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Quinn Build Guide by incriminatory

AD Offtank Quinn and Valor, where she belongs and how to play her. :]

AD Offtank Quinn and Valor, where she belongs and how to play her. :]

Updated on March 13, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author incriminatory Build Guide By incriminatory 10 1 175,257 Views 25 Comments
10 1 175,257 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author incriminatory Quinn Build Guide By incriminatory Updated on March 13, 2013
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Hello to everyone who is reading this guide. I am incriminatory. I have never made a guide before but i think i will be able to clearly show the way i believe Quinn is best suited to be played. This is going to be a solo-top / duo top guide to playing Quinn and valor. I have chosen the items above in order to allow her to best suit the role that you will be playing should you choose to accept this guide :>. Please read the guide in its entirety, i will try and make it short and not drag things out. But most of all have fun and do not be afraid to try weird lane positions with champs :D.

ALSO Please Read The Notes Next To The Items.
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Pros / Cons


[*] Naturaly High Damage.
[*]High mspd
[*] great chase potential
[*] Able to reveal part of map.


[*] Very Short range for a ranged ad champion
[*] No real escape ability
[*] long cooldowns
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Lets jump right in. So why did I choose to takeMarks of Flat Armor Pen,Seals of Flat Armor,Glyphs of Flat Magic Resistance, andQuints of Flat Armor Pen? In my opinion the time that runes are the most useful are in the early levels. If you pull ahead in kills or creep farm early on you will dominate your lane with ease all game , so long as you do not get reckless. So I choose to take a combination of Armor pen and ARMOR/Magic Resistance. This combination will give you about 25 armor pen, 13 armor and 12 MR. This is huge , let me put that in persective:

-Jarvin IV starts with 14 amor and 30 mr. with 25 armor pen he will have negative 11 armor ( yes that is possible) which will cause you to do true dmg + extra dmg cause he is negative.

-the 13 Armor is 2 armor from being equal too a cloth armor and it is for free which = 300g. So its like starting with 300g more for free.

-the 12 MR is 2 more MR then half of a Null-Magic Mantle. A Null-Magic Mantle = 400g so divded by 2 = 200g. So it is like starting with 200g more for free.

This combination will allow you to out damage most opponents and provide a significant amount of free protection allowing you to take boots and pots or some other starting item rather then a tanky early game item like Doran's Shield. If you dont have these runes you might want to start with doran's shield. Though it is by no means a requirement.
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The masteries are pretty standard. The only thing that is different is that I did not take Lethality or Frenzy.

-Lethality : I did not take this because this guide does not focus on critical hits and so this is a waste.

- Frenzy: I did not take this for the same reason as for Lethality.

-Where did i put these 3 pts? I chose the mastery Sorcery because this will reduce the large cooldowns that Quinn has and allow you to cast Vault more often.
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Ok so here i will list each item and an explanation of why you should get each item:

- OR The reason i take these over berserk greaves is that I find the extra armor or mr acompanied with the tenacity / dmg reduction is much more valuable. also this is a tanky ad guide so we are gonna go for these. However if you really want to you can get berserker greaves.

- The black cleaver is a great choice for any ad. It gives you 10 flat armor pen which further increases your already 25 armor pen, it gives scaling armor pen with number of atks on a target which is once again amazing for an ad who already has 25 + 10 armor pen, it gives 200 health which works great for anyone especial in a tanky ad guide, and it gives 10 cdr which helps quinn alot as her cds are rather long.

- We are building a tanky quinn to go solo top. So you need hp. Altho i would recommend a tanky item for all champions it is especially important when you are building a tanky ad , obviously. I chose frozen mallet over an item like warmogs armor because, frozen mallet gives alot of hp and it gives some ad, as well as a renewing slow on auto atks which helps for chases. This item is a must have especially for this build!

- Blade of the ruined king is in this build because it provides 40% atkspd which will increase your dmg per second, it gives 15% life-steal for sustain, it gives 25 ad which will increase all your damage, it deals 5% of targets health in physical dmg which will help to scale your dmg, and it has a great active for finishing off fleeing enemy's as well as a huge number of other uses.

- Randiuns omen is here as this guide is a tanky quinn solo top. Randuins proves 500 hp further increasing your health, 70 armor increasing your resistance values more, as well as an amazing passive which will hugely help in Team Fights(tfs) and trades with enemys, and an active which once again helps in tfs and chases.

- OR : This item slot is the situtational slot. I have used maw and mercurial as two examples. I find these too be great choices as they proved attack damage in a large amount, they both provide MR which is great with all the hp you will have, and they both have an active or passive which is very usefull. Id choose one of these however do not always use them if the situtation does not fit them. Choose an item that gives you some ad and provides some utility that you need.
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Skill Sequence

Here is the sequence to harass with :
-> -> ->
What that means is when valor marks an opponent if you have the chance blind them with ur Q then proc harrier, then vault to them and proc the new harrier. then get an auto atk if u have time if not turn and pull bak.

Notes on Harrier:
Harrier is your passive. It is amazing. It will provide great damage early game and help all the way through. Always proc it when you can. If it marks an oponent consider using the harrass combo.

Notes on Blinding Assault:
This ability is a great tool to have. It allows for decent ranged dmg when you can land it in line of sight, It allows allows you to harass your opponent relatively without worry. Whenever you use this ability try and get 1 auto atk on them if they r within range.

Notes on Heightened Senses:
Do not hesistate to activate this. If you are thinking of pushing or harrasing or going in for a kill proc it to check close bushes. It has a long cd but it has no mana cost and u still get the passive while its on cd so might as well use it.

Notes on Vault:

Vault is your bread and butter so to speak. Sure it has to long of a cd to be really considered that but still. This is a great ability. It has amazing utility in all sorts of ways. You can close distance, increase a gap when running, jump backwards over a wall when being attacked, and most importantly apply a harrier mark. This ability when paired with a harrier mark already applied with do amazing damage. Try and always proc the mark that it leaves.

Notes on Tag team:
This ulti is a temporary transformation into her bird valor. During the duration of it you get increased mspd and a permanent bonus from heigtend senses. However you no longer are ranged and you no longer get harrier marks. The most important thing to note abote this is DO NOT PROC THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF A TEAMFIGHT. Ok sorry for yelling but its important. If you proc this in the middle of a team fight you will instantly make yourself a mele champion which is a bad decision because now the enemy team does not have to get to you in order to attack. Here is some examples of when to use it:

In order to chase down fleeing enemy's after a successful team fight
In order to flee after a failed Team Fight.
When pushing a tower ( as it will give you a permanent attack speed boost).
When you are 1v1ing someone who you do not need to kite.

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Here are the two summoner spells I suggest:

This is essential because Quinn doesnt have a great escape tool outside her ulti. Also it is great for utility.

This can finish off a fleeing enemy. Its always nice to have.

other good choices are :

If you are solo top and you need to return to base this can help you not miss creep or loose your tower, also good for cross map ganks.

This synergyzes well with the mspd boost on her ulti. MOBILITY OVERRRRRRR 9000000000000!

Never take these:

You are not a support please do not take this -_-

Once again your no support and you do not need the mana either.
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Thank you for reading my guide :]

This is my first guide on mobafire or anywhere so tell me what you think. Please comment and vote. But don't just down-vote without an explanation please xD. I appreciate all feedback.


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Revision list

-Published March 13, 2013

-Same day ( March 13, 2013):
[*] Added this revision section
[*] Changed the words "...magic damage..." in the items section for blade of the ruined king to "...physical damage..." in order to fix a mistake.
[*] fixed the placing of the skill "purchase" order because i had mistakenly placed 6 in Quins e when the level 13 pt should have been in her q
[*] Fixed a few minor grammar errors
League of Legends Build Guide Author incriminatory
incriminatory Quinn Guide
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Quinn and Valor, where she belongs and how to play her. :]

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