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Rammus Build Guide by revengeofbigd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author revengeofbigd

Rammus AP Demolition

revengeofbigd Last updated on April 5, 2013
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This is an experimental guide for building an effective AP-based Rammus that can excel at destroying turrets and other structures. This is NOT a appropriate guide for those looking to kill enemies easily and dominate in team fights.

To play this guide effectively, you will need to be sneaky and devious. Your prime objective is to push. Pushing can be far more effective than participating in teamfights, if done correctly.

This guide revolves areound Rammus's Ult, Tremors, which damages structures and is therefore great for pushing.

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Approaches to Pushing

There are a few approaches to performing an effective push:

* Aggressive: You can be extremely aggressive, pushing your lane's turret at every opportunity. This is more suited to high-AD who can attack a turret with high attack speed.

* Sneaky: Pushing sneakily means traveling to unguarded turrets, pushing as much as you can, then running away. You should also be watching ganks so you know which lanes have been abandoned and are vulnerable. This method requires a bit more mobility, since you'll probably be traveling all over the map. I like this method better with Rammus.

Good ward placement is important for both of these methods.

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Game progression

Early game: your goal is to stay alive and farm gold for your more advanced items, like Banner of Command and Ohmwrecker. Don't be too aggressive, just stay alive and buy your bigger items. Since you'll be building a highly mobile Rammus, you can easily move to other lanes for ganks which is a good way to earn more gold.

Mid Game: Once you start building your push-specific items, you'll be able earn gold and strengthen your minions with Banner of Command and soon you'll be able to dive and destroy turrets with Tremors and Ohmwrecker.

Late game: You'll primarily be by yourself, pushing unguarded turrets and looking to exploit abandoned lanes.