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Twitch Build Guide by Deckstar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar

Remake of Hazard RAT

Deckstar Last updated on March 2, 2013
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Sup Summoners! Here's Decks again with another Twitch guide(Tried to make one a few weeks ago...Fail).

This time, i'll make it RIGHT, i hope you enjoy and learn as much as i can try to teach

You might have noticed my 2 different types of builds which can be constructed in this guide, one for the good old ADC with its base on crical damage on turrets and high attack speed, and the other build, taking an assassin's approach, with the intent of being able to kill anyone both in 1v1 and on teamfights, through great life steal, hellsing sustain, and on-hit effects of damage... These build are going to be explained and compared in this guide. But first things first, before you're able to understand the item builds, you must first understand the champion!

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First of all, you gotta see the champion's spotlight.

/league-of-legends/champion/twitch-20 if you are taking damage you'll take longer to get into stealth mode.

Venom Cask - W : Twitch throws the poison cask into a certain area(skill shot) dealing intial low burst damage, applies slow and two stacks of Deadly Venom into the enemy units hit. A very good item to start the game, since it will grant you the most safe harass of your other abilities, it will also applies slow, meaning you can take the offensive with it or use it to escape the enemies.

expunge - E : Its the main burst damage from his abilities, it gives a scaling damage counting on how many stacks of Deadly Venom the enemy has, but it DOES NOT CONSUME the stacks, meaning that the passive true damage per second will still affect the enemy, a good combo with these skills is going stealth with Ambush, then get close to the enemy, throw the Venom Cask to slow the enemy down and applie stacks of Deadly Venom and keep auto attacking until the enemy get six stacks(max) then use expunge for max damage, if you have The Black Cleaver your auto attacks would have worn the target's armor, granting the expunge extra damage, if the enemy is low on health but still alive, worry not, your passive poison will finish it, and believe me... There is nothing more satisfing then walk away while getting a "sure kill". Like those scenes where the samurai cuts someone and sheathes his sword... Then we see the other guy drop dead. Or like a guy who puts someplace in flames, and walk away like nothing has happened, he takes a cigar and he is blowing the smoke, the building behind him goes BOOM.

Spray and Pray - R (ULTIMATE) : A super Buff that will make Twitch's auto attacks become longer range arrows that will pierce through the enemies, and in the team fights, that makes quite an impact. With this skill you can make Twitch's combo in a long range, if you do that in the teamfight, you'll have your chance for a PENTAKILL. His auto attacks will still applies on hit effects, such as Deadly Venom, life steal, slow, Sheen's spellblade, etc...