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Rengar Build Guide by Vancarcious

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vancarcious

Rengar - Don't Touch My Trophies! (Solo Top)

Vancarcious Last updated on September 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Me, myself and Rengar

Hello, I'm Vancarcious.
This is my guide/build for Rengar, the Pridestalker.
I really like the feel of Rengar. I like the idea of a champion that hunts his prey and then picks it off in a matter of seconds. Even if he is not the most powerful champion that was released lately, he is my favorite just because of the concept and how fun he is to play.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

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Predatorious Skills

Ability Sequence
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  • Unseen Predator: This is what makes Rengar feel so predator-like. The fact he can jump on enemies from bushes and build stacks with spells that cost no mana. Decent passive.
  • Savagery(Q): Your main damage spell, early game a great way to last hit and earn Ferocity stacks. The reason you should max this first is for the amazing damage it can dish out.
  • Battle Roar(W): Great AoE ability that can also heal you for a big chunk of health. I know that some people think that this ability should be maxed last, but I don't agree. You can clear out big waves with a W+W combo, you can clear jungle camps really fast, you can get improved armor and magic resistance in fights. The increased slow that E offers just isn't worth it.
  • Bola Strike(E): Your slowing/root ability. Makes ganks and catching up to people much easier. I max this last because of aforementioned reasons.
  • Thrill Of The Hunt(R): This is Rengar's ultimate. It is a great hunting ability and also a escape mechanism. I like to pop this when a teamfight starts so I can simply walk behind their AD carry (or jump on him when behind wall) and burst him down with a Q+Q+W+E+Ignite combo. I can also get risky and try to get someone low when his teammates are nearby and simply get out of the situation with my ultimate.

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Items for the Lion

Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion: In my opinion you should always start off with these when laning. The boots of speed give you a better chance at dodging skillshots and getting away from ganks, and the potions give you better sustain and can mean life or death in certain situations.

Doran's Blade: If you like playing high risk high reward then get these. They make last hitting much easier and give you a nice amount of health in the beginning. I personally don't suggest getting this, because you will be slower and often times that 80 health won't save you any more than the improved speed and sustain from boots and pots.

Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion: Take this if you're going against a high physical champion ( Pantheon, Xin Zhao). It will greatly lower the damage you will take and you may just win your lane just because you got this combo.

Null-Magic Mantle + 2 Health Potion: Same as above, take this if you're going against high magic damage dealers.

Mercury's Treads: My favorite boots on a bruiser by far. They offer well-needed Tenacity and give decent magic reistance. You can also get Ninja Tabi if the enemy is heavily physical damage oriented.

Heart of Gold: I like to get this item before Bonetooth Necklace because I usually benefit more from the improved health than the one trophy I might get this early. If you feel like you could get many trophies this early then of course get the Bonetooth first, but generally I like getting this first. I build it inot a Randuin's Omen later on.

Bonetooth Necklace: The item you should ALWAYS get on Rengar. And you should get it early, to get maximum amount of trophies. Even if you're doing bad, you never know, you could end up getting four or five trophies from a single teamfight, also the AD boost is great. I usually get this after Heart of Gold because I usually don't get too many early kills and the Heart of Gold may save your life.

Trinity Force: Great item for Rengar. He benefits from everything this item has to offer; attack speed, health, attack damage and the Sheen proc. I like to get the items in this order - Phage, Zeal, Sheen.

Warden's Mail: I get this after Trinity because I really benefit from the armor it gives as by this point I need some survivability other than Trinity. I don't build it into a Randuin's Omen immediately as I like getting a Hexdrinker also.

Hexdrinker: Amazing item that can now be upgraded into the new Maw of Malmortius. It gives us the well needed magic resistance and more attack damage that will later be ugraded.

Randuin's Omen: An item that provides great armor and a very useful active that can turn teamfights to your favour. I always like getting this.

Maw of Malmortius: An overall perfect item for Rengar as it gives two things that are good for you at this point; more attack damage and magic resistance. This can be replaced with a Force of Nature if the enemy team is heavily magic damage, but generally this should do it for you.

Last Whisper: Great late game item for any physical damage dealer. It will shred through the enemy team's armor and make you an even bigger threat to the enemy team. If they are not getting armor, then replace this with a The Bloodthirster.

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Roaring Spells

I always get Flash because Rengar really doesn't have a escape mechanism beside his ultimate which is also on a long cooldown, so this can really save you from tight situations.

I choose Ignite as my second spell because it helps me get these early kills and also in late game if someone might get away with low hp - NOPE, Ignite!

You can take this spell if you feel like you will run into troubles with those fed AD carries or AP carries. It's a great summoner spell that will completely shut down a champion for three seconds.

This is a must summoner spell if you're jungling. Unfortunately my guide is only about solo top, so you wouldn't take this in the current situation.

A decent replacement for Flash. I like getting Ghost on certain champions but since Rengar doesn't really have a good escape mechanism or gap closer out of jungle I prefer getting Flash.

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Jungle Rengar?

You might wonder why I don't have a jungle build or a section for a jungle route or such. I don't think Rengar is bad in jungle, but at the same time I don't think he's brilliant at it. Sure, you could play him in the jungle, but there are just so many more viable picks than him in the jungle. His ganks aren't that good, his clearing times aren't that good. He can jump on people and then slow them, but other than that he really doesn't have that much to offer.
This is why I don't include a jungle build or guide.

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CDR on Rengar?

I tried this build out recently. With this you can get max CDR to the point where your ultimate will have 30 second cooldown at lvl 3. You can use it much more frequently and not be afraid of a long cooldown. Also a ton of fun.
You will sacrifice a little tankiness using this build, but I find the early Brutalizer really makes up for that. You should definately try the "CDR" build in the top before you choose which build is your favorite.

DJ Koopa wrote:

"My best games are when I was aiming for Yomuu's, Randuin's, Lucidity, TF, Necklace, and Maw. It gives him the maxed 40% CD and the needed defense and health while still being able to mash anyone down. Even won a 2v1 lane against a Xin and TF who tried to harass the hell out of me (empowered heal OP). Came out of the laning phase 5/1/1 with only a single gank despite them being pushed constantly...

The benefit of the maxed CDR means that your ult is on a 30sec cooldown at rank 3 meaning that you can use it much more liberally and GREATLY increase the opportunity to snowball hard and devastate the enemy team in mid to late game. Also, taking out Last Whisper in exchange for Yomuu's isn't really a big deal when paired with masteries and the 3-stack buff from the Necklace. You don't miss it."

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Credits & Changelog

*published guide (introduction, pros/cons, skills, spells, items, credits) [23 august]
*changed section names a bit [23 august]
*added CDR section [24 august]
*updated Summoner Spells [24 august]
*changed the jhoijhoi's dividers/separators into my own made texts [29 august]

Thanks to:
jhoijhoi for the guide on making a guide
DJ Koopa for the CDR ideas

The build is still in construction! I try to update it as often as possible and when changes come to the champion.
Also, if you want to give me tips or constructive criticism then feel free to do so in the comment section, I will answer to everyone.