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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Deadskull

Rats in the.... Jungle?

Rats in the.... Jungle?

Updated on January 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deadskull Build Guide By Deadskull 15 8 50,302 Views 34 Comments
15 8 50,302 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Deadskull Twitch Build Guide By Deadskull Updated on January 30, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Alright, this is my first build here and most likely not my last. I haven't seen hardly any rats since...... Well, never in ranked. With a very simple reason; A smart team will never let the rat farm. Oracles hurts. And ******** those pink wards. But what if you didn't care about all of that? What if your job wasn't to be the carry, but to control the ENTIRE map and not care about wards and oracles. Well now we step into a realm of fun. I speak in fact of Jungle Twitch.

On a side note, I realise the guide looks bad at the moment, but it is being written and judged before I make it pretty.

EDIT: In progress to make it pretty and such.

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Pros / Cons

There are things the jungle rat has going for him, and things that take away from his usefulness.

+ Very Good map control.
+ Ganks happen often and generally result in a kill
+ Early ganks are VERY Succesful due to no Vision ward or oracle's
+ Your lane pressure as a stealth is tenfold because of the ability to remain unseen


- Ganks begin to slow down mid/late game due to Oracles and Vision wards
- Not a very fast jungler
- Requires a lot of team work to use correctly
- An all around difficult way to play, breaking many habits of the normal twitch playstyle.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

[Smite] : Well you WILL need this to jungle. Number one, twitch cannot jungle without it. Number two, EVERY TEAM NEEDS A SMITE! Sure a Warwick could jungle fine without Smite, but then you laugh as you Smite away his Baron. This spell is needed to secure objectives on the map, such as Dragon and Baron.
[Flash] : FLASH OP!!!! No joke. You know when you need to stealth, but you can't break away far enough to stop getting hit so you actually CAN stealth? Flash. How about the enemy is doing Baron and you want to get it from them? Flash+Smite. Flash is my number one recommended spell for Twitch. Ghost/Exhaust coming in a tie for second.
[Ghost] : If you feel like you prefer Ghost, by all means take it. Another optional spell would be Exhaust but only if you need it.
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For my runes I have a fairly simple set up. I take the Greater Mark of Attack Speed to stack that poison a little quicker to aid in JUNGLING. Yes that is right. A jungle rat guide. For my seals I take Greater Seal of Armor, and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist both to make you a little bit harder to kill. For my quints I go with Greater Quintessence of Health. While many of you are wondering what kind of drugs I may be on, let's save that for a little bit farther. On with the show!
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Ability Explanation


  • DEADLY VENOM: A fairly small DoT used mainly with abilities, but can occasionally net you a kill. It stacks up to 6 times.
  • AMBUSH (Q): The main reason why Twitch is Twitch, and why I'm writing this guide in the first place. This skill allows you te get around the map unseen, unless the enemy team has Oracle's Elixir or Vision Ward. The amount of fear that is made from Twitch being off the map and on the prowl is enough to strike fear into most players.
  • DEBILITATING POISON (W): An all around general purpose OHMYJESUSWHYCANTIRUNFROMTWITCH slow. This will help your team secure many kills, as well as save yourself and team mates from the odd death. Best used with 6 stacks of Deadly Venom applied to the target(s).
  • EXPUNGE EXPUNGE (E): The kill securing kill stealing jungling skill that allows a large amount of finishing burst power. This is the reason Twitch gets a lot of his notoriety. He can either steal your kills or help you get them. I personally suggest the latter as opposed to the former. Another skill utilizing his passive, and best used when the target(s) have 6 stacks of Deadly Venom applied.
  • SPRAY AND PRAY (R): Well, as it's name suggests, it is a Ultimate attack in which you spray dangerous bullets over a large area and pray they hit. This ultimate can either make or break a team fight. It can help secure kills that are out of your range. It can help you in a 1v1 fight if need be. We'll talk about this skill a bit more in Twitch Tactics
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Alright. Let's begin with the basic Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion
First trip back should end you with enough for Boots and possibly the Vampiric Scepter.

Next I invest into the Madred's Razors and then Wriggle's Lantern. Depending on how active you are, building Mobility Boots is generally a good step. You will need to be getting across the entire map as fast as possible, so these are my typical boots. However, if you seem to be getting stunned every few seconds, I would suggest the Mercury's Treads

After you have decided what boots you would like to build you should start building a Phage-> Frozen Mallet. The three core items are Mobility Boots, Frozen Mallet and Wriggle's Lantern. I have had a few different routes to go after this point so I will start with the most basic.

Survivability at the cost of damage and therefore threat is BAAAAAAD. You WANT to be the target. You NEED to instill fear in every lane AND the jungle. Who fears a rat who can't hurt?
The most basic would be Black Cleaver next and then two items to counter what needs to be countered.
They have a Caster who can one combo you down to oblivion? Make it that much harder with a Banshee's Veil.
That Tryndamere being a pain in your ***? Thornmail/ Sunfire Aegis.
Are you not doing enough damage? Decide whether you need Arm. Pen. or more AD, and then decide on a item that follows that general class.

I am not telling you how to counter every set up in the game. I would be here for months and still miss things. Plus you would get more tired of reading this than you already were. I suggest going with your gut instinct, after you read the part that matters most. The jungle rat role.
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Twitch Tactics

Now, this may get a bit large, and is mostly incomplete (It's pretty darn late and I should be running off to sleep for work tomorrow >.<) but here goes the start. Oh, I should also add, I'm at a loss on how to format this so if anyone has a good idea, let me know <3

The biggest specialty Twitchy thing you have in your repertoire is the ability to turn invisible. Not only turn invisible, but gain a noticable attack speed boost for a short amount of time as well. One of the best tactics to do on an enemy you KNOW FOR A FACT you can kill, is position yourself so that the enemy is between you and your team. Either they run into your team, or they run into your range. Now I realise one of the things you learn in Twitch 101 class is to NOT CUT YOURSELF OFF as well as to NOT PICK A TEAM FIGHT. But remember, your job is to be a very very good distraction. What is stronger than a Rammus taunt? Has a longer range than a Shen taunt? A Twitch unstealthing, seemingly cut-off from his team. Another word of caution (Twitch likes caution, he has been known to eat caution tape as well but I digress...) is that this tactic require a team that can capitalize on those openings A-S-A-FREAKING-P. Other wise you get a dead Twitch and a 4v5 teamfight. NOT GOOD!

A very good part of jungling twitch is the ability to remain unseen at almost ALL TIMES. In order to do this even when the enemy has a ward in lane, you have to resort to a few tricks that seem to work often.

1) If the enemy has the RIVER AREA warded, get the lane to instigate a small skirmish to occupy the enemy while you slip by the ward. You can also go through your lane, staying as far away from the wards vision as possible (Takes a bit longer but is easier to accompolish). You can also resort to plain killing it while they watch and get mad. Be careful for mid and the enemy jungler while revealed this way.

2) If your lane noticed the enemy drop a ward towards the MIDDLE or SIDE of the lane, simply stay out of it's range and creep by. Since you should almost always have an oracles on you, the easiest way to tell if they see you is by looking in your vision range. If they do have the area warded, you will generally be able to see the ward and make a plan to remove it or get by in some form.

3) The final ward area is in a very silly place. A bush. While it is harder to remove these (Some people make the mistake of thinking they are safe while camping that area they warded), it is also very stupid for the enemy to plant a ward here. If that ward is in a bush, it is most likely out of the way enough to leave several GAPING HOLES in their lane. Simply laugh and walk behind them and score a VERY VERY EASY KILL

Spray and Pray and you.

Your ult is a wonderful skill. It gives you a line nuke auto attack. It gives you increased attack damage. It basically gives you a boost to your killing power. When you line the enemy team up right and combine this with expunge, you can get aces. On top of the increased offensive uses, it can be used to disrupt teams. It can be used to get an extra boost in a 1v1 fight. It is a very valuable spell that you should learn how to use properly.
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Creeping / Jungling

You are going to start at Blue golems, and take the typical blue path.

Buy your cloth armor and potions, put a skill point into expunge and head out. Make sure your team is close at hand and wait. When the Blue buff spawns, get a good leash (Mid pulls with an attack and a skill, then top solo uses a skill) And kill the camp using expunge and smite. Second skill will be stealth. Move over to wolves and clear the camp out, popping a potion after about 75% hp.

Next head over to wraiths and MAKE SURE TO STEALTH ON THE WAY. You will need the attack speed boost. Pop a potion as you start and clean the camp out. Then head over to double golems and clear it popping a potion as needed. When you hit level three, look for a fast gank and decide wether or not to put your skill point into Expunge, or into your slow. If you picked your slow head to the gankable lane and make them rage. At this point the combined fire of you and your team mate(s) and the slow will be anough to 1) Make them blow a very early Summoner spell 2) Pick up a kill. Head back to your jungle and go to the red buff. Kill the two small golems and recall. Next you will grab red buff and go to either Mid/Top lane or counter jungle if you can. After this initial path, you will be spending more time walking places than actually jungling. So we continue into the Working with a team section.

Side Note- I will be uploading and posting a video fairly soon of the exact jungle path.
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Team Work

Alright. The most important part of this guide. Again, this is meant for an arranged team only, not solo queue.


You will be roaming and grabbing jungle creeps as you can and while doing so, clearing out wards/Placing wards/Ganking/Instilling the fear of god in every moving thing on the map. You are going to force them to buy Pink wards and oracles to stop you. You will simply walk up to that ward and kill it. Oracles doesn't bug you. Why you may ask? Because you are not the carry. Get this through your mind rat... NOT A CARRY. The entire point of you being in this game is not to carry and kill and push for the win, it's to help your team do this. Your job is to make them waste money on detecting you, make them fear a gank from you and be unable to farm as well. You are going around the map, clearing out any chance they have of finding you and while doing so giving your team complete map dominance.


When you do decide to get your team together, make sure they are willing to use this strategy. Plan a team you think could use this well. Communication is the key to success with this guide. If you try this and fail horribly due to your team not understanding and/or having a communication problem, it's not the guide. Just try it again with a bit more team work.
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Now that you have read my guide, please feel free to comment and leave any things I may have missed. I used to have a few replays and screen shots, but me putting this guide off for so long has made those hard to find. I'll try and get those up here and posted soon. Thank you all for the many votes and the couple of references posted in your guides. I realise that this may be a VERY unorthodox build/playstyle for Twitch but it does work. Once you start looking into alternative uses for champions you open a world of possibilities.
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