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LeBlanc Build Guide by Fuzzmonkey

Middle [PATCH 14.10] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100%

Middle [PATCH 14.10] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100%

Updated on May 17, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuzzmonkey Build Guide By Fuzzmonkey 2752 133 7,750,611 Views 81 Comments
2752 133 7,750,611 Views 81 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuzzmonkey LeBlanc Build Guide By Fuzzmonkey Updated on May 17, 2024
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Fuzzmonkey's Featured Video

Runes: Electrocute with mana sustain

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
Aggressive lane
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Hi, my name is Fuzzmonkey. I've been a League of Legends player since pre-season 4. I've mained Mid lane since season 5 and have mostly played LeBlanc since. I found that she was the champion that suited me the most since I mainly played assassins across all other types of games. I peaked Diamond 1 at the highest in Season 10, but always hung around Mid Diamond since then. My goal at the moment is to hit Masters on EUW, and will be updating this guide regularly to show you guys that even you yourself can get to where you want to be in SoloQ with her.

I currently hang between D3 - D1 on EUW. I stream everyday on my Twitch channel where I teach my audience how to play mid lane in general + have a lot of laughs. I also upload to my Youtube channel as well. Feel free to come over and ask me anything! I'd be glad to answer any questions! ^_^
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Why LeBlanc?

I mean, who doesn't like dashing round the map one shotting people. Like, c'mon...

Since I started playing League I wanted to find a type of assassin which could do it all, and LeBlanc had multiple reasons as to why I wanted to start maining her:


+ High mobility
+ Insane burst damage
+ Easy escapes (JUKES!)
+ Decent waveclear (yes, even after revert)
+ High snowball potential


- Auto attack animation makes it hard to farm
- Falls behind if not farmed up well
- Squishy
- Extremely high skill cap
- Hard to carry with

Here you can find some short montages and highlights on Youtube.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash

Since LeBlanc is aggressive in lane, you should take Ignite so you're able to snowball easier, roam and help your team mates. You pretty much always want to take Flash as well. Since the revert, LeBlanc was originally better taking Teleport but, because she lost some of her split push potential, it's now better to apply more kill pressure on your opponent with Ignite.


This summoner is not so bad if you are unable to apply kill pressure on your opponent during laning phase. If you're decent at making Teleport plays with previous experience, this can also be another reason to take it. Otherwise, as stated above I would almost (90% of the time) take Ignite.


Probably the next best summoner spell after Teleport but only take this if you're really not comfortable around hard CC champions. With the likes of Sejuani, Rammus, Skarner and Amumu in the jungle this summoner can be useful. Also against mid laners such as, Veigar, Morgana and even Twisted Fate it could potentially help you if you're struggling.


I wouldn't really take this summoner but, if you're really uncomfortable against match ups like Zed, Syndra, Katarina and other high burst assassins then Exhaust can work. But, over the kill pressure you have in lane with Ignite it's completely up to you about how you feel with the particular match up.

Ghost, Heal and Barrier

Barrier could work in the same way Exhaust is used, but in most circumstances Exhaust just does a better job at cutting the damage that assassins dish out. Personally, none of these summoners have a significant use with LeBlanc. You would potentially be negating a lot of your kill pressure/roaming potential if you were to take one of these. I would highly suggest sticking to one of the above summoners which I have given a reason for taking.
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Below, you will find the runes that I particularly think are the best runes to run on the current LeBlanc. Towards the bottom of this section I have added Alternative runes in case you want to try an alternative set of runes.

Domination - Primary Tree

Same with practically any assassin Electrocute will be your bread and butter rune on LeBlanc. With this rune, you will need to hit all of your pre-6 abilites in order for it to proc. At level 2 you will need to add an auto attack after hitting a successful Q + W combo for Electrocute to proc. As long as you hit 3 of your abilities you should do enough damage to either one shot someone or get them extremely low. Please bare in mind that Ethereal Chains only adds one stack to your Electrocute even when you proc your root on the target.

This is definitely the best choice of rune for LeBlanc. As long as your follow up by hitting your abilities after using Distortion to go in every time.

Since LeBlanc's mobility is so effective for roaming and helping round the map, this rune is perfect for her. Once she has been able to fully stack it off of all the Solo and assisted kills, she will gain bonus AP damage to help her for the mid to late game.

This rune is the best rune for LeBlanc because of the love it's been getting recently from, Riot. LeBlanc has always had a low ultimate cooldown compared to other assassin's. Using this rune reduces the cooldown even more which is insane. At rank 3 Mimic with 5 stacks on Ultimate Hunter, this will give you 31 ultimate haste. In simple terms, your ultimate will be on an incredible 10-15 second cooldown (depending on your items). Multiple ult's in one fight!

Sorcery - Secondary Tree

LeBlanc is a lane bully and needs as much extra mana she can get to help with clearing waves and killing her opponent. An extra permanent 250 mana (once fully stacked) will provide LeBlanc with another free full combo.

Likewise with Ultimate Hunter, having all of your abilities on a low cooldown just makes LeBlanc a killing + juke machine. With Transcendence you have a very low cooldown on Distortion and other basic abilities especially once maxed at level 9. This will make roaming a lot quicker and more damage output in teamfights. PLUS, more jukes!

Alternative runes

In pro play wards are a must and most will buy one every time they back. In SoloQ you will notice that a lot of people will switch out Eyeball Collection for Zombie Ward if they're needing wards. This is so we can accumilate as much gold for items as possible, so we tend to not buy as many wards.

You can also swap out the Sorcery tree for the Inspiration tree. If you're really not comfortable against certain champions, you can take extra sustain by using the Time Warp Tonic + Biscuit Delivery combo. This will make sure you can stay in lane longer and take extra poke from enemy champions. Again, only take this if you really think you can't survive against a certain match up, since Transcendence + Manaflow Band combo is extremely good for going into the late laning phase - mid game.
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Below you can find LeBlanc's abilities. I will be explaining what they do, what order to max and how to effectively use them.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As mentioned above, you pretty much always want to max Distortion> Sigil of Malice> Ethereal Chains. This is because her Distortion is reverted and now deals massive damage and provides mobility, the perfect assassin ability. Next is Sigil of Malice since this will be where you get your burst from due to the mark damage on her Q. As always, Ethereal Chains will be the last to max since you're not always guaranteed to hit a chain whereas your Q and W are much easier to hit. Laning phase is also difficult to hit chains as well, especially if your opponent is standing behind minions all the time.

Mirror Image

This is LeBlanc's original passive. When LeBlanc falls below 40% maximum health, she becomes stealthed for 1 second and creates a clone of herself, which lasts for 8 seconds or until killed.

To cut to the chase, this is LeBlanc's way of saying "guess which one I am". When LeBlanc is stealthed, this means she is totally invisible (cannot be revealed by a Control Ward). Once unstealthed both you and a clone will be running. This is now your chance to try and 'juke' the opponent(s). You will be able to control the clone with ALT+Right click, but won't be able to control your actual LeBlanc until you let go of the ALT key. So if you're attempting an effective juke, make sure that you have already started to position your actual LeBlanc before you start controlling your clone.

Sigil of Malice

LeBlanc projects an orb at the target enemy that deals magic damage and marks them for 3.5 seconds.

LeBlanc's next damaging ability against the marked target will consume the mark to deal them the same damage again.

Sigil of Malice deals 10 − 146 (based on level) bonus damage against minions and refunds 100% of its mana cost and 30% of remaining cooldown if either part of the ability kills a target.

This is LeBlanc's bread and butter ability. Any other ability that is used within the 3.5 seconds of the sigil being on the target, will detonate the sigil and do Sigil of Malice mark damage + the ability used damage. It's also your farming tool. When a minion is low health, you can last hit it with this ability. You will get 100% of the mana back and 30% cooldown reduction off your next Q.

Every time that you do go in to damage your opponent, try to make sure that there is a sigil on your target before using another ability, this will refund 30% cooldown of the last Q used. This is extremely beneficial, and can lead to 1v2's going in your favour if you manage to burst down the 1st target quickly.


LeBlanc dashes to the target location, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies upon arrival and leaving a return pad at the cast location for 4 seconds. Distortion can be recast after 0.2 seconds of the dash ending for the pad's duration.

LeBlanc's mobility + lots of damage spell. This can be used in multiple ways but must always be used with caution, as this could be casted at the wrong time and get you into a lot of trouble. Positioning correctly with this spell during skirmishes/team fights can scare your opponents and give them very little time to react to your 'assassination potential'.

Use your Distortion to jump over walls to surprise your enemies and use it to get away from your opponents too if you seem to get caught in a bad position.

Remember that since this ability has big base damage. It will be your go to for waveclearing. With Luden's Companion this has made LeBlanc's waveclear a hell of a lot easier because of the base damage + the Luden's Companion passive damage. So make sure to utilise this combination to maximize ability efficiency.

Ethereal Chains

LeBlanc flings an illusory chain in the target direction that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits and forms a tether between LeBlanc and the target for 1.5 seconds, during which they are revealed.

If the tether is not broken by the end of its duration, the target is dealt magic damage and is rooted for 1.5 seconds, during which they are revealed.

This is LeBlanc's only form of CC and is the hardest ability to hit. Hitting your chains is crucial and can be the difference between you saving yourself and getting yourself killed if missed. Likewise for getting a kill too.

Your Ethereal Chains are also a way to lock down targets that try to get to your carries. It can also help lock down priority targets as well for your team to finish off if you don't have any other abilities up. Once connecting a chain, chucking in a Sigil of Malice before the chain roots will add a massive amount of burst the to target.


LeBlanc casts a mimicked version of her most recently used basic ability, applying the same effects and dealing modified magic damage.

MIMIC: SIGIL OF MALICE: Deals modified damage and double damage upon triggering the mark.

MIMIC: DISTORTION: Deals modified damage.

MIMIC: ETHEREAL CHAINS: Deals modified damage and double damage after the tether lasts its full duration.

Her ultimate ability can be used in so many different ways depending on the situation.
Always bear in mind what ability you used last just in case you accidently use the wrong Mimic ability and end up putting yourself in a bad situation.

Using the Mimic version of your Sigil of Malice will add a lot of burst damage to the next normal ability used. This can also be used to surprise the enemy too, since the mark damage on the ult version of your Sigil of Malice in empowered as well.

A Mimic version of your Distortion is mainly used for either escape or getting to the back line to kill a carry. Sometimes if you see the enemy team grouping up extremely close together, you can double Distortion on top of them to deal a lot of damage for your team to then finish off. This is risky and will leave you vulnerable with no escape and can get you killed. This can depend if you used it from over a wall or not.

I particularly only use the Mimic version of Ethereal Chains if I am looking to lock someone/multiple targets down. Since LeBlanc specialises in single target damage it's very unlikely that this version of Mimic would be used. Again, this can be situational and depending on if the enemy team are running a 'protect the carry composition', running a lot of tanks or even multiple gapcloser champions, such as Elise, Camille and many more.
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Below, I will be showing you what items you can buy and will give a brief description about why the item can be good/situational/bad on LeBlanc

Early game items

Doran's Ring

As with most mages/AP assassin's Doran's Ring is the standard starting item as it gives AP, HP and mana every second (doubled for 10 seconds if you're in combat). Don't forget to buy a Refillable Potion on your first back if and when you got the gold.

Lost Chapter

This is the base item for any AP laner. It gives AP, mana, +10 ability haste and even a mana regen passive on levelling up, all for an incredible 1200g. This will sustain you easily through the rest of your early laning phase. It is 100% a first purchase as soon as you get the gold for it. Even without the passive on this item it is still 143% gold efficient.

Refillable Potion

This again is a very good item to get if you ever have a spare 150g on an early back, if you decide to go with a Doran's Ring start. It refreshes every time you go back to base and it means you never have to buy Health Potion's again. I would not recommend buying this past lvl 11-12 though since it loses value. Don't be afraid to sell any leftover Health Potion's that are in your inventory just to buy this.

Control Ward

Don't buy these often when you back. Use the gold to save up for items. Wards can win/save games later on. Whenever you go back mid game onwards, buy one and place it around an important objective or in a decent bush if you need to side lane. Don't overextend for that little bit of extra damage on a turret, or those couple of minions that you aren't able clear before the enemy team come for you.

Dark Seal

Extremely good purchase on your first back. Gives more AP, more HP and more AP when you get kills/assists. Get this if you have 350g spare on your first back.

Core items

Luden's Companion

The core of all items. It gives a lot of AP, lots of mana and +25 ability haste. As for the passive, you passively gain 6 charges. After 12 seconds the next target hit will have extra damage dealt to them, if any targets are nearby, a % bit of splash damage will also be dealt to them. This is a fantastic first item since it provides the extra waveclear which LeBlanc sadly lacks.

Sorcerer's Shoes

These boots are a great early purchase since they have flat magic penetration. Mixing these with the flat magic pen stats from Stormsurge and Shadowflame, will give you more flat magic penetration for the early-mid game where most people don't buy magic resist. This allows you to do near true damage due to the lack of early MR most enemies will have.


The perfect go-to 1st or 2nd item if you're not ballsy enough to go for a Mejai's Soulstealer. 1st item if you don't belive you'll encounter any mana issues. Build this 2nd if you think you will. Building Stormsurge first is extremely good for all-in's. Massive amount of AP, 10 flat magic penetration which will pair up with your Sorcerer's Shoes to do a lot of early game damage, % move speed and a burst passive Stormraider + Squall. The passive itself is perfect for any burst mage. After dealing 35% of a champions max health, a bolt of lighting will strike the target (after 2 seconds) for an extra chunk of damage. If you're doing 'ok' or not too well, skip this item and go straight to Shadowflame so that you will scale better towards mid-late game.


You will benefit from this item building it 2nd or 3rd, if the majority of the enemy team are not too tanky, and haven't built MR. Otherwise you'll be better off going Void Staff and Rabadon's Deathcap (2nd and 3rd). The passive converts your damage to crits and increases by 20% when the enemy is below 35% health. If the enemy comp have healthy champions + mage resist, you won't burst your target enough to benefit from the passive.
It's situational but TL:DR - Shadowflame 2nd or 3rd item against squishy teams with no MR. Void Staff and Rabadon's Deathcap 2nd and 3rd and shkip Shadowflame.

Rabadon's Deathcap

This will either be your 3rd or 4th item. It will depend on whether the enemy team builds early magic resist. The huge chunk of AP is definitely beneficial when paired with % magic penetration, but due to how strong Shadowflame's passive is, it gets outclassed. Only when the enemy have built magic resist early can this be a good viable 3rd item.

Void Staff

This should almost definitely be built the majority of games. +40% magic penetration is very strong and can easily be built when enemies have 70+ magic resist for it to be considered 'of value'. Most of the time, it will be built towards the later half of the game, but can be your 2nd item when enemies build MR extremely early.

Situational items

Zhonya's Hourglass

As defensive as it gets to be honest. It doesn't have to just be built because the enemy team is full AD but it can really save your life too with only a 2 minute cooldown. It can negate things like Karthus's Requiem, Syndra's Unleashed Power, Veigar's Primordial Burst and Fizz's Chum the Waters. I don't recommend building this early unless you are really struggling in lane against an AD mid laner like Zed, Talon etc. I would still say that purchasing this item even towards late game is still worth - it could save your life.


This item will be an extremely rare purchase. Your job as an assassin is to one shot carry's. Building this item

Banshee's Veil

This is a great item if you're afraid of being bursted down yourself i.e Fizz, Syndra. Banshee's Veil is well-known for it's spellshield passive which blocks a single ability which could potentially save your life if your opponent wasn't able to get their full combo off on you. It works great against CC champs like Sejuani, Elise, Zac, heck even Blitzcrank as it can stop one major ability which CC you to death.

Liandry's Torment

I'd recommend building this item first if you're against a tanky team. If the enemy team contains 4 or more champions that will be built tanky for their late game. Use this item with your normal build for added ability haste to chain down your enemies.

Mejai's Soulstealer

If you are really fed and are snowballing you can get this item after you've finished your Luden's Companion. Just be a little cautious when jumping into enemies that you don't die. Losing 10 stacks a death isn't nice.
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Below you will find a short video of me breaking down LeBlanc's combo's and how to effectively use them.

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Laning Phase

Laning phase is where you'll be trying your best to snowball, if not don't worry. Roaming will hopefully get you fed instead. The main thing about LeBlanc's laning phase which a lot of people seem to hate, is her auto attack animation. Luckily LeBlanc has got her Sigil of Malice to farm minions. With 100% mana refund and 30% cooldown reduction, it's the perfect tool to help you last hit under turret. If you're still struggling to last hit minions with LeBlanc's auto, go into practice tool and set yourself a goal of i.e 70 cs by 10 minutes. Keep going until you notice improvement, then take it into ranked. Once you feel comfortable cs'ing with LeBlanc, you'll find laning phase a lot easier.

As provided in the combo video above, the main combo's you'll be using pre- 6 are your Sigil of Malice > Distortion combo at level 2 and Distortion(towards your target) > Ethereal Chains > Sigil of Malice with 2-3 auto's whilst your chain is attached before you then return to your original position.

Until LeBlanc gets her Luden's Companion wave clearing is quite hard, so you're not going to be able to roam unless you push faster than your opponent. When you do manage to get a wave pushed faster than your opponent, keep in mind that there are 3 things you can do. Ward up somewhere in their jungle to get some vision on where their jungle could be, roam to other lanes to help out or go back and buy.

If you think you're being ganked or are at risk of being ganked, ALWAYS save your Distortion and don't use until you know where the jungler is. This way you'll save yourself from having to use any summoner spells.
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Team fighting

LeBlanc doesn't specifically excel at team fights but in small skirmishes. Roaming around with 1 or 2 people can make it easier for her to catch someone out and assassinate them without having to worry about 4 other people jumping on her.

The best thing about LeBlanc when team fighting is being able to jump in and out without getting touched at all. This will separate the good LeBlanc's from the bad LeBlanc's. Keep practicing the combo's that I've put in the combo's video above.

Patience is key with LeBlanc. If a team fight is about to erupt, don't be afraid to hide and wait behind your team mates or behind a wall. You want to wait for the perfect moment until you find a carry that's out of position so you can go in for the kill. When the time is right, jump out onto your opponent with one of the combo's (depending on your position) and do as much damage/one shot. Your objective is to get in, kill a carry, and get out. Remember if you're not able to pick off anyone you are pretty useless as LeBlanc and will need to farm to catch up.

Always keep and eye on your Distortion pads too when you're looking to return to them. Make sure that there are no nearby enemies that can get onto you otherwise you'll most likely ping yourself back into a death trap.

Due to changes with LeBlanc's Q. You can now reduce the cooldown of her Sigil of Malice and Mimic Sigil of Malice (QR) by 30% if you manage to kill someone with it. This includes both using Q to directly finish someone off or, proccing the sigil to burst someone to death. This applies for both her standard Q and ultimate Q. This can be extremely beneficial in a 1v2 scenerio i.e splitting, and you need the extra cooldown to deal with the 2nd enemy. You can engage on the squishiest target, blow them up, stall for a bit and engage on the 2nd target when appropriate.

As explained in the combo's video above, Ethereal Chains to stop tanks/gap closers getting onto your carries can be a effective way to play a team fight too. If you really are struggling to get onto an enemy carry use this technique instead, this way you'll be helping the team out anyway.

Another important thing is the moment leading up to team fights. Purchasing a Control Ward and setting it up where an enemy champion could walk up to kill it is a great way of picking someone off. At this point you've already won the team fight since you've now made it a 5v4. Go for an objective if there is one available on the map i.e Baron/Dragon/towers/inhibitors.
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That just about sums it up for my LeBlanc guide. I hope you guys learnt something from this and I will definitely be adding to it very often to keep it up-to-date.
If you have any questions please feel free to post them here and I'll get back to them as soon as possible.

If you'd like to see my LeBlanc gameplay you can follow my Twitch channel. I stream everyday from 12pm GMT onwards! I play her most of the time on stream whilst answering all of your questions in chat!

I also have a Youtube channel which I upload to very often, don't forget to subscribe!
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Updates to Guide

Updates to show you guys what I've added to the guide and when I did them:

18/04/2018 - LeBlanc got disabled on first day of 'mini-revert' (LUL). Added Galio, Yasuo, Akali and Azir to match ups. Corrected a few spelling/grammer mistakes.

19/04/2018 - Added Cassiopeia, Ekko and Fizz to match ups. Added Hextech Rocketbelt to the items chapter (as requested by you guys on stream).

22/04/2018 - Added Aurelion Sol, Morgana and Malzahar to match ups. Also added a little bit of the Kassadin match up too.

25/04/2018 - Added Everfrost under situational items as requested. Also added Zoe and Vladimir to match ups.

01/05/2018 - Added Lux, Anivia and Diana to match ups.

08/05/2018 - Updated Doran's Ring and Lost Chapter because of the 8.9 changes. Will be deciding soon on the the ultimate hat rune change since I've heard it's getting removed in 8.10. Will update closer to the time though.

31/05/2018 - Updated the Runes section. Replaced Relentless Hunter with Ultimate Hunter. Replaced The Ultimate Hat with Scorch. Also added Gathering Storm as an alternative rune.
Also added Brand, Talon, Irelia and Veigar to match ups.

03/06/2018 - Added Swain and Heimerdinger to match ups.

02/07/2018 - Added Annie and Vel'Koz to match ups.

08/07/2018 - Added Lissandra to match ups.

19/07/2018 - Added Orianna to match ups. ALSO HIT 1 MILLION TOTAL VIEWS ON THIS GUIDE. Thank you all so much for the support, this is incredible for me! Love you all <3

13/08/2018 - Added Karthus to match ups. Also put difficulty level up on Fizz (to 6) because of the instant damage revert on his W. This will make it a little harder for LeBlanc to dodge. Will require more reaction time.

30/08/2018 - Added Corrupting Potion to early game items section. Added more alternative runes due to patch 8.16 domination/sorcery rune nerfs, including a Time Warp Tonic and Biscuit Delivery break down. Also added in Minion Dematerializer as an alternative rune option.

10/10/18 - Going to start adding my Youtube highlights to the "Why Leblanc?" section of this guide, just to give you a little view of what I'm like on stream :)

13/10/2018 - Updated a few bits to do with runes, and adjusted some of the notes on the items at the top of the page.

7/11/2018 - Leblanc W got nerfed, yes you will still max it as always. Time warp tonic got nerfed but I don't think this will change much at all. Will be keeping an eye on it and see how it progresses. Incoming preseason, maybe a lot of upcoming changes to the guide. Also changed the Akali match up since her rework.

19/11/2018 - Changed stuff about the Morellonomicon purchase. Corrected a few more grammar mistakes. More changes to match ups, since I've now had plenty of experience against some of these champions. Added another little note about the Time Warp Tonic rune change in patch 8.22.

5/12/2018 - Updated rune pages (at the top), added 3 pages altogether with an explanation to all of them and why you should take each of them. 1 of them will suit your playstyle to the particular match-up your against. As per written under the Rune chapter, I will be adding all updates to the rune section at the top of this guide instead of in the rune chapter in the middle of the guide, since most people will see the top part first in the guide anyway. If you still have any questions about runes etc. please don't hesitate to contact me.

10/01/2019 - Updated the core build and added oblivion orb since a few people were getting confused. Probably going to do another big update to this guide in 9.2 since there was a rumour that oblivion orb was getting nerfed, plus a few harder champ match-ups (mostly aftershock midlaners) are getting nerfed too.

21/02/2019 - Changed and edited a couple of the matchup difficulties since aftershock and some of the adc item changes. Some of these updates include - Lissandra, Yasuo, Akali and more...

25/02/2019 - Changed the description on the runes. I mostly run Electrocute + Inspiration now (the first rune page on this guide) due to the sustain to gives. I heard a lot of people running +10% attack speed rune. The reason I don't like running this is because, you're already losing +15 ap from Doran's Ring so having a bit of AP can help in lane.

21/04/2019 - No changes to Leblanc's build since last update, nor runes.
Added a bunch of match-ups as requested from you guys. Match-ups include: Sylas, Neeko, Viktor, Ziggs, Xerath, Taliyah and Zilean. Let me know if you want anymore! :)

10/05/2019 - Updated a couple of the rune notes to suit Leblanc's current state. No change in what you should take though. Inspiration is still top preferred rune page.

19/05/2019 - Updated the 'About Me' section to be more relevant to the present time.

10/06/2019 - Added Aatrox to match-ups.

21/06/2019 - Added Qiyana to match-ups. If there is any other match-ups that you guys want me to add, let me know!

29/07/2019 - Added my Youtube channel to the guide too if anyone is interested in videos.

14/08/2019 - Changed Morellonomicon purchase description and added Oblivion Orb to the core items. Also Leblanc's Q got reverted back to 0.4 AP ratio! :)

18/12/2019 - Updated the Ryze match-up. Quite a threat now since his changes. Written a description in the 'threats' tab as to what you can kind of do to counter him.

04/03/2020 - Updated a bunch of match-ups to suit todays meta. Also updated Morellonomicon and Oblivion Orb in the "Items" section.

09/10/20 - Added Yone to the match ups with detailed description. Updated Oblivion Orb details on when to buy. PLEASE CHECK THIS. Will be doing a full updated for when the new items come out :)

11/10/2020 - Updated the whole of the ITEM CHAPTER (including descriptions as to why you should buy the items) and item set up at the top of the page since, we now have the new item update for Season 11. Changed the runes around a little bit at the top of the page.

17/03/2021 - Updated the majority of the rune chapter of this guide (deleted a lot of old stuff from Season 8). Certain items have been updated like Doran's Ring, Corrupting Potion, Morellonomicon, Cosmic Drive, Mejai's Soulstealer, Liandry's Torment, Luden's Tempest and a couple of other items. The will be around about 3-4 buffs for Leblanc next patch as well, so I will be updating this very soon to reflect them.

17/03/2021 - She got a W buff today! Lower mana for late game. Since she's had all her abilities lowered in mana this should make it easier for her to split and fight without losing so much. And indirect buffs too, including Rabadon's Deathcap cheaper buy, and Luden's Tempest gets a new passive. See above for details.

4/11/2021 - Added Vex and Akshan to match-ups.

18/11/2021 - Added Shadowflame to situational items and changed a bunch of the reason to "buy" certain items in the item section of this guide. This is due to some AP items getting buffed or nerfed.

23/11/2021 - Added Corki to match-ups... Sorry didn't realise he wasn't in there.

05/06/22 - Added more item paths, Leblanc is kinda out of meta at the moment, so she's struggling :(

02/09/2022 - We're somewhat back in the meta (I guess lol)... I've been getting a lot of questions regarding which one to build as 2nd item, Cosmic Drive or Shadowflame. I've added this all into the item descriptions now since it is situational, but very easy to identify. Go take a look! :D

09/02/2023 - Leblanc got buffed today! Buffs for high expertise Leblanc players. Throw more abilities in lane ;)

08/03/2023 - HUGE buffs for beginner Leblanc players. Check out the laning phase chapter of the guide for how to use her new and improved Sigil of Malice. New explantion for the ability, under the ability chapter of the guide.

Also added more infomation about how and when to build Cosmic Drive. This item was pretty good on Leblanc now it's actually VERY good.
TL:DR for this - Build Shadowflame 2nd against squishy teams with minimal MR. Build cosmic for teams that aren't so squishy, 2nd (if the enemy have no MR) or last (if the enemy have MR)

I've also added a paragraph for team fighting, which goes about how to use her new Q too. This can be both beneficial for teamfights and whenever you decide to split as LeBlanc.

10/01/2024 - Completely revamped the whole of the items section with new items and builds!

04/04/2024 - Changed runes according to the new ones that were implemeneted at the beginning of the season. Updated Stormsurge. Also added context as to when you should be building Morellonomicon since I see too many people building this. IT'S NOT THAT GOOD.

22/04/2024 - Added another little bit onto Stormsurge. Building it first is a possibility. Great all-in potential but lacks mana for quicker waveclear. So you'll need to run Manaflow Band to help you out.

17/05/2024 - Lots of overall changes to the guide! Everything you need to know for Leblanc on patch 14.10 will be on here now though.
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