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Talon Build Guide by Richy Romero

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Richy Romero

Quick Talon build guide

Richy Romero Last updated on March 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Starting items

Normally I go Long Sword and 3 Health Potion as midlane. But ofc it does depends wich champion you are facing midlane, like if you are gonna face a champion who can play pu*sy style and poke you and you can't do something you go Crystalline Flask and 3 Health Potion

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Core build

I always rush Tiamat, not only because of good waveclear. The thing about Tiamat is that if you use tiamat you can use q right after and then u get an aa right after the q agen, so a combo could be like :
e-aa- Tiamat-q-aa. Normally this happends in the jungel, not at champions, well ofc if you feel very comfortable you do it. At champion's early combo is like this:
e-q-w- Tiamat and Ignite if kill

It's very usual that they build armor agents talon, like going for Seeker's Armguard. With the armor. pen runes you have and a The Brutalizer you will be fine and still do enought dmg to 1 combo with Ignite ( Ignite is kinda important to have when you go all inn to get your first kill )

To do some real dmg you go Last Whisper they can just build so much armor they want, you will shi*t on them, even their tanks.

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Final build

My final build is standar build, almost no matter what.

When you are Talon and loosing midlane, you simply don't build deff items on him, NEVER !
You can build Guardian Angel lategame ( when the other team got it ) and Mercurial Scimitar mid/late game when you are facing heavy cc team

I wanna explain why I build this items :
- Infinity Edge: The reason I build IE on talon it's simply because of Talon's q. You can realy realy critt on the q, big critts. Belive it or not but the q can 1 hit champions with 1700 hp.
- Ravenous Hydra: Hydra is very good pushing item, but it's very good item to get some more HP, and you will need that lategame !
- Youmuu's Ghostblade: It's kinda the same reason as IE, more critt chance at your Q and you get more speed to hunt easy targets.
- Boots of Mobility: Well you need them speed to help lanes or hunt.
- Trinity Force: I have heard that ppl saying, you build Trinity Force on Talon ? well yes I do !. It's a very very good dmg item, and damn you wreck towers with Trinity Force. If you are loosing a lategame very hard, then go and get some towers ! when you splitpush with trinity lategame, you can do something smart: WAIT. Just simply wait for a easy target to come and farm.. knock him out and keep your splitpush. If enemy team are coming, run ! you are fast. Not only are tinity a good puhsing item, but a good dmg item ! you kinda deal more dmg on everything and faster, you critt more, you heal more, you run faster and everything..
- Last Whisper: They building armor ? quess what I rly don't care, because I got armor penetration. The only one who can scare you is rammus with 1000000 armor and thornmail.

Let me know if you want me to go deeper in this guide, not only build :-)