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Lee Sin Build Guide by jarlks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jarlks

"Your will, my hands" - Solo Top Off-Tank Guide

jarlks Last updated on April 18, 2013
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Hi, My name is Jarlks and welcome to my Lee Sin Solo Top Off-Tank Guide. I like to play as an off-tank because if the tank disconnected or if we don't have a tank I can be the one, and also Lee Sin can naturally dish out good damage. Other champions that I play as Off-Tank is Olaf, Nasus, Renekton, Ryze, Skarner, Udyr and Warwick. I also like to play pure Tank champions like Shen, Malphite, Amumu, Galio, Maokai and Rammus.

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Pros / Cons


+ 7 Skills
+ Very fun to play
+ Hard to Kill
+ Great Mobility
+ Strong early game

- Weak late game
- Hard to master
- Skillshots
- No CC remove
- Energy Issues

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9 points in offense tree is enough for an Off-Tank because it already gives good stats for you, Attack Speed, Attack Damage and Armor Pen.

21 points in defense tree is best for an Off-Tank because of the reduced damage from all sources, you'll have a block, and more Armor/Magic Resist.

No points in Utility since the movement speed is not worth it since we got many movement speed already, and you need more in the other trees.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Health Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is an overall great summoner spells for how I play off-tanks, you can easily get away, you can also chase opponents while passing thrugh any unit, the movement speed is also high enough.

With Exhaust and Ghost combined any champion who runs away is a sure kill, I mean, reduce movement speed and attack speed? With this you're a very good help in your team

Other Viable Choices

Ignite is a good choice if you want to go more on damage.

Flash can be used to teleport to opponents then Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike him for an easy catch. size=64

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Champion Skills

  • Flurry:If you attack between skills you can utilise this passive perfectly and can regain energy and more attack speed in 2 attacks.
  • Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike(Q):If you have a good position you can aim Sonic Wave at an opponent then use Resonating Strike to get to them quickly. You can also use this to catch up to enemies.
  • Safeguard/Iron Will(W):With this you have good sustainability early game and good escape mechanism in the whole game, and additional life steal and spell vamp.
  • Tempest/Cripple(E):With this skill you can easily clear out monster camps and can see and slow down invisible enemies or enemies out of Line of Sight.
  • Dragon's Rage(R):If you're chasing enemies and have an enemy in front of you aline the one between you and your target the R to knockback him causing him to collide with the one your chasing allowing you to catch up or if he's on low health a kill.

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Item Sequence

Ninja Tabi

Warmog's Armor

Atma's Impaler

Frozen Mallet

Randuin's Omen
We get Ravenous Hydra because of the high attack damage, extra health regeneration and life steal, enough for us to sustain a fight against strong DPSs. With the cleave we can help teammates near us by attacking someone who is near everyone, and an active cleave.

With the armor and passive block of Ninja Tabi, you can sustain almost all fight you have against AD Hitters. The boots is situational, if the opponent's have more AP or have more CC's than AD you should get Mercury's Treads.

Warmog's Armor is an overall great tank/off-tank item, it gives you 1000 health and more health regeneration if you have more health, other than that, you are gonna be fine late game.

Atma's Impaler added with Warmog's Armor is just a very strong item combination, you get more damage in Atma's Impaler the more health you have, so with Warmog's Armor you will have a decent amount of damage, plus you get 45 armor.

With this none can get out of your reach(except those who has Cleanse or Flash or other spells they can use to get out of your reach) because of that awesome slow, if you can synergize this with your passive, they will have a hard time to get away, and it has huge health.

I buy this item because of the huge armor and health, additionally you get an awesome passive that slows the attack speed and movement speed of anyone that attacks you, and an active that slows enemies nearby.

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Early Game

Since your solo top you gotta play it defensively but always last hit minions, when the minions are near your tower you can go play aggresively but be careful of ganks, if you think the enemy has thier jungler waiting for you, ask for your jungler to gank your opponent, it's always helpful to have a ward or 2 in the river, if you think there is no opponent waiting for you then Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike on you opponent, just make sure you hit him and not his minions, if you want to retreat for now, use Safeguard/ Iron Will, when you get Tempest/ Cripple you can now play aggresively, Sonic Wave then Resonating Strike, cast Safeguard and Iron Will on yourself, then Tempest/ Cripple him to slow him.

Mid Game

When you're level 6 you can start ganking other lanes, when you just leveled up, get your Dragon's Rage and head to mid, you might want to get some observer wards or an oracle's elixir, wait in the brush for the enemy to push and near your tower then tell your mid to engage, use the combo the same as early game, but now if you can't attack them but low on health and near enough for you Dragon's Rage use it, you can now recall, jungle, or gank bot lane.

Late Game

You are probably making you way to buy Frozen Mallet, you should buy Phage first for the slow, every time the combo is the same, at late game you can be the one to initiate first,the same combo, initiate on their Carry > Jungler(Most junglers are bruisers) > ADR > Support > Tank. If you tower dive utilise you passive well fo it's a great help in tower diving.When you do Baron or Dragon, don't use Safeguard/ Iron Will on youself, use it on someone that likes to get hit by Baron or Dragon, utilise you passive also when doing them for it's always a great help.

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Lee Sin is a fun champion, easy to play, but hard to master, when you keep on practicing him you will learn more on skillshots and positioning, Lee Sin is all about position, I would happily accept suggestions on the Cons of the guide, and I'll answer any questions I can A.S.A.P.

Rate only when you tried out the guide, credits to jhoijhoi on some templates of the guide and for the Making A Guide guide. I'll update the guide A.S.A.P. when there are new patches and stuff.

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=4.18.2013-Published guide in MOBAfire.