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Cho'Gath Build Guide by unknownkitty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unknownkitty

Patch 6.19: A Guide on how to play LEAGUE Like a GENTLEMAN w

unknownkitty Last updated on September 24, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 12

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Legendary Guardian

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updates on new patches

Hello everyone here are small updates every patch, to help for those hardcore gamers who want to see what Buffs and Nerfs are there for every latest patch:

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Hello everyone.

I will be showing a guide about how to play League of Legends without any anger or negative attitude and knowing what to do at stations where "flaming" and "raging" are the only way to go and lose the game in the process.

Lets start with why I chose Chogath? A: Cause he is anti mage, i have 85% win ratio in 50 games and finally also because:

Look at him ^ He is a Gentleman XD No other explanation needed.

For all you ladies (there are gentlewomen too)

So lets start learning on how to become a better player in League without anger, stress, raging, flaming and AFK.

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Basics For learning Chogath

Here is the ability sequence for chogath:

If you are very comfortable with knowing where you can place your Q (rupture)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

If you are worried about wasting mana and want to max W First (feral Silence) (more on champs who are close or bursters (yasuo, leblanc, ryze, vlad)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Chogath Abilities

<--- Rupture (Q)

Chogath's Q Rupture is his main damage ability.

Keep in mind always expect the enemy's movement to fully perfect chogath's Q (Rupture)

Once you have perfected Chogath's rupture (Q) You can make amazing plays
Or even more amazing ones.

<-- Feral Scream

This is chogath's second main ability. You can either choose based on situation to chose either Q or W to max first. I personally do Q (rupture) first.

This is a great ability because it also SILENCES the enemy (so for few seconds the enemy champion cannot use any abilities.)

This is great for 5 team silence, then Q (rupture) knockup for a potential pentakill ^_^

<-- Vorpal spikes

The most underrated ability XD. It has no cost and it deals little ap to every hit.

It might not seem a lot but those players who go tanky and ap can use this as main damage source. If you buy rylias crystal skepter on him, on every attack, you can proc a slow, which kinda means "PERMA SLOW" (permanent slow).


<-- Feast (R)

ChoGath's Ultimate Is an execute because it hits true damage

Now why is this so op? Well as you can see that is Katrina (ap mage on right) and renekton (ad bruiser (half tank/half ad) on low life). IF for example you have a tank that has too much life, It wont matter to chogath because it deals TRUE DAMAGE. Just look for the RED INDICATOR and it means 100% kill!

Here is a video on overall. I ususally use smartcast on chogath to make it easier to burst champions down. Try what makes you comfortable.

If Fully stacked, Chogath is this big.

Once you have perfected Chogath's abilites You can make amazing plays such as:

Those people who dont know what smartcast is. Here you go.

and to activate smartcast is here:

The thunderbolt lighting once clicked means that once you press Q (there will be no indicator and you can click and it will appear.)

You can also see an indicator as well by scrolling down and clicking the checkbox.



(the best most used summoner spell for killing or escaping. A must!)

This is a way of tricking someone by using the power of Flash summoner spell!.


Secondary is your choice but i would say choose from these:
Teleport vsBarrier vsExhaust vsIgnite

I would personally say teleport is my favourite because chogath's passiveCarnivore once killed a unit gives health and mana. This is already in a way heal.

Also teleport has its strengths.

I would get exhaust for hard bursters.

I dont choose ignite because chogath's ultimate is an execute and there is no need to get those final ticks.

Keep in mind! these are my opinions and please everyone play whom you are comfortable with!!!!!

The Dark Seal

My fav starting item because we start with this and 3 health potions. It helps me focus on remembering to stay passive and not to go on all "YOLO" (You only live once) plays and also i dont have ignite so not worth. Always remember if you dont die and get kills or assist it keep stacked so less deaths = less anger.


Chogath's Main item for doing well in game. When you get this item, things become more easier. Every level up you get life and also in 10 minutes (after buying item) you have a lot of health and ability power (AP)

Mejais Soulstealer.

This is a situational item. In my situation: because i dont die a lot in the early phases i can easily stack this and it is always my to go item.


Because!!!!! I can easily stack my mejais i feel very comfortable knowing that this item is the best way to start snowballing (roll snowball on snowy mountain = while it rolls gathers more snow = making bigger snowball = unstoppable force)
This item is my favourite because at this stage, chogath can LITERALLY 1 shot champions.

When you have these items: THEN WE GO INTO THE SITUATIONAL ITEMS and those are on the top.

My guide is more based on how to cure the player from using bad words, being mean, afk and all so League is a positive environment rather then "toxic" community.

Guide Top

Playing League of legends in a positive way

OK So the time has come for all of us to use methods to suppress the anger and all bad things that can come from so many aspects.

As Chogath says "Let us fight like gentlemen"


Or be like braum hehe XD

Now lets get started

How many of you have had this feeling after playing a very bad toxic game of (league of legends) LoL ?

Lets Focus on the small details first then we will go into the bigger more meaningful details.

We have all been in many situations where we have some players in our team or the enemy team whom have nothing to do but flame, blame, use negative attitude, offensive languages or verbal abusing.

When someone is being toxic the most easiest thing to do is to mute them NOT MUTE THE WHOLE TEAM!

In order to mute them simply click the small box and once you have clicked it, it will say in the chat bar: it will say muted "rage person"

That was the easy part.

Now we focus on a more deeper factor that sometimes is in the moment nothing but can go a long way. I will give you an example.

A player who is playing his best but sadly keeps failing. Once he died he is demotivated. If he dies more he will feel more bad. If this keeps happening he will go into "TILT" mode. (This means that he is so demoralized and so sad that he cannot properly play the game and is bound to fail more.)

In league (LoL) it is important for players to be positive.

I remember that I was playing adc and i kept on getting killed by their top laner, jungler and adc. I was so demoralized and so sad that i did not want to play anymore.

My heart was broken </3 but somehow there was a silver lining.

That silver lining was my mid laner annie. She even though saw my score never said to me once, "OMG REPORT ADC NOOB FEED" NO NOTHING!

All she said was "Dont worry bro. I know you had bad day but now relax and only focus on farming, support go ward the areas where there is a possible gank."

When she said that I felt a little hope inside of me that someone really believes in me. So after the 40th minute of the game We won because of that single person who helped believe in myself and also as the team we came together and helped each other climb back up that ladder and we finally became victorious.

I said to annie "Thank you annie, you're a saint!"

We need to be positive in league and the more better players we are, we will have higher chances of winning.

^ Haha keep in mind there are two things that can happen.

1: YAY THANK YOU!!! ^_^ I feel so much better :)



(keep in mind, not everyone will be willing to change but most are wanting some positiveness rather then negativity.)

Now How Do we stop negativity?



We use Distractions to distract us from negativity!

For me the most easiest way of relaxing my mind is playing My music and listening to that and mute my League of legends. = No spamming sound of the Pings, No hard focus on playing that will make me sad and negative and also being happy and singing alone the lyrics and enjoying life.

Here is an example:

(Imagine u are your favourite champion vs 5 and all you hear is this!)

(i dont know about you but this will get me PUMPED! (excited, adrenaline rush!) And IMAGINE @.@ IF I GET PENTA KILL.

If you people want a fight like gentleman song here you go

Some people might not like it >.< please dont hate me!


We can do a safe and better approach which is most League (LoL) players do, and that is playing with your friends. A 5 man pre made team and always using teamspeak, Skype, curse voice, and other methods of communication.

Ahh the dynamic team of power

The best way to reduce stress and anger is playing with your friends because no matter what happens and who feeds/trolls, your friends can always say something to fix your sadness or demoralization.

If they do not help -___- change friends lol XD

Path 3

This is a little summary on what I was talking before and that is based on if you are in a game where there is nothing but negative player who is trolling (sabatoging game on purpose), feeding(letting enemies kill him. Being a negative person and spamming negativity on the chat.

Just mute that person will increase you focus and also once muted you can also tell team to mute him and work together to win as a team rather then solo carry.

Path 4

Knowing and acknowledging that people do have bad days and also accepting that because they have bad days, ask jungler to assist them or help them get kills and win together as a team.

Also not focusing on winning is a major learning because instead of that frame of mind it causes problems if someone loses.

If you have a frame of mind that you want to learn and you loosing is a new step forward into you becoming a better player, that's positivity as well as sportsmanship. Having that is a true trait of being a positive and better player.

Path 5



This is the best way to become a better player. NEVER SURRENDERING NEVER GIVING UP. NOT UNTIL THE VERY END!!!

I have been in 20 situations where we could have lost 20 times and we would have surrendered but we focused and we waited farmed minions and stalled the game and won the game in a later time.

Always believe in yourself and in your team and always know there is always a miracle that can happen.

path 6

There is another way of winning and that is patience. Usually when I play games there are times when I lose so many times and what players tend to do is play and play until they get a win.

What I have seen is that when playing ranked on league of legends, once you lose more then 1-3 games then you should do the following:

1: stop ranked play and play normal until you win.

2: try a different role maybe today is not your day of playing (example Lux mid lane) then maybe play adc.

3: take a break from league of legends {LoL} and play some other multiplayer or single player game.

Now you might be thinking that these methods won't work but for me it helped me reach higher tiers because when I stop playing ranked after I lose 3 ranked, I am a little tired and am tilting.

If I stop and do something else then when I come back, I will be more energized and also motivated back on playing.

I would feel better than if I play over and over again and keep loosing(which is bad for yourself and increases chance of being negative because stress then comes in play.)
path 7

Finally the main reason why we see a difference between a bronze, silver, gold, platinum, challenger, master tier.

A: Farming (killing) minions in league is called Creep Score(cs). Minion kill count.

In bronze - silver the normal players Max cs by the end of 20 minutes is around 50-150.
In gold - it is around 100-160.
In platinum - it is around 120-160
In diamond - it is around 130-160
In master - it is around 140-160
And in challenger tier it is around 180 - 200.

Now it might look like oh you are lying but it is true. When you play the game there are so many minions to kill, that many players in the low tier start to farm (kill) champions but what they don't realize is that a champion kill is about 15 cs.

People don't realize that in League (LoL) it is all about who has the more farm, whom determines the game. the skills also come in play but i believe it is more based on more farm = more gold = more items= higher level.

keep in mind this is 65 minutes so more then 1 hour. ^ Zven (adc) who has the highest cs record. As you can see

It is amazing to get 946 cs haha but if you want cs to kill champion ratio it would be AROUND umm = if 1 kill = 20 cs (easier to then calculate)

Then 946/20 = 47.3 so about 47 kills. So always remember farm is more important in early game but in mid to late game it is a mixture of both. But in late late game it is all about team fights.

What I would personally say is this.

IF 10 min then 100 cs.
IF 20 mins 200 cs.
If 30 mins 300 cs.


I don't want you to not help your team but I want you to try to practice farming to become a better player.

Knowing when to farm and when to be with your team to assist is very important.

I would personally say when you have broken enemy bot turret you should help with your support come to mid lane and push mid turret.

Once that is done go back bot lane and keep pushing to second tier turret. But always know the deeper you go, the more likely it is that enemies will come for you to kill you.

There is one more thing that is crucial for being a great amazing player and being very successful in league of legends <LoL> AND THAT IS

In league of legends there is one thing that has the greatest power over everything else.

THAT IS Perfecting the champion!!

There are so many champions to choose from but when you have played a specific champion for many days, months, years.

You know every single strength and weakness of your champion, you can achieve great things.

First of all, no matter who says what! You will have no counter! Because even if you are against a tough opponent, you will have a belief that because it is your favourite and most played champion,you don't care who you face. That's how I feel!

Let's give an example: so according to lol counter: Fizz is chogath' number 1 counter

-__- PFFFFTTT I CAN OWN and destroy all fizz!!! I have so much belief in myself that I agree there might be times where an enemy beats my chogath but not because he is fizz, rather because he has played so much on fizz that he is a skilled fizz player = perfected fizz in thier way!

Why do you think LCS (professional) players sometimes pick mid lane first? Not because they are worried about getting countered.

Rather they focus on having a team based champions, who do well together and is sometimes a reason they win.

If you want to learn or watch games of professionals playing here is a link and it is spoiler free. If you just want summary click on highlight.

League of legends *LoL* professional games and spoiler free click me ^_^

I prefer watching eu and na championship series but lck has best team in the world.

If you want you can watch streamers play their roles and they explain how they are playing and what they buy.

But the only way I find that in order to be a better player, you need to find it out for yourself and by learning by your Comfortability and your practicing.

Or we can go into an Ashe style

But always RMEMEBEt never to give up and never surrender and learn from mistakes and

>.> Umm <.< I don't mean ^ eating the horse XD but haha getting back up again haha XD

Guide Top

Thank you everyone ^__^

I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this guide.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and all the best on summoners rift ^_^

And if someday somehow you meet me on summoners rift.

Please don't hurt me XD I am a gentleman XD

Haha bye bye everyone

All the best

And remember always try your best to be a positive member of the community and always try to help or assist people who are sad.

If you cannot, don't let them bring hate into your heart and mute them and enjoy playing league how you feel comfortable playing. It is your choice your fate and your happiness that matters!

Bye everyone ^_^

And Remember to fight like GENTLEMEN!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!!!