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Warwick Build Guide by Darksword255

Jungle [Patch 14.13] The Ultimate Jungle Warwick Guide [Video Guide]

Jungle [Patch 14.13] The Ultimate Jungle Warwick Guide [Video Guide]

Updated on June 28, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darksword255 Build Guide By Darksword255 250 36 668,941 Views 32 Comments
250 36 668,941 Views 32 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Darksword255 Warwick Build Guide By Darksword255 Updated on June 28, 2024
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Darksword255's Featured Video

Runes: Standard Warwick

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+2% Movement Speed
+10-180 Bonus Health


Standard Jungle
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Gustwalker Smite

Gustwalker Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[Patch 14.13] The Ultimate Jungle Warwick Guide [Video Guide]

By Darksword255

Hello! My name is Darksword255, but you can call me Dark or Mike.

I'm a Masters Jungler and I’m currently ranked #44 NA on Warwick.
I’ve been playing League since the beginning of Season 4, and I’ve been playing Warwick since before his rework. I used to be a Vi OTP with over 1,000 games in Season 6 until Warwick was reworked. After becoming a Warwick main, I felt like I was finally learning how to actually play the game and right now, he’s definitely a very strong champion. Over the years that I’ve been playing Warwick, I’ve picked up tons of tips and tricks to help others learn how to properly play him, so I decided to make a guide to help more people.

I wanted to create a guide for Warwick because I feel like he’s more than a two-dimensional champion as some may call him. He’s a very simplistic champion to play, but has a lot of difficult mechanics to master. From somebody who wants to learn how to play Jungle to a higher ELO player, I want to help guide everyone in the best way possible. I’ve gone through multiple guides and I think that 99% of them fall short in some way or another, so hopefully, this guide will help you. I’ve seen lots of debates on the best builds and items, so all of that information will be in here as well to help you with any game.

If you’d like to ask any questions, you can always drop by my streams at every weekday (excluding Wednesday) at 12:30 pm CT. If I’m not streaming, you can also join my Discord server at and get quick responses to any questions (as well as hanging out with the community, a weekly schedule, and announcements).

[1] One of The Best Tempo Junglers
[2] Great Ganks
[3] Lots of CC
[4] Great sustain + durability
[5] Easy to solo Objectives (dragon/Herald)
[6] High Mobility
[7] Strong Early/Mid Game

[1] Falls off hard late game
[2] Can get kited easily
[3] Struggles against comps with CC and high mobility
[4] Grievous wounds severely affects you
[5] Hard to control the game from behind

Warwick is one of, if not the best tempo junglers in the game. It's really easy to take control of the early game and snowball different laners. You can take objectives solo and quickly. His dueling potential early on is really unmatched by other champions in the game because of Warwick's healing, damage mitigation, and CC.
Primary (Core)

These are the core Primary Runes you should run with every game. If you are new to Warwick I strongly suggest sticking to these runes until you really get a good feel of how he works. These runes work in 90% of situations.


These are the core Secondary Runes you should run with most games. If you want to go tankier you can change them out for Bone Plating and Revitalize.


Primary (Korean)

This is from a Korean build that I saw and mainly run when I play Warwick. With the durability patch, the ability to fight longer and heal is more important than ever. This page gives you the ability to heal, output high damage, and sustain yourself in fights. This page is mainly for tankier teams.


This page is mainly for very confident players who can take advantage of Warwick early game.


Primary (On-Hit)

This is a full damage Rune Page, this is basically his old Rune Page. If you are fighting a squishier team you will be able to actually one-shot someone you Ult.


This page is just to give you a bit more durability since you are going to be building basically glass cannon.

Starting Items
Emberknife & Refillable Potion is the standard itemization I will run almost every game. The Emberknife is run in 99.9% of your games. You only run Hailblade if you are going AP. Red Smite is far superior then blue smite expecially on Warwick. The Refillable Potion is kind of the only item you should get. Refillable Potion gives you a top off before a gank and since Rejuvenation Bead doesn't build into Tiamat Refillable Potion is the best choice.


Boots Options

Sorcerer's Shoes is mainly a choice for "for fun" or if you are building some weird AP hybrid build. Some Warwick players build a Dark Seal and Sorcerer's Shoes but please don't do that.

Plated Steelcaps is recommended when the enemy team has 3 or more AD units or against teams who primarily do damage via auto attacks.

Mercury's Treads is recommended when the enemy team has 3 or more AP units or a team with 3 or more point and click crowd control(CC).

Berserker's Greaves is mainly a choice for "for fun". Do not go these boots unless you are having fun or EXTREMELY ahead.


Standard Warwick Build Path (Core)

SWAP BOOTS FOR THE DEFENSIVE BOOTS IF NEEDED FOR YOUR GAME! This is the CORE build path you want to build every game. Building Divine Sunderer IS GRIEFING DO NOT BUILD THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU ARE A TOPLANER. You get significantly more utility out of the stats from Sunfire Aegis. Guides that tell you to go Divine Sunderer are 100% wrong.


Korean Warwick Build Path

SWAP BOOTS FOR THE DEFENSIVE BOOTS IF NEEDED FOR YOUR GAME! This is the build I normally go when I play Warwick on my main. This build takes advantage of your early game damage and translates that into a lead into the mid / late game. The Serrated Dirk is one of the best gold value items in the game. With the durability patch backing and first buying Serrated Dirk this gives you pre-durability patch damage. You can either sell the Serrated Dirk down the line or build it into a Umbral Glaive if you are ahead but I normally sell it for Thornmail.


On-Hit Warwick Build Path

This build is really "For Fun" but if you are in low elo and you want to TOTALLY stomp. You are a glass cannon with this build so only do this build if you are an experienced Warwick player. There are some weird hybrid builds where people run Kraken Slayer then go full tank. Dont do that.


Situational Items

Force of Nature and Dead Man's Plate could be a good pair if you need even more mobility and resistance. You wont be as tanky if you grab this pair or replace Spirit Visage with Force of Nature but in certain situations having the ability to get close faster is better than being overall tankier.

Really only build this item if you are going top. This guide doesn't really focus on mid / top builds but I wanted to still include this. This item is more designed for prolonged fights with tanks which is why its so strong in solo lanes. As a jungler you arent really in those type of fights as Warwick. With the durability patch being overall tankier is more beneficial because you will not be able to burst someone.

Mortal Reminder or even grabbing Chempunk Chainsword is an option instead of building a Thornmail. I'm personally not a huge fan of doing this because you activate Thornmail with your E and R. If your team is truly useless and you need the grievous wounds more frequently then you can grab one of these alternatives.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is a healthy alternative item if their team has a lot of bursts or if you are the only tank on the team. Popping Gargoyle Stoneplate active with your E and running into a fight makes it hard for enemies to get around you and makes you a damage sponge.
Standard Jungle Path on Warwick

Top Side Start (3 Camp Clear)

This is the best start to setting up early ganks for either bot or mid lane. You need to remember that you are a tempo jungler so overall farming doesn't necessarily matter. Pathing like this creates early pressure and potential leads onto the most important lanes. Really only take this path if A. You have good CC in either your Bot / Mid lane or B. If the enemy laners are low or are pushed up.

Bottom Side Start (3 Camp Clear)

This is the standard jungle pathing for Warwick. This pathing gives you the ability to gank top or potentially invade the enemy junglers buff. Botside clear is a bit of a safer pathing and is utilized when Mid / Botlane is playing safe. Most junglers attempt to gank top lane after they do a 3 camp clear so you can either counter gank or take top Krab.

Optional Full Clear Path

Full Clear

The only time you really want to path like this is if you got invaded or you are SUPER behind. Honestly if you are clearing like this the game is basically over. Warwick really relays on his early game pressure and you lose so much of that with this path.

How Do I Determine Which Side To Start On?

IS THIS LANE GANKABLE?!? Warwick is one of if not the best tempo junglers in the game. You pick a side to start on as early as champion select. If you have a lane that is a hyper-carry or a snowball lane you set up your clear to help them out. I also look at the enemy jungle and determine if either they are someone I can duel or win a 2 v 2 against. If you are new to Warwick I would recommend doing the safer more standard jungle clear path. This path is more forgiving because if your setup fails you arent punished as much.

Should I Full Clear?


What Is Your Early Game Goal

I will say this until im blue in the face. YOU ARE A TEMPO JUNGLER YOU SET THE PACE OF THE GAME. Your objective is to snowball the game in your favor as fast as possible. This is either achieved by ganking, taking objectives or invading and putting the enemy jungler behind. Most players don't understand that the game is mainly decided by champion selection. This is more apparent in higher elo where mistakes are more punishable and players know how to play their champions. Here are some key mistakes you want to try to avoid:
  • Don't overforce ganks, Yes you have great CC but if your laner doesn't help you, 9/10 times the enemy laner will get away.
  • Make sure you are farming while waiting for objectives or ganks, don't just sit in a bush for 5 minutes waiting for something to happen.
  • DON'T AFK FARM. You need to control the game. Not paying attention closes your window of effectiveness.
  • Don't overforce plays. Yes, you are a tank but sometimes jumping straight in is a horrible idea. Make sure to read the map before you jump in.
  • You can take Dragon at lvl 4 solo so don't be afraid to grab objectives early. Make sure the jungler or laners haven't warded dragon before you start.

I've put a lot of time and effort into this guide and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you guys have! Leave a comment on anything you guys would like me to add. If there is anything I may have forgotten on or you disagree with please let me know. Feel free to leave a vote as that would help me out tons! I will be continually updating this guide so make sure to check back each patch!

If you would like to check me out anywhere else, you can find me at:

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darksword255
Darksword255 Warwick Guide
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[Patch 14.13] The Ultimate Jungle Warwick Guide [Video Guide]

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