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Pantheon Build Guide by jerejr6

Top Pantheon the powerful spartan

Top Pantheon the powerful spartan

Updated on November 17, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jerejr6 Build Guide By jerejr6 31 4 1,239,332 Views 31 Comments
31 4 1,239,332 Views 31 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jerejr6 Pantheon Build Guide By jerejr6 Updated on November 17, 2018
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Hey fellow summoners! I am new here and this is my first guide, dedicated to my lovely main champion Pantheon If you have some questions, come and ask me and i give you answers as good and fast as i can :)

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Pros / Cons

+ his Q is one of the best poke for melee in whole game
+ Ultimate ability range is very long and has big AoE that slows enemies
+ very dominant champion if you get first blood early
+ Is great champ which can carry whole game
+ E is easy way to farm :)
+ Wants to be a baker

- Squishy
- Not really viable
- No real escape
- Mana hungry
- needs to win early game
- Drops hard in late-game
- doesn't have a clear core items (IMO)
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Passive: Aegis Protection

Use your abilities or Auto-attack 4 times you get a shield, which blocks next auto-attack or turret shot, or auto-attack abilities for example Nasus Siphoning Strike. this shield ain't removed by minions.

Q Spear Shot

Is your main skill, your poke skill, your damage skill, your love, your enemies killer. when enemy has under 15% of health this ability make critical hit.

W Aegis of Zeonia

This ability stuns any unit and is very useful when you are engaging to to battle.
Using this ability brings Aegis Protection instantly if you havent it

E Heartseeker Strike

Is AoE high damage skill which is very useful at farming big waves of minions and in team fight.

E: Passive Certain Death

Is available whole game through (even without E)
Gives you 100% critical chance against enemies lower than 15% health this is why you survive at 1v1 close calls, pratically saves your life and gives you kill it's just certain death. suck that fiora

R Grand Skyfall

Pantheon jumps high in the sky and comes down at place you decide. Distance of this skill is very long and has big AoE which slows enemies and damages enemies in this area.
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Farming is the most important thing for Pantheon well to be honest its the most important thing in game for every champion, but nevertheless farming with Pantheon is very easy cause of crits caused by your E ( Heartseeker Strike)'s passive. At early game don't use much your skills to farming because you need it for poking and you don't have much mana.
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Early Game

Early game you farm until you've reached level 3 (depends on your enemy, for some enemies level 2 is enough). When you are 2 or 3 level you start poke and play aggressively and try to get first blood. After you've managed to get first blood you are in good position to win your lane. I prefer that you don't leave your lane until level 6, if you have got level 6 before first recall, you can cast your ulti on lane which grants you another kill most likely.

Mid game

help your friends out and push towers down and try to get early dragon
teamfights starts you and your team have advantage and its you and your ulti. you initiate with it and Land your ulti at middle of enemy team, find the ADC, stun him kill him. (always better if you have a Leona or Thresh who initiates) After teamfight say support to get some vision on map (if you won teamfight you keep the advantage when you have vision if you lost teamfight well you dont get more surprises)

Late game

There are 2 effective ways to your team win late game: Dominating enemy team in teamfight or backdooring to enemy base the objective is same its Nexus. If you have choose backdooring when others are in teamfight make sure that you see at least 3 of enemy team members because if you don't know where they are you are in danger if you see that two is missing you propably can take out the tower and one guy so it's always worth to you if you have very great success in early-mid game you take both enemy champs out. after this you can continue backdooring or help team in teamfights. Two ways to spend Aces: PUSH PUSH PUSH or baron and then go to another teamfight and finish the game
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Precision + Sorcery Is the way to go.

Conqueror is the best keystone for Pantheon over all in the category, since you don't use much AAs and you have long fights.

As for second it is Triumph or Presence of Mind. you'll probably want to get Triumph if you have fought and won 1v1 you get little help from it, if their jungler comes to play.

third option is completely up to you i personally use Legend: Tenacity

Fourth and last from Precision is Coup de Grace this is the most useful selection
since you have poked your enemy laner low before the actual fighting

the second rune path and most preferable is Sorcery, Domination works aswell

from Sorcery you wanna take Scorch to get more poke damage and Manaflow Band
to extend your maximum mana easily stackable with your Q

If you decide to take Domination as second rune path you should take either Sudden Impact or Cheap Shot both are equally good, as for second rune choice i would recommend Relentless Hunter
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Summoner spells

Take Flash it is only thing you can escape with. If you have it on cooldown dont go aggressive since you may get babysitted.

second choice is eihter Ignite or Teleport it's kind of 50/50 which you prefer to take since Teleport is 6 minutes in cooldown it isn't so must to take.

Ignite gives you much kill pressure and is very useful against some much healing guys like Dr. Mundo, Olaf, Trundle etc. Because of it's grievous wounds.
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Team Work

Communication above all else. Use smart pings in game don't be that annoying ping spammer, that spamming doesn't help you at all, on worst case it just tilts rest of your team.

Roam mid. Even if you are behind or your midlaner is ahead roam it because it helps on pushing and enables midlaner to help bot lane.

In teamfights use your ultimate to get yourself on enemy carries. Maybe get one down before you die, but this all gives time to entire team to lay out good damage.

Be a team player, not KDA one :)
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Core items to Pantheon is quite tricky now that he isn't really viable champion ( lets just face it he is not.) If you have some ideas of just instant one core be brave and tell what you think might be the absolute core that Pantheon must use.

So that being said, lets have a look for our very variable core:
Tiamat is kind of must rush item before either Youmuu's Ghostblade, Black Cleaver or Maw of Malmortius. Because either hydra (Ravenous or Titanic) is a must buy item on core (in my opinion).

As for 1st damage item to your core, Youmuu's Ghostblade is against fighter laners like Riven, Yasuo, Aatrox etc. That is because you just need flat damage to match them and if the best happens, snowball them.

1st item against tanks like Sion Malphite Garen you should take Black Cleaver
if you want to get tanks down. Passive of this item reduces the armor by 4% of your
enemy stacking up to 6 times giving you max of 24%, these max stacks comes easy with combo like Q+W+1AA+E+1AA (your E gives 3 stacks if all are hit on enemy and W deals magic damage so that doesn't give you a stack) you will get maxium advantage from Black Cleaver when using the combo.

1st item against APs like Lissandra Rumble Swain you should take Maw of Malmortius. You get Maw's passive lifegrip with the Hexdrinker passive shield which gives you 20 AD and 10% lifesteal until you leave combat so it's super handy in battle against mages.

Now that 1st item has been selected you have to select boots; you know the drill:
Against Heavy CC team Mercury's Treads, if enemies have much AA champs Ninja Tabi and normal situations Boots of Swiftness

Tiamat 1st damage item and boots are now bought, time to complete Tiamat
with Ravenous Hydra or Titanic Hydra based roughly on that if you are ahead you take Ravenous Hydra for more damage and snowball. If you are behind you take Titanic Hydra to get more tankiness.

The variable core is now set. Is time to focus on mid/late game. You are now starting to drop very hard, which makes you easy target. So, the teamfights start and you need to get more resiliency to last longer in enemy backline. There are 2 great options in Sterak's Gage and Death's Dance.
Standard pick is Sterak's Gage to get that passive which helps you last longer in teamfights, but if you are well fed or even just a bit ahead, you can easily take Death's Dance which gives you defensive passive that you don't take all the damage you receive directly, but take 30% damage as bleed within 5 seconds, which enables you to heal some back.

Then there were two. Last 2 items are 100% just to help you survive which makes Guardian Angel especially very useful item pick which i really recommend that you should take at least. I know i said which items you should take as 5th and 6th items, but it's really not something i can tell you to do. All i say about these items is that take items that increase your survival in teamfights and in general it's all reliable what your enemy has.
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Update Log


Updated: Runes and item sets
Deleted; Masteries chapter, because there haven't been any for a long while xD
Added; Chapter: Apologizes


Updated: Items


Updated: Runes
Updated: Summoner spells
Updated: What to come
Deleted: Chapter; Milestones
Shortened: Update log


Updated: Items
Updated: Pros & Cons
Updated: What to come?


Updated: Teamwork chapter
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What to come?

vs. Champion chart
As of too lazy to actually update this guide + lack of time i've much to catch up and will try to make runes and item updates ASAP there will be more item variations and alternative rune page examples in the future

Synergies and Threats

Pantheon as jungle, mid lane assassin, and for laughs and for funny try-out i'll try to make up AP Pantheon
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If you wanna give feedback of lack of information etc. just comment on this guide and i will improve the guide.

These next weeks this guide will be a bit inaccurate before i have studied the new items etc. and the items and some descreptions will not be accurate since there is so much changes in pre-season, and i will read through this guide and make this accurate again when i have much more time so my Apologizes for this!

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