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Ezreal Build Guide by InfinityDraven

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InfinityDraven

Quick Guide to AD Ezreal

InfinityDraven Last updated on April 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name is InfinityDraven and I am making an Ezreal guide. I'm very new to mobafire and this is my first guide. I consider myself to be an average LoL player and have been playing since the Darius release back in the summer of 2012. I have also been playing Ezreal since, he is one of my favorite ADC's in the game. Ezreal is a very great champion if you know how to play him and the ADC role. His best tactic is to stay in the back of a team fight and kite the enemy team with his Mystic Shot . Enjoy the guide and constructive criticism is appreciated!

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Lets start with runes. First, quints. For quints you could go all AD, but sometimes I will throw in health for early game. You will want to go all armor seals for laning and teamfights. For glyphs you can go MR or mana regeneration, for this build I went with MR. Marks can go either way as well, you could go armor pen or straight AD, for this build I went armor pen as you already have AD quints and you're items will mainly be AD.

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For masteries I usually go 21-9-0. This is what I use for all my ADC's. On the offense tree you will want to go all the way down the left side picking up Frenzy for the extra attack speed. For defensive tree I tend to stick to the left side getting mostly armor and the 30+ hp for my ninth point.

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For items I start out with a usual boots 3 hp pots. After farming around you will want to get a and if you have enough good ahead and grab a Vampiric Scepter. Your next buy could skip straight to the The Bloodthirster or just a BF sword if you do not have enough. BT is a very important item in this build because life steal is very good on Ez. He can gain hp from hitting targets with his q. This being said while prepping for a team fight and you are at say, mid hp, then you can q the wraiths at mid to gain hp while still staying with your team (if they are at mid). Your next few items will be a Phage OR a Sheen (or Zeal), depending on were you are at in the game. If your team is behind it would be more beneficial to get the Phage because you will have more health. If you are handling your lane you could pick up a Sheen or Zeal. Then you can easily pick up a Trinity Force which is a very good item for Ezreal because of the buff and different perks of each item. After the Trinity Force you can start building for a IE which is just an overall good AD item and if you have enough gold you could get a Last Whisper for the armor penetration. By end game you should have enough sustain with the BT and damage with Trinity Force / Infinity Edge you can really be a huge factor in the game.

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Skill Sequence

With the skill sequence you will always want to get Mystic Shot first, as it does a decent amount of damage on a short cd. Mystic Shot also gives back health if you have life steal. In the early game you want to switch between getting Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift with Mystic Shot first. Obviously, you will want to get Trueshot Barrage whenever possible, but make sure you are bouncing between Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift until they are maxed as they are your main damage tools. As for Essence Flux, you will be maxing that last.

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For the Spells, I usually go with Ignite and Flash. But you can always use Cleanse if you are up against a Taric or Quinn in lane. Ignite is a really good tool for finishing off opponents to either kill them or get them low enough for a well placed Trueshot Barrage. Flash is a very effective escape tool or chasing tool, so use it wisely.

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Ranked Play

Even though I am no Diamond Allstar player, I have gotten myself out of bad games with Ezreal. In ranked it is important to make sure your team is communicating and you get a support that suites well with Ezreal. A good support with Ezreal would be Taric, Alistar, or even Nunu. I would say if you are with Taric or a support with a some sort of heal you could go straight to a Doran's Blade skipping the boots 3 hp pots. In ranked, early game you want to focus on farm especially (you should know this). Even though you may be tempted to throw out that Mystic Shot at the opposing ADC or Support, it is always important to get try and get every minion in the lane. So if hitting an enemy player means missing cs, then don't try it. When you get into to a teamfight you shouldnt Arcane Shift into the fight or Arcane Shift just to get the Attack Speed (unless your team has the advantage) because if the tables start to turn and you don't have your Flash or Arcane Shift, then you have no escaped and a sure target. When getting Baron , you should Essence Flux your teammates, this will give them extra attack speed making Baron go by slightly quicker. Also, this may sound obvious, but try and unlock the screen when you go for your Trueshot Barrage. This will give you a better since of the your surroundings you may be able to catch your enemy walking into the Fog of War, or you can use your minimap to aim it. When your in teamfights, try to put your self in the back and just toss in Mystic Shot. If you do get focused down in a teamfight you can always Arcane Shift your way out or Flash. Also, about mid teamfight if you see the enemy team getting low and they are all bunched up go ahead and toss out your Ultimate this could make the fight really one sided and your teammates can clean up the kills. Also when tower dived and you know your not going to make it out, you can ult to make them low if they have already taken enough turret agro and the turret can clean up the kills.

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When farming you can easily get 2 farm by q'ing one and auto-attacking the other. Also to push lanes fast you cant ult the on coming wave to push more.

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I hope this guide helps and please give constructed criticism. Also, please give me ideas on things to add to the guide. Thanks.