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Renekton Build Guide by Dracofirestar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dracofirestar

Renekton top lane guide

Dracofirestar Last updated on July 22, 2017
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Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Tryndamere Play smart you out trade him when he has no rage. Don't dive when he hits 6 unless you know he doesn't have ult. This is generally a fairly easy match up.
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Welcome to my guide

Hi my summoner name is Dracofirestar this is my first guide and it most certainly could use improvement so comment as often as possible. I will be adding more and more match ups so just comment a match up and I will try and get to it.

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So sorry about the long wait to another update for the guide hadn't been playing a lot and had finally gotten back look forward to more updates.

Also sorry about the match ups they have changed pretty drastically as time has gone by and I have limited experience dealing with many champs along with some of the new champs this season will gladly take any advise or tips if any have learned more recently how well renekton is doing in certain match ups.

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Why you choose

He is a high base damage ad bruiser that out trades and has high harass in lane.
His early game is one of the best in game and very few skilled at playing Renekton will have problems in his match ups for one reason they are generally who knows their champ better and when to do things. Renekton is not item based however he has very clear power spikes when he gets certain items. For instance Ravenous Hydra is a good example of an item that helps Renekton in every way

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Pros / Cons

High burst early game
Can escape Slice and Dice
Reign of Anger empowered abilities provide a surprise to your opponents
Innate Sustain due to Cull the Meek
Great early game duelist
Good at split pushing
Can stay in lane longer due to using rage and not mana

Your team fight power isn't great like Darius who can help his team get kills
Easily kited
Late game kill power lost due to others catching up to you

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This item synergies well with Renekton by giving him a decent power spike that can be push through early game

This item allows Renekton to handle tanks like Malphite who are just generally tanky and don't seem to take damage. Because of its passive that allows you to get armor pen of which combined with Ruthless Predator applies multiple times.

This allows Renekton to bridge the gap between enemies for Renekton this coupled with Renektons initial move speed allows him to keep on his enemies and get secure the kill.

This item synergies with Renekton for a couple reasons 1st it has quite a nice mr for the item. 2nd it synergies with the Ravenous Hydra that is built on Renekton and 3rd Renekton's Cull the Meek synergies as well. With the change to spirit visage with more increased healing this item more than ever has become strong on renekton.

With the inclusion of this item tank renekton has only gotten stronger due to increasing his team fight potential. Making him more of a front line then he was already before. Also a fairly good choice for renekton due to having both armor and mr.

This item does indeed have its uses with renekton as a solid item for the active slowing his targets so renekton can stay on top of the enemy. coupled with the fact it also gives lifesteal and a little bit of attack speed increase makes this overall a good item to consider if you want to get a big more dmg into your build.

Currently I have been choosing this a lot lately. Of course use merc treads if the enemy team has high cc but right now ninja tabi bring more to the table then before with the way the item works making it a overall good choice most of the time.
More Items to come as I play with them if you wish me to try a specific item comment and I will try and get to it asap.

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This is used just to make sure you can cs a little better and hit your lane opponent more often.

This has changed sense season 6 and now has an interesting bonus to the first attack you hit with on an enemy champ so trading is more suggested well using it.

To provide you with early life steal so you can stay in lane longer

This has also changed now with a bonus 5% dmg with a 2.5% more dmg taken this is still really good and mixed with [icon=fresh blood size=20
This is where things changed instead of going the rest of the way down ferocity tree we go down the resolve.

This is to cover for the weakness that double edged sword now with the 2.5 more dmg taken to give you more resistances to make up for the loss.

Now don't underestimate this mastery it is so helpful especially early game for one reason when you dive the enemy champ the minions are going to be hammering you and 2 less dmg per auto off them means the difference between life and death by the minions for that kill.

This is also designed to help make up for any weakness with taking hits early game to make up for enemy penetrations to you so you can last longer.

This helps against that pesky crowd control that the enemy will use when you try all in them.

Now this is the big change because it provides such a nice shield for all of your trades the big thing to it is you NEED to land your w. The reason being it provides a nice shield to help trade massively mix with renekton's innate sustain making him a monster.

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Ability combos

More or less these will help you with basic combos that will help you get better and renekton.

E aa W aa Q aa E towards their retreat aa Most dmg combo
E Q E in and out
W aa Q aa E aa E AA stun into tons of dmg

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This is my first guide I do appreciate any and all help from the community. Comment on what I may be doing right and what I can improve on. All feedback is welcome whether negative or positive.