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Rengar General Guide by karoliszzzz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author karoliszzzz

Rengo death from the bush

karoliszzzz Last updated on May 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Brand brandjungle doesnt work that well in season 5 anyway if u get up against him its easy for u just keep vision of him with wards and u'll be fine if he comes and tries to compo u just dodge his q/w and his e is worthless :) he has low mobility so low gank efficiency
Kha'Zix This is easy try to catch him when u are lvl 3 then u'll kill him easy. Late game he gets stronger but if u get ur first 4 items before his 3 (machete boots and item) u'll kill him :) AND HAVE THAT NICE HEAD OF HIS
Master Yi Just aim ur combo corectly or that Q will fuck u up big time he needs his blue rlly bad so if ur teammate wards it as soon as it spawns u'll see when he gets it and next blue should be urs :)
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U all might be wondering who am i and i think noone's gonna be happy to see this but im rengar main 6 months im Silver 5 player EUNE server so if u think im just a silver scrub then leave and this guide isnt for u i have experieced alot with this champ and i know **** a ton too :)

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I pick armor penetration runes Greater Mark of Armor Penetration just to pierce through tanks early games without them ur main weapon against tanks is ur q wich without lvl 5(maxed out) sucks so u have to get them as a main thing in ur runes section ;). The armor runes are great for getting some armor and block some damage from ur enemy if u get cought somewhere or if u try to catch him that's another needed option for rengar because as i said he's one heck of a SQUISHY till late game ;).Scaling health is another nice thing to have because it helps to not be that squishy and to add some competition all game to the enemy jungler even if he's tank. Attack speed is neccesary in this case because without it u hit rlly slow unless after q or empowered q so this helps to get that few basics off (especcially helpfull in jungle clears with golem buff)

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Creeping / Jungling

Iwant to share my route on jungling becouse alot of u will be like wtf are u taling about dragon lvl 5 impossible and etc...

Blue team route: if i start in blue team i like to do this Red buff(smite),wolves,blue buff(smite),rift scutler (only usespells and empowered roar to heal urself that may take a bit but it's worth),krugs(smite),raptors,wolves,gromp(smite).(Back get back #1 items) and then u ward enemies path to dragon buff and u can take that solo just use empowered W and pop those potions to do it

Red team route: in red team even tough i take no help blue team route i do this blue buff(smite), wolves, red buff(smite)(sometimes u need to early smite red buff to do this because he deals more dmg than blue buff), rift scutler (no basics just spells like in blue teams route),krugs(smite),raptors,wolves,gromp(smite)then i go back buy items and go dragon ward behind dragon wall and get rift scuttler with basics and spells then kill dragon in case of escape u'll have more mobility coz of rift scutler

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Team Work

In here i'll talk more about gank's than tf's because its kind of same:

Ganking top lane: wait till enemy is pushing to turret then attack when ur teammate attacks so u could burst him down BTW u are ganking so use ur empowered E to CC enemy and pick off that kill and if their ungler comes depends on who it is try to get him as well or if he's strong and fed just slow and run

Ganking mid lane: this sucks u cant gank this till level 6 coz there's no way u'll reach enemy from that bush unless ur mid is rlly good and baits them then u just stun and burst him down

Ganking bot lane: for this u need 6 as well because u need an escape if ur up against fed bot laners and they have stuns but if u are up againts like soraka and something that can't stun u can just go in stun and kill that's it

In teamfights: in TF'S just try to go in after ur tank stun first target and burst if u get low try to get some HP qickly from kitting with e or killing minions then jump in again and try to fucus adc then mid laner :)

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Thunderous bongaloo

All rengar players should have heard about electric bongaloo( triple q) but this isnt electric this is thunderous and yes it means its (QUADRA Q) to do this u have to be lvl 6 so lets get started u need 4 ferocity allready stacked so u q+r jump + q+w+e+q+q it works and i have done this tons of times when i get mad at someone in game and want to kill them :D soo good luck trying this

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Pros: Rengar is very mobile
Has very high burst potential
Nice gank potential
Teamworks nice with almost any champion
Nice jungle clears

Cons: Has low Hp after first clear
Needs a kill early to deal tons of damage
Needs ult to gank mid lane or any stunner
Ult is kind of weak in duels

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- this add's attack speed it's usefull to rengar to get faster clears and stun more with golems buff
- this is needed to unlock feast and this adds a few extra damage always helpfull in that case :)
- this adds scaling AD to scale nice while the game is going like if u are behind and dont have any items this will boost ur AD instead of just base lvl up power
this gives u a little sustain that will help alot when ganking and after getting that kill and leaving urself with 5 HP :) or it will just help u clear jungle better :)
Bonus AD why no???
why douldnt u want something that deals precentage of dmg against low hp?
this adds AD precentage so srsly this is needed
sustain is nice and it's rlly nice to have it rlly helps in 1v2's and tf's
this is the bit of armor/magic penetration to **** up those tanks
This help's with ur AD and clears early game so this is neccesary
Helps in ganks or invade's maybe cought's
u are jungling and even a little bit of damage from monster can screw u up big time so this will help a ton
this gives u HP to clear more jungle or be able to clear all the jungle
this makes neutral monsters bleed when they hit u and tell me 1 neutral monster that wont hit u when being attacked???? yep there's none :p only rift scutler but he doesnt count
this gives u like 50 HP so why not :P

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The end

This is the end of my first guide and if u have any suggestion leave in in comments i'll read them :)


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