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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quadias

Pantheon - Frozen Ghost Warrior

Quadias Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello yet again and welcome to another Pantheon guide of mine. This build is a lot different from the old build and you will soon see why. So lets not waist time and lets get started.

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Summoner Spells

- Flash is one of the best summoner spells that were created. It is a good combination with , , . Personally I use it most of the time for heroes that use quick damage nuking. If you want to play Pantheon this is one of the best choices.

- Ghost is another Summoner Spell that you can use. For this build we arent going to use this. Anyway, a great spell granting you mobility, speed. Use this to chase or run away from your enemies.

- Clarity is a good Summoner Spell for heroes that have a low mana pool. So if you feel like bringing this with your heroes it is good. This will grant you the ability to waist your mana and re-new it for 2-3 more combos. Use this when u harras your enemies to half their HP.

For this build we will use ,

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- A good passive for Pantheon. Granting him the ability to block 1 attack after attacking or casting a skill 5 times. It is good when u tower dive for a kill.

- Devastating damage out of this spear. With the right items this skill can take big chunks of HP from your enemies. Use this with your Q-W-E-Q combo or ---.

- You won't be able to kill without this. Damage from this skill won't be needed you just need the stun it gives. A great skill to hunt down running enemies.

- Your ultimate skill. Always look before putting it. If your team is in trouble try to put it near or on them to help them fight the enemy team. It does a lot of damage on lvl 16.

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Ok, so for the items we are going different from the "Guide to Success" build. We are going to have more HP and more armor than in the last build. This is what you will be using:

- Early Game:
This is where we pretty much start off. You will get a and . This is what you will get when u spawn.
- After a bit of time you will get and start forming . After this you will get

This is what you should have by the end of early game:
, ,

- Mid Game:
You should have killed someone by now if you haven't something went wrong. Ether you didn't harras enough or your partner feed them or failed to help you kill. Anyway, After , , you will get and . These two items will give you a gold gaining boost which will give u a great advantage at farming gold. After this you will start forming and . Finish first then finish .

- Late Game:
You have enough HP to survive fights now as same for armor. You got enough damage to scare off the opposing team. By now you will have:
, , , , .
The only item you need now is .

Why Frozen Mallet? I like this item a lot it gives u HP and an ability to slow your enemies every hit. This is a truly nice item when u want to slow down enemies who are trying to escape.

The last item should be for better damage output but i doubt you will get to this section of the game.

What can be taken instead of what?

Instead of you can take . That is an option you can do. Or you can instead of take .

Why ? It is a solid item. It will give you an ability to block one spell. Which is good. And some HP.

Why ? This is good if you have opponents with attack speed or high damage output from attacks. This will bring them down easily.

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I use these for Pantheon:
Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Armor penetration is devastating for your opponents. Cause you will have 59,93 Armor penetration with these runes and items.

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Who lanes good with Pantheon?

Anyone who can slow enemies down and does a lot of damage like Pantheon. So it can be:
, , , , , , , . There are more but these are good with him.

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Who is bad for Pantheon?

Anyone who can do a solo lane build. So mostly heroes with and a lot of magic resistance at the beginning. These will mostly bring down Pantheon easily if they are played good. So I am talking about partners like:

1. , .
2. , .
3. , .
4. , .

Even heroes who are good at soloing like can kill you sometimes. So watch what you are doing. All in all every well organized group from these I gave you can kill you. There are more but these are mostly deadly.

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Why Is Sion Good?

This is what should have for max dmg dealing at start.


This is the best I think you can have with . I think 29 ability power + from items. I think with 44 ability power. Which is to much for lvl 1. Now imagine going a great Armor penetrator - and a great stunner and magic damage dealer - . What comes from this? Death :D

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Change/Updates when something new is out.

For now nothing to be changed. We will see with the new patches.

29/04/11 Tried out the build. It was awesome, I did a lot of 400dmg crit. and no one could kill me.

30/04/11 I added some optional items you can take which work pretty well with this build too.

11/05/11 Had 8 wins in a row all 13+ kills.

14/05/11 I found out that is the best for now to go with you. Specially an AP one. Tons of DMG and he will just help you get feed.

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All in all.

All in all, Pantheon is a solid damager and nuker. Use him wisely and always think of your moves before doing them. I hope you had fun reading this as much as I had writing it. Thank you for the support.