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Pantheon Build Guide by iDavez

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iDavez

Pantheon, the shattering Spartan!

iDavez Last updated on June 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, and welcome to my very first guide! I decided to make a guide about Pantheon because he's just an awesome champion and very underestimated.

This build is all about AD.. So, if you're looking for a total tank guide, you shouldn't be looking for that here. If not, you've come to the right place :)

At this time, the build is unfinished. I will note when it is done.
Things to do:
-Put in a video (post a comment when you have a good video yourself)
-Put in detailed information about solo-top Pantheon (yeah, he's a good solo top champion)
-Make small changes to some things
-How to play against Pantheon (maybe??)
-Some trivia

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Pros / Cons


-Very strong early game (easy to get first blood)
-His combo is great damage
-His Q (poke) has a fairly low mana cost, and a great damage output
-He gets a shield every fourth attack, which will protect him for one tower/siege/champion hit. This makes him a great tower diver.


-Is a bit squishy
-His ultimate can be avoided with ease
-No escape abilities
-Mana hungry first 10-15 minutes

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greater mark of desolationGreater Mark of Desolation: You need armour penetration. This is what makes him a beast early game, and at the end of the game, it's still useful.

Greater Seal of Clarity: Pantheon is a mana hungry champion. Get these seals and you have solved that problem almost completely.

Greater Glyph of shielding:Makes you less squishy against magical damage. Your physical damage protection will mostly come from your Atma's Impaler. (also a bit from your Frozen Mallet, but meh.)

Greater Quintessence of Strength: Attack damage on an AD champion... Makes sense, right?

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion, the best summoner spells you can use for Pantheon are:

Ignite: If your Spear Shot doesn't finish a fleeing enemy, Ignite will.
Flash: Helps you get away most of the times. Even when you could have survived without Flash, better safe then sorry. You don't want to give the enemies a kill you could have avoided by flashing away.

Other good choices can be:
Exhaust: You can use this to your advantage in combination with Ignite to get that first blood.
Ghost: Are you low on HP and getting chased by a Gangplank or a Master Yi? Use Ghost and run away like a baws.
Heal: Some extra HP can be useful in any situation. Though, you should be using your Spear Shot often, so they won't attack you that much. Maybe in other situations, like a chase, or anything like that, it can be useful.

Understandable, but kinda useless choices (as there are better ones):
Clarity: Okay, Pantheon is mana hungry, but not so hungry you need to get a summoner spell for it. Cleanse is for champions like Nidalee, but not quite for Pantheon.
Cleanse: Meh, if you're getting chased and stunned and whatsoever it can be useful, but you shouldn't be fighting against that many champions and die because of it anyway. Teamfights on mid lane are an exception, where you should be fighting (in a group) against the enemy champions, but it's still kind of useless then.
Surge: If you want to use it, be my guest. But you should be relying on your combo and poke for damage, so I don't really see the big use of it.
Teleport: Can be useful in some situations, like teleporting to a ward and "ganking" an enemy. But besides that, it is of no use to Pantheon.

Absolutely never, ever, EVER use these:
Clairvoyance: Why would you even want to use this one? Pantheon can use it in not a single way. NEVER.
Promote: Nice job, you just wasted a summoner spell. This is probably one of the least useful spells there is.

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Not really special for AD champ, but I'll go into it anyway.
Offensive tree:
Summoner's Wrath : Bonus 5 attack damage when your Ignite is on cooldown. Pretty useful, eh? You can use that extra damage to kill creeps easier.
Brute Force : 3 attack damage. It's not really of any great importance, but you need it to go further down the mastery tree.
Alacrity : 4% attack speed. Increases your DPS, and you can last hit creeps a bit faster.
Weapon Expertise : The 10% armour penetration is of great use when you use your your Heartseeker Strike, but overall it's also useful.
Deadliness : Well, 9 extra attack damage at level 18 is practically nothing, but it helps.
Lethality : This extra 10% critical damage is a great combination with Heartseeker Strike's passive.
Vampirism : Received some damage? This will help you out a bit...
Sunder : Yeah, even more armour penetration!
Executioner : You wanted damage? Well, this gives you damage! And think about it... Heartseeker Strike's passive, in combination with this and Lethality , deals to enemies with their HP lower then 15% a 100% critical strike chance, that deals 10% extra critcal damage, and 6% attack damage on top!

Defensive tree:
Resistance : Makes you less squishy.
Hardiness : Same for this one.
Durability : 108 extra HP at level 18. Not bad, but also it helps you out with Atma's Impaler.
Veteran's Scars : Do you want first blood? Well, this will help you be even stronger (HP) than your opponents!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Spear Shot is the very first ability you max out to level 5. After that, you will get your Heartseeker Strike to level 5. Then, you will train your ultimate, Grand Skyfall, to level three, and finally your Aegis of Zeonia will get maxed out at level 18.

A more in-depth look to Pantheon's abilities.

PASSIVE:Aegis Protection: A very, very useful passive: Every fourth attack you gain an Aegis around you, a shield that protects your from one tower/siege/champion hit. This makes you an excellent tower diver, and gives you an advantage at poking your enemies. Most of them would just use an ability back on you, but because of Aegis Protection, you will block this attack!

Spear Shot: This is your poke spell. It doesn't use a lot of mana, does decent to large damage (according to who you fight). You should be using it to lower your enemy, scare them away, or finish fleeing enemies. The passive of your Heartseeker Strike will also help your Q in a EXTREMELY GREAT way, as it will give your Q a 150% damage boost on enemies below 15% HP. Great to finish off those pesky survivors...

Aegis of Zeonia: This is your stun spell, which will be the first ability you use in your combo. It's damage is not really relevant on any level, as it is AP based. You should use your W -> Q -> E, but I will explain more about his combos in a different section. It also reactivates your Aegis Protection NOTE: YOU CANNNOT USE THIS ABILITY ON MONSTERS.

Heartseeker Strike: You stab wildly in a cone around you, dealing multiple times damage to all enemies within this cone. You use it in your combo, or just to kill creeps. TIP: When a lot of enemy creeps have gathered around your tower, or just your creeps, use your Heartseeker Strike to get a pretty nice farm.

Grand Skyfall: This ulti does massive amounts of damage to people standing in the center. Sadly enough this ulti is easily avoidable by walking around the circle it shows on your map. Also, it has a 3-second channel, which, when interrupted, will have a cooldown of 10 seconds. The best usage of this ultimate is to protect a tower that is going down by creeps, this will give you 200+ gold (just from creep kills), depending on the amount of creeps there are gathered around the tower. Also, you can combine this with your combo to scare off enemies, or, when they stay inside the circle, do your ultimate damage, and stun and kill them. This might need some practice. NOTE: You can be an easy target for enemy champions that have stun. Make sure that if you use this ability on that lane, you focus on the stun champion, otherwise you can be gg-ed.

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And now, his items...

Pantheon is an assassin. Therefore, you should make him a huge damage output.
I have tried a few things, but I always found myself seeking Pantheon's power in these items:

There will be a small summary at the end of this chapter if you don't want to read the whole text.

1. Start out with a Doran's Blade. Do not start out with Boots of Speed and three Health Potion, as this will decrease Pantheon's early game effectiveness drastically. And besides that, why would Pantheon need boots at the start of the game anyway? He has 330 movement speed without any boo(s)ts!

Anyway, you must try to lane as long as possible. There are just two reasons why you should go back:
-Low HP (do not go back for mana, as you can kill creeps without mana. That means just play a bit more defensive, and throw your Spear Shot when you can every now and then)
-You can afford a B. F. Sword.

2. If you go back because you dont have much HP left, buy a pair of Boots of Speed, or, when you got enough cash Berserker's Greaves. If you can afford yourself a B. F. Sword, DO IT. This will make your much more of a threat for your enemies, as your poke will do 140+ damage easily at level 5. (remember it's only a 4 second cooldown!).

3. When you got your Berserker's Greaves and B. F. Sword, start building towards a The Bloodthirster.
4. When you got that done, you should be collecting coins to build yourself a Phage. Eventually, you will build this item out to a Frozen Mallet, with the option of going back to base when you can afford a Giant's Belt.

At this moment you should have a Doran's Blade, a pair of Berserker's Greaves, a The Bloodthirster and a Frozen Mallet. This should be possible to get for any Pantheon.

Now we will discuss something that is about what to build next in two different situations.

-Situation 1: You are feeded, and get your hands on a stack of coins easily.
-Situation 2: You got around two kills and 4 assists. You don't have much creep kills either.

Situation 1: Don't worry, you're doing fine! Next thing you want to build is Warmog's Armor. After that, get some coins and build yourself Atma's Impaler, as this will increase your attack damage in combination with Warmog's. What's this? Still no surrender from the enemy team? Are they still giving you coins? Nice!! You should now finish your build by seling your Doran's Blade and replacing it by Last Whisper. Congratulations! You are officially undefeatable! If you got this build complete before the end of the game, you were probably your team. Your kills are equal to half of your team's kills.

Situation 2: You're not doing very well with the money... Let me be honest to you: you will not get your build complete at the end of the game. Now you should be thinking what items you want to purchase.
Your HP will be around 2,500 at this time. If the enemy has much AD, start getting yourself Atma's Impaler. If they are AP, start getting youself Warmog's Armor. If there is a combination of both, or any other type of team, stick with Warmog's Armor.

Note that you can change some items to what you prefer, such as the Berserker's Greaves. You could also change Atma's Impaler and the Last Whisper, but I don't encourage you to. Items that you should not be changing are: The Bloodthirster and Phage -> Frozen Mallet.

Summary for all you lazy people out there :)
1.Start with Doran's Blade
2/3. Get a B. F. Sword
3/2. Buy a pair of Berserker's Greaves
4. Make yourself The Bloodthirster
5. Get a Phage
6/6,5. Get yourself a Giant's Belt, or, if you have enough cash, Frozen Mallet.
7. Buy Warmog's Armor
8. Buy Atma's Impaler
9. Sell your Doran's Blade and buy Last Whisper

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Pantheon, the combo-train

As I have said, I would have an article dedicated to Pantheon's combos. You should remember at any time that Pantheon's best combos are relying on his stun. So if you're not certain you can kill your enemy with it (even when using your Spear Shot and Ignite), you shouldn't be using it. It costs 155 mana to do the W -> Q -> E combo, and you don't want to waste your mana. Instead, you could better be doing a few Spear Shot to lower them, and finally initiate your combo when you're pretty sure you can kill the enemy.

-> -> ->
R -> W -> Q -> E

Damage output: Very high
Mana cost: High
Tips: If an enemy is targeting a tower, place your Grand Skyfall a bit behind him/her. This way you give him two choices: Run towards the tower, and getting targeted by the tower (since all the minions are killed on impact), or run back and be inside the circle, getting heavy damage.

-> ->

W -> Q -> E

Damage output: High
Mana cost: Medium
Tips: Place your Heartseeker Strike in the direction your enemy will walk to.


W -> E

Damage output: Low-medium
Mana cost: Low
Tips: Well, you can use it to scare away your enemy and deal it a bit of damage, but you should just use your Q for this.

Some combos, but not advisable:

-> -> ->

Q -> W -> E -> Q

Damage output: High-very high
Mana cost: Medium-high
Why not advisable? Well, if you practise this a lot, you can get some hefty damage on someone.. But... (there's always a but) Your first Spear Shot can scare them away, making your whole combo fail. Secondly, after you use the second Spear Shot, you will have to wait 4 seconds again untill it's recharged again. In this time, the enemy might have ran back to the tower, making you have to tank the tower, and risking death against a champion with most likely a quarter to a third of HP left. (Your stun hasn't recharged also.)

Overall tips: Never use your Aegis of Zeonia for anything except for your combo, or to stun and flee. This last might take some practise.

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Team Work

Now I will tell you everything about team work and with what (type of) champion to lane.

When you're a decent Pantheon, it doesn't really matter THAT much who you lane with. Support would be ideal when you are a professional, agressive player with experience with assassins or even AD carries.

Champions that make an epic, almost undefeatable lane:
Pantheon +
- Volibear
- Nidalee
- Nautilus
- Shen
Champions that make a great lane, but tends to be weak against tanky enemies:
Pantheon +
- Gangplank
- Ashe
- Wukong
- Master Yi

In any case, Pantheon should be an offensive or protective (making sure they can't push far) champion. Pantheon is an assassin, no tank, keep that in mind. It's possible to make Pantheon tanky, but it cannot fulfil the role of a real tank, as it will tend to be kind of squishy, and has a really bad damage output.

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Small hints and tips to farming gold:

There are not really much different ways of farming, but there are a few tips:
-When a lot of creeps have gathered, use your Heartseeker Strike to kill them or lower them so you can finish them off.
-If you cannot use your Grand Skyfall on an enemy champion (as it would be too risky), try to use it on a large amount of creeps to get their stoofs (that would be their coins).
-When you go back from the base to your lane, take the two golems with you (only if you have Vampiric Scepter or The Bloodthirster.
-Kill enemies. Pretty straightforward. If you want to know how, scroll back up :)

Not much else to say. Just last hit most of the creeps and you'll be fine.

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Unique Skills

Hmm... Unique skills.

I'm working on this part, Soon I will make a gameplay playing as Pantheon. I'll use this build and show you how I can get those 20-2-5 (or more) scores with Pantheon!

-insert epicness here-

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So, a quick recap:

- Pantheon is a strong, dangerous champion. You should never underestimate Pantheon, as he will punish you immediately for your lack of careful gameplay.
-He is a brilliant solo top champion, who has a good survivability.
-His Q ( Spear Shot) deals loads of damage.
-He can combo the life out of you.
-Can be squishy.

Well, that's it guys! I hope you like my guide!
For those of you who want to read on, there are some trivia at the end...

Have fun, good day, and as Pantheon says:
"Getting kicked into a well is the least of your worries!"

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-Pantheon always wanted to be a baker. Quote: "MY PROFESSION? Well, you know, now that I think of it, I always wanted to be a baker."
-A new skin of Pantheon has leaked, called "Dacianknight Pantheon". I don't know when this skin will get into the game, but you can look it up on YouTube if you would like to see the skin.
-His quotes are based on the movie "300", in which 300 Spartans, led by Leonidas, fight heroicly at the gates of Thermopylai against the tremendous army of the Persians.
-He is left-handed, because he wears his spear with his left arm/hand.
-The lore of Pantheon is similar to the Spartan way of life; becoming a trained fighter at young age, and mastering the art of warfare at a later age.