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Rengar Build Guide by CastellanCrowe1228

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CastellanCrowe1228

Rengar, The Apex Predator, solo top and jungle guide.

CastellanCrowe1228 Last updated on August 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a comprehensive guide to Rengar the build is of course the one you should try at least a few times to see where you can go BUT once again its a guide so learn more from it to better yourself instead of following it blindly. Maybe you play a different way with Rengar than most others or your team needs a different type of character than you like tankier and such.

I usually see Rengar as a tanky dps which does work but I perfer a bit more risky and rewarding way of playing him and the way he was meant to be played as....the king of the hunt.

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Summoner Spells

One of the best spells in the game great for escapes, steals, ganks, etc etc.

If your laning you could use this. They damage you do from jumping out the brush and double Q with 5 ferocity does insane damage. Top it with your E to slow them and your W to increase your armor and MR and you can kill them easily with this as the finisher.

Other available spells

Heal isn't so bad it helps in the teamfights and early lane game.

Teleport When you absolutely don't want to lose your tower while ganking when you were soloing top.

Exhaust since you are a bruiser and should aim for the carry this sounds pretty good as a spell.

Ghost escapes and chases love this spell its alright.


Cleanse chances are you can use your W and heal yourself instead.

Promote you won't need it at all.

Clarity you use no mana that is all.

Revive as a solo top don't take risks and you won't die.

Surge just isn't for Rengar

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Pros / Cons


*Powerful early game
*Looks awesome like Ajani Goldmane from "Magic the Gathering"
or a predator with his second skin.
*Cool design a new type of champ that feels
different and more fleshed out than some others.
*CAN snowball but even if you don't you still can keep up with everyone else.
*Ganks past lvl 6 feel even worse than Warwick sometimes.
*Strong tower dives with ulti.

*Oracles can stop good initiate
*Weak against range
*weak against CC
*wards in brush can stop early game dominate

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Rengar is one of the best assassin/bruiser champs that can take a beating and deliver it in my opinion which is why I chose these runes for him.

Greater Mark of Desolation
Shredding through armor so he can kill his targets faster.

Greater Seal of Armor
Survival in the jungle and lane since most solo tops you will be facing are AD.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
The Magic Resistance helps against the AP carries you have to kill and help you stay in the fight longer.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Even more shredding on his quints.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
He is at heart an assassin/bruiser, and these quints make him moves faster than his prey and finish his jungle route much earlier.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

These will be the only runes you need for Rengar his damage goes more than high enough but your runes will make sure it goes through.

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The masteries are pretty simple for Rengar.


He needs to do a high amount of damage to be all he can be in the field so hitting faster, harder, striking through armor and killing enemy champs off easier once they get below 40% health are so useful.

For defense I have him the 4 extra armor and MR and went through down to the veteran scars.
If I jungle I get the smite bonus and then go through veteran scars.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Your Q Savagery is your ferocity builder and your damage dealer. Take it early and maxaimize it for the most damage possible.

Your W Battle Roar gives you anINSANE 60 bonus armor and MR on activate at level 5 and it gives you sustain in lane and jungle.

Your E Bola Strike is good for harass and slowing them down in those ganks or for them

Your R Thrill of the Huntis an amazing ulti. It makes you invisible and fills your ferocity stacks. Best used for escapes, tower dives, ganks, and initiations.

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Whether jungling or laning solo top I go with Boots of Speed and 3 pots first since getting to the brush first with Rengar gives him an advantage and in the jungle he doesn't need cloth armor first since he can auto heal and 3 pots will most likely finish your early route.
Blood Thrister will spike your damage up and keep you in the lane constantly.

Get Mercury's Treads by this time because you'll need it for the enemy CC and moving faster.

Guardian Angel will give you the survivalbility you need for your initiates and make you tankier.

Trinity Force
is a great item for Rengar and ill tell you why
*Procs on his Q even with 5 stacks of feroicty
*Insane damage with the proc
*Lets him crit HARD
*Moving faster is always good especially with Rengar
*All of this plus more HP, damage and much more.

Infinity Edge will work wonderfully on Rengar with his Q that CAN get crits and procs with Trinity force so one hit is all you need on carries sometimes if your lucky.

Randuin's Omen is a pretty good item for Rengar. With it's active Rengar can ulti into an initiation of a team fight, kill off the carry while using Randuins active to slows things down and make that fight a stomp.

So you can initiate, kill the carry, debuff the enemy team, and incase you died you still have GA so you are still ready for more.

Short story summarized the core items are Mercury's Treads, Trinity Force, Guadian Angel and Infinity Edge.The Blood Thrister is cheap early game and helps lane sustain and the Randuins is for the initiation advantage and make you beefier. But if you need MR a Force of Nature is a good replacement to the Randuin.

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Jungle Route

Buy Boots of Speed and 3 pots and make your way to red and make sure you get a leash on red.
Before red kill the wraiths, start them and have your leashers dps them but not kill them leaving you the last hits(be extra careful with Darius or other bleedout characters because as stupid as it sounds they CAN make wraiths and lizards bleed out taking your gold and exp). Then let them leash red, fight it then smite it down. Go kill wolves now that you have red and then gank if possible if not take their wraiths then go back and take your blue since Smite would be refreshed by now with its 70 second cooldown.

This is basically your route your boots give you the speed to move through the jungle and your bola strike can start the ganks the laners can't.

Once you hit lvl 6 the ganks you do are going to hit hard and fast if you gank start with your Q and then hit Q again doing amazing damage then throw your e at them and finish them off.

If they have an escape a snare can easily stop then use your E first and make sure your laners help you during that 1 second snare and finish your prey.

Before lvl 6 remember to come to the lane with 4 or 5 stacks of ferocity. They make your ganks
much more effective doing more damage and CC.

Once you have Wriggle's Lantern go for Dragon. If you need help get bot to help and make sure red or you ward the ramp from their wraiths to river or to watch it. Once dragon is done remember to come back in 5 min to ward it again so you can make sure you get it first and every time.

Now just keep warding dragon and do ganks.

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When using Rengar his most advantages position is in the brush. Getting to the brush first makes you more dangerous than you already are since you can cut the close the gap and harass better. When in the top brushes you deny the farm the opposing laner gets since hes scared of getting pounced and getting bursted down slowly. So you make them closer to the bottom brush if they do want creep core but that also makes it easier for your jungler to gank top and get those easy kills assists. A Rengar who can control his lane is very dangerous top use that to your advantage.

Once you hit level 6 its ok to start leaving your lane and ganking others using your ulti. Especially mid since mid champs tend to be the squishiest so just use your ulti and get into position to snare him and kill him. Ganking bot works also just remember not to leave top too much you don't want to get too excited and lose your tower. The longer the laning session the better for you chances are they will try to push one lane hard to try and start team fights depending on how good your ganking them.

Once the team fights start you just focus on killing the carry and making life easier on your team.

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After level 6 ganking is easy but before it isn't but I found ways on how to. Since Rengar's Bola Strike is his only CC the best thing to do is use that when ganking but it depends on which lane you are ganking.

Since the brush is on the left side its easier for you to use your passive to leap on him but depending on how good the enemies escape is, pushed and if his summoner spells like Flash or Ghost are up. So you have to decide whether to use your 5 stacks Q or 5 stacks E for the snare lock-down or immense damage.

This one was tricky but I found a way to make it work. Sometimes the minions move towards the left or right brushes in the lane by themselves while they try to fight the other minions. Leap onto one of those minions and then snare the enemy champ with most likely a 5 stack Bola Strike for the CC. By this time the person your ganking for should do some CC since most mid champs are AP and have some sort of CC.

This lane won't need your attention much but if they push bot hard and you gank and kill both bots with your bot team assisting then that is about 1200 gold for your team I believe and will keep bot going strong.

Once you hit level 6 Thrill of the Hunt should be used for mid and top lanes only bot is easy enough to go from around tri-bush.

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Counter jungling

Once you reach the higher levels chances are they will ALWAYS be a jungler. So the jungles don't just belong to you now but you can make it.

Warding-Junglers will always want to secure their buffs for themselves or for their teammates. Warding their jungle will give you a heads up on where they are and how to stop them from getting buffs making their ganks stronger and empowering their team.


Warding the Red Lizard and Blue Golems are crucial and depending on their jungler it can stop them so hard in the beginning or slow them down.

At about 10 to 15 min in you may want to ward dragon since they can get it that early with bot lanes help. You will have a Wriggle's Lantern so buying a few wards will be less expensive since you will have one ready every few minutes.

Blue Buff reduces Cool-downs for abilities and increases your mana-regen which is good for Rengar since his early jungle is so brutal for him but if you do get it early make sure to get it for your mid lane teammate. Most mid-laners are AP and so blue-buff is like Christmas to them so getting them blue will help them own that lane.

Red Buff deal damage over-time and slows anyone you hit while it is on you. This item is great for the AD carry that will usually go bot lane. BUT this will make our ganks more effective since the CC it gives you helps finish them off. I recommend getting it early game for yourself then give it to the AD carry mid and late game. A Caitlyn or a Vayne is a scary thing to fight or runaway from.

But of course 2 junglers will always meet up eventually and that comes down to a fight or one gets the jump on the other and steals his buff. However killing the enemy jungler will give you the upper hand while hes dead not getting any exp and gives you 300 gold now is the time to take his jungle buffs and jungle.

Some junglers are nastier than others here are the ones you should watch out for.

This guy can take a beating and hurts chances are he will get blue buff and gank top often.

This joker is truly scary in the jungle. His Jack-in-the-boxes will hit and disturb your jungle and when taking buff he can pop out of nowhere and assassinate you. If you do fight him he will most likely Deceive away since in the jungle he won't be using it and its low cool-down. He good at ganking all the lanes.

I kind of find him your equivalent in the jungler. He leaps out of the brushes and takes your life bar down immensely. He gets blue for mana so he can use his E in the jungle and take little to no damage and gets red for ganks so warding blue and taking would be good to counter him.

Well you might have to face him someday. You should know where to ward and find him but just incase make sure you ward red and once he hits level 6 warn everyone because any lane is gankable now.

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Counters and who to watch out for Top-lane

still producing
Careful with this one she hits fast and hard and if shes feed she can carry the whole team. Handle with care ask for ganks to slow her down until you have dominance in lane and once she hits level 6 make sure you call those mias because her Ulti will let her tower dive almost anyone.

Xin Zhao
Easier in the early stages. You can harass by jumping out the brush and Q him once or twice and he will stay back on his side. Just be careful with his 3 hit pop-up its perfect for when hes getting the ganks.

Ah Grand-master Jax one E-Q-W combo and you will wonder where your health went. Be careful his E will make you prone to ganks and he is a formidable jungler himself.

Watch for Wards in your brushes if they can see you then they can nullify your passive by watching its range and keeping away from it.

Since bruising is your job you need to know who you are killing and you won't get anywhere aiming for their tank or Bruiser heres the list of priority.

Miss Fortune

these below are the next ones you focus


Finally the enemy supports and bruisers are next NEVER AIM FOR THE TANK EVER even if they have like 100 HP left it's always a trap a simple ulti will make your attempt a fail like Mundo's super regen.

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Rengar isn't for everyone. Hes amazing when played right and keeps the entire team on their toes with you around. I hope this guide helps the people who read it and if you did and it helped please rate it up helps. The community for this game is amazing I found guides that made me better with most of my characters and I wanted to give back so I hope This guide does help.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi for the guide to guides. The guide help me flesh out this one with the coding.

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Change log

Added 2 champs in the watch out for chapter and added a "Ganking" section
as well as changing the name of the guide a bit.

Added Jax to the list to watch out for top and added the "counter jungling" section

Changed the build around giving more health in the beginning.