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Poppy Build Guide by Vermeio

Support Poppy Support Guide - The Real hero but not

Support Poppy Support Guide - The Real hero but not

Updated on October 8, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vermeio Build Guide By Vermeio 22 0 38,468 Views 1 Comments
22 0 38,468 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vermeio Poppy Build Guide By Vermeio Updated on October 8, 2019
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Runes: Max Support

Font of Life

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


Max suport
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Poppy Support Guide - The Real hero but not

By Vermeio


Salutations, my dear. I´m a Gold rank player from Brazil server know as M Vermeio - The Thunder of the South. I got about 700k mastery points with Poppy, and still growing. Her play style is just so fun and versatile, that i can´t stop enjoying. But of course, since the game classify Poppy as a top laner, i got to find new ways to make her work on other functions and I find support an amazing way to also get a lot oh her game. My way to be too technical, maybe will make this an enjoyable and extensive guide. Hope you like it.

On the support game, Poppy game became more opportunistic and less forgiving.


+ Burst potential is just op.
+ Steadfast Presence is just a lifesaver from junglers.
+ Armor scales fast, making her an effective fighter.
+ Ult can turn the tables.
+ Her Iron Ambassador is surprising effective.
+ If losing, little armor can make you comeback.


- Early game can be hell.
- Need practice to use her tools effectively.
- If enemy team know how to play against, will be hard.
- It´s imperative that you build your sup item fast.
- Sup item can delay armor up
- Opportunity for burst can be missed by you adc.

Iron Ambassador - Starting with her passive. First of all, it´s classified as a melee attack. You can activate Remnant of the Aspect with it, do simple pokes, and activate some useful effects like Iceborn Gauntlet.
Advanced Tips

Hammer Shock: Her main damage tool. It´s the follow up from Heroic Charge. But of course, it´s more than that. The slow area created should not be neglected, and it will be more valued when the other skills are on CD.
Advanced Tips

Steadfast Presence: This skill will make your adc love you, and live by your feet. I´m not joking. This alone, can make Lee Sin (example) game, A LOT harder.
Advanced Tips

Heroic Charge: The main concern of people who play against Poppy. her burst is based on this. But be creative. You can use this tool in many ways.
Advanced Tips

Keeper's Verdict: Her ult is a tricky one. Usually it´s better just to tap R, to increase the cc time. Even the non charged use, got a line of effect almost same size as her Q, aim well.
Advanced Tips

Let´s get a little deeper in some details now. I´ll talk more about the rune tree and it´s support uses. Don´t miss the alternatives, i´ll talk about some cons of the talents too.

Resolve Tree:

Guardian: I think this is the only good choice for Poppy sup, and will be useful in the entire game. Early on this WILL save your adc some trouble, and you too sometimes. A well timed guardian can save from an Ignite, if used in time. Still, you need some practice to not activate when you don´t want to. It can even help your jungler to keep full health at starting red/blue.

alternative 1

alternative 2

First line of Talents:

Demolish: A good talent. Problem is, you need to push the lane, since it´s used on tower, so, if you get pushed to your tower, the talent became useless. If your think you can push more than other team, try it. Worth against a melee sup like Alistar.
Still an interesting way to come back faster if lose the lane, since you´ll destroy towers easily.

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Second Line:

Conditioning: IT´S A MUST. This got so much synergy with Poppy kit that i can´t recommend enough. Poppy 10% armors passive and this, stacks so well, that a simple Frozen Heart alone, will cap her armor to about 200, allowing more freedom on your build, if you need.

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Third Line:

Overgrowth: The bonus health stacks well along the game. A nice addition for Poppy. A late game oriented option.

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Inspiration Tree:
(Won´t extent so much here)

Magical Footwear: My go-to Rune. Since you´re support, and won´t be farming. A free boot, can give save you the trouble. Good even if you´re losing.

Alternative 1

Alternative 1

Second line:

Biscuit Delivery: Since you´re a melee support, you have to kill some minions to activate sup item, and you WILL get hit sometimes, the good thing here is that you can "combo" with a potion. Just remember, this heal is based on MISSING HEALTH, not MAX health.

alternative 1

Alternative 2

Third Line:

Cosmic Insight: A faster way to max the CDR. It´s very important to always find a way to make 40% - 45% CDR in every game, and Poppy has a need to use her skills to make the work more than her basic attacks. If you take this one, ALWAYS combo it with the CD SHARD too to get 10% free on 10 minutes in-game. It´ll allow more freedom on item builds.

Other Runes:

Legend: Tenacity: The only other rune out of the main ones that can help. That Rune + Mercury's Treads, can get you out of a Veigar stun, before the other skill hit you. Consider if got some problem with Veigar, Lux, Morgana.

Now we´re getting hot. Items are the core mechanic here, and the more you can get from them, the better. You´ll note the importance i give to CDR from the insight of this items. ALWAYS try to cap 40%. So, let´s get dangerous.


Remnant of the Aspect: That will be your core item, and the one you must focus on upgrade it ASAP. Not only for the amazing stats (350 life + 10% CDR), but mostly for the 20 sec for charge and easy activation, since minion health to trigger will be higher. This will allow you to get at least 2 minions from each wave. Also, you need some practice to activate at the right time. About 3 games, and you should have the felling of how do it well with this. If not willing to fully upgrade, do it at least to Targon's Brace to got the 3 wards upon quest completion.
But let´s not forget about the early 200% regeneration stats. It doesn´t look much, usually when you build it, will be about 6 health sec. But hey, this is half potion there, for only 1400 gold (deducing the initial cost, of course). Don´t underestimate the healing factor here. Just don´t abuse it.


Ohmwrecker: The legendary "no one knows" item. But here what will make your jaw drop. IT´S THE MOST BALANCED ITEM you can have. 50 armor, nice. 300 life, ok. good. 150% regen - this with your sup item, can make you always under the effect of a potion basically, and 10% cooldown. It´s the only item with those stats, in an effective way, that works for a tanky sup like Poppy. Also allows Risky dives making that little advantage into a crucial one, and almost no one expects the use of this item. Usually, when you´re diving, enemies, go near tower... close to a wall. You know what i mean. Still, all this nice stats, but none is op. If you choose this one, take as second item, and you´ll see the magic.

Sunfire Aegis: This can be an interesting item, but not where you're playing. It got some good stats overall, but lack something more. The damage, isn't that strong to make a difference. The lack of CDR and a more effective buff break the item for me. Nothing here that help the support function.

Knight's Vow: Knight´s vow got a lot of good buffs for you and your adc. Health, CDR, 40 armor (60, if you´re close to your partner, AND YOU WILL BE), 12% damage transfer. Still, I usually don´t got this item first and sometimes don´t get it at all. If your adc isn't playing that well, you´ll find this a poor choice. It´s the kind of thing worth buying only if you're winning. If losing, avoid.

Randuin's Omen: It´s hard a game where you don´t need this. The critical damage cut (20%) is amazing and the area slow can just set up so many kills. The GREAT stats still don´t leave you behind, 70 armor and 400 health, make this a must on poppy's kit. Always the first thing to buy against Jhin. But it´ll find it´s place in all matches.

Thornmail: It´s not recommended for supports, but always help when you need. The armor by itself (80) should be more than enough, but also grievous wounds reflection, cold steel effect and 250 life. ALWAYS a must against Draven. Other cases, only if they got life steal.

Iceborn Gauntlet: I just LOVE this one. But you know, sadness is just a step ahead. It´s an all around protection to go, and you should try sometimes. Best thing here is the 20% CDR and the slow area that you create. But, since it got no counter offensive things like Randuin's Omen or Thornmail, i can only recommend this if you want to enhance a bit your dmg. Shines most when you need that long range slow with Steadfast Presence + Iron Ambassador.

Frozen Heart: Another armor that i just love, but don´t use it. Frozen Heart ALONE can make your armor go easily around 200. And this is in most cases, what you need in any a game. I only take this armor, when i got little ad treats in the other team, like Twitch for example, 20% CDR is awesome, mana is always nice, but still lack more impact in your kit.

Ninja Tabi: Will work. Just be sure that the enemy team don´t have significant cc. If they have, always go for Mercury's Treads.


Zeke's Convergence: Juicy stats bro... juicy stats. I feel a little ashamed for not using this item more. Usually, I try to base my choices around the enemy composition, and zeke's work well in a similar way that Knight's Vow. It's only a good choice, if you're ahead, if not, avoid. To work well with Poppy, you've got to use a non-charged ult.

Locket of the Iron Solari: Solid stats too. I take it when enemy team got a mix with more ap than ad. Still, it misses many things that I consider important for Poppy. Not any CDR, any health, and the shield is not a great life saver too. Locket got its place, but you won´t be visiting too much.

Gargoyle Stoneplate: It´s better than it looks. The armor is solid on Poppy's hands, even without the buff. But it lacks that something more. The health buff won't save you most of the time. If still want to do it, make as your fourth armor. Adapt a little before taking this one.


Mercury's Treads: A MUST. Hardly you´ll face a team without cc. Also, that little MR can add well with any other item.

Adaptive Helm: A favorite of mine. Good health, 10% CDR, and the passive 20% magic damage reduction from same spell. Usually counter your biggest treats. Only in those cases, if not, consider other MR, since all of them grant similar stats.

Spirit Visage: A good item, if the other two, weren't more useful. Since you´re the support, and don´t have any heals, there isn't a reason to take this besides brute stats.

Abyssal Mask: Similar to adaptive helm, it's worth if you got some AP in your team. Don't see any other real use to it.


Maw of Malmortius: A nice last item, when you need that little MR extra. Don´t take it before other more important items. Also, be sure your health is big enough before taking this one.

Warmog's Armor: Another good way to close your build. If you're the only tank in the team, is a must. Will buy enough time for your team always. Again... LAST ITEM.

Titanic Hydra: If i need only one item to attack, THIS WILL BE IT. It doesn't look but got a lot of synergy with poppy, in particular with Iron Ambassador. Can make REAL damage, if activate and throw the shield. If decide to get it, take it first item (after remnant), or last.

Black Cleaver: You have utility for this even in a support build. But here, the focus is only the armor reduction. You can take it too, if already well armored, and need just that 20% CDR to max it. If for the damage only, go for hydra, and you'll get more.

For more specific oriented build construction, look on item section up there.

Time to get deeper in the awareness department.
A good invasion can easily snowball into a win. Poppy kit isn't great to do an invasion, but can sometimes counter and turn an invasion against the other team. Since i got more experience defending invasions, i´ll get deeper in some important map points to set your next actions. If you´re alone or to far from your teammates, NEVER start the early TF.

NOTE: Try to not spend your ward here, or you´ll miss it for a long time. Just positioning will be enough on this stage of the game.
NOTE 2: I made this hints thinking about not giving any advantage to enemy team. If you wish to engage in an early team fight. be sure to at least have the same number of players.
Note 3: Don´t chose your skill until you decide what to do. Hammer Shock can hit all enemy team if they´re massed, giving you an amazing advantage. Heroic Charge Can make a high damage with a good stun early. Choose wisely.

First, a general look, then, i´ll explain some of the positions, and some advantageous actions you can take.
These positions can be explored with any champions.

Easy game here: Blue shield, a good point to be, and Red shield, not so good. But of course, let´s get dangerous.

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

Position 6

Position 7

Position 8

Position 9

Here it is. Since i´m brazilian, it´s in portuguese, but i didn't forget about you my dear brave pants. Please, remember to activate subtitles. Tried my best to make accessible for you guys.

That´s said, take a special note on warning your jungler to care for his engage, if your shield drop before the right time, he will take some avoidable damage here, that can compromise a early gank if he wishes.

The Secrets of Orlom


When doing armor, usually 2 items will be enough for Poppy. You then, ask why...
Armor or MR should be built until about 200 - 250. After this, you´ll pass from 69% to about 74% damage reduction. Just think on that. Almost 3000 gold for 5% at best. When you reach that, Try to make items with more impact like health or attack.


This one is for the rage you´ll face. Trust me... MUTE FAST. Talking never do anything, and take your attention out of the game. And if you´re the one doing this, stop now. It´s not cool bro, everyone is trying its best in 99% of the time. If not to make a good comment, don´t bury your game doing a bad one. The enemy team can be skillful too. If you feel pissed already, go for "interface" and disable "show allied chat".


You´ll find a delicious surprise when you note that Poppy isn't played on support role that much, making getting out of low ranks (if you´re studying this guide) an easy task.


I´ll let an exercise for you. Play Poppy in different roles. YEAH, even out meta. Like mid or even adc. Just do it after you got the feel of how she works in her main roles. Make this for your... intermediate studies. You can learn a lot from this.


Play some matches WITHOUT FLASH. It´ll make you more reliable on your own skill and decision, a not overconfident in this spell. Also you learn how other spells can work with your play style, and different items can make it for flash absence.


This guide should work as a base for you. But you can have a more aggressive oriented way of playing than mine. So don´t give up, you can build around your own way of playing.

I´ll try to keep always this guide updated, and forgive if my english don´t match my mastery. Thank you for reading until here. NOW GO GET THEM, or did you forget your brave pants at home??
Guide Patch Notes 1.1
Ok, this is a little troll one, but since i´m still playing and learning, i´ll put here, some changes i noted, since i wrote this guide.

Runes - Changed Cosmic Insight for Biscuit Delivery. Really, being able to stay on lane, will make more difference than the cdr overall. Still viable, but biscuit is a more consistent choice.

Shards - Also, changed that little cdr aditional, for 9 adaptive dmg. cdr is still important, but other stats maybe should take priority before the cdr.

Runes descriptions
- Added description for Aftershock
- Added description for demolish
- Added description for Boneplating
- Added description for Future´s market
- Remove some description for cosmic insight

- Added Ohmwrecker (read it, it´s amazing)

Leashing chapter
- Just some added info.

Secrets of Orlom
- Added tip for "A"

- - - Patch notes 1.2

Added Velkoz Treat
Tried to fix Nunu treat and syn

Update invaders map - put some top lane points to, but not in detail, since it´s a support guide, but you can take some hints of that too.
Added THE POWA OF LEASH Chapter - and video example.

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