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Renekton Build Guide by Warzodiac

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warzodiac

Renekton Top lane Q and R based

Warzodiac Last updated on June 2, 2013
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If you haven't already read all the notes on the items so there isn't confusion about what you build, okay? Thanks :D.

Renekton is a Tanky Bruiser champion meant for top lane and is usually countered by a ranged basic attack champion like Jayce; or someone with a taunt, stun, root etc... If you find yourself against one of them play passive until jungle can assist.

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Basically this build is based around Renektons Q and R. Although W is his main ability late game with his Q and R he can sustain himself for much longer. Seeing his Q as what it does gets you health back the items intended for the build will seem not as crazy as they look. So just try it out and see if it works for you it might not work as well for your play style as it does for mine.

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Ranked Play

In ranked games it is important to put your favorite build aside and build against the enemy team instead of what your used to. Build to counter your lane not to get what you want. Also build to help your team not just yourself communicate and be observant to what your team is getting remember that Auras of the same name don't stack so you can't have two people with sunfire cape on the same team.

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Pros / Cons

Renekton brings a stun and area damage ability to the game but can be countered top lane by almost any champion with range or long range ability's. It is important to know that just because you have a stun doesn't mean they cant stun you before you stun them because you have to hit them most champions with a stun, taunt, root etc... don't have to hit you with a basic attack to stun you so they will counter you as well. But you do have you E to dodge skill shots like them you might have trouble against a Ryze because of his click on but any other counter you play against you can easily counter there counter.<---- (LoL)If you play smart and not try to be aggressive like you usually can with this champion you will be fine just wait until the jungle can gank.

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Team Work

You will most likely be the one engaging most fights that's why I prefer this build over others because of its sustain. If you E in and ult and using fury to use Q instead of W so that you heal you will last much longer in a team fight that you would if you were trying to go for the kills try to be more of a tank sustain instead of a full out damage. If any one try's to go for your adc E to them and stun them you adc will be important to winning a fight. If you remember not to be greedy and not afraid to die for the team them you will be fine i'ms sure. A good team wont give you a hard time for a simple mistake we are only human after all remember that.

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Unique Skills

First off you stack your W first because it does the most damage the point of this build early game is to poke them down while taking as little damage as possible until you can R E in then W Q and pop ghost if needed to catch the kill.

Your W ability should only be used when you have at least 50 fury in a 1v1 situation. Remember your R ability is not always used as a close to death ability but it can be to trick an enemy in a 1v1 situation. Okay at 50 fury use E to jump in hit with W then use Q and E to jump out again, repeat until low enough to finish. Then hide in bush with 50 fury pop R and use the combo from before use ghost if needed and second E if needed. Also don't forget that your Q can heal you if you run out of potions

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Farming with Renekton is important but it also isn't. What I mean is if you countered and your denied farm its not going to ruin your late game so don't get yourself killed over it that will just make things harder for you. But if at all possibly try to out farm your opponent as much as possible and harasse them so they can't farm. REMEMBER LAST HIT IS THE KEY :D.