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Jayce Build Guide by juliobarbosa01

Top Quick guide to Top Jayce (6.23)

By juliobarbosa01 | Updated on November 27, 2016

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Hey, my name is Adalfredopois, im a Gold Elo player and I'm from Portugal. I started playing League in the end of Season 3 and since then I feel I have been upgrading my gameplay and my mindset too(thank god).
This is a very simple guide to play Jayce in the Top lane. I have started playing Jayce recently but I easily fell in love with him. I think the reason I realy love to play this Champion is because of his ultimate. The fact that you can have multiple ways to play the game and the matchups is realy amazing.

So, since I had the time and I was bored I put the challenge to myself to build this guide. It will be simple but I think it has the essential to climb some steps of the ladder.
Combine the info I give you here with the information you can get from other sources. Someone may have a different way to see a matchup based on their own experience.
If you have some question or some constructive critic to do don't be afraid so expose it.

I will keep updating this guide with more matchups and other building paths as I will keep playing the Champ.
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Pros / Cons


-Very large kit;
-Long Range Poke with Shock Blast;
-A lot of ways to outplay in a 1vs2 or even 1v3;
-Armor/Magic Pen from ult.


-No lvl6 power spike;
-Vulnerable to ganks;
-High mana usage on early game;
-No hard CC.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


I use attack speed marks because i like to be realy annoying in lane and by this way you can harass the other laner constantly.


You can choose between scaling or flat mr depending on how the enemy team scales with Ap.
Some people take mana regen glyphs as well as Manamune but i dont think it is rly needed.


I guess I use the usual ones. Good for trading in lane early.


Of course I use AD. You need Damage right?
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In the masteries I personaly like to use Thunderlord's Decree cause I like to go for early trades. This way you can have an advantage over those champs that could out damage you in early game like Gangplank.
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Some people like to buy Tear of the Goddess but personaly i find it useless if you have a brain. Watch your mana bar, watch your Teleport CD, watch where the minion wave is so you can go back to base to buy items and regain that juicy Mana to spam those Q's.

I like to go Youmuu's Ghostblade first. I think it helps you in lane and when you go for plays with Teleport or if just decide to roam Mid if your lane is pushed, for example.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity are rly important. Just be carefull if you don't build Tear. If you hard spam with low Cd's you will run out of Mana REALY FAST. Again, use you brain.

Black Cleaver is realy cool. The price is lower from some patches ago and with the 3 first items I recommended you reach 40% CD around 20 minutes. I think this is the most important power spike you have. And we don't need to talk about the passive.

Ater this 3 core items you can go many ways. I recommend going for Lord Dominik's Regards. The armor pen realy helps you. You can go for some armor/mr and Hp if you see you need it.

Bloodthirster is very important. You can get a Mercurial Scimitar if you need.

Then, for last item chose what you think that will help you the most. If you are winning hard go for some Dmg item like Duskblade of Draktharr or even a Infinity Edge. If you need tank stats go for a Guardian Angel, Dead Man's Plate or Banshee's Veil. You can get Sterak's Gage if you want tank stats but you want fighting power too.
League of Legends Build Guide Author juliobarbosa01
juliobarbosa01 Jayce Guide

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Quick guide to Top Jayce (6.23)