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Build Guide by Zephz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zephz

Renekton. Unlike any other Alligator

Zephz Last updated on April 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi everyone out there..

This is my first attempt on creating a build/guide. I've started using other peoples build and guides a couple of weeks ago from this site and wanted to contribute with a little of my own knowledge and experience.

And ohh.. Btw.. The only true skin for this champion:

Used abbreviations

  • OP: Overpowered
  • Lvl: Level
  • Dmg: Damage
  • AD: Attack Damage
  • AP: Ability Power
  • CDR: Cooldown Reduction
  • APen: Armor Penetration
  • MPen: Magic Penetration
  • AS: Attack Speed
  • AOE: Area of Effect
  • Regen: Regeneration

Let's get on with the reading/writing..

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Changes // New information

This is a newly added section in which I will post eventual changes to my build. So stay informed.

Short Games

Recently I've had a lot of very fast/short games, and in those games I find myself to be underpowered from following my build 100 % in the written order. I therefore find it much better to just buy the following and only in case I need it, buy the regular setup.

--> ...

and at this point I usually buy Heart of Gold, but as I said I find myself to be underpowered cause the games tend to go so fast. Therefore I have made the following changes:

Just after getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity go and buy a Kindlegem, simply just for the CDR. Right after this purchase go ahead and save up for B. F. Sword and upgrade it to The Black Cleaver as fast as possible. Now you will find yourself a little more vulnerable to both AP and AD champions but they will also pretty fast find out that you're not to be messed around with.

After this just go ahead and buy some vulnerability or some more damage in case you feel that is more suitable.

Solo Laning
- (Not prefered if you read through the guide, but worked well)
I recently played a game in which I was forced to solo lane and though it's far from my favourite I though I'd buy myself a Doran's Shield just so I wouldn't have to return back to base all the time and lose the turret that way. To my surprise that shield made me resillient enough to take down a Shen and Lee Sin at the same time numerous times just after getting my hands on The Brutalizer. Got 5 kills within the first 10 minutes and ended with pretty awesome score. Other than buying the Doran's Shield I followed the guide like I hadn't bough it and as I should get a Force of Nature I just sold the shield.

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I have played Renekton as my main for like 3 months now, so I hope this will be worth checking out and trying and that some of you might find it good or even OP :D


Well as for the introduction:

Renekton is a Bruiser / Melee Champion which means his focus is on the damage. The few weeks after his release I was finding myself to be the main target of every teamfight and kinda got bored of dying so fast all the time without getting a chance to do anything. Which is why I build him like a Semi-Tank and it has resulted in good damage bursts due to a lot of APen, low cooldowns and a lot of survivability (giving you a chance to actually do some dmg). I use him mainly to go with a partner.

I've never used him to jungle or to go midlane. It happends from time to time that you're left alone in a lane which is not that good a choice on your teams behalf, since Renekton is a better champion to catch enemies through minion waves and doing quite some good harass in the early levels and for that you usually want a teammate to help you finish off the enemies, and he's not that good to defend a turret on his own, especially not against ranged enemies. If you're soloing a lane against another solo enemy then feel free to show him who's the boss early in the game.

Main Purpose of this build

The main purpose is to make you durable enough to take some poundings while dealing quite some damage. As with any other build the item setup is conditional. If your team has 2 or more tanks you might wanna put your focus on the damage items first building some survivability in the end or nothing at all and just buy damage

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Greater Seal of Defense Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation

Main Rune Setup

As Renekton was making an appearance in the summoner spotlight from Riot Games I was sure this was my kind of champion and I looked through the spotlight with tense eyes and followed all of Phreaks advice. Maybe a little too well. I bought the runes he suggested and to be hornest, I've actually been glad for these since they make Renekton a little harder to kill, which means he is a lot less squishy. I can strongly recommend the Magic Resistance - and Armor pr level runes.

As for the APen from Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation. It's a must have. It gives you that great advantage in 1 on 1's meaning you'll basicly rip right through your enemys armor which is lovely combined with Ruthless Predator and with some of the items you should buy.

Other Rune Setups

To Come!! At this moment I'm saving up for some dodge runes and CDR runes so I can try that out as well.

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The main focus on the masteries tree is dmg. The above mastery build allows for a good dmg output with (a little) MPen for Dominus, some APen, survivability, CDR and AS in which most also fuses well with the chosen runes.

The extra armor and magic resistance from the masteries and runes make more durable, which I is kinda necessary if you want to be able to do anything before you die in case you might be focused.

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Reign of Anger

Renekton gains 5 Fury per attack. Having 50 or more Fury empowers his abilities with bonus effects but drains 50 Fury when they are used. Out of combat, he loses 5 Fury every 2 seconds. When Renekton is below 50% Health, Fury gains are increased by 50%.

Renekton uses a different mechanic than any other champion, which not like any other, which means he doesn't use mana or health but something called Fury. His passive ability, Reign of Anger, is what makes him generate this. A very special thing about Renekton is that he needs not to go back and regenerate mana or alike, making him a very good tower pusher/late jungler. When he's out jungling/farming midgame he doesn't need to think about the usage of his Fury other than when he needs some health. It's always good to have atleast 50 fury when you enter a group fight.

Cull the Meek

Renekton swings his blade, dealing 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) damage to nearby enemies and healing for 10% of the damage dealt, up to 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150.

When Renekton has more than 50 Fury he deals 50% additional damage and heals for 15% of the damage dealt, the healing hard cap is tripled. Consumes 50 Fury.

Cull the Meek is probably the most used furious ability depending on the size of the fight. If Renekton finds himself in the middle of a 3-5 man fight Cull the Meek is probably the prefered ability to spend fury on. Using Cull the Meek with 50 or more fury heals Renekton for an amount of targets hit. If Renekton hits enemy champions with this spell while at 50 or more fury the health regain is larger than when used on minions.

Ruthless Predator

Renekton's next attack swings twice, dealing 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 (+0.75 per attack damage) damage per hit, stunning his target for 0.75 seconds and applying on-hit effects.

When Renekton has more than 50 Fury, his next attack will swing three times dealing 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 (+0.75 per attack damage) damage per hit and stunning his target for 1.5 seconds. Consumes 50 Fury.

Ruthless Predator.. I simply love this spell combined with fury. When you see a large part of the enemies "health blocks" disappearing you get that great feeling.. Well this spell ensures that feeling. It's great for catching enemies and gives your other spells just a little more time to get ready again. Well there's not much to say other than use it as much as possible on enemy champions and they'll regret being against you.

Slice and Dice

Slice: Renekton dashes forward, dealing 45 / 75 / 105 / 135 / 165 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) damage to targets along the way. If he hits a target he gains the ability to use Dice.

Dice: Renekton dashes dealing 45/75/105/135/165 (+) physical damage.

Dice - 50 Fury Bonus: Damage increased to 67.5/112.5/157.5/202.5/247.5 (+). Enemies hit have 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% reduced Armor for 4 seconds.

Earlier this spell only reduced armor with a fixed amount. It has been changed to reduce a percentage making it more likely to be used with 50 or more fury. With that said I wouldn't personally recommend doing this. His two other spells are way more important to use the fury on. Occasionally you might need to use those 50 fury on your dice to catch an enemy and in those cases it's way worth it, but unless you really need to use dice for whatever case, then save the fury for Ruthless Predator or Cull the Meek

If you find yourself hunted by enemies, try to use this spell to pass through walls. It doesn't have a lot of range so it can only pass through very few walls. Get yourself well known with these and you'll be a happier man.

Also Slice and Dice doesn't get impaired by slow effects, which means that in those teamfights where there might be a few ranged enemies standing in the back, you can use Slice and Dice to pass through any other enemies catching those ranged guys with ease and finishing them off easily as well.


Renekton transforms into the Tyrant form gaining bonus Health and dealing damage to enemies around him. While in this form, Renekton gains Fury periodically.

Renekton surrounds himself with dark energies for 15 seconds, gaining 300/450/600 Health. While active, he deals 50/75/100 (+0.1) magic damage to nearby enemies and gains 5 Fury per second.

This is probably Renekton's greatest ability. It tends to turn any fight upside down. You can fool your enemy into believing you're vulnerable and easy to kill and then as he approaches you you stun him with Ruthless Predator, use Dominus and then he's in your grasp and only if you mess up really bad he has a chance to escape.

A great thing about this ability that only few know is that it increases Renekton's range, making you hit enemies further away coping very well with Cull the Meek in group fights. You shouldn't be afraid of using Dominus to regain some health. With the CDR items you'll buy it won't have that long a cooldown in the end.

Skill Sequence

Guide Top


--> --> --> --> -->

In few pictures: the above 5 items

Tip of Epicness

Once you've gotten your hand on The Black Cleaver a great combination is to save up atleast 50 Fury before you initiate a fight, if possible, and then start out with a Ruthless Predator. This combination instantly adds the 3 debuffs from the item to the target since the spell includes 3 hits on the target. Also if you find yourself in the middle of all your enemies a good thing would be use Cull the Meek since it also applies a debuff to every target hit.

Most of the time I follow the listed buy order. But from time to time it's nescesary to change the order and sometimes the game seems to go very well meaning that you get a good amount of kills and cash fast. On these occasions you should buy The Black Cleaver or B. F. Sword a little earlier in the game. Sometimes you and your laning partner can happen to be against an ap team pushing you all the way back. Then a little more health or resistance might be the way to go.


Remember to use the "ACTIVE" on both Youmuu's Ghostblade and Randuin's Omen

Once you have gotten your hands on Randuin's Omen the choice is all free from the below listed items. I mostly tend to buy a Force of Nature for survivability.

  • Thornmail
    • If you are against a lot of ad champions and feel like you're the first choice of kill.
  • Force of Nature
    • If you are against a lot of ap champions and.. well same as above.
  • The Bloodthirster
    • If you need just a little more damage and lifesteal for those teamfights you're so happy about.
  • Madred's Bloodrazor
    • If you are against a lot of tanky champions with a good healthpool.

Feel free to try out other combinations but these are the ones I've tried and have been most successful with. The item setup used succeeds above the CDR cap of 40% but I wouldn't concern myself with that since those 5% extra comes from Randuin's Omen which is a huge help on keeping you alive late game anyhow.

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Gamble Setup // Situational Section

Think of this section as an extension of the above items section. Everything on the masteries and rune setup is the same.

If you have the feeling that you will get a lot of kills in a game or want to gamble a little more then I would advice you to try this setup. I've only tried it a few times myself and the games tend to end very soon when you buy these items and succeed with them.

--> --> --> --> --> ??

And if you get this far let me know what you'll buy afterwards because I've never tried that myself. I actually tried killing three enemies alone at some point with this setup and at that point I think I was on 10 stacks on the Sword of the Occult

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Summoner Spells

As for summoner spells I find Ghost good in those situations where you want to escape or catch a running enemy. Together with Slice and Dice you'll be uncatchable and the enemy won't have a chance to escape unless you screw up badly.

Exhaust is also a must have on Renekton. Sometimes you might just not be able to reach the enemy with a Slice and Dice or your Ghost and this is where Exhaust] is a very handy spell. As [[Exhaust tends to be used late fight when trying to catch enemies I find it very good to use early fight on the champions that you fear the most, the one doing most damage or on the champion that you wanna focus since the improved mastery also lowers armor and magic resistance, which leaves him more vulnerable to you.

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Play Style // Spell Combinations

Getting minion kills is easy and it's also good to earn some extra gold from jungling a little early in the game. I usually tend to jungle a lot midgame, while helping out where needed to get ganking going early. As a goal you can try to aim for 100 minion kills at the 12 minute marker, then you're doing good.

Fighting Enemy Champions

A good thing about Renekton is that he can pretty easy turn a 1v1 where it seems he might loose into a secure win. His ultimate, Dominus, gives him life, larger range on spells, AOE damage and a good Fury Regen. Activating Dominus followed by a Furious Ruthless Predator usually takes you enemy down 50% in health all the way till lvl 14-15 as long as you get early dmg items and unless it's a tank.

Using Slice and Dice to avoid enemy skill shots like Lux's Snare is also a very good thing. These kind of champions tend to have their "I WIN" button connected to these spells. It's almost 100% sure that champions like Lux will snare you if you're in her melee range, therefore you want to use Slice and Dice through her as soon as possible if available when you have a feeling that it might be coming. You can also us Slice and Dice to avoid the skillshots if you know that you have no chance to avoid it otherwise. Slice and Dice can also be used to pass through spells like Veigar's Event Horizon, but because of the low ranged on Slice and Dice you have to aim carefully.

Slice and Dice can also prove very valuable when hunting down enemies on lanes since you can Slice through their minions and gain the advantage of moving fast forward first with Slice followed by Dice and then a Ruthless Predator.

If you're in a bush and feel like the enemy coming towards you is trying to go for the kill, you wanna stun him just before he enters the bush, also even if he isn't going for the kill, but might just be checking the bush out, you will want to stun him just before he enters the bush. This gives you the advantage that he won't be able to attack before you do and getting the first blow usually gives a win or at least scares him off. Also you buy a little time for teammates to come closer and help taking down the enemy. This is also the reason you wanna farm Fury by hitting enemy minions while on the lane and save it for when you need it against enemy champions.


Level 1

At the beginning you only have Cull the Meek. Run into the middle of the minion wave and use it. If you go down in health use a Furious Cull the Meek to regain health.

Level 2

Once you have achieved Slice and Dice use it once to go through the minion wave and reach close to your enemies. Do a Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice back out. This works very well as harassment.

--> -->

Level 3

At this point you have achieved Ruthless Predator and you can connect this spell to the harassment combination. But be careful. It can easily end up being dangerous since the time spent stunning the enemy is very short and his partner / he might be able to do some serious damage to you before you get away again, making the harassment useless.

--> --> -->

On Forth..

From this point of you can use this combo to harass all you want. Later in the game when you go for direct kills you will want to start out with a Ruthless Predator since this spell has the 2nd shortest cooldown and is a good initializer. Also don't be afraid to waste your Dominus as soon as the fight initiates or a little before. With all the CDR you'll have, the CD of the spell will be around 72 seconds which is nothing compared to the time spent between team fights.

A good reminder for the game is that you might not want to spent your Fury on the Slice and Dice spell. The Fury bonus of this spell is not as bad as it used to be, but still the bonus on Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek are much better.

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Renekton is a pretty good 1v1 champion with large chance of a secure win. He even proves very good in 2v1 where he is alone. By following this guide your survivability is pretty high and the damage outcome is as well.

Feel free to comment and rate and even give your own inputs on this guide. I hope you like it and find it usefull.