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Yasuo Build Guide by dylanlyman222

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dylanlyman222

Plat IV Season 5 (Perma'd) Yasuo Guide for Top Lane

dylanlyman222 Last updated on September 12, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 18

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In the top lane I normally start Q level 1 since it can be dangerous to dash into enemy top laners at lvl. 1 since most of them are AD and have a close range ability that can win them the trade heavily (Ex. Darius). Since most matchups are melee, I wait till they walk up to kill a creep and Q them through the wave. I try to get Level 2 first and then use my E Q together to dash onto them and get off as much damage as i can. Normally I can win the trade very heavily especially if they are still level 1. I just continue to do this throughout the early game of lane, and adjust to the matchup, or ganks if necessary.

Mid game teamfights or skirmishes are really about using your allies knockups or "airborne" abilities to your advantage to get off a good ult. If your allies don't have any abilities that synergize with your allies then it's up to you to build up stacks during or before the fight starts. Most of the time you want to get a knockup onto the enemy mid laner or ADC and do your best to negate their damage by using your Windwall for the ADC's auto attacks or any other important ranged abilities. Your job as Tank/Damage Yasuo is to kill their carries while trying to survive as long as you can. To survive you're going to need to use your Ult and E to your highest capability. Mid game teamfights are very important for snowballing and getting control of objectives, and a good Yasuo can turn a teamfight easily.

Late Game Teamfights:
Late game teamfights are all about 1 shotting their ADC or Mid laner, while using your Windwall to completely negate their ADC's damage. Also you can play Tank/Damage Yasuo as a peel top laner and when the enemy team engages you use your W to delay their engage, build up stacks and then engage with an E Q combo or Knockup from your Tornado or an Allie's ability. Since you should have at least 2 tank items at this point, you will be really hard to kill and should be able to at least get a lot of damage off or take out a carry or two for your team. If you can do this, or even live while doing this, you can win late game teamfights easily.

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Windwall Interactions

The following projectiles are not destroyed when they hit Wind Wall.png Wind Wall and their units will drop to the ground beside the wall:

Azir Azir's Conquering Sands.png Conquering Sands and Emperor's Divide.png Emperor's Divide
Fizz Fizz's Chum the Waters.png Chum the Waters
Jhin Jhin's Captive Audience.png Captive Audience
Jinx Jinx's Flame Chompers!.png Flame Chompers!
Olaf Olaf's Undertow.png Undertow
Orianna Orianna's Command- Attack.png Command: Attack
Shen Shen's Twilight Assault.png Twilight Assault
Zed Zed's Living Shadow.png Living Shadow
Zilean Zilean's Time Bomb.png Time Bomb
The following projectiles are destroyed when they hit Wind Wall.png Wind Wall:

All ranged basic attacks (excluding those of turrets, Azir Azir, Kayle Kayle, Thresh Thresh, Vel'Koz Vel'Koz and Viktor Viktor after firing Siphon Power.png Siphon Power)
Item actives: Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade, Mikael's Crucible item.png Mikael's Crucible, Talisman of Ascension item.png Talisman of Ascension and Spoils of War
Aatrox Aatrox's Blades of Torment.png Blades of Torment
Ahri Ahri's Orb of Deception.png Orb of Deception, Fox-Fire.png Fox-Fire, Charm.png Charm and Spirit Rush.png Spirit Rush (the orbs, not the dash)
Akali Akali's Mark of the Assassin.png Mark of the Assassin
Amumu Amumu's Bandage Toss.png Bandage Toss (the bandage, not an in-flight Amumu)
Anivia Anivia's Flash Frost.png Flash Frost and Frostbite.png Frostbite
Annie Annie's Disintegrate.png Disintegrate
Ashe Ashe's Ranger's Focus.png Ranger's Focus, Volley.png Volley, Hawkshot.png Hawkshot and Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol's Starsurge.png Starsurge
Bard Bard's Cosmic Binding.png Cosmic Binding
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab
Brand Brand's Sear.png Sear, Conflagration.png Conflagration (projectiles that fly to secondary targets) and Pyroclasm.png Pyroclasm
Braum Braum's Winter's Bite.png Winter's Bite and Glacial Fissure.png Glacial Fissure
Caitlyn Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker.png Piltover Peacemaker, 90 Caliber Net.png 90 Caliber Net (the net, not the knock-back) and Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia's Miasma.png Miasma and Twin Fang.png Twin Fang
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath's Vorpal Spikes.png Vorpal Spikes
Corki Corki's Phosphorus Bomb.png Phosphorus Bomb and Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage
Diana Diana's Crescent Strike.png Crescent Strike and Pale Cascade.png Pale Cascade
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo's Infected Cleaver.png Infected Cleaver
Draven Draven's Spinning Axe.png Spinning Axe, Stand Aside.png Stand Aside and Whirling Death.png Whirling Death
Ekko Ekko's Timewinder.png Timewinder
Elise Elise's Neurotoxin.png Neurotoxin and Cocoon.png Cocoon
Evelynn Evelynn's Hate Spike.png Hate Spike
Ezreal Ezreal's Mystic Shot.png Mystic Shot, Essence Flux.png Essence Flux, Arcane Shift.png Arcane Shift and Trueshot Barrage.png Trueshot Barrage
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks' Dark Wind.png Dark Wind
Fiora Fiora's Riposte.png Riposte
Galio Galio's Resolute Smite.png Resolute Smite and Righteous Gust.png Righteous Gust
Gangplank Gangplank's Parrrley.png Parrrley
Gnar Gnar's Boomerang Throw.png Boomerang Throw and Boulder Toss.png Boulder Toss
Gragas Gragas' Barrel Roll.png Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask.png Explosive Cask
Graves Graves' End of the Line.png End of the Line, Smoke Screen.png Smokescreen and Collateral Damage.png Collateral Damage (the projectile only, not the cone)
Hecarim Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows.png Onslaught of Shadows (ghost riders, both before and after Hecarim lands)
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turret.png H-28G Evolution Turret (attacks and laser), Hextech Micro-Rockets.png Hextech Micro-Rockets and CH-1 Concussion Grenade.png CH-1 Concussion Grenade (both standard and UPGRADE!!!)
Illaoi Illaoi's Test of Spirit.png Test of Spirit
Irelia Irelia's Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades
Janna Janna's Howling Gale.png Howling Gale and Zephyr.png Zephyr
Jayce Jayce's Shock Blast.png Shock Blast
Jinx Jinx's Zap!.png Zap!, and Super Mega Death Rocket!.png Super Mega Death Rocket!
Jhin Jhin's Dancing Grenade.png Dancing Grenade, Deadly Flourish.png Deadly Flourish and Curtain Call.png Curtain Call's shots.
Kalista Kalista's Pierce.png Pierce
Karma Karma's Inner Flame.png Inner Flame
Kassadin Kassadin's Null Sphere.png Null Sphere
Katarina Katarina's Bouncing Blades.png Bouncing Blades and Death Lotus.png Death Lotus
Kayle Kayle's Reckoning.png Reckoning
Kennen Kennen's Thundering Shuriken.png Thundering Shuriken
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix's Void Spike.png Void Spike
Kindred Kindred's Dance of Arrows.png Dance of Arrows and Mounting Dread.png Mounting Dread
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw's Caustic Spittle.png Caustic Spittle and Void Ooze.png Void Ooze
LeBlanc LeBlanc's Sigil of Malice.png Sigil of Malice and Ethereal Chains.png Ethereal Chains (initial cast; not the tether)
Lee Sin Lee Sin's Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave and Cripple.png Cripple
Leona Leona's Zenith Blade.png Zenith Blade (the blade, not an in-flight Leona)
Lissandra Lissandra's Ice Shard.png Ice Shard and Glacial Path.png Glacial Path
Lucian Lucian's Ardent Blaze.png Ardent Blaze and The Culling.png The Culling
Lulu Lulu's Pix, Faerie Companion.png Pix, Faerie Companion, Glitterlance.png Glitterlance and Whimsy.png Whimsy
Lux Lux's Light Binding.png Light Binding, Prismatic Barrier.png Prismatic Barrier and Lucent Singularity.png Lucent Singularity
Malphite Malphite's Seismic Shard.png Seismic Shard
Maokai Maokai's Sapling Toss.png Sapling Toss (when airborne)
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune's Double Up.png Double Up and Bullet Time.png Bullet Time
Morgana Morgana's Dark Binding.png Dark Binding
Nami Nami's Aqua Prison.png Aqua Prison, Ebb and Flow.png Ebb and Flow and Tidal Wave.png Tidal Wave
Nautilus Nautilus' Dredge Line.png Dredge Line and Riptide.png Riptide
Nidalee Nidalee's Javelin Toss.png Javelin Toss
Nocturne Nocturne's Duskbringer.png Duskbringer
Nunu Nunu's Ice Blast.png Ice Blast
Orianna Orianna's Command- Protect.png Command: Protect (the ball will not shield the target and will snap back to Orianna)
Pantheon Pantheon's Spear Shot.png Spear Shot
Poppy Poppy's Iron Ambassador.png Iron Ambassador and Keeper's Verdict.png Keeper's Verdict
Rek'Sai Rek'Sai's Prey Seeker.png Prey Seeker
Rengar Rengar's Bola Strike.png Bola Strike
Riven Riven's Wind Slash.png Wind Slash
Rumble Rumble's Electro-Harpoon.png Electro-Harpoon
Ryze Ryze's Overload.png Overload and Spell Flux.png Spell Flux
Sejuani Sejuani's Glacial Prison.png Glacial Prison
Shaco Shaco's Jack In The Box.png Jack In The Box (basic attacks) and Two-Shiv Poison.png Two-Shiv Poison
Shyvana Shyvana's Flame Breath.png Flame Breath
Sion Sion's Roar of the Slayer.png Roar of the Slayer
Sivir Sivir's Boomerang Blade.png Boomerang Blade and Ricochet.png Ricochet
Skarner Skarner's Fracture.png Fracture
Sona Sona's Hymn of Valor.png Hymn of Valor, Aria of Perseverance.png Aria of Perseverance and Crescendo.png Crescendo
Soraka Soraka's Starcall.png Starcall
Swain Swain's Torment.png Torment and Ravenous Flock.png Ravenous Flock (both the damage and healing projectiles)
Syndra Syndra's Scatter the Weak.png Scatter the Weak,Dark Sphere.png Dark Sphere moved by Scatter the Weak.png Scatter the Weak and Unleashed Power.png Unleashed Power
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench's Tongue Lash.png Tongue Lash
Taliyah Taliyah's Threaded Volley.png Threaded Volley and Weaver's Wall.png Weaver's Wall
Talon Talon's Rake.png Rake and Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault
Teemo Teemo's Blinding Dart.png Blinding Dart
Thresh Thresh's Death Sentence.png Death Sentence, Dark Passage.png Dark Passage and Flay.png Flay (active)
Tristana Tristana's Explosive Charge.png Explosive Charge and Buster Shot.png Buster Shot
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate's Wild Cards.png Wild Cards
Twitch Twitch's Venom Cask.png Venom Cask
Urgot Urgot's Acid Hunter.png Acid Hunter and Noxian Corrosive Charge.png Noxian Corrosive Charge
Varus Varus' Piercing Arrow.png Piercing Arrow, Hail of Arrows.png Hail of Arrows and Chain of Corruption.png Chain of Corruption
Vayne Vayne's Condemn.png Condemn
Veigar Veigar's Baleful Strike.png Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst.png Primordial Burst
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz's Plasma Fission.png Plasma Fission and Void Rift.png Void Rift (existing trail is not destroyed)
Viktor Viktor's Siphon Power.png Siphon Power and Death Ray.png Death Ray
Vladimir Vladimir's Transfusion.png Transfusion (the healing projectile; the damage is not negated as it is instant) and Tides of Blood.png Tides of Blood
Xerath Xerath's Shocking Orb.png Shocking Orb
Yasuo Yasuo's Steel Tempest.png Steel Tempest (third cast) and Wind Wall.png Wind Wall (two opposing Wind Walls will negate each other)
Zed Zed's Razor Shuriken.png Razor Shuriken
Ziggs Ziggs' Bouncing Bomb.png Bouncing Bomb, Satchel Charge.png Satchel Charge, Hexplosive Minefield.png Hexplosive Minefield and Mega Inferno Bomb.png Mega Inferno Bomb (while landing).
Zyra Zyra's Rise of the Thorns.png Rise of the Thorns, Deadly Bloom.png Thorn Spitters (basic attacks) and Grasping Roots.png Grasping Roots

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About Me

Hi, my name is Dylan and my current account name is Urke. I'm a Yasuo main who peaked Platinum 4 in Season 5, and Gold 1 after 16 games in Season 6 before I was perma-banned for being toxic. I've been playing Yasuo ever since season 4 and recently started to enjoy playing him more than any other champ in Season 5. I now fully main him and play him every chance I get if he is not banned or picked. I have a very high winrate and KDA and feel very comfortable playing him. Thanks for reading my guide, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope it helped you.