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Not Updated For Current Season

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Gnar Build Guide by mrduckwizard

Other Rascal Gnar

Other Rascal Gnar

Updated on August 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrduckwizard Build Guide By mrduckwizard 7,055 Views 1 Comments
7,055 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mrduckwizard Gnar Build Guide By mrduckwizard Updated on August 24, 2014
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Just an idea.

Still testing this out myself. If anyone has the time, tell me how it goes.
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The reasons behind the items is solely for the purpose of being that teemo 2.0. You'll run fast, you hit fast, and you can kill pretty fast. And thanks to the kit of gnar, you won't go down fast.

So this is how you should roll. Get that Zephyr, if your opponent has cc you do not like. Like stuns. if they seem to have rough skin while they're flicking you and it hurts, get Blade of the Ruined King. The Trinity Force is mostly just a late game item but get at least one of the 3 items it builds from.

Lastly, before the laning phase ends, make sure you get at least 1 tanking item. it doesn't have to be finished. Things like Warden's Mail Spectre's Cowl. Depending on what damage you'll mostly be taking or what damage that seems to be attracted to you most.
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Since you'll be getting Zephyr there's no reason for Mercury's Treads. and that 25 magic resist won't make too much of a difference really. But most likely in the end, you would probably end up getting Ninja Tabi because the extra speed in Boots of Swiftness is actually highly unnecessary.
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Standard things. If anyone saw that attack speed on the seals, disregarded that. lol

But yeah, standard things. 3% life steal to couple with your dorans blade for a total of 6% is nice. Just hit something, you'll see your health moving up. attack speed on glyphs over everything else because, the thing is, magic resist is sort of useless even going mid. they'll do the same damage regardless with these tiny numbers. the late game with Banshee's Veil is where it matters.
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The masteries is where i go to, to cover for making gnar a little more tanky. Hardiness and Resistance gives you that flat pluses, because it helps with mitigating some of the lower damaging skills. Fury is just there to help with reaching that sweet spot 2.49 attack speed with end build.
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Skill Sequence

You want that Hop bonus. Not for just that mobility, but that attack speed gain is everything to help you proc that Hyper 2 or 3 times in less that ammount of seconds.
your Boomerang Throw is only used for adding stacks for your Hyper hitting with it and catching it back are only 2 small bonuses. as for GNAR! there's no need for maxing it out right away but getting Hopand Hyper maxed first would actually make killing that first target faster. The reliance here is to kill before turning into mega gnar. you only need GNAR! for the stun and interruption.
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Just like what everyone does, auto Boomerang Throw, to get CS. Easy. The range on that thing is nice and the scaling on it is fitting also. It's basically your other autoattack with a bonus AD plus. so by the time you're level 2, you can go ahead and start hamming it. Your Boomerang Throw, auto attack combo and what ever you do with Hop should be made easy to do some good speedy damage, and walking out with not as much damage on you hopefully. or you can just save the Hop to hop right back to safety once you made the first move so they dont have a chance to react.

So now you ask, "but if i just spam my skills, i'll turn into mega gnar and lose my super long range."
I say "Don't worry about that, now that you're a bruiser, you shouldn't be as scared to take a hit. You've recovered some hp if you've lost any, you have a little bit of armor and magic resist to mitigate some of the damage off if they decide to hit you, and you have a stun. this can be your chance to Crunch in and Wallop then walk away like a champ.
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Basically, all you do is use your Hyper as your main damage source. I mean, 10% of the enemies health. that's pretty great right there. Using my wood 5 knowledge, i can calculate that at least (9 to 11)*3 hit's is all you need. Since you'll be maxing your Hop first getting that attack speed bonus x2ing your time of attacks, reducing that 33 to 15ish attacks, and with the help of Boomerang Throw to speed up the procing, it can be done as easy as 1 2 3.
Now if you spam your skills and basic them enough and correctly, you can kill at least 1 carry before you turn into mega gnar. And by the time you do turn into mega gnar, everyone would be all up in yo grill then you can just be all like, nope. mega gnar hp gain and armor and stuff.
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Those times when everyones on the same lane

Now this is only when things get really annoying because you just really want to go in right?
Well, you need patience. Either hope your other tanky tries something, or wait for one of the others on the other side to screws up. Otherwise, keep chucking Boomerang Throw.

So now lets say you were suppose to be the tank. oh man, you going to need to get youre mega gnar up and ready at your will then and wait for your time. You better have built at least 1 tank item by mid game. don't be that guy that screws up the whole team because they "need" a tank so bad. So once you have the mega gnar ready, about 85 to 99 rage or something, go right ahead and auto a minion or something close enough and immediately right after Hop in then and GNAR! the hell out of them into a wall if you will, or into your team if you want to just because. Right after that, go ahead and toss a Boulder Toss somewhere, anywhere and hope you can get it back without losing some time in the fight. While you have this time and if your still alive, give the highest damaging ***, or the one you hate most a good right hook Wallop. By then i'm sure your rock is back in your hand so toss that Boulder Toss again. And if you're still alive and you killed that fool who you hate. Go have a look at your adc. Is she still happily shooting things? Your job is done. Is she sleeping on the floor? Then you need to Crunch, Flash combo your *** out of there and hurry up back to being a little midget and start doing some damage, because you're the adc now. So if things seem to be going the way you like. Everyones dead besides a few of your friends and you, then get yourself a drink and feel good about.
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At all costs, try to refrain from any direct attack on an AP heavy as they will likely burst you down. Only do so if you either,
1. You have mega gnar ready
2. You have your magic resist item
3. You're not going in alone
4. they're low enough to Boomerang Throw Hop auto-attack.
If you're going against an AD, you know you have the advantage.
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So basically this is what you are. Primarily you are a fighter. Not exactly an adc, not exactly a bruiser. A fighter. Just get the idea of that you're a ranged champion out of your head and realize your range is lame. but use what little range you have to your advantage, because you still have kiting potential yourself. But once you're a mega gnar, now your a bruiser. not exactly a tank, not a fighter, but a bruiser. Your job now is to disrupt everything and just be an even bigger annoyance.
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Against other champions

If you were to go up against another gnar, he will most likely have more damage than you, so on here, you will need to rely heavily on your mini gnar's bursting potential. if you were to position yourself correctly using Hop you will win the duel if the fight were stationary at range.
As long as you're mediocre at stutter stepping and kiting, it's really easy to take on her. she has nothing on you.
I guess this match up is more of skills. but i find it to be turned into more of your favor since your mobility is much more reliant since Hop doesn't need tokens to jump on.
From my experience, it was actually pretty hard. i don't care what the other sites say. shen has always been that tanky ninja that i can never take on. it's weird. From the one game i did play against though, i think you just need to be able to time your Hop before his Shadow Dash hits you. But if you need actual advice on taking on him, you will need to find the people that think gnar counters shen.
She does out range you, she can out sustain you, and she may out damage you, but what she can't do is outplay you. Just timing a good transformation and stunning her and bursting her with all you got, you could end up winning the duel really fast.

More coming soon.
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Pros / Cons

+Veriety play
+toolbox champion
+early, mid, &late game all have even difficulty, so nothing gets easier, nothing get's harder.
+very helpful in teamfights
+Due to this build, even mega gnar is pretty mobile if you have enough built.
+Can stick to targets like glue as mini gnar.
+Can run so far as mini gnar.
+As mega gnar, you can lock victims like alistar.
+You are very cute

-Lose track of your rage, lose track of your game.
-can't toolbox correctly if you lose track of your rage.
-You won't be snowballing as easily as an assassin.
-early/mid game, you're still pretty squishy
-You aren't mobile as mega gnar really.
-meaning you won't be able to chase.
-Your game specs won't look impressive because you kill by health ammounts.
-Why is your voice so raspy? It's actually not that cute.
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