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Gangplank Build Guide by Papa Urgot



Updated on October 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Papa Urgot Build Guide By Papa Urgot 44 8 104,407 Views 2 Comments
44 8 104,407 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Papa Urgot Gangplank Build Guide By Papa Urgot Updated on October 22, 2021
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Runes: Grasp + Inspiration (Sustain)

1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane Ranked #64 in
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Win 46%
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Champion Build Guide


By Papa Urgot
Hello everyone,

In the guide ill explain the runes, items, matchups and some general things

Patch 11.17

Very simple said, critplank is the way to go now.
Patch changes applying on Gangplank
Patch 11.11

Divine Sunderer Buff

SPELLBLADE EMPOWERED ON-HIT DAMAGE 10% of target’s maximum health ⇒ 12% of target’s maximum health
SPELLBLADE HEALING 50% for melee || 30% for ranged ⇒ 65% for melee || 40% for ranged

Patch 11.13

Trinity Force buff dmg, nerf mobility


Hullbreaker(NEW) Great item for splitpush power

PASSIVE While no allied champions are nearby, gain 20-45 armor and magic resist (level 9-18) and deal 20% increased damage to towers. Large minions nearby also gain 60-135 armor and magic resist and deal 200% increased damage to towers.

You can abuse this rune endlessly on lane as GP.
You get the benefits from a Melee champ and you can proc it with range.
It gives you more Poke DMG, permanent more max HP and Lane Sustain since you also heal from it

The other 2 options are of no value for GP.
This one however gives you more splitpushing power.
It also can generate some gold for you if you can get some tower plating off.

Great rune for trading in lane, I take this almost in every scenario.
there are some cases that you need second wind but most of the time this is your best option.

This rune works very well with the grasp . It gives you a big chunk of HP which is really good for you.

Free boots that are nearly as good as boots of swiftness when upgraded.
Saves you 300 gold in the proces as well.
Your other option is Time Warp Tonic

GP has some high mana cost at the start so the cookies max out your manapool and besides that they are great for lane sustain as well.
Alternative 2nd rune page

Another option for a bigger manapool if you prefer other options from the sorcery tree. gives you 25 mana when you hit an ability. Make sure this is up and you have a grasp ready as well when you q early lane phase. So you get maximum reward for the harras you do.

Great if you wanna have extra CDR. Also a great bonus on lv 11.
It reduces the CD's of your other abilites on takedowns and since you already have loads of CDR in the build you will be spamming your abilities when fights go the right way.

Great scaling rune but! since the course of the game gets decided early on and this rune does legit nothing for you for the first 10 minutes I mostly pick other runes if i go for sorcery. It's not bad but it takes long before it gives value.

Great for extra poke DMG. If we do do the maths and we count in every Source of DMG that is applied early with your Parrley = scorch(15-35dmg) + corrupting potion(15dmg) and grasp(4% maxhealth bonus dmg)(600x0.04=24dmg). So thats 15 + 15 + 24 = 54. Thats 54 bonus dmg on top of your Q.
The rune is just a great improvement of the early harras.

Gives you 1.8 AD per lv when you have 70% or more health.
Extra dmg is great. Safer alternative for gathering storm.
Items Divine Plank

Patch 11.17 made your Q count for a ranged attack. which it is but still very painfull for you. Your Powder Keg ignores 40% armour of itself. When you are full build this mythic throws another 20% on top of that which is great. Also 20% Magic pen for your Ult DMG which is noticeable once you have the extra waves coming in.

These boots are cheap, like i said before your build is expensive so only 600 for your boots is great. You have 40 ability haste when you have your mythic and the boots ready which is really good. CDR is a super important stat on gp so you can keep throwing the Powder Keg in. Also shorter timer on your Flash and Teleport.

This item Caps out all the CDR you need. 70 ability haste (41% CDR) at this point.
Whenever you start critting now with your Parrrley or autoattacks you lower your basic CD's(no ult) with 20%. When you are in fights and you got some crit items you can imagine that are gonna be a lot of Oranges, Kegs and pistol shots flying around.

Great item for GP since it provides besides the crit and AD also Lethality which is really nice on top of 60% armour pen. The item makes it also a lot easier to execute people with your Ult Cannon Barrage and your passive Trial By Fire what is late game over 500 true dmg burning. Chances are close that its gonna tick towards 5% health.

MASSIVE POWERSPIKE You become really dangerous once you have completed this item. You always get this after your 2 Core Crit items The Collector and the Navori Quickblades. Your Powder Keg legit explode people's heatlh bars away at this point.

It brings your Crit to 80% which is a lot more reliable then 60% if you ask me.
+ 7% to 30% extra movementspeed
+ attackspeed synergy with Navori Quickblades
(Last item is very situational)

Keg give you 40% armour pen on their dmg + 48% + 12 lethality, thats basically full armour pen kegs.

Items Crit Plank
This is a must in this build cause you will run into CDR problems when you dont get it.

First item since the sheen is in there.

Makes you beefier then the other 2 Crit mythics and gives you more AD as well.

Crit powerspike, always get this when you can reach the 60% crit bonus DMG.

only crit item with lethality which is very good with your barrels.
Also the 5% finishing blow is very good for GP.

Together with the armour pen on your Kegs Powder Keg and with the lethality of the The Collector You Ignore and insane % amount of armour.
Silver Serpents

This is the save bet were you should go for most of the time.
It basically gives your ult an additional 33% extra DMG in that huge area.
Great for drake fights, Baron fights and follow up for your barrels and so on.
When i have a Fiddlesticks or an Amumu jungle i feel like this is a great upgrade to follow their plays.

In some cases it's definitely a good option to start with this one instead.
Lets say you have a Hard CC jungler who want's to catch out a high valuable target like Sejuani, Rammus, a Twisted Fate or a Malzahar who locks the target down for a brief moment. This upgrade is a legit insane follow up for them and since they provide the CC, so it cannot be dodged.
So i take this last most of the time. Especially in soloQ. It's a good upgrade but i feel like you wanna upgrade this maybe in a Clash game first. I think the other 2 are better upgrades to start with.
Created by Mathie
Thanks for reading,

Have a good one.

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