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Quinn Build Guide by kimelein

Other Quinn Buiilds for all lanes (6.10+)

Other Quinn Buiilds for all lanes (6.10+)

Updated on May 24, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kimelein Build Guide By kimelein 16,270 Views 0 Comments
16,270 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kimelein Quinn Build Guide By kimelein Updated on May 24, 2016
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Quinn
    Toplane Bruiser (not good mid)
  • LoL Champion: Quinn
    Midlane Assassin (works top)
  • LoL Champion: Quinn
    Marksman / ADC
  • LoL Champion: Quinn


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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ok ok ok let me get this straight? you want to play my Quinn. Let me tell you it will be a treat to teach you how to play Quinn (and Valor). I have played Quinn since release date and I cant be more happy with where she is today.
but first lets prove that i know what im talking about! here have some examples of Quinn games(from me ofcourse):

it isnt much but its what I got before I filled my history with URF games :p.

So why should you play Quinn? well she is FUN TO PLAY!!! and she can handle almost any situation like the amasing woman she is!
she can also be played in multible lanes so even if you dont like going ADC becase the Low Elo gives trashy supps, just go mid

Hope you enjoy all the info I gathered thru the yeats and Good luck SummoneR
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Quinn midlane is a thing of the past most people seems to believe while the truth is that its super strong. you are a high damage assassin that gives the role a new perspective.

Your job is primary to find single targets and chase them down. You wont be to good at pushing so make sure you have a tryndamere or a Nasus or something in that style.

Teamfight will be diffrent since you shuld try to sneak up thru the jungle and flank them thru the back.

TIPS AND TRICKS::: if you win your lane take and save to youmuus and bots then go for roaming and helping lanes push.
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Ok this will sound weird but bare with me. you are weaker early than lategame with this build... there I said it ok? you are worthless before youmuus and after full build you will be IMORTALL and your powerlevels will be over 9000!!!!

your job is to pick of enemys that splitpush and to destroys as many towers as possible whilst your team keeps the enemy line checked.

in teamfight you wait to engage a bit so you dont get targeted then you slaghter everyone but primary squishies.

TIPS AND TRICKS::: if you see alot of tanks in your enemies build the Lord Domenics before the phantom dancer to get a higher damage output in total.
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You wont deal as much damage as the midlane assassin or a god marksman would do. but you will deal high damage whilst you also can tank a bit for your team.

you are the frontline now, you are going to be heave since you have a bloodthirster and a frozen mallet. You exel at longer battles 1v1 vs people like fiora.

in teamfight you will want to go in first or after your full on tank. you can do 1 of 2 things:
find the squishies and keep them away from the fight
or you could target the tanks and slowly take them down.

TIPS AND TRICKS::: try to buy a Jaruims fist first item and then buid a youmuus so the fist can stack. and you can always buy mercurial if they are to CC heavy.
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Quinn jungle is a little easyier to do since you have ganking power befor lv:6 so you should be able to gank quite easy.

what you will do depends on what build you are going, check the other lanes for insperation.

but in teamfight you have the same quest as above. check other lanes and see what you should do.

TIPS AND TRICKS::: there is plenty of walls so you should have alot of escapes in case of a shaco or a rengar invades. the best part is also have a free longsight ward "W" when you invade their buffs to see if they are around or if its already taken.
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Creeping / Jungling


-Poke alot without taking to much minion aggro
-always use marks since they give movment speed and attack speed
-Farm alot to get an advatage, or just stomp lane


Smite camps with a red cross (dragon and baron aswell duuuuuuuh)
Ward at orange dotes
arrows are basic gank routes for each team

Try to gank at lv 3 if there is any windows to do so.
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Pros / Cons

-you have erly power, thats great if you need to do ganks in lv:3
-free vision with "W"
-easy to roam with ult
-hard poke vs lanes
-great taunt/joke
-2 good skins for decent price
-passive deals a **** ton of damage when having youmuus
-can stomp many champs 1v1
-fun to play

-if having bad early game you are quite lost till late game
-poeple tend to camp Quinn
-having alot of stoped over match ups
-way to weak early game as an ADC
-her ult is to ccostly early game
-hard to master
-demands teamplay in teamfigts
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kimelein
kimelein Quinn Guide
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Quinn Buiilds for all lanes (6.10+)

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