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Hecarim Build Guide by Noisia pls

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noisia pls

"Suffering Is Magic !" Jungle Hecarim Guide

Noisia pls Last updated on October 13, 2013
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Hey everyone, I'm Noisia

And this is my very first guide on Mobafire, I hope it will help you to get higher elo :)

Let's start talking about the champ : Hecarim is a Melee Tank, mostly played as jungler and the best ganker so far, he is really good in teamfights if you know what to do, he is depending on movespeed and his early game is really strong

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Pros / Cons


- Awesome Early ganks
- Alot of AOE (Area of effects)
- Best Nashor stealer
- Inescapable with red buff
- He is really fast
- Can protect the carries easily
- He can cancel alot of spells (Zac's jump, yi's meditate, karthus' ult)
- Fast jungle
- High sustain with spirit visage
- Awesome engage
- Great escape
- Game-changing ult


- Easy to counterjungle
- Can't 1v1 without red buff
- A bit mana depending
- Can become useless late

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Skills explanations

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Hecarim's passive is warpath, it gives you AD depending on your movement speed, so it's good to have movespeed runes and to get lvl 2 boots early on the game.
It also allows you to move through the minions like you had a Phantom Dancer.

Rampage is the first spell to max, you will spam him all day long while farming in the jungle or when fighting/ganking on lanes.
Basically, he will attack all the enemies around you (a bit more than melee range) and dealing some pretty cool damage, if you hit an enemy with it, the cooldown is reduced, so spam it on the jungle.
If you have no blue buff, only use this ability to clean the jungle.

Spirit of dread is the second abilty to max, it gives you really good sustain(especially with spell vamp masteries), and a bit of aoe damage.
Only use it if you have blue when farming in the jungle, because it costs alot of mana and hecarim gets oom really fast.
If you want to focus on the sustain, get a early in the game.

Devastating charge is the last spell to max, because it wont boost your move speed, only the damage and cooldown.
Devastating charge boostes you for a short duration, the speed will increase after casting the ability, and if you hit an enemy with it, the enemy will get bumped.
The best way to use this ability is to run behind the enemies, and push them in your team.

Onslaught of shadows is the hecarim's ultimate, it's a really good AOE Ult that can fear the enemies depending on their position, here is a picture to explain the ult :

Basically, you need to ult behind the enemies, to fear them on the opposite way :
If they are on the bottom of you circle, they will go down, if they are at the top, they will go up.
So, in teamfights you can do two things :
-Be the iniciator, and ult behind the enemy carries, so your team will follow up (do it if you are not losing)
-Defend your carries, and ult to fear the enemies attacking your carries (Really good against Zed,zac,fizz)

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Runes & Masteries


For hecarim, i take x3 Movespeed Quintessences, 3x Magic resist glyphs, 6x Scaling Magic resist glyphs, 9x Armor seals and 9x Armor pen Marks

I take Armor seals because you need this if you dont want to die at your blue buff
I take Magic resist glyphs cause you will need some Mr on Mid/late game, when the AP Carries are getting stronger
I take armor pen marks because hecarim will just spam his Q all the game, and it deals physical damages
I take Movespeed runes because it gives hecarim an AD buff and it is good on every jungler.


Here is my masteries tree

In defense i take these to get a bit more tanky, and to deal dmg on minions when they attack me
In utility i take some lifesteal and spellvamp because it scales really great with his w and q.
I took some cooldown for the Q spam, mana regen because hec's jungle is really hard without blue buff, extended buff duration for the same reason, pickpocket and exp masteries for extra gold/xp and finally the movespeed buff.

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Elder lezard is the best jungle item, it gives you the early AD that you need, hp regen mana regen, and he's pretty cheap

Get these right after the elder lizard, they will give you bonus ad (Movespeed = ad) and some early magic resist because you will rush armor on the next items

sunfire cap
Good item on every tank, HP, some DPS, and Armor, the defensive item on hecarim so far, get in after your boots

If you need damage and the enemy AP carry isnt fed, get this right after sunfire cap.
It's really op because if you push someone on your team, it will be really hard for him to escape.

Spirit visage is a pretty strong item on hecarim.
Alot of HP, magic resist, a "must buy" item if the enemy ap is fed
Also the will regen you alot of hp and make you an unkillable horse on teamfights

Get the randuin's omen if the enemy AD are auto attack dependent (trynd, master yi) or the enemy adc is fed, get this item.

Shurelya's reverie
Awesome item if you get slowed/kited alot and it's pretty fun to use with hecarim :)

Build this if the enemy apc is fed, or if you are in trouble vs champs with game changing spells(Blitzcrank, ashe, thresh, varus)

If your team hasnt enough damage and you need damage, take this

Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad

Not enough stats ? The enemies are not building armor/magic pen ? Get this to be unkilable

Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad Fed ad

If you need some damages and the enemy team has armor, last whisper is a great late game item

Great item if you need some damages
The Phage passive (if you auto attack an ennemy/kill a minion or ennemy you get a speed boost)
is awesome on hecarim you will get alot of ad thanks to the passive.
Sheen is great since you spam your spells
Zeal geaves movespeed, but it's the most useless item on the trinity force.

Awesome item versus heavy slow (Ashe, blue ez, lulu), but only get it if you have elder golem or you wont have tenacity.

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Jungle path/early game

Here is the basic jungle path :

So, first you will do the botlane buff, depending on your team (blue team = red buff, purple team = blue buff), try to get a smiteless, and then clear the second buff with your smite.
After that you can choose to gank mid or top lane, depending on which lane is pushed.
If the lanes arent pushed, just get all the other jungle monsters.
I think the best way to play hecarim is to find a lane, and to gank it everytime you can, Babysit if you want.
Once you reached level 6, you can gank botlane easily : Come from the lane bushes if the others are warded, and ult behind the enemy Adc/Supp then push him with your E. If you dont fail you will get a kill or atleast burn a flash
If you think you are in a good position, you can get the drake early on the game.

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Mid Game

Mid game, your goal is to fight at drake/nash, so keep farming on the jungle, get your core items (Ex : Elder lizard, mercury boots and sunfire cap) and try to get a good fight at drake.
If you are not wining the game, and the enemy are doing the drake, you can steal it, because hec is the best nash/drake stealer.
Once the drake is ~1500 hp, ult in and smite it, if you dont get the drake it's not a problem, just try to escape with your E or Thresh's lantern.

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Late Game

Late game is pretty much the same as mid game, but this time you will need to defend your carries a bit more, nothing else to say.

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Hecarim's best friends

Hecarim is such a beast with some champions, here is who and why :


Hecarim is just a beast with orianna :
she can shield you/boost you, so you do awesome ganks
her ult fits perfectly with hec : She can ult all the enemies, and then hec ults and fears everyone. Or she can shield hecarim, that ults on the fight then ori ults and it's GG


She is hot
She gives movespeed (movespeed = AD)


Movespeed boost GG


If he ults you when you engage the fight, you might just kill everyone cause of the surprise party
"Welcome to the party hecari... OH YOU BRING YOUR FRIEND WITH YOU PLEASE DONT KILL US !!"



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Hecarim's greatest enemies


You just cant gank vladimir, when you will come he will just pool and escape


This little fat girl is the most annoying thing in the world
If you gank, she will just slow you down like you were a legless maokai, and then she will turn you into a kitty, how cute !


hi i am dog i am slow you i am escape i am dog i am pro


If you try to gank and she uses her spell shield, you will secretly ear the song Can't touch this by MC Hammer.


No one ganks the shadow

Anyway ! Here is the end of my guide, i hope it helped you alot, you can add me in game if you want and i'd be glad to know if you used it ! :D

Thanks ! :)