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Taliyah Build Guide by GriffySquid

Support Pop Rocks - Taliyah Support [S6]

By GriffySquid | Updated on May 19, 2016

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Hello, I am GriffySquid here to explain the potential value in Taliyah Support. Being a support main I wanted to try out the newest champion in the role of support. Taliyah, being a control mage, can zone enemies and setup fights for her team.
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Passive: Rock Surfing
Her passive is great for returning to lane, roaming and escaping enemies. The only tip is to hug the walls.

Q: Threaded Volley
This is a great move to wither your enemies down so that your ADC can pick them off. When on worked ground Taliyah has the potential to poke or combo with the extra movement speed she gains off of it. Can also secure kills.

W: Seismic Shove
Biggest part of her combo as well as disengage or cc. It can be reactivated in a direction right after casting it. Deploying E Unraveled Earth before W Seismic Shove can lead into a kill for your ADC.

E: Unraveled Earth
As said above, the combo is a vital part of support in lane. Ignoring the fact that it erupts after a few seconds, it is great for slowing enemies and countering champions with dashes.

R: Weaver's Wall
Her ult is great for zoning, forcing fights, and disengaging. Know when to use it and know when to ride it in the same way that Bard's ult works.
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Basic Early to Late Game Summary

During laning phase (early game), using her combos and Threaded Volley can force the enemy to play more defensively. And with Frost Queen's Claim, Taliyah can easily setup ganks and kills for your team. The only downside is that she has long cooldowns, but with good itemization can be drastically reduced. Her Q Threaded Volley can throw off your ADC's farm and should be used on worked ground for poking purposes.
Also, don't forget to ward!
Though despite all this, she is still vulnerable to damage sources and can be caught out easily . Players should play her passive-aggressively only to take fights when they know that they can and when the ADC is ready.
Mid game is when things get a little rocky. If your team is ahead, you can make plays and take objectives. If not, you can get caught out at anytime if playing aggressively.
In late game she can still make plays and deal damage, but is still squishy and is prone to cc. By now Taliyah should have around 35-40% CDR so that she can use her combos more often as well as using Unraveled Earth to clear minion waves and peel for the team.
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Synergy (Still in testing)

Ashe is a great ADC to play with Taliyah because of Ashe's slowing capability and Taliyah's combo and movement speed.
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This is my support guide for Taliyah. Criticism, comments and suggestions are welcome so long as it is reasonable and friendly. I do hope that this guide can work as I will keep improving it as I play more and more of Taliyah support.
League of Legends Build Guide Author GriffySquid
GriffySquid Taliyah Guide

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Pop Rocks - Taliyah Support [S6]
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