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Orianna Build Guide by blindmagic

AP Carry Orianna - The fear of Teamfights

AP Carry Orianna - The fear of Teamfights

Updated on July 1, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author blindmagic Build Guide By blindmagic 1,506 Views 0 Comments
1,506 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author blindmagic Orianna Build Guide By blindmagic Updated on July 1, 2013
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Skill Sequence

You want to start with your Command: Protect so you can help out your jungler. The shield really helps him out. If your team invades you can start with Command: Attack to check brushes, but you can also start with Command: Attack if you are afraid to facecheck something.

I suggest you to try to max out your command:dissonance first at least 1 time too see how powerfull your harrass is. I rarley see pleople doing it but it is very effective.
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Pros / Cons

  • nice ss - slow and a speed up (both AoE)
  • Lots of damage in AoE form
  • a shield, which can win you any trade with its bonus Mr and armor
  • you can change any teamfight in the favor of your team

  • you have to pay attention to the positin of your champon and also your ball
  • hard to decide when to use your ult
  • hard to master
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Basicaly you want to farm with basic attacks so your lane won't be pushed and the jungler can gank your lane. You don't want to loose any minion, so using your skills to get some isn't a mistake.

If there are no minions for you to last-hit, just wait and try to auto-attack your enemy. Your basics attack can really hurt if you hit 2 or 3. Any damage can help outsustain your enemy and force them back. Once they back , just try to push the wave under his turret and make him loose as much Xp and gold as possbile (now it is ok to use your skills for this), But don't go too far away. Someone might be roaming kill you, so pay attention and have alway at least a side of the lane warded(you want to sit on that side).

If your lane is pushed , you can go and take your wraiths or theirs.
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Team Work - Ganks

When you see that your jungler want to gank your lane, you have 2 options: slow the enemy or speed up your jungler. Usally if you hit a Command: Attack next to your enemy you want to slow them, but when they doge it, just simply Command: Protect jungler and Command: Dissonance to speed him up.

Once you hit level 6, usally all ganks are kills if you use your Command: Shockwave. Command: Protect your jungler and then Command: Dissonance to speed him up, once he is next to your enemy press Command: Shockwave and there is a kill.
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Team Work - Team fights

Team fights aren't very easy for orianna as you might think it is. First you want to understand your team composition. Is it a poke team? Where i just must spam my Command: Attack- Command: Dissonance- Command: Protect combo or is it a composition, where we go all in? In such a composition u need to find someone who want to go in the middle of the enemy team next to the enemy's adc, like Nocture with his ult/ Maokai with his snare or somethink like this. You just need to shield them and wait for them go in. You must pay attetion now. You have to decide when to use your ult , Command: Shockwave. It can easily change a teamgiht in favor of your team. You want to hit as many people with it (including the enemy adc, he is your main target). then immediatly Command: Dissonance and then a short Command: Attack . This combo does a lot of AoE damage.
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Enemy gank

Running away from enemy ganks is kind of easy. You just have to shield you if you don't have the ball on your head(it gives you Armor and MR) and speed you up. If the enemy want to dive you, try to put your ball between them with your Command: Attack and then Command: Shockwave fast(if you have it/ are over lvl 6).
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Please don't

Abyssal Mask Please just don't pick this item on orianna. You will be never in the middle of the teamfight, you aren't the tank. The range of the item is too small to be effective on the enemy carries.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author blindmagic
blindmagic Orianna Guide
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Orianna - The fear of Teamfights

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