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Poppy Build Guide by sebazziga


By sebazziga | Updated on March 16, 2020
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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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This is the first guide i do in my whole life, so it may be a little "rude" but i'll try to make you understand why Poppy is quite viable as adc and FUN AS ****. Poppy ,as you as you will see throughout the rest of the guide, doesnt have a really high sustain or range, so it will be really hard farming when you're level 1. If the adc you're laning against is a little skilled can zone you really easily and you will find yourself under tower in no time. If you are not careful enough and able to play safe you may give the first blood... BUT (there is a but) if you manage to get to level 2 without losing much hp everything changes. First thing to know before starting a match with Poppy ADC: choose wisely with what support you're going with. The best supports to have with her can be Nautilus, Taric (his stun makes combo with your E, Also shields and heals Will make you able to 2v3/2v4 after tiamat buy), Blitzcrank (he is kinda meh), Alistar, Nami, Zilean, Morgana, Lux and the best of all: Thresh.

They can be split in two categories that you can apply to any champion you wanna play bot with her:

Heavy CC/Hard Engage Tanks, that give you the super free Wall stun or make the enemy never move after you landed it. Also super great for dives and fights in general

Mages with CC, same thing as Tanks, but less all in aggro. You wanna be with them if you have not mastered poppy as well as you need to play her in a situation of disadvamtage, so you have way more space and ease to face the laning phase as they can zone out the enemy and poke


[E > Auto > Q > Auto > Tiamat > Auto > Second Q proc]

This Is your must do oneshot combo (It oneshots right after Tiamat buy, no need to wait), if you're quick enough your last auto will come simultaneously with the second Q explosion. Remember that After you E Poppy will auto Attack ON HER OWN without you doing anything, your job is to wait the right moment to cast Q to reset the auto fast. That will give you time for the extra auto post-tiamat.

If your shield is up and you have enough time for this manouver(dont do it if you're chasing), go for

[Auto > E > Auto > Q > Auto > Tiamat > Auto > Second Q]

You have to istantly press your E after your shield starts flying, so that the animation will be minimal and you'll be basically following your shield as it travels in the air, hitting the enemy together and add more damage without wasting time in your combo

The "Time Waste" Combo, that will be Better explained below, Is

[E > Auto > Q > Auto > Tiamat > R > Auto > Second Q > Auto]

At the end of this combo the enemy will still be falling on the ground, giving you two options on how to take the fight: start walking back if he is stronger than you, waiting for your Q to come up and turn the fight, or start walking where you think the enemy is gonna run, gaining the time for 1 or 2 extra autos

At the end of all the combos you can activate your W to avoid them from jumping away or simply run away
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Pros / Cons


- OP burst damage

- High CC lock

- High priority target kill potential

- Can also melt tanks


- Needs to snowball before lategame or she falls off

- Vulnerable to harass

- Low range
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All you need to know about poppy's skills before starting playing her as ADC

Q: - Huge damage in every part of the game, always try to land both the explosions.

- Little slow before the second explosion, useful if the enemy is coming your way and turn the fight, or to poke melee supports as they go for cs share. Your best friend for wave management.

E: - It's an op engage even if not used on the wall, it deals double damage of you hit the stun.

- It is a good disengage or gap closer as well if used on a minion

- It can be used through the walls

W: - It is a really nice skill to chase, escape or reposition yourself to smash enemies on the wall

- It's really good to react to ganks of many junglers, especially the ones with dashes. Remember, it can block only one dash per champion, the others will go through.

It has some weird interactions with some abilities that will sure be useful to know.
It blocks:

Nautilus Q self pull, Thresh Q self pull, Hecarim E (you Will be pushed forward but he will be grounded on Place, resulting in something similar to a vayne E condemn)

- It can block champions ults as well, but only some of them (below you find a list of
things it can or can't block)

- It's really nice to block enemies from escaping if you activate it with them inside it

R: -

- If you dont charge it but press the button only once, it will cast in a quite low range
knocking up everyone inside instead of throwing them into the cosmos, but dealing half the damage. It's really useful
to "waste time" making your other skills recharge and reposition yourself to not let enemies escape. This is the
use of her ult you should make more because it will emsure you a lot of kills on the hardest targets to kill, or just to make It impossible to flash out your second Q hit and the next auto

- It can obviously be used to disengage, but you'll make a greater use of it to ENGAGE. It can be done in 3 differenti ways:

1) You rush the full combo on a target, them you R the people coming for you giving tour team a free Engage

2) Ulti away the carry with the full charged ability and start the fight 4v5 (Only situazional, this Is more useful of you are normal tank Poppy)

3) Ulti away the Frontline and RUSH for their backline to oneshot it without peeling

- Be careful when charging it, not only its very Easy to see, but its slow in both charging up and in casting ( The bullet speed Is similari to a nautilus Q ). The enemy will already expect It so its fairly impossible to catch them off guard. Never charge it if enemies have a yasuo, his windwall blocks It.

- Aldo try to avoid casting it in the middle of a fight, any CC except slows will
interrupt it and start it's cooldown (a reduced cooldown of 30 seconds). This happens also if you decide not to cast it and let the timer bar go go 0, so if you change your mind dont Just throw it, hold It until it disappears.

[- The hit area is big but not that big to smash more than 3 people, 4 if you are lucky in both the long or short cast
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What does Poppy's W block? Let's see

What does it block:

Vayne Q, Lucian E, Rengar leap, another Poppy E, Lee Sin W and second Q, LeBlanc W first activation, Shyvana Ult, Ornn ult second cast, Kaisa Ult, Rakan W... Basicaly every dash, deslocations with an animation in between.

What it doesn't block:

Flash, Ezreal E, Katarina E, LeBlanc second W activation. Kassadin Ult, Zed W and Ult, Malphite Ult, Hecarim Ult, Sion Ult, Nocturne Ult. These last aren't blocked because they are unstoppable, every displacement is useless against them. In Sion's case, he becomes immune to CC, so he would not get knocked back from her W. All of the other examples are blinks, notice that they move from one place to another, but there is nothing between the first place to the last.
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Farming with Poppy, as i said in the first chapter will be hard at first levels because of her REALLY low range. The first times you will probably be in trouble farming because both adc and support will try poking you to death. If that happens just play safe and dont risk too much your hp bar, let the cs be Lost of that would end up in a very lost trade. Use your shield and your Q at max range to farm and freezer the lane close to your tower. Ganks to poppy bot mean almost always getting at least one kill
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Late Game

Try to farm as best as you can and rely on your support or enemy mistakes for the engages. Remember that your damage will be really high thanks to poppy's insane power in early mie game, which generally means that a full combo level 3 (so without the Tiamat) will deal alone about 60-70% of the Adc's HP, then you W out and wait for the flash engage when your abilities come up again. That means almost always a kill unless they play super safe.

As poppy you can easily dive even pre level 6 if the enemy Is low, but Always keep your W ti rush OUT, and never IN.

Everytime you come back to lane, if there is a good chance, take the long way and self gank your own lane, you'll have a free knock-on-wall situation.

If the enemy Is playing too safe or you cannot kill him (lanes like sivir, janna, Lul├╣, etc) abuse your q + Tiamat waveclear and roam in modo or jungle After you pushed waves in. Remember that losing 10-20 cs Is worth helping tour team and getting Fed, thing that will very likely happen in the jungle since there are walls everywhete
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Mid Game

Have fun watching the huge amount of damage you deal. Remember you are more of an assassin/bruiser, so dont overdo It. Remember also that with your full combo when you have BORK can also melt Tanks and bruisers because your autos and Qs Will deal percentage health damage.

Here are the numbers with the normal combo:

E > 12% > 8% > 12% > Tiamat > 12% > 8%

That is roughly a 52% health ( i know its less because bork does actual hp) plus poppy's high base damage + a 90% AD ratio on every Q + a 50% ad ratio on every E hit, meaning a Total of:

Base damage from spells and autos + 280% Ad Ratio + 52% health + Trinity

That is very huge against anything that lives.
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Late Game

When build and set like this, Poppy's late game is gonna be quite hard (if you arent uber fed, obviously) because she can't deal damage without fully going into the fight and she cant get out very fast, also She falls off with time, You'll be getting tankier as game goes on, and your damage will drop turning you into a 2.0 lee sin, an off tank that is half tanky half damagy, more useful for engages than to pick targets, even if youre still gonna do a nice amount of damage.
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Uselss chapter in where i thank you

Thank you very much for reading til here, i Hope my poppy knowledge helped you out and that you will have fun with this build!

Remember to tell me how your matches went in the discussion section, and of you too
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