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Quinn Build Guide by Noclock

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noclock

Quinn jungle , Riotsavethequinn [5.4 Ready !]

Noclock Last updated on March 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everybody , i'm Noclock a gold EUW player , and welcome to my first mobafire build , about quinn .
Quinn was supposed to be an adc but appears to be way better top and jungle , there aren't a lot of people playing her jungle but she got a good clear and descent gank even pre 6

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Pros / Cons

-Really fun to play
-A lot of burst at every stage of game
-Can clear pretty easily after some training
-You a bird
-You scale really well
-You are always useful tanky of full damage
-Need training
-Your team won't like having a quinn jungle
-You are not ALWAYS a bird
-Can't get back in the game if you fail early

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Creeping / Jungling

You don't need to farm much in your jungle as you can't gank without much risk and from level 2

You can deny the jungle damage and kill the mob fast if you use well your passiv , Q and E

You can counter jungle very easily as you can kite your enemy and deals a lot of damage whole game

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Team Work

As can you won't be at the Frontline of your team so you need to wait an engage or try to pick up kills as an assassin , you are very good to flank the enemy ADC

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You need to max your Q spell as this is your bread and butter for the damage and the blind , then max E to reduce the cd and gain some damage , don't forget to use W a lot when you think you might get counter ganked or counter jungled

Valor what do you see up there ?

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Tips and trick

There is a lot of tricks and tips you can learn about quinn and valor , here is some of them
[*] You can jump trough a lot of wall in both direction using jungle creeps and champion , here is some of them :
[*] As valor you should always try to keep your E to bait a flash or an important dash , you are already quick enough to get to your opponent if they run away , so don't waste it
[*] Your ult is a finisher , as you are most of the time slightly stronger as valor don't use it like it was the last spell of your combo
[*] When you attack an enemy marked by your passiv you gain AS so think about it when you are jungling or pushing towers

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Items Vs items

Now let's get serious about the build , at the top of the build i show you all viable item on quinn , but let's compare some of them to know why and when you should pick one over another
1st :VS The item choice depend of how you plain to play (you can get both if you need more pene) the last whisper will give you more damage all over the game , but the youmuu will add so much burst in your teamfight that it barely get over last whisper , i personally choose youmuu most of the time cause you don't have too play like an adc in 8 game out of 10 you'll just have to burst down the enemy ADC

2nd : VS VS Most of the time the Stalker's Blade is the best , armor pen and the slow that can help you to stick to the enemy , but if you feel like you won't need it to kill the enemy and if you wanna farm , the Ranger's Trailblazer can help you to clear , nothing much about that . But the Skirmisher's Sabre is a really interesting item , if the enemy team have duelist you could/should give it a go and nobody will be able to test you !

3rd : VS Here is an close matchup , most of the time you'll go for a malmortius as the mercurial is really expensive , but if there is a hard lock down in the enemy team and youre getting focused it can be your savior

4th : VS From the s2 when i started playing triforce has always been one of my favorite item on the game for all the stats it give , with quinn and valor every stats (not the ap tho) are usefull , but the triforce is really really expensive so if you are getting a bit late consider buying shiv as it can give you a good burst early

As the other item don't have much similarity their is not point comparing them so you'll have to choice depending of the game

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When and why should i pick her ?

First off all i don't think you'll play much quinn in ranked game , but if you wanna try it , here is some example of jungle matchup and how they are , just remember that as you are not a god tier jungler you'll have to play way better than a WW or a J4 to carry you the game
Easy Aatrox is based on AA so basicaly he won't be able to do anything against you , you can counter jungle him really hard
Easy Same for amumu , he can't trade you early so his jungle can be yours .
Medium he is a really fair matchup , to be honest you can be stronger for the first levels but elise can hunt you and catchup to you too .
Pretty easy With evelynn you should not have much problem as you can stay away from her , be careful she won't come to close tho or she could win the trade
Mhe Their is no much point at counter jungling fiddle with quinn , you won't be able to kill him and he can be dangerous , just stay on your side
Medium This is an interesting matchup where skill will make the difference , even early j4 has really decent damage , cc and tankyness but if you manage to get him down he might have trouble mid game while you'll make a lot of easy gank with your ult
Medium Against kha'zix , you got the advantage early but after 6 he can be a real problem , if you manage to take an advantage early that can save you from his powerspike
Hard Don't even think about it lee sin can catchup to you easily and has everything to counter a squishy adc at every moment of the game
Master yiYou could kill him early but he is yi you should just stay on your side of the map , even with your Q you shouldn't be able to trade him
Hard (same for WW) you can have a bit of advantage early but if ever one of them catchup to you you are dead , your jungle is enough anyway

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Who the **** are you and y u do dis ?

As i said before i'm Noclock , gold EUW player , i play many exotic champ in the jungle just to have fun and quinn is actually a decent pick , so my friends told me to do this guide to show how she is supposed to be played in the jungle , so i did it , it's my first guide ever and i'm kinda "nervous?" about it so i hope it was not THIS bad and i would like you to leave a feedback if you think i should change something , you can also ask me question , i'll try to awnser ASAP

Thanks for reading this guide about quinn and i wish you to have as much fun as i do if you wanna test it ^^