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Caitlyn Build Guide by predzje

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author predzje

"Wanna see a hat trick?" 4.13 ADC Caitlyn Guide

predzje Last updated on August 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Caitlyn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sivir She got buffed, nerfed, buffed, reworked, nerfed, buffed, nerfed. She is in a horrible state right now, however dont let your cupcakes be free mana to her, avoid spamming them near her. Otherwise you should win this lane very easily
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Hi, this is my SoloQ Caitlyn guide which I got to Platinum with.

I personally do mostly what this guide says, you can adjust some things depending on how the game goes, but as long as you follow this you should get quite a resonable lead in the lane phase, just follow the matchups above (weak/good against.)

So lets get on with the guide!

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So we take these runes because they are strong for early game DPS and Farming. You can replace Quints for more AS, that will help you trade a bit more and scale a bit more into the late game, but I dont like that, If im going to replace the quints. I'd pick crit chance because we are caitlyn and we get lucky sometimes.

Nothing really else to say, what runes to replace I mentioned in the +notes part, you'll probably hear me moan about the same thing about masteries & build so please no hate :D I explained most things in the notes, just hover over +notes

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So i'll actually repeat this.

We take Dangerous game because it is good for 1v2s 2v2s trades and it can give you back ~100 health at level 8-12 whenever you kill someone

We take 8 points in the defense tree so that we can trade early game and use it to our advantage with the -3 AA Dmg and the +2 per 5 HP regen, also +36HP early game is quite nice, can be like 1 auto attack saver.

We take 1 point in utility for recall ability so that we can get away in scary situations, like a fed Fizz coming towards us :3

And then we stick to the left side of the Offense tree apart from Double Edged Sword, it doesn't give more damage, and it just makes you that little bit squisher, also we dont take the increase % bonus ad because it will give us only 10 AD more, which we rather take the other points into the far left, to help our damage output and our team-mates output onto the target we choose.

The AS when you crit is very nice if you get lucky in lane with like ~5% crit, if you take crit quints for example :)

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Read the notes, it says everything there

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is bread and butter, nothing much to explain, you just maximize your damage spell, maxing E or W doesn't matter much, W if you are gonna be pushing a lot and want to zone the enemy away from wave clearing. E if they have assassins so we can jump away from them.

Nothing else to say here

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Ranked Play

Errrrrrrr...... Just follow the guide :D ?

Seriously though you shouldn't pick caitlyn in higher elo, players aren't as stupid to not know how to deal with you.

Caitlyn is strong in lower elo because people will take dumb trades with you and caitlyn likes that, also they rarely know how to dodge your ult (block it) so they are very easy to get killing blows on with your ultimate.

Not sure what else to say? Mmmm.. dont do what I said above but the opposite, dont take stupid trades with champions like Draven who obviously have more DPS than you early game, only duel him if you are certain you are gonna win, most people go in after they get their first item, and then still get crushed because he just runs around and catches his axes so you can really land your spells on him, and when you try ult, you wont because you're gonna die quicker.

Not sure what I was actually meant to say here :)))

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Pros / Cons

Aaaaaaah good old pros and cons (good/bad)

Pros :

    Immense late game potential

    Good Harass in lane

    Long range poke (including ultimate)

    Good escapes with traps + net

    Easy to trade with because of your passive

    Huge outplay potential with your traps

Cons :
    If you lose lane, you're gonna have a hard mid-game

    Impossible matchups vs some champions

    Very easy to get to, low mobility

    Feels clunky and slow sometimes

    Vulnerable when casting ultimate

    Net and Peacemaker have like a 0.5 casting animation before they do what they are meant to do.

Thats all I know really

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Creeping / Jungling

Caitlyn is easy to farm with because you out-range every adc other than kog maw with his W I believe. So you can stay far back, trade and CS at the same time. Use your Q in-line with your opponent to harass them and secure CS at the same time. But do not spam your Q so that your are OOM in like 50 seconds.

You should be hitting ~70 CS minimum around 10 minute mark and should be around 180 at the 20 minutes, thats ideal for elo around Gold, you should aim higher the higher you are, if you get those scores in bronze, its good because most people get 50 at like 20 minutes

erm do not jungle her unless you are challenger Kappa

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Team Work

Good synergy with leona in lane and other supports that you can follow up to easily from range (unlike blitzcrank)

Works amazingly in poke comps that seige towers (e.g Ziggs or Old Nidalee) because you can poke poke poke, take tower, back, rinse and repeat.

Mid-Game go to mid-lane and take jungle skirmishes with your team, your ult covers most of the jungle so if someone drops low. BOOM HEADSHOT.

Just stay back and ask for peel if there are champs that can jump to you easily. E.G Zed, Fizz, Kha Zix, Lissandra.

Dont take your tower at like 8 minutes, caitlyn is meant to be a pushing champ but you can play her as lane bully and just freeze and poke the enemy, incase you dont know how to freeze :

Clear the lane so that there are no minions, run up to the minions before they hit your team's minions, pull the to the river or the bush, and make them attack you, then your minions will push up to theirs, now you have to move away, and only last hit when they are sub-health to your AD, as long as you don't push or the enemy doesn't gank you, you are safe and can farm very slowly :) (tbh this should've gone to the part above but w/e ;D)

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Unique Skills

Q + Passive (maybe Crit) + Ult drops the enemy to like 20% or can kill them if you crit, so have fun watching their healthbar slip down instantly in 5 seconds

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Thanks for reading my guide

Thanks a lot, it took my quite a while to write this, so please support by voting and commenting on improvements! <3 Thanks again for reading.