get in range and cast cocoon
immediatly after.They won't have time to react if you're
quick enough.

Smite - If you wanna go jungle Elise,
you need to take this summoner spell because
it helps to clear the jungle and it's good
to gank. (If you buy Stalker's Blade for example)
This spell is mandatory on Elise, you should always
take it. You can decide not to take flash (even though I recommend to always take it) but you should ALWAYS use smite, it's MANDATORY in every jungler.


Ghost - you can take ghost too because it helps to escape and to chase. However, i think flash is a better option as it gives you the possibility to jump over walls.

Next I'm going to talk about and explain Elise abilities: how they function, their range, damage, utillity and how and when to use.


When Elise's human abilities hit an enemy, she readies a Spiderling, which is unleashed in spider form. In Spider Form, basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and restore health to Elise.


Spider Queen-In the human form, each spell used readies a spiderling. When you use your Spider Form spiderlings will appear and will deal damage and follow you everywhere. The number of spiderlings you can generate it's based on your Ultimate's level. This passive is great to farm in the jungle, because your Auto attacks will deal bonus damage and your spiderlings can tank the monster instead of you. After using Venomous Bite, your spiderlings will jump into the enemy too. Also, you spiderlings can block abilities like Blitzcrank pull. Spiderlings will apply Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow if you have it since they thill magic damage when attacking.

You can make your spiderlings tank the monster for you by walking in spider form and waiting for the monster to attack them. After that you just have to start attacking them. Use Skittering Frenzy to attack faster and to get more lifesteal. Because of this passive you won't have any problems in the jungle and Elise's clear in the jungle is fantastic.

In Human form, Elise turns into a ranged mage that attacks at long distance. Always start a fight in this form since it deals more damage the higher the current health of the enemy is, thanks to the ability Neurotoxin. In this form you have a single target spell - Neurotoxin, a AoE damage ability Volatile Spiderling and your unique cc ability - Cocoon - that stuns one enemy champ or minion.


ACTIVE: Elise fires a poison at the target enemy unit, dealing magic damage which is capped against monsters.

COST: 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 mana
COOLDOWN:6 seconds

40/75/110/145/180 plus 4% (+[3% Ability Power]%)
of the target's current health.

75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175

SACE Neurotoxin-This ability makes Elise to fire a poison at the target enemy unit. Its damage is based on the enemy CURRENT health so always use this when the enemy is with high hp. You should use this ability right after you hit your cocoon in order to max the damage dealt. If you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter this ability will apply a slow to the target unit. This ability is perfect against tanks and thanks to it you can easily counter champions like Garen, Renekton and Darius since it deals damage based on % health. This ability is point and click so you can't miss it :P


Active: Releases a venom-gorged Spiderling that explodes when it nears a target.[/color]

COST:60 / 70 / 80 / 90/ 100 Mana

75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+80% Ability Power) Magic Damage

SACE Volatile Spiderling-This is a AoE (area of effect) ability. By using this ability, Elise sends a spider that explodes dealing damage on contact with an enemy champion or a minion. If you use Venomous Bite while the Volatile Spiderling is active, the volatile spider will jump into the enemy and explode. If you have smart cast activated the volllatile spiderling will go to the place where your cursor was when you pressed w. This is Elise's farm ability and can be used to check bushes and to guarantee vision (it functions as a "ward") so you should put a point on it at level 1 to check bushes in case of enemies invade your jungle. If you have Liandry's Torment this ability will apply the burn to all the enemies in the explode ratio.

This ability is your main poke tool and late game it can deal a nice chunk of damage to squishy targets like adcs. Before the teamfight comemences try to cast some spiderlings to poke the enemy champs. The spiderling will activate Runic Echoes passive and apply liandry's torment passive so it's a really nice poke ability! Besides, the spiderling acts as a "living being" with own life so it will chase the closest enemies. This way, the spiderling might put away some undisirable enemies.


Active: Stuns the first enemy unit hit and reveals them if they are not stealthed.

COOLDOWN:14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
COST:50 mana

1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 2 seconds

SACE Cocoon-This is Elise's unique crowd control ability. Elise sends a web that stuns the first enemy it colides. This is the ability that turns Elise's ganks so good. Cocoon's range and stun duration are very good so you can stun enemies while you are in bushes or hidden. As most of League of legends' abilities, this ability can pass through walls and you can use it to stun enemies that in the other side. Try to use this ability on the most squishy enemy (like the adc) so you and your team can easily kill it. If you have stalker's blade cast smite on the enemy so you can hit your stun easier, since he will be slowed.

One way to make surprise attacks is to stay in the bush with one or two teammates and when the enemy gets closer use Cocoon and burst them down till they die. You can do this to kill them one by one. You can cancel lots of abilities with cocoon like Vi's Ultimate. If you manage to stun the enemy during a gank you will certainly almost kill him so save your cocoon and use it in the right moment.

When ganking a teammate that has a knock up or stun, wait for him to cast it so you can land your cocoon easier. However, cocoon has a pretty decent projectile speed, range and hitbox, so it's an easy ability to hit. Cocoon reveals enemies when you hit them with this ability, so if you hit it on an enemy that is hidding on a bush he will be revelead and you will be able to cast your point and click abilities.

Keep in mind that this ability doesn't ignore minions, this is, it can stun them if it hits them first, so you have to verify that there aren't any minions between you and your target. Summons like Malzahar's spiders (I don't know if those are spiders lol)can also block your stun, such as heimerdinger's turrets, so pay attention to those things.

In this form, Elise turns into a meelee champion and her auto attacks deal extra magic damage +20% of your total AP. Use this form when your targets are at low health, since Venomous Bite deals more damage the lower the current health of the enemies are. This form has more sustain than your human form, since you get healed for a certain amount when you basic attack. You also have, in this form, your unique steroyd ability - Skittering Frenzy - and escape or chasing ability - rapel - one of the most unique abilities in the all game.


Active: Lunges at an enemy and deals damage based upon how low their Health is.

COOLDOWN:6 seconds
COST:No cost

60/100/140/180/220 plus 8% (+[3% Ability Power]%)
of the target's missing Health.
Max 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175
bonus damage to monsters.

SACE Venomous Bite-In this ability, Elise jumps to an enemy dealing damage based on the target's missing health. Always use it when the target is at low health because it'll deal more damage. If you have rylai's crystal scepter this ability will apply a 45% slow so if the enemy didn't die with the ability will propably end up dying because your spiderlings will jump to him. If you cast venomous bite while a vollatile spiderling hasn't explode, it will jump into the enemy and explode on it.

Try to often use this ability as an execute. If you want you can cast Rappel to get closer to your enemy if he flashes away. When your team is chasing an enemy while attacking him, wait for the perfect moment to use Venomous Bite so you can keep the kill (only if you are behind and need kills to get stronger, it you already have a lot of kills give some to your adc or mid laner.)

This ability is a great setup to Skittering Frenzy since it acts as a gap closer. Similar to Neurotoxin, this ability is point and click, so you can't miss it as long as the target is in your cast range.


Active: Elise and her Spiderlings gain a burst of Attack Speed.

COST:No cost
COOLDOWN:12 seconds

Spiderlings gain 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%
Attack Speed.

Increases Attack Speed
by 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140%

SACE Skittering Frenzy- By using this ability, Elise and her spiderlings gain attack speed, increasing healing gains from her passive Spider Queen that give health by basic attacking in Spider Form. You should max this abilitty right after maxing venomous bite. This ability is a steroyd ability that makes it much easier to survive in the jungle. Save this ability for when you have at least 1 spiderling with you because this ability affects you and your spiders.

This ability is pretty useless on teamfigts because if you stay in the middle on the fight you will be easily focused. However, you can use this ability if you are focusing an enemy that is attacking one of your teammates. Always do this mainly from behind so that the enemy has to choose to focus you instead of your ally.

There's not much to say about this ability since it's just a steroyd that boosts attack speed. However, it's good at level 1 to survive when fighting the first jungle mob. Besides, the bonus attack speed it's very high, consideering that it gives you 140% at max level!


Active:Ascends into the air, briefly becoming untargetable, and then descends upon an enemy.

COST:No cost
COOLDOWN:26 / 23 / 20 / 17 / 14

SACE Rappel-My favourite Elise's ability. With this ability, Elise can escape and chase an enemy. You can use this in neutral monsters and enemy champions to escape. With this ability you can also dodge a lot of abilities like Karthus ult or Kayn ult. Don't use this ability to enter a teamfight because you may need it to leave it and survive (you can use it if it's necessary to finish off an enemy champ).

While being chased in the jungle cast this on the neutral mounsters to run away faster. Upon descending, you and your spiderlings will beneffit from Spider Queen passive bonuses by 40/55/70/85/100% . You have 2 ways to use rappel:

1. Cast Rappel on the ground and ascend. You will be untargetable for 2 seconds. After that, you can press your mouse right boutton to descend on an enemy unit. This includes minions, champions and monsters. Because of this, you can cast rappel on minions to survive to tower dives or too escape from teamfights. Or you can cast rappel on a jungle monster to run away from chases or to start farming. You can also not press anything after ascending, and you'll descend on the same place after a brief time.

2. Cast rappel on an enemy unit and ascend and descend immediatly on it. You should use this to chase enemies quicker or to escape quicker too since you won't waist time up there.

Rappel gives you the tremendous possibility to dodge most parts of the abilities on the game. You can even dodge Malphite's ulti if you can make it in time, or Kayn ult, or Caitlyn's ult, there are so many things you can dodge with rappel!!


In this section I'll explain my item choices for my core build. Please take in consideration that items depend from various situations and different games mean diferrent build, you can't build always the same items! You have to take on note your teammates cc, your teammates champions, your enemies fed champions and picked champions! You can also opt for a tank path or an AP tanky path, so items may change a lot from player to player!

SPACE Sorcerer's Shoes- I always try to use this boots on Elise because they provide extra magic penetration and give you speed, making you able to ignore some of those annoying tanks magic resist. However, if the enemy team has a fed ADC buy Ninja Tabi instead, since it's good to block basic attacks damage. If the enemy team has a lot of CC and abilitty power buy Mercury's Treads. Combined with Liandry's Torment, magic pen runes and Void Staff you will have lots of magic penetration. As you can see, boots choice depend from different situations. Try to observe the game condition before rushing boots in order to buy the most appropriate ones. SPACE

SPACE Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes- A really good item on Elise. This item provides decent AP and movement speed, both stats very important to an AP jungler. She needs AP to deal damage and movement speed to gank and move around the map. Besides, it grants life steal vs monsters, wich is good to have sustain in the jungle and make ganks with high HP. Its passive is similar to Ludden Echoes passive and it's great on Elise since most of her abilities are single target (only damage one enemy. This way, elise will be able to attack one target with the ability, but still deal around 80-100 to 4 targets. Besides, it boosts volatile spiderling damage and poke potencial. Don't forget that Runic Echoes passive applys Liandr's torment passive, dealing even more damage! Overall, it's the best jungle item you can build on Elise. Stalker's Blade is good because it provides a slow and Elise doesn't apply slows with her kit, making that slow great for ganks and to setup cocoon. However, you can choose another jungle item, like Tracker's knife that I will explain ahead. SPACE

SPACE Liandry's Torment-This item gives a nice chunck of AP, health and magic penetration. It's passive, combined with Rylai's Crystal Scepter passive, will wipe opponents life quickly. The burn applied by Liandry's Torment deals bonus damage to enemies with impaired movement and rylai's crystal scepter passive slows enemies! Because of this, Liandry's torment passive will always deal double damage if you have these two items and your opponents will end up dying earlier. As for rylai's, Lyandry's passive works with yours and your spiderlings auto attacks while in spider form. Since it deals damage based on % health, it's reall useful to counter tanks. We're on a tanky meta, so I think you should ALWAYS build this item on Elise, after building Runic Echoes and boots. Combined with Runic Echoes passive, this item can apply the burn to even more enemies. SPACE

SPACE Randuin's Omen-This item it's great against AD champions. It gives you a lot of health and armor and it's passive helps you to escape or to chase if you are close to your enemies. Its passive protects you a little from crit auto attacks so if the enemy team has a fed adc this item can be very helpful. If you want to replace this item, replace it for Zhonya's Hourglass, or deadmen's plate or for some item that gives you armor. With this build we want to make Elise as tanky as possible so, you should always have some armor in your build. Consideer buying this right after liandr's torment if the enemy has a fed adc or attack damage assasin. SPACE

SPACE Banshee's Veil- Great item on Elise. Consider buying it right after Liandry's torment if the enemy team has a fed mage. It provides a decent amount of AP, cooldown reduction and magic resistance, really needed if we want Elise to be as tanky as possible! It provides all the stats Elise could wish for and it gives her an amazing passive ability. This passive grants a spell shield that can block an enemy ability. This shield is good if you want to use cocoon without getting damaged in the process or cc'd. It's, as we can see, a great form of setting up cocoon. If you're lucky enough, you can even block some enemy ultis that have hard cc, like Malphite's ulti. Alternatives to this item include Abyssal Mask or Locket of the Iron Solari. SPACE

SPACE Void Staff- This item is essential to give elise more burst potential. It provides a nice chunk of AP and of course, magic penetration. As I said, we're on a tanky meta and magic penetration is nedeed to face the enemies with high magic resistance. With it, Elise will be able to deal even more damage. You can replace this item for Rylai's if you prefer to get even tankier than getting more burst potential. However, take on note that Liandry's, Randuin's omen and banshee's veil already provide us decent deffensive stats. SPACE

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk
Consider buying cinderhulk instead of runeglaive if your team does not have a tank. This item is really good on Elise if you buy Liandry's Torment and Rylai's Crystal Scepter because you will become really tanky. However, the Cinderhulk meta became weaker because of the nerfs Riot gave it. I think that runic echoes it's a better option on Elise but as I already said, Elise is a very versatille champion and you can try very different builds on her.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Used to be the best item on Elise before the nerfs. This item gives you lots of health to survive in teamfights and to get tanky and gives you lots of ability power too. However, is its passive who turns this item so good on Elise. Its passive slows your abilities targets by 40-45% if you hit them. This can be very usefull to escape, to save your teammates from enemies and to chase enemies. But what really some people don't know, is that rylai's passive works with your spiderlings auto attacks. Spiderlings deal magic damage with her auto attacks so, rylai's passive works with them. Besides this, it's passive works too well with Liandry's Torment! The nerfs they gave it didn't turn this item useless, but I prefer to build banshee's veil over this since it gives magic resist and provides a spell shield. However, it's still a wonderful item on Elise and buying it it's a wonderful option! I still buy it sometimes if my teammates don't have slows on their kits!

Rod of Ages
This item gives you a lot of health (for tankiness), ap and mana. It's really good on Elise but I prefer to go for Liandry's Torment instead since it gives you a wonderful passive and magic penetration. I prefer to buy other items instead of this one because Elise is squishy early game and she needs Health, and rod of ages only starts giving decent health at the final of the stacks. Besides that, you need armor and magic resist, and if you replace rylai's or liandry's for this item you will loose a lot of skirmish potential.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Good on Elise, it provides Armor, AP and a wonderful active wich turns you invulnerable to dmg for 2 seconds. However it doesn't give you health so it turns you a little squishy. You can consider buying this instead of Randuin's Omen if you want to deal more damage. You can use zhonya's active while you are ascending or descending rappel to confuse your enemies.

Frozen Heart
Consider buying this if the enemy team has a fed adc. The passive works really well because in spider form you become a meele champion so you will be closer to your enemies. If the enemy team has a fed vayne or jinx you should replace Randuin's Omen for this item.

Locket of the Iron Solari
Buy this instead of Banshee's Veil if you want more utility than AP. Its passive is also very good and the armor and magic resist it provides are very welcomed. This item is really good in team fights because it gives a shield to all your teammates that are close to you. If the support doesn't buy this item and you already have a fed mage dealing tons of magic damage consider buying this time.

Warmog's Armor
Good on Elise if you wanna go full Tank or very tanky. Its new passive gives you a lot of health regen so if you like tanky champions buy this one. However I dont usually build this item on Elise because it doesn't give you any armor or magic resist or active.

Spirit Visage
Provides Magic resist and health. Its passive gives you bonus healing from your spiderlings wich is good to stay alive in the jungle. However, Elise already has a good sustain in the jungle without this item. If you like to build Banshee's Veil on Elsie you can sometimes buy this item instead if you look for more sustain or if you have a Soraka in your team.

Tracker's Knife
This Item is very good for most junglers. With the new trinkets plus this item you will be able to have 4 wards at the time to put in your jungle. This item can be very usefull to counter jungle, to ward strategic places like the river, drake and the rift herald and baron, and in some cases, to ward the mid lane entrances. I highly recommend this item on Elise because vision is very important on a team game as League of legends. And don't forget, warding it's not only the job of a support, it's also an essential role of a good jungler. I recommend building stalker's blade because it's good for ganks, but if your teammates already have decent cc consider buying tracker's knife instead.

Cocoon(To stun the enemy so you can hit your other abilities and to make it easier for your team to attack)---> Neurotoxin(This ability deals more damage the higher their current health is. So, you should use this ability first because it will deal more damage.---> Volatile Spiderling(You can use this ability before using neurotoxin because the spider needs time to get into the enemies, it's up to you if you want to use this ability before or not. I usually use it before when the enemy is far away, but if the enemie is very close to you you should use this in second place.)---> Spider Form(Now that you hit 3 abilities in the enemy you now have at least 3 spiderlings with you. If you have runeglaive, try to auto attack the enemy before going to this form to deal extra damage.---> Venomous Bite(Use this ability as a gap closer. It deals more damage the lower their current life is so, this ability should deal a pretty decent damage. ---> Skittering Frenzy (Use this as an execute if the enemy didn't die yet).


//Tip// Make sure you have smart cast activated. Smart is so usefull when you're playing LoL because it makes it so easier to combo and faster. I started playing lol with normal cast and when I hit level 30 I tried smart cast and today I can see how bad it is to play with normal cast. But everyone has a different playstyle so...

Rappel should be used to get to enemies that escaped with very low Hp and they to execute them with Venomous Bite. However, if the enemy has decent Hp don't use this to get into the fight because you won't be able to leave it if you don't have flash. If you get stucked in the teamfight after using your combo, try to use rappel on an enemy unit like a minion.



Top laners that are lane bullies will sinergise well with Elise. With these toplaners, Elise can force a 2v2 scenario against their top laner and jungler, and win the fight due to her great combact potencial. She sinergises well with top laners that can do great dives to kill the enemy top laner. Top laners that have high crowd control (like gnar, liss and darius) also work really well with elise because she can stunn the enemy while their are already stunned.


Elise synergises very well with roaming mid laners. If Elise and a roaming mid laner (like ahri or kata) gank a lane this can be devastating to the enemy team. Elise ganks can be very effective if her mid laner is a burst mage like kata or syndra, because of Elise's stunn ability. Simillar to the top laners, elise synergises very well with high CC mid laners (like orianna and lux)) because she will be able to hit her stunn easier to secure the kill.



If you choose to go full tank Elise you will become a very supportive jungler. Try to benefeciate from this by protecting your adc, this way he will have 2 supports! Adcs who have CC (like caitlyin, jinx and varus) can also synergise very well with Elise and can help her ganking bot lane.



As you can see above, I found high CC suports to be the more effective with Elise. Elise is really good with supports like morgana, nami and tresh because they provide high protection for the adc and have lots of CC. Combined with an adc with some CC, your bot lane ganks will be very devastating and will often guarantee kills for you and the adc.

When playing Jungle Elise I prefer to start at the gromp because I prefer to do the blue before doing the red buff. However, you can also start the krugs if they are closer to the bot lane because they provide the best leash. To jungle you should start with Volatille Spiderling/ Skittering frenzy (W) to check bushes in case the enemy team is invading your jungle. When the monster spawns cast smite (the sooner you use it, the sooner you'll have it) to acquire the buff. Try to make your spiderlings tank the jungle monster while you can, to lose less hp. After that put a point in venomous bite/neurotoxin (q).

Then move to the next camp (Blue buff with you started gromp, Red buff if you started Krugs). Don't forget, you q in human form deals more damage if the monster has more life and your q in spider form deals more damage if the monster is low health so always start killing the monsters in human form. When moving in the jungle try to be always in spider form because it gives you more speed.

After doing the Red or the Blue, move on to the Birds or to the wolves and after killing them put a point in cocoon/rappel (e). You're now ready to gank a lane. However, if the top laner or the bot lane are still at level 2, go to the river and kill a rift scuttler to have more exp and to ward the river.

//Important NOTE//- Always gank from behind because this way you won't have to use your gap closer (rappel) until the enemy uses flash. Before ganking don't forget to ping so that your teammate knows that you are ganking.

When you enter in the lane make sure the enemy is not covering himself behind minions. When you can, use you cocoon (e) to stun them, then cast you q (neurotoxin) and then your w (vollatille spiderling). After that go to Spider Form, use your q (Venomous Bite) and use your w (skittering frenzy). If your teammate cooperates the enemy will eventually die or be forced to use his flash and to recall.

If you can't gank from behind, get closer to him by using rappel, use venomous bite (q), skittering frenzy (w) and when your teammate is ready to attack go to human form (r) and use cocoon (e), neurotoxin (q) and volatille spiderling (w).

When you recall buy a Stalker's Blade to help you on ganks. When you are ganking cast smite on the enemy champ to make it easier to hit you stunn on them.


- Season 7 updates -

10th August, 2017 - Update guide to season 7
    • Items: Updated items to the current ones in season 7;

    • Runes: Changed the core seals to scaling health seals instead of great armor seals;

    • Masteries: Updated ferocity tree choices to season 7;

    • Others: Changed guide's title. Created a changelog section.

11th August, 2017 - Masteries update
    • Masteries: Updated Cunning tree with the new masteries from season 7. Also updated the "other choices" masteries for tank Elise.

12th August, 2017 - Matchups update
    • Matchups: Added new matchups and adjusted some matchups levels;

    • Summoner spells: Added more infomation to summoner spells;

    • Introduction: Added "Why should you play Elise?" small topic;

    • Masteries: Corrected an error on the masteries where ferocity tree only had 11 points;

    • Abilities: Big update on abilities section - added new information on every ability and created images for every one of them; also added information about spider and human forms;

    • Items: Created start items with hunter's machete; updated items explanation with my new choices for the season 7.