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Xayah Build Guide by AP Xayah

ADC PRESEASON ADC Xayah Guide - 2 Builds

ADC PRESEASON ADC Xayah Guide - 2 Builds

Updated on November 8, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AP Xayah Build Guide By AP Xayah 11 1 203,449 Views 5 Comments
11 1 203,449 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AP Xayah Xayah Build Guide By AP Xayah Updated on November 8, 2017
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Hi! My name is Chris and in League of Legends I'm known as AP Xayah. I've previously made a guide for AP Xin Zhao that got over 1mil views! I was known as DrakeJuniorr and that was my first guide. Now let's hope this one does as well as my first! This Guide is to teach you the ins and outs of Xayah. This will be constantly updated the more tips and tricks I learn with her. Xayah is a new Marksman known for having some insane play potential if used in the right hands. Today I am going to try to help you on your way to being a GREAT Xayah! Thank you for checking out my guide!
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Pros / Cons

+ Pretty much the best wave clear in the game.
+ AMAZING mid to late game.
+ Very high skill cap, so you can be better than the other Xayahs!

- Can be difficult to learn.
- Weak Early Game
- Only one skin so you might get tired of it lol
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I'd ALWAYS use this spell on her. There's no reason not to. So useful in any situation.

I usually use this on Xayah to give you some health when needed and also some movespeed. It can also be the difference between a you and a teammate's life or death.

You can also use these when preferred:

You can use this if they have an insane amount of cc or you're maybe against an ashe bot and don't want to deal with that arrow.

Use this if you just prefer it over heal. I usually don't take this but it's here just incase.
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Preseason is here!

Runes and Masteries have combined and now we are just picking runes!
The runes we are going to pick now will really compliment her playstyle.

First we are going to go into the Precision tree since this is pretty normal for an adc.

Fleet Footwork will be our Keystone mastery. It's pretty similar to Warlord's and will build up stacks to heal you and give movement speed.
This will help with sustain and also keeping up with enemy champs while in the fight.

Triumph will be our next rune. This will be amazing in fights to keep you alive so you can keep on racking up that gold.

Now pick Legend: Bloodline. This rune will be amazing for late game. Since we're building attack speed we won't need to be using the other rune to get attack speed and tenacity is also good but the lifesteal stacking will be amazing for sustain in teamfights later on.

Cut Down is pretty much a Lord Dominic's so this will add a good amount of damage.

Next we're gonna go into the Domination tree as our secondary.
That'll give us 18% attack speed which is always good.

Cheap Shot is what we'll pick here. This will be very useful with Rakan, In team fights, and also with your root.

Ghost Poro is a good option for your second choice. It helps out with vision.
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Clean Cuts

After casting an ability, Xayah's next few basic attacks will pierce through all enemies in their path (dealing reduced damage to all targets after the first). They'll also leave a feather where they land. Feathers remain on the field for a moderate length of time.

This passive will make you shoot feathers through the target you're basic attacking after you use an ability. This is the bread and butter of your damage.

Double Daggers
Xayah throws two blades in a line, damaging all enemies hit. The blades leave a feather where they land.

This will shoot two feathers out after a short delay. The combo is usually to q and basic attack right after to get the 3 feathers to activate the root.

Deadly Plumage
Xayah conjures a storm of feather blades that increase the strength and speed of her next few basic attacks. If Xayah attacks an enemy champion while empowered by Deadly Plumage, she'll gain a short burst of movement speed.
If Rakan is nearby when Xayah activates Deadly Plumage, he'll also gain the ability's effects.

This is your steroid. Use this whenever you're in a fight.

Xayah recalls all feathers, which deal damage to any enemies they strike on the way back to Xayah. If a target is struck by several feathers at once, they'll be briefly rooted.

Use this to recall feathers back to you. Make sure the enemy champs are in line with them and try to get 3 to hit them to activate the root.

Xayah leaps into the air, becoming briefly untargetable. After a short delay, she hurls a storm of blades into a cone, each of which deals damage to struck enemies and leaves a feather upon landing. Xayah may continue to move while airborne.

This ult is amazing. Temporary invulnerability, throws out a ton of feathers, and you can move while you're invulnerable. This can jump over walls. Can be the difference between a fight's outcome.

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Skill Sequence

The order goes as follows:

R -> E -> Q -> W

This will ensure maximum dps.
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Berserker's Greaves Essence Reaver Infinity Edge Rapidfire Cannon
These will be your usual Core items. I use them in like all of my different variations of this build for her.

Frozen Mallet Use this if you would want to give up damage for some tankiness.

Mercurital Scimitar This is great for defense. A CC Break, MR, AD, and some Life Steal. A great all around item

Guardian Angel Use this if you're getting focused hard and dying instantly.
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Your Turn!

Send me your screenshots of you doing well with one of my builds and I will probably include it in this guide!

Let's start with me:

Feel free to favorite this build, upvote and maybe even give me a commendation if you liked this!

Thank You!

Good Luck on the Rift, Summoner.
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7.8 - Original patch this guide was made
7.9 - Added in a build for the new Stattik Shiv and Guardian Angel
7.10 - Nothing changed for this guide
7.22 - Preseason Changes!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AP Xayah
AP Xayah Xayah Guide
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PRESEASON ADC Xayah Guide - 2 Builds

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