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League of Legends Build Guide Author emaster8

Poppy the little nuker [AD]

emaster8 Last updated on February 27, 2011
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This is a build I made for Poppy. I've been using it for a while and it has gone pretty good. I've ended up out-scoring carries in 5v5 by using it. Early game you won't be as OP as other carries but late game without even having completed the build you'll be owning.

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Explanation for these:

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation: Armor penetration equals higher damage on enemies, and since you're a "Nuker", it's pretty helpful.

Greater Seal of Evasion: Along with your Ninja Tabi and Ninbleness, it's easy to chase and/or escape by dodging attacks.

Greater Glyph of Celerity: CDR means less wait time for using your Q skill, which means you can use it more often to deal extra damage combined with your Sheen/Trinity Force.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Same case as Mark.

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Since we're going AD we'll need physical damage and Armor Penetration masteries. We're picking + as our summoner spells, reason we need to upgrade their masteries. The little bit for defense masteries is to get Nimbleness, the which, as I explained before, will let us chase/escape better.

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We start with a because mana will be needed at the start. + are there in case you run out of hp/mana. Then comes to give you a little speed boost. is the first item you should get just because + = Deadly Combo. Then comes your to get that extra dodge you need to escape/chase. Next goes Phagge in case your Nimbleness boost isn't enough to chase. comes last to complete your and gain some more extra damage when using Devastating Blow.

Dying too quickly when your ultimate is on Cooldown eh? That's why is there, it gives you lifesteal to survive longer and extra damage to nuke harder.

Now comes . Why get an item that gives just some little damage boost? Its armor penetration will make you able to own anyone: Carries/Tanks.

Then we go with . Why'd we get it? Extra critical chance + Critical damage increase means you'll be nuking EVEN HARDER.

Not like you'll these but it's useful for chasing and it rises your critical chance AND damage. We're talking about In some instances you might prefer getting than .

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Skill Sequence

Since this is a Nuking build, you'll want to max out your asap. You'll need some points in to bash in and kill anyone, either a ranged or a melee. We get a point in early game in case you need to escape or use it to be able to bash. Since people likes to stick to their turrets early game, you might want to hide in bushes while your mate lets them push, then rush in with and bash them with to finish them with and maybe if they aren't dead yet exhaust them.

Poppy's ultimate: makes her the perfect turret diver. You'll be able to dive into the enemy's turrets early game by using it on a champion and simply going for him. If you've killed it and are near to the turret what's the problem? Bash a minion and run away with Paragon of Demacia. Sometimes you'll need to be an initiator. Poppy's ult make her a good initiator aswell. All you got to do is ult the weakest member and kill/weaken the rest while you're invulnerable to them.

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Summoner Spells

+ are the best pick for poppy in my opinion. Why? you're a weak character (In HP/Armor terms) so you'll need to escape sometimes by maybe bashing a minion and then ghosting or just by simply ghosting far away from the enemy. Exhaust is just an elite pick because it'll make you receive a lot less damage, which will make you survive to anyone and get the kill.

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Team Work

If you get to lane with a / / in your lane your game will be made up. Since can stun them for you to nuke them and if they get to run away you still got your (bash) to chase. will give you HP/Mana to continue owning the enemy and her ult means everyone will die, having gotten you from 1 to 3 kills (Not ksing). 's Twisters mean you can get closer to enemies to bash and nuke. Any other good stunner/taunter like / / is a good option to lane with aswell.

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Pros / Cons of this build


- Nuking means you'll most likely be able to knock out anyone in a few hits.
- Dodge + Nimbleness will make the perfect chasing/escaping tactic.
- Lifesteal will make you survive long in battle.


- If you get stun-locked you're lost.
- You will most likely be their main target since you'll be as good or maybe even better than your team's carry.

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Early Game: Poppy is a duo laning character early game. Soloing isn't the best choice. Go with either a support like or a good early game dps like . If there's a support champion in the team ask to go with it if it isn't taking mid, preferably one that can stun. This will guarantee you early game kills, all you got to do is bash (Preferably from behind), nuke with your and if your mate hasn't done enough damage to kill the enemy yet, use exhaust. You've got your first blood, good job. Now don't go back yet, use your potions and wait until you have enough gold to get either alone or even better + . Why'd you get Sheen first? Just because if you can deal enough damage you won't need to run quickly. Try getting into the bushes and if the enemy gets near your turret bash them into it and nuke. More easy kills :). When you got enough and are weak go buy your . Whenever you're near to their turret and one of them is weak enough to kill him, use your on it, bash, nuke and run away with .

Mid Game: Grab a Phage so that enemies won't get away, then after a few kills finish off your Trinity force. If the enemy has already grouped up at a lane by now, don't worry, you can get a couple kills by using your ult on someone that doesn't hurt and kill someone else. Then let your mates come by and finish off one or two enemies. You don't always need to be an initiator though, if there's someone else who can, let them but still use your ultimate on someone who doesn't hurt much so that you can deal lots of damage without getting hurt. Go get a , it's useful when you're low on mana or don't have your ult because it's in cooldown and are still fighting. Now, hypothetic case: Lets say someone is following you with half hp (Someone that isn't a tank) and has either low mana or none at all remaining. What's up? remember you're a nuker? go back to them, bash and nuke. You've just gotten another kill. If you need to run because they're 2 you can either keep on running or depending on which champions are following you you're able to take the risk by bashing, nuking and running away with . If you are too low on hp though, and are hit, there's a chance that Nimbleness will turn on, which will make your escape easier. Now lets grab a . People might have gotten some armor or maybe even a by now. With 's armor penetration they won't be a problem anymore.

Late game: You should be owning by now, your K:D Ratio should be by 3:1 or higher. Go get an , it'll make your crits even higher, give you extra damage and give a higher critical chance. With it you might be able to knock out carries in a couple hits. Finally we get to . If the game isn't over yet it's because it's pretty much even. A will solve that problem, you'll be able to rush in, kill a couple enemies and run away (If you're alone). If you're in a team fight though, you might want to do the same but coming back later to bash in again and get 1 or more kills.

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These match scores were done by my lv 17 account that doesn't even have full runes/masteries yet and still I got good scores.

Why 3/4 defeats? Can't blame the little nuker for that with those scores. I mostly get put in bad teams... I'll be posting more victories soon.

Match during 02/27/2011

Sadly, the 5th person for the pentakill was too far away and I got him too late :(. Btw that was a win.

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Credits go to me for making this build and to HIACliff for his Gameplay section recommendation. Also for introducing me to Poppy through his build :). I do accept that this build might be similar to his. Even though I've been modifying it while playing to make it not better in general, but for me. Maybe this build might work better for some people or maybe not.