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Blitzcrank Build Guide by BeastlyNinja9

Support [Patch 7.17] Making Their ADC Cry - Support Blitzcrank

Support [Patch 7.17] Making Their ADC Cry - Support Blitzcrank

Updated on August 29, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BeastlyNinja9 Build Guide By BeastlyNinja9 64,733 Views 5 Comments
64,733 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BeastlyNinja9 Blitzcrank Build Guide By BeastlyNinja9 Updated on August 29, 2017
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
    Make Their ADC Cry
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
    Supporting While Making ADCs C


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Should You Trust This Guide?

Yes. Even though I'm no big rank, like Gold or Platinum, I have a lot of experience with Blitzcrank. I have a 57% winrate on Blitzcrank at around 100 games. I have played him for a long time, since I just got to Level 30. I have grown more and more knowledge on Blitzcrank. I started off fairly bad, but I'm glad to say that only reading about 2-4 guides, you can get a lot better. I refused to believe this in the beginning, but now I know that it helps. I hope I can also convince you that reading guides will help a lot. Needless to say, lets get on with the guide. Let's go! :D
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Hello! My name is BeastlyNinja, and this is my first guide, on my main champion, Blitzcrank. I may not be high ELO, but I made this guide for the Bronze - Gold players that need a new support to pick up, or just simply want to play Blitzcrank for the fun of it. I have mained support for a long time, Blitzcrank being my highest winrate, which is why I decided to try to main him. Although I was a terrible support then, and even recently, I still loved playing Blitzcrank. My friends always got mad whenever I mentioned League Of Legends, because their least favorite champion is Blitzcrank, a few being ADC mains. But I am here for you guys, and hope this guide helps. I hope you enjoy!
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Pros Vs. Cons

+ Very fun to play
+ Not a hard champion
+ Can carry games
+ Great if you practice
+ Good to play in lower ELO
+ Can pick off very easily

- Very difficult early game if hook misses
- Mana hungry before Sheen / Iceborne
- Can kill own ADC if hooks in the wrong situation
- Must not hook the wrong person, such as a tank
- Cannot be played as the only tank
- Cannot be played in higher ELO
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Why I take these masteries
These are the masteries I use for Blitzcrank. Some are self explanatory, such as movement speed over damage to monsters, etc. Some however, can be not as obvious. I take Fresh Blood on Blitzcrank, as it adds extra damage to your Q, as most likely you won't be poking down the enemy champion. I take Precision, because it adds extra damage to your basic combo, which I like.
Other Options
Option 1: Greenfather's Gift over Dangerous Game . This one is a very debatable one. I recommend Greenfather's Gift if you do not think you can land Rocket Grab on enemies without them dodging it. Greenfather's Gift can help a lot because it makes your Rocket Grab deal extra damage. I personally take Dangerous Game because usually I am confident enough that I can land hooks on the enemies and kill them without a bush to do a stealthy Rocket Grab.

Option 2: Vampirism over Natural Talent . I would take Vampirism if you are going a non-tank build to live, or need a little sustain in lane if they have a lot of poke, such as facing an Ezreal and aren't playing aggressive. I personally take Natural Talent , because I usually buy tanky items after my core items and usually am not afraid I might get lowered that much buy poke.

Option 3: Expose Weakness over Fresh Blood . I take Fresh Blood over Expose Weakness most of the time. Expose Weakness is if I need to group, because a Nasus is splitpushing and they need me. Most games, I take Fresh Blood , because I can splitpush mid game and take a few towers, thanks to my Power Fist animation cancel and Sheen. I group later in the game, because I won't have enough damage to 2v1/1v1 anyone on their team anymore.

Option 4: Unyielding and Siegemaster over Natural Talent and Double Edged Sword . You can take the 6 points from the Ferocity branch and put it in the Resolve branch. I recommend this if you face immobile, decent ranged targets, and are going to hook them under tower. Sometimes, you don't want to be too squishy, or you just want to be a bit tankier.
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Why I take these runes
In most Rune Pages, you should take Armor and Magic Resistance runes for basic protection. For most basic AP Rune Pages, you take AP quintessences and AP marks. I put in Base AP to boost Blitzcrank's early-mid game dominance. I took a few scaling AP runes in so that Blitzcrank's basic combo can still deal a lot of damage to carries.

Other Options
Option 1: Don't take any scaling AP marks. Only have scaling AP quints and nothing else. Run Base AP marks. This is used so that instead of having a very good early game and a fall-off late game, you have decent damage throughout the entire game.

Option 2: Don't take any scaling AP in general. Replace the scaling AP marks with base AP. Keep quints base AP. This helps you have an insanely good early-mid game but you have basic support damage late game. This might be used if the enemy has a late game comp (Nasus, Veigar, Vayne, etc.) or you just want a really good early game and are okay with your abilities only for utility late game.

Option 3: Take only scaling AP. Replace AP marks and quints with scaling AP. This helps you have an insane late game and an okay early game. I recommend you bring these with champions that can do decent early-mid game but insane late game. (Veigar, Vayne, not Nasus)
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Summoner Spells

A must have on Blitzcrank. Helps a ton if you can land a flash-rocket grab, and is also very helpful for using Flash over walls for a quick escape or to dodge skillshots. Also helps a lot to make up for the fact that he can catch people off guard.

I usually use this with my current build path I use. It can help a lot in situations where the enemy is low, and you use your Rocket Grab into an Ignite to assure they die. Also can be used when enemies are very low after your basic combo, so you don't have to risk them Flashing away from your auto-attacks.

This helps mainly if the enemy has burst, such as Zed, Draven, etc. Can be used to save teammates with the slow and damage reduction, but I do not recommend using if they have no burst.

Do not take if your ADC has heal. This can help more than Exhaust, as it gives movement speed and a heal to you and an ally, unlike Exhaust where it can only target one champion. You can use this, and it works pretty well, but don't use it if your ADC takes heal as well.
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Core Items (for build 1)

Morellonomicon VS Archangel's Staff
2 debatable core items. Morellonomicon is mainly if you want to do a ton of damage without letting them heal when you combo them. I usually take this, as it helps a ton if they have a squishy team. I usually use Archangel's Staff when they have a tanky team comp or if you know you won't be hitting too many hooks. I advise that beginners use this, as it also has a shield if you are in a situation you shouldn't be in.

Iceborn Gauntlet VS Lich Bane
These ones are also very debatable. Obviously, Iceborn is a tankier item with extra CC onto your E, but Lich Bane has extra damage and a bit of movement speed. This one is pretty easy to explain; if you have a squishy team or a team that doesn't want you to go full AP, go Iceborn. Get Lich Bane if you have 2 or more tanks already. If you get it with 1 or no tanks, you will not have enough tanks and lose. Another big advantage that Iceborn Gauntlet has is that it gives a ton of mana. This not only lets you hook more, but it also makes your passive, Mana Shield, shield you for insane amounts, making you even more tanky. There are many situations where I get chunked by an assassin, such as Zed, but then my Mana Shield shields me for 2/3 of my health and he can't kill me anymore. I only recommend Lich Bane if you are very confident.
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Situational Items (for build 1)

AP Item Choices

Rod of Ages
I rarely get Rod of Ages, but it can help a lot. You can replace this with Morellonomicon or Archangel's Staff, but not any item with Sheen. This helps patch up AP Blitzcrank's fall-off late game, so your combos can still do damage late. It doesn't allow much aggressiveness early game, as your combos can't kill as easily.

Support Item Choices

Knight's Vow
This one is used normally if you have a team fighting ADC, such as Miss Fortune or Xayah. I wouldn't recommend taking it if you have a split pushing ADC, such as Vayne. You can use it on another carry though, but I usually don't use it on a non-adc. This works very well with Miss Fortune, as when she ults 5 people, the sustain is INSANE for you. Let's say you get chunked and have 10% health left and are hiding behind your frontline. She'll probably heal you to 30% or up, depending on how strong she is.

Zeke's Convergence
Similar to Knight's Vow, this one you should use with a teamfighting ADC. With the new update in Patch 7.12, this one is very useful when you hook someone. Once you ult in your combo, your ally does a ton more damage to them and your target gets slowed by 20%. This will be useful late game. Let's say that a Cho'Gath accidentally gets hooked by you. He will be slowed by 20%, so you can knock him up. If you have 40% CDR, you can keep knocking him up every 2-3 seconds until he dies by your ADC. Also works very well with Miss Fortune, as late game, her Bullet Time will do a truckload of damage and will have an overtime burn. Overall a great item with a teamfighting ADC.
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Zeke's Convergence Tips & Tricks

Zeke's Convergence

Now, if you're going to play like an ACTUAL support here, I definitely would get this item. Blitzcrank is one of the only supports with a low-cooldown ACTUAL ultimate. And, since Blitzcrank uses his Static Field in most combos, it's insanely broken when you use it in game. However, there is a different combo. Instead of the basic Q-E-R, you do the Burst combo, which is Q-R-E. Not only does it keep mobile champions from dashing out, but it also slows them down after you ult, keeping non-dashing champions close. And, with the extra burn, it's insanely good for your ally. It's like a better version of Stoneborn Pact , except it also gives some pretty good stats. It gives Mana, CDR, and any other thing a support could ask for. This is also insanely good with an Ezreal, as his Q's will have an insane version of Red Buff. Also, the good thing is, if you have an attack-speed ADC such as Kog'Maw, after you ult, they can attack your target, burning them. Then, when you knock them up, your Frost Storm from Zeke's Convergence will deal 40 more damage per second, with the slow 2 times stronger. It's also extremely cheap for such a strong item, at 2400 gold. Now, which is super good, is that you DON'T NEED to be near your ally until you reach 100 stacks. A Nunu & Willump can start his ult, you can grab them in, use Static Field, timed correctly so that his Absolute Zero will damage them, burning them, letting you Power Fist the enemy, making them take 40 more damage per second.

Why A Whole New Section?
I decided to make this item a whole new section because since Zeke's Convergence is new, some players might not even know what it does, so I made this just for the people who have decided to potentially take another support item into their game.
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Rocket Grab -> Power Fist -> Static Field This is the basic combo. With Thunderlords and Sheen, it may be able to kill a squishy. Used when under tower, attempting to kill, or to pick someone off.

Rocket Grab -> Power Fist This is the utility combo. Most common combo used. Used when trying to kill pre-6, to grab someone out of a fight, or to CC someone.

Static Field -> Rocket Grab -> Power Fist This is the burst combo. Used when melee champions under 50% hp are attacking you, hooking a mobile target to under your tower, or to solo pick-off.

NOTE: You can use Overdrive in any part of these combos. I didn't include combos with them, as it is simply just an ability to gain mobility.
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Ability Tips & Tricks

Rocket Grab (Q)
Your Q ability fires an ordinary skillshot, which will grab enemies, stunning them, bringing them toward you. I advise that you use this sparingly, as you will only be able to cast this 3-5 times before having to recall early game. I often see good Blitzcranks hooking enemies at level 1. I do not advise doing this, as it uses 1/4 of your mana bar. It may make enemies use Flash, but most good players know that they will still come out with over 50% health without Flashing. You can also do the delayed hook tactic, in which you run up to the enemy with Overdrive active, which makes them run away or dash/blink away. You then hook them after they run, which should be an easy hook, then you knock them up. I commonly use this against immobile targets or semi-mobile like Ezreal or Tristana.
Overdrive (W)
Gives you a movement speed boost, which fades over time and slows you at the end. This is a very good ability to match Blitzcrank's kit and has very good utility. I advise to Rocket Grab near the end of your Overdrive because you don't have to worry about the slow, as it will wear off as you combo the enemy.
Power Fist (E)
This is Blitzcrank's main crowd control effect. Usually used after Rocket Grab, to have about 3 seconds for the enemy to get demolished by you and your team. You also use Power Fist when you are baiting out dashes, blinks, etc. or if you don't have to use Rocket Grab because you are already close enough to them. If you are trying to target someone mobile, such as Yasuo or Rakan, just click them once and use the game's targeting system instead of spam clicking, where you might knock a minion up instead.
Static Field (R)
If you go semi-ap (like this build path), this is your damaging ability. This has a passive where it randomly strikes a nearby enemy every 3 seconds. Its active silences and damages everyone in a circle around you. This is usually used after your Rocket Grab Power Fist combo. This is extremely important to a Blitzcrank as it completely changes the damage that you deal. If you take Thunderlord's, then it activates. It is also the strongest ability that you have. With 40/45% cooldown reduction, you could use it around every 15 seconds. Remember, tethers like Karma's or LeBlanc's cannot be canceled by your ult, and neither can Ezreal's ult, Morgana's ult, or Lux's ult.

A few tips:

-You can cancel abilities that can use a second activation with Static Field.
(LeBlanc W, Thresh Q, etc.)

-You can also cancel a Taliyah ult, Twisted Fate Ult, or Pantheon ult with yours. This
will help a lot if you are grouped mid or are splitpushing to prevent them
from escaping.

-Landing your Rocket Grab on an enemy champion knocks them up and stuns them,
meaning Yasuo can use his ultimate off of your Rocket Grab.

-Your ult isn't meant purely for damage. The silence can cancel longer cooldown
ultimates, such as Jhin ult, Miss Fortune ult, Katarina ult, or Fiddlesticks ult during
the channel.
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Team Composition

Blitzcrank is a fairly well-rounded champion, making him fit in many places. He can go AP, full tank, or whatever to fit his team comp. There are some very good synergies, which can help a ton in games.

ADC - Caitlyn. She can place traps at the edges of bushes, around where you stand to get a sneaky hook. If you manage to grab an enemy, they get snared, Caitlyn can Headshot them, and you can knock them up after the snare finishes.

ADC - Tristana. This one isn't the strongest synergy in the world, but it helps quite a bit. Keep in mind, this isn't the easiest combo to pull off. After you hook their ADC, Tristana can jump over them (still in her W hitbox), placing a bomb on them mid air. She can auto them once or twice and use her ultimate to knock her under tower / closer to your team. You can then knock them up, probably killing them and resetting Tristana's W to jump onto the support to kill them.

MID - Veigar. In teamfights or pickoffs, this can absolutely ruin the enemy's day, especially if it is a hard-to-kill carry. You can ping your Veigar to use his E and summon his box. You can walk at the edge/in the middle of it and go for a hook. The hook will stun them itself, then the Veigar stun will get them stunned immediately after. Veigar can use his W, Q, and probably R, and they blow up. Even after that if they aren't dead, you can finish off your combo and even if it's a Tryndamere, he will be CC'ed too much to even ult, where he would probably die.

MID - Heimerdinger. Everybody knows that Heimerdinger's turrets are insanely strong if you get hit by all of them. He simply isn't that good because he has nothing to bait them or force them near his turrets. Blitzcrank, however, is the solution to that problem. When he places down his 3 turrets, it is a perfect opportunity to use Rocket Grab to bring them into the middle. You can follow it up with a Power Fist -> Static Field, and Heimerdinger can stun them after and they are sure to be dead.

JUNGLE - Nunu & Willump. Assuming this guy gets Runic Echoes and goes AP, this guy's ult will blow them up insanely. Although it isn't any Ryze Nunu & Willump combo, it will still work fairly well. Tell him to charge his ult once you land a hook on anyone, and when you knock them up and his gets to full charge, he detonates it. If you think his ult might not kill, you can complete your basic combo with a Static Field and they will be sure to die.

JUNGLE - Zac. A fairly good synergy. With his new R and Q rework, it can be insanely good. His first synergy is off of your Rocket Grab. Once you land a Rocket Grab on someone, tell him to use his first Q on a champion other than your target. Once he's done that, tell him to use his following auto on your target once you knock them up. He is then able to make them collide, and he can use his jump on the enemies and use ult to bring them all to your team. The next combo is where you grab their main tank with Rocket Grab. Tell him to use his ult on him and send him to the enemy team's backline to deal damage to them and ruin their positioning. Without a tank in the front, your team's carries can kill their backline, ruining the fight for them.

TOP - Yorick. Now, I know that Yoricks are very rare, but I will make this synergy anyway. The combo you can use is done by telling him to box you in. You can then try to pull an AP carry with Rocket Grab, following it up with Power Fist and Static Field. They will then be stuck in the box, trying to break out. Since you are hopefully pulling a mage, it will take them fairly long to break out. Yorick can summon his souls and forcing them to attack your target, then you can walk out. This can also bait out a Flash in case you don't have or don't want to use Static Field.

TOP - Teemo. If your team has a Teemo, for whatever reason, this can be a fairly good synergy. He has his mushrooms, which can help a TON late game, especially if they have a lot of AD and carries. Teemo's shrooms late game are devastating. They deal around 1500 AOE damage, which can demolish the enemy ADC. Tell him to place one near you and go invisible next to it. You can then walk behind it, and use Rocket Grab to pull them in. They get a strong slow, then Teemo can just repeatedly auto them and they die for sure. If they are mobile, such as LeBlanc or Ezreal, use Power Fist to make sure they don't get away. I recommend to not take the kill, as a fed Teemo can destroy everyone late game.
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I want to thank all of you reading this guide. I simply made this guide to help those lower ELO players that just want to get to Silver/Gold. I want to thank you guys SO much for reading this guide. Please comment if it helped, upvote it, whatever. I appreciate feedback, so please comment or show me that this helped! I would be very happy if you guys are reading this, so thank you! If you want something to be added, matchup, rune page option, whatever, please comment me or PM me!
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No way. I just made this guide 4 days ago, mainly for fun and to help a few people. But no way would I think that in 4 days, I would get a THOUSAND views! I want to thank you guys SO much for reading this guide, because it makes me extremely happy. I expected most of the views to go to the Plat/Diamond players because of their rank, but this is crazy. Thank you so much! EDIT: I'm at #5 in ranking out of all Blitzcrank guides. Can we bring it higher? Please vote and comment saying you liked this!
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