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Vayne Build Guide by TwillyFSniper

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwillyFSniper

Purging with Silver: A 6.8 Guide to AD Carry Vayne

TwillyFSniper Last updated on April 29, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune is a matchup that's actually insanely difficult to screw up if played correctly. Miss Fortune has little way of killing you, aside from her ultimate, but do dodge Double Up as it can be an effective poke.
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Champion Selection (Pros and Cons, Picking, Summoner Spells Guide)


Legendary Late Game Prowess

Great Duellist

Great at Kiting

Not an Optimal Laning Phase

Zero Multi-Target Damage

Difficult to Master

Vayne is an optimal champion for the following situations:

Against a pick that can be easily counter-carried (such as Ezreal or Sivir)

Against a tankier comp ( Silver Bolts)

With a comp that can easily guarantee a carry. (particularly your Support)

Summoner Spells-

There are 4 viable summoner spell choices on Vayne. These are Flash, Heal, and Barrier. Some really nooby Vaynes will go Ignite, without realizing that Vayne's Night Hunter passive eliminates the need for it, with a healthy build of heightened mobility. The rest I need not explain why, all nonsense. I will list the viable choices in order of viability.

1. Flash-
This spell should always be used. The spell allows you to instantly teleport a short distance. The spell is a great tool with several uses. Either use it to dodge an ability thrown at you (Skillshots, like Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage), to put yourself in a position to get an easy kill (probably using a Condemn to stun and then proc Silver Bolts a few times), or a combination of both. The purpose of this spell is to outwit your opponent into a lost cause.

2. Heal-
Take this summoner spell on most every occasion unless you take Barrier. This spell is great, particularly for early game, because it restores Health and provides a short heightening in movement speed. This spell suits Vayne really well because of that. You need this to survive lane, it's what allows you to either flee or strike back. In lane, you should choose the former. Later the latter is also acceptable.

3. Barrier-
This is your option over Heal if you know how to pull it off. I prefer Heal myself because this summoner spell is rather difficult to take full advantage of. It's useful against bursts, because it shields Vayne from damage for two seconds. That makes it also useful against damage that stacks on for the "final blow" like for when Varus's active abilities trigger his W, Blighted Quiver. But I do not recommend it at most times because if you misuse it, you can be easily taken advantage of later.

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Items Guide


Start with Cull or Doran's Blade, depending on matchup.

Cull- This item's gold income boost and slightly higher Lifesteal amount (in lane) is a good way to give yourself an easy lead, and generally should be used against matchups where being on the offensive is not as risky. Generally for the easier matchups.

Doran's Blade- This item, however, has a little bit of tankiness to it. It gives you an additional 70 maximum Health, which can allow you to survive about 1 or 2 more basic attacks. Therefore, this item is better for matchups that you must play defense on. Generally for the more difficult matchups.

Rushing Item-

This next item choice is going to be Blade of the Ruined King 100% of the time.

Blade of the Ruined King- This item is Vayne's most essential item. It stacks with your Silver Bolts proc, dealing more damage on hits on the same target on three consecutive hits. It also gives 10% Lifesteal, 25 additional AD, 40% additional AS, and an active that saps and steals movement speed, as well as Health. No wonder they nerfed this thing Patch 5.22...

Other Cores-

Berserker's Greaves- Grants important AS and movement speed boosts to Vayne, and can be enhanced (preferably with the Furor enhancement) to grant additional boosts to mobility. Furor is preferable because it allows you to continue the chase at a considerable speed by using it's passive as a gap-closer (to use it to keep in proximity for the onslaught).

Phantom Dancer- A great item to cooperate with Vayne's Night Hunter passive. It allows her to basically go completely ape$#!+ on her target with 12% additional movement speed at close range (500), and a passive called Lament that allows you to take more damage while in the fight (by reducing the damage you take from your target). Plus, the Attack Speed (like 45%), and the Critical Strike chance boost (30%) are both really nice to have. It's basically the quintessential for a Vayne's late game in Season 6, and possibly further in the future if they don't change it again.

Trinity Force- Tumble plus this item equals a decimated opponent. Tumble has a cooldown that PERFECTLY COINCIDES with Spellblade's cooldown, and it works wonders for the effectiveness of the ability, as Spellblade can grant up to about 150 AD in additional damage to the AA after Tumble. That's a lot of damage for an AA. Totals like 600 if you DON'T proc Silver Bolts OR crit. On top of all of this, you are more durable, more sustainable, and more mobile, and more likely to crit.

Situational Items-

1. Infinity Edge-
This item is the best out of all choices because it makes for great Tumble boosts! The item grants 55 AD (Maxxed Tumble deals 83 more damage, when NOT critting or proccing Silver Bolts!), 20% additional Critical Strike chance (boosting it to 30% additional), and making crits deal 25% more damage! (Tumble crits should deal 375% AD plus 100% base AD damage! Would approximate to 800 damage at 5th item!)

2. The Bloodthirster- This item can be an invaluable defensive choice (I used to build it in my core, if you look at my archived and obsolete Vayne guide), for it has 20% lifesteal (CS for HP!) and it's shield is quite nice to have particularly in the midst of the fight. At the moment, it also gives the largest AD boost in the game. This makes it a fairly nice amp to the power of your AA's.

3. Youmuu's Ghostblade-Do you need a way to quickly get a kill and get out? This item is an answer. Providing you with 65 AD, and 20 Armor Penetration, as well as this neat active (cooldown of 45 seconds) that grants 40% AS and 20% Movement speed for 6 seconds. An additional tidbit is it gives you an additional 10% cooldown reduction, useful if you want to keep your ultimate, Final Hour, ready.

4. Death's Dance- This item allows you more durability in fights, in 1v1 fights most particularly, because of it's passives. One grants 12% lifesteal (basically), and the other allows damage you take to be dealt over time. It also grants 65 AD and 10% cooldown reduction.

5. Rapid Firecannon- Rapid Firecannon (weird way to arrange the words...) is an item that provides a boost to movement speed (+8% flat), Attack Speed (+30%), and Critical Strike Chance (20%). It also has two passives. One gains charges from moving and attacking, depleting those when fully charged into a more optimal AA. Another occasionally grants a boost in attack range. Build this item only after building an IE, it will give you lots of crits. It's also this low because it may not apply all of the AS boost because you may max, and the movement may be a little bit unnecessary, after building TONS OF MOBILITY in your cores.

6. Lord Dominik's Regards- This item has two really nice passives, that Vayne really likes. One allows you to deal up to 15% additional damage to champions with higher HP maxxes. The other gives you 40% BONUS (Stack it later!) Armor Penetration. In other words, their tankiness becomes their disadvantage. Nice way to put the fight into your own hands against tanks or bruisers. But, I do not recommend this as a choice for a core item, or even as a frequently built situational because it doesn't amplify Vayne's late game as much as other choices when doing the math.

7. Mortal Reminder- When I was discussing why I put Lord Dominik's Regards, I mentioned stacking the Armor Penetration later? You stack it with this. This item also allows you to pin them down and reduce their health reservoir even quicker with Grievous Wounds. But the combo won't usually be attained.

8. Mercurial Scimitar- This item is all around useful against more AP-centered team comps. Magic Resist, Quicksilver passive (debuff-remover!), Lifesteal, and a lot of AD on top of all of that. I only put it this low because I'm sure it will get nerfed soon, plus it is a more situational pick for 5th or 6th item situationals, because it's really only useful against high AP comps, particularly ones with a lot of casters.

9. Guardian Angel- This should only be an option if you find yourself repetitively dying from a high damage burst, like Zed's or Talon's for example, later on in the game. It gives you Armor, Magic Resist, and a passive that allows you to revive on the spot, after a few seconds of channeling (the time where you're on the ground, but not dead). Though I don't advise it because of said passive's cooldown of 5 MINUTES!

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Skill Usage Guide

Night Hunter-
Vayne's innate passive ability. Night Hunter gives you a bonus 30 movement speed when chasing an enemy champion. Of course, this ability should be used as a mechanism to hunt down the black magics, so you can easily slay them soon after. This ability does not have level-ups.

This ability is a dash with a 300 range granting Vayne (30, 35, 40, 45, 50)% additional damage on her next attack within 7 seconds, with a cooldown of (6, 5, 4, 3, 2) seconds after that 7 seconds ends or the attack lands. This ability is Vayne's most essential and most versatile. It can be used as a gap-closer, it could also be used to waveclear early in the game(it resets the basic attack timer as well, but the math says that it actually slows the attack down by the time you finish Phantom Dancer, or third item), it can also even be used to enhance the potency of hit 3. This ability is what you need to level up at 1, 8, 10, 12, and 13.

Silver Bolts-
This ability is a passive that allows Vayne to deal (6, 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12)% of the target's max HP in damage and deals at least (60, 75, 90, 105, 120) guaranteed
damage, on a third consecutive attack on the same target. This ability is the main source of Vayne's massive sustained damage. The ability allows Vayne to easily shred tanks and to perform extremely quick takedowns. It's a passive, so it's always there when you need it. Level this ability up at 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9.

This ability allows you to deal (45, 80, 115, 150, 185) +(40% bonus AD) damage to target, and knock them back 470, from a range of 550. If the target hits a wall when being knocked back, they take double damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of (20, 18, 16, 14, 12) seconds. This is Vayne's Crowd Control (anything that limits enemy movement) ability. It is pretty useless in comparison to Vayne's other abilities, but it has a few good uses. It can be used to escape because it backs them up, or (the way it's used most predominantly) to incapacitate a target while you kill them. You can incapacitate really well inside champion-created walls, such as Jarvan IV's Cataclysm, as the stun WILL land. Level this up at 3, 14, 15, 17, and 18.

Final Hour-
This ability amplifies Vayne's Attack Damage by (30, 50, 70), allows Vayne to become invisible for 1 second after using Tumble, and triples Night Hunter's effect, all for a duration of (8, 10, 12) seconds. Cooldown of (100, 85, 70) seconds after the ability usage. This is Vayne's most important ability to increase her success in teamfights. It's crucial to have, and may determine if you succeed or fail in teamfights if you use it incorrectly. Use it right before the enemy can see you. Use Tumble for the invisibility, keep invisible until the second is over, go all in! Use all that's at your disposal to make this a great play in the time you have to make it. Really not much else to state here. Level up your ultimate at 6, 11, and 16, like any other ultimate.

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Guide to Masteries

Two Setups




Mastery Explanation

Ferocity Mastery Choices

Fury - Mastery that provides flat Attack Speed. It's the obvious choice for an ADC champion over Sorcery.

Feast Also a fairly obvious choice because Double-Edged Sword doesn't even give ranged champions any benefit. The mastery allows you to restore 20 Health upon killing a unit with a 25 second cooldown. (Coding issue)

Vampirism - Good choice for more sustainability. The lifesteal is useful for sustained fights, as you don't build but 10% in core. Natural Talent isn't as good because it only provides a small amount of scaling AD and AP. Vayne has no need for AP at all, literally 0 scaling.

Bounty Hunter is much better on Vayne than Oppressor . Bounty Hunter can easily increase your AD by 4 or 5% in a teamfight, while Oppressor is useless because Vayne only has one CC spell, that doesn't even guarantee the effect of the mastery.

Battering Blows is the only choice for previously mentioned reasons of AP's lack of effect on Vayne's damage output.

For keystones, Fervor of Battle and Warlord's Bloodlust are both acceptable. Fervor of Battle stacks up with the Furor enhancement you likely have on your Berserker's Greaves and your Condemn both fairly well. If your Condemn sticks, you gain free AD practically. The mastery grants two stacks on spells and one stack on ranged attacks. Your proc would put you at 4 stacks, and +32-33 AD (if you're level 18).
Warlord's Bloodlust is good because you gain 20% attack speed for 4 seconds on crit as well as the fact critical hits get 15% lifesteal. But the attack speed may go over your max of 2.5 per second, and the lifesteal isn't too dramatic, unless your Condemn lands and you crit.
Fervor of Battle is the superior choice because you build a lot of Attack Speed, and you can gain a LOT of damage, like 80 total.

Cunning Mastery Choices

Wanderer is good for when you decide to gank people, because it gives a substantial 6% movement speed boost while out of combat, but Savagery is also useful because you deal 5 bonus damage to minions. Extremely useful for early farming, but doesn't provide much benefit later.
I take Savagery now as I'm starting to feel that early farm is more important to my playstyle.

Secret Stash is useful on Vayne for early game sustainability as your Health Potions now look like cinnamon rolls and they also grant 15 health and 10 mana upon use. Don't ever take Runic Affinity if you aren't jungling, (common sense), and Vayne doesn't scale quite well enough with Assassin 's lone target damage to make it too good (plausible choice, but I just feel that the mastery is under powered in general.)

Merciless is great for Vayne, as it boosts her ability to take down opponents significantly by dealing 5% additional damage to champions below 40% health. You can now kill a little bit quicker. Meditation isn't as good because you don't need mana regeneration that badly.

Dangerous Game is great on Vayne because it allows you to regenerate mana and health on champion kills. Much needed in fights against multiple. Bandit is just plain useless on anyone, except for a support or support-like jungler, maybe. It grants gold when a nearby ally kills a minion. But it's so little gold I don't consider it even of great benefit there.

Why not go into a 12-18-0 page with Thunderlord's Decree ?

I do not reccomend Thunderlord's Decree because Warlord's Bloodlust , and most particularly Fervor of Battle , are better choices for ADCs based around sustained damage. Thunderlord's Decree has a cooldown of approximately 20 seconds, while neither has one of real substantial length. Also, Thunderlord's Decree scales with AD, which you don't have an especially large amount of, and AP, which you should have NONE of. However, for that reason it is really great for high AD and high AP assassins like Talon, Zed, Kassadin or Ekko. It could also be an effective mastery for Jhin or Kayle as well.

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Guide to Runes

Mark- Attack Damage
Take these, they add 8.55 AD. Attack Speed (only 15.7%...) and Armor Penetration are expensive and ineffective therefore. Those marks would be the only viable ADC options.

Quintessence- AS
These will raise Attack Speed by 13.5%. These are stronger than Attack Damage and Lifesteal, both are more expensive and ineffective. These would be the only Quints that have useful mechanics.

Seals- Armor
Armor is a mechanic that is extremely useful to any ADC's early game because it reduces damage taken from enemy AA's. Health is useful on AP Carries, and some tanks and bruisers ( Vayne is obviously none of these, as she scales only AD and is squishy). most any other Seals are not worth the cost on any champion.

Glyphs- MR
These are the only viable Glyphs for AD-Scaling champions. They grant a whopping 12 Magic Resist. That can block a decently large amount of spell damage.

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Support Synergy Guide

Vayne is a champion that has a good few good support synergies. This section will discuss what I think are the 6 best.

6. Janna- This synergy is one I don't entirely reccommend for a lack of sustain pre-6, and also a lack of potential in ganks by mid or jungle. Makes early difficult in this synergy. But survival in early will be heavily rewarded in late by Janna's ability to CC and set up a kill. Problem is getting there. Hope you are against something with a lack of poke and a weakspot.
5. Leona- This support synergy really depends on skill. Leona needs to be able to use up the high CC burst and Vayne needs to be able to react with a quick and swift bunch of sustained damage. Leona also has an ability that allows you to deal additional damage after Leona casts an ability on them (but it deals one less damage against Vayne because she brought sunglasses to the fight. Smart.)
4. Thresh- This one can be an extremely effective pair. Thresh's hook has a longer pull, useful to use the chasing ability from your Night Hunter, his ultimate allows you to get in large amounts of sustained damage (High % slow in a circular area), and his lanterns come in real handy early on, as Thresh can use them to keep you safe in case you start a fight you can't finish.
3. Nami- Powerful support in synergy with Vayne. Nami has myriad capabilities in the department of aiding your sustained damage output. She can buff AA's, stun with the bubble, and unleash some seriously radical waves with her ultimate. All three are helpful most certainly. All of them either isolate the enemy (ult slows and bubble stuns), or grant damage (AA boost). But a huge con is that she's the squishiest support on the entire list, so lane safely and cautiously.
2. Alistar- His ability to knock up into a ridiculously powerful combo allows a sufficient amount of time for Vayne to come in and get some kills. Afterwards, Alistar's heal and general build path should aid in your recovery from the fight.
1. Braum- Braum was made to be paired with Vayne. His ability set allows him to help you with tools that guarantee a kill at the very least in most any properly executed engage. Braum has a skillshot slow that starts up the engage, then his proc into a stun will ensure your victory in a fight. His shield will ensure safety. Though the only thing keeping him from perfect is that his poking is pretty weak.

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Game Guide

Early Game- (Laning)

Vayne's early game is all about farming safely. Tumble is most essential at this point, as it allows you to attain farm more quickly until you gain enough attack speed.

Only go for a champion in the following situations:

1. The champion is low on health.
2. The champion is under Crowd Control (slows, stuns, et cetera). This includes opportunities to cast Condemn while they are isolated.
3. You know your support will help engage.

Even then, be cautious. You don't have good enough damage early. Most times you want to wait past this phase to engage any champion head-on in a 1v1.

Mid Game- (Transition)

Vayne's mid game is about building up your core. You should have Blade of the Ruined King by this point, but by the end of this phase you should have Berserker's Greaves and Phantom Dancer as well. Your aggression should start to increase, and you should attain your first sprees if you haven't already. You might die a few times. You may also have a need to farm. In that case, do a miniature split-push on the worst off lane.

Late game- (Reaching Maximum Potential)

Vayne can absolutely wreck after getting Phantom Dancer. The new passives on it pulled me over to the light. It allows you to easily 1v1 just about anyone in combination with proper mechanics usage. If I didn't already state them in the Skill Usage guide, here are some tips to increase damage and chasing ability and teamfighting ability:

1. Tumble at any time you can feel a large gap developing. It is a dash after all.
2. Try to isolate a carry and Condemn them into a wall. It will basically give you a kill on them if you pull it off.
3. Common Sense: Try not to Condemn an enemy towards their team or their tower.
4. It may be useful to use Blade of the Ruined King's active to isolate targets, since it gives you their movement and deals a decent amount of damage on the side as well.
5. Common Sense: Focus on one at a time. Your Silver Bolts ticks won't last otherwise.
6. Common Sense: Always start with the squishiest carry you can engage. Don't chase one through their team and die in Wood V.

Overally, this is your time to shine. Vayne needs just Trinity Force to finish the core build. Get situationals based on what situation you find yourself in. Get lots and lots of kills too, if you can!

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