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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dotter

Respect My Authoritaaaah!!! - Teemo ,The Rapist Boyscout

Dotter Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Hey Mobafire people! I have found a new favourite champion, who is small and awesome - Teemo. This little fella can sure kill, afterall he is the captain. So you better ****ing respect his authoritaaaaah!!!

This build will focus on ability power and attack speed, which I find the best way to play Teemo. I don't know if this build has been seen before, but I feel like making it anyways. Don't judge it on whether it is unique or not, but on the quality of it. If you don't like it and downvote please tell me why and what I could do better. Afterall, Mobafire is a community made for people to help each other.

Take a look at the scary bastard and weep!

But hey! Don't worry, he doesn't exist in real life, like for instance, Pokemons.

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The Legend of Teemo

As far as yordles are concerned, there is something slightly wrong with Teemo. While he enjoys - and in fact needs - the level of community and companionship inherent to all yordles, Teemo feels it so strongly that he ventures out on his own to destroy the enemies of Bandle City. There is something that switches off in Teemo, so that the lives he ends do not burden him. It seemed only logical to send him to fight in the League of Legends as the champion of Bandle City. He has taken to the League like a duck to water, seeking out the foes of the yordles and extinguishing them with the rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of ***ungu. However, the limited company of his own kind wears on Teemo, and cracks are beginning to show in his innocent and chipper fa?ade.

''Though he is known as the Swift Scout, it is clear that Teemo is actually something else - the unrepentant assassin of Bandle City.''

What the legendary Captain Teemo can do:

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Pros & Cons

The good stuff
- Really fun to play - He moves in a fun way and have some kewl skins.
- Great in mid - Good at getting first blood.
- Teemo also works fine in sidelanes.
- Awesome map control, due to his mushrooms.
- Great ganker - High speed and blinding darts are great. - Even better with Exhaust
- Good at kiting - good movement speed and he has blind. (Mushrooms helps Teemo kite)
- He can ward Dragon and Baron without using money on vision wards.
- He can be a great carry.

The bad stuff
- He is squishy
- He often gets focused in teamfights due to his carrying capabilities.
- Oracle potion can remove his shrooms and reduce his map control quite much.
- Can be hard to place yourself in a teamfight if you don't use Skype/Ventrilo to talk to your teammates.
- Item dependant - He will not do much damage, if he doesn't have proper items.

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Masteries (9-0-21)

Offensive Masteries

1/1 in Cripple
- Exhaust is one of the chosen summoner spells, so let's get it improved - The reduced armor- and magic resistance scales well with you E-ability and your high AS. It gives you a better chance in 1v1 fights..

3/3 in Archmage's Savvy
- A tiny boost for your ability power. Not much, but it does do a difference.

4/4 in Sorcery
- Cooldown reduction is highly needed for Teemo. He will be able to blind his enenmy more often, put more shroooms and use his speed boost more often.

1/1 in Archaic Knowledge
- Improved spell penetration scales well with your shrooms, darts and toxic shots.


3/3 in Preseverence
- Nice to have some increased mana- and health regeneration. Good to keep you in your lane for a longer period, instead of recalling when you have low health and mana.

1/1 in Haste
- Improves your other summoner spell, ghost. It gives more movement speed and increases the duration, which is good for Teemo (Doesn't that sound like a viagra pill?)

2/4 in Awareness
- A nice tiny XP-boost. It won't do that big a difference, but you need points to get other utility masteries.

4/4 in Expanded Mind
- More mana means more spells. Early game you won't have any mana items, so getting 4 in this is good. It will give you a bigger mana pool to take from, when you harras your opponent.

3/3 in Meditation
- Better mana regeneration means more shrooms, before your mana pool runs low. Nice for early game dart spamming, but it does not do that big a difference so don't use Blinding Dart every time it's ready.

2/2 in Utility Mastery
- As Teemo the Blue Buff is vital, if you want that awesome map control, which he can give.

2/3 in Quickness
- Teemo is already fast, but more speed means better kiting. You can outrun most champions and with even more speed, they'll never catch you. Then the evil-looking badger-dude will be able to lure enemies into exploding mushrooms. (Sounds like a drug fairytale to me)

3/3 in Intelligence
- CD-reduction compliments Teemo. 'Nuff said.

1/1 in Presence of the Master
- Cooldown reduction on summoner spells is just plain awesome imo. It makes you able to gank sidelanes more often, to escape more often, to kill your enemy in mid more ofte.

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- Typical marks for an AP-based champion. Gives your spells a better damage output, especially against tanky enemies, with a good amount of magic resistance.

7x Greater seal of replenishment
- As Teemo, you use a lot of mana! Therefore, you will need some mana regeneration, in order to avoid mana issues. Runes are a good way to remove these issues, especially early game.

- Gives your spells more damage. You don't have to go with these, 9x mp5 runes is fine aswell. I just like to have a decent amount of AP at the beginning of the game.

- Flat AP for early game damage. Not that much, but I like to have a bit more damage in the beginning, just to be able to harras my enemy - It can set up a kill later.

- These will give much more AP during a game, than flath AP runes. This is why I go with most of these. You can go with 9x these og 9x flat, depending on what you have.

- Gives more early game survivability. A decent HP-boost, to keep you alive in the beginning of the game. I do not but health/pr lvl, because you need the survivability in the laning phase, when you need to farm or maybe get a bit fed.

- Read about earlier AP runes. Same reason - More damage in the beginning of the game.

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If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for 3 seconds, he becomes stealthed indefinitely. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

- This is a fun and great passive. Good when you start (most of the times in mid). It is good for surprise attacks and first blood. When you lane mid, you probably won't get first blood, but it is great for early harrasing. Wait for enemy champion to arrive and start off with a dart and then standard attacks. You can also use it for ganks in sidelanes to help out teammates.

Deals 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and causes the target to miss all of their attacks for 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 seconds.

Cooldown 12 seconds | Cost 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana | Range 680

- This spell is just plain awesome. It deals a lot of damage, especially when you have a lot of AP. It is the only blinding spell in the game, which isn't a skillshot. If you lane against a caster, it will not help you that much. But against Ashe, Miss Fortune, Sivir etc. it is ****ing great. You can blind them for a decent amount of time, where you are free to hit them with standard attacks. It will surprise your enemy in a 1v1 fight, where they over-extend, because you might have low hp. Then you blind them and finish them off. It will piss them off, like a pregnant woman without strawberries.

Toggle: Teemo's movement speed is increased by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35% until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret.

Cost 40 mana | Range 20

- I really like this spell after it's last change. It now has a passive and an active. I get it a bit late, but I don't find it to be a must have in early game, so I prefer damage. However, I do get it if I am against champions like Lux, Karthus or Mundo, so I won't get hit by their skillshots as much, due to my increased movement speed. It is also good to chase up and get that last hit with Blinding Dart. Also quite handy for fleeing and kiting enemies into your mushrooms. Sometimes some kiting and a dart will grant you a kill.

Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 8 / 14 / 21 / 28 / 35 (+14% of ability power) magical damage upon impact and again each second for 4 seconds.

- This is the reason why Teemo can be a carry. With a lot of attack speed & AP this passive ability can be very deadly. It can get you kills, when your enemy thinks he/she has escaped, due to it's over time damage. Sometimes I''ve got kills, even when I didn't realize they would die. 14% of your AP doesn't sound of lot, but it will be a lot of damage, when you hit 1000 times a minute :D

Places a trap which detonates if an enemy steps on it, poisoning nearby enemies. Poisoned enemies take 350 / 500 / 650 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and have their movement speed slowed by 30 / 40 / 50% for 4 seconds. Traps last 10 minutes.

Cooldown 20 seconds | Cost 75 / 100 / 125 mana | Range 230

- This skill makes Teemo one of the most annoying champions to play against. He has sick map control and they do massive damage, when you have a good solid item build. With a full build they can do up to 1500 damage. 2 of these will kill a squishee, if they don't have magic resistance. Therefore, well-placed mushrooms will give you a lot of kills, when enemies flee, chase or simply roam the map. Mushrooms can also be placed to defend your buildings.
This is where you want to place your mushrooms in a regular game (This is only key locations, also place mushrooms in bushes in your lane and sometimes a random placed mushroom can get you a kill, when an enemy is fleeing and try to take a non-traditional path):
(It is not pretty or well-made. I suck at Paint & Photoshop. It is just to show new players or people who haven't tried Teemo, where to place mushrooms)

Note: If teamfights tend to be in the same lane, place tons of mushrooms on/around that lane. It will harras the enemy team a lot and might give you a kill, if one of them tries to escape from a fight.

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Summoner Spells

- This is a really good spell for Teemo, though he is fast to begin with. It makes you able to either catch up with and enemy or to escape from a gank. It might not matter that you are fast, if there are minions blocking your way, so you can't last hit your enemy champion with a dart. A nice way to save a teammate, with a dart + exhaust. Then you made get a kill and save a teammate. SCORE!

- One of my favourite summoner spells for a lot of champions. I really like it with Teemo, because it gives a surprising element to him. You can trick your enemy into believing that he/she will kill you and then use this one him/her. Then use standard attacks until it stops. Then you dart should be ready to blind again and then they can't attack you with standard attacks for another period. This can grant you a kill, when you learn to combine it the right way. That's why I prefer Exhaust rather than other spells.

- This spell is awesome for escpaping and cathcing up with people. However, I find Teemo to be a 'Damager over time' champions, which means that I like Ghost better, because it can make you shoot at your enemy for a longer period. This summoner spell will only get you near them once. However, it is better for escpaing through wall, but Teemo is great at kiting, so that is what I want him to do. I will not say, that you can't use this spell, but I simply prefer other spells.

- Good spell for getting out of troubles, but Teemo is so squishy, that it won't make you survive every time. A cleanse is good for 1v1, because there won't be other disables than from the one opponent you face, but I find exhaust to be just as good if not better in 1v1 fights. In teamfights a cleanse can save you, but also be a wasted summoner spell, if they throw another stun at you, after you have used cleanse.

- More map control? Can be great for controlling fights in all lanes and for backdooring. You can teleport to any mushroom on the map and then gank or destroy towers, in places where there are no enemy champions. Just make sure that your own team can hold the enemies off your back, so they won't come and kill you instantly.

- A great spell for finishing off nearly-dying enemies. Also great to stop champions like Mundo, Swain & Vladimir from healing too much. I can really recommend this, if you don't like exhaust or ghost.

I have not tried other summoner spells, but these. That means that I can't recommend other spells or tell you not to use other spells. These are all usable summoner spells for the little fella, but I prefer ghost and exhaust, so I can play aggresively and still escape ganks or similar.

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Item Build

- A decent ap boost to start with. A nice starter item, which you build into Malady later. Start with this and a health potion. You can also start with boots, but I like the extra damage. However, boots are good if you think you are laning against skillshot champions like Mundo, Karthus, Anivia etc., so you can avoid their spells.

- Like all boots they give movement speed, but the reason for these boots are the 25% attack speed, which scales well with you E-ability. If you face a heavy caster team, you might wanna buy Mercury's Treads due to the CC-reduction

- A great and quite cheap item, which has a great passive for Teemo, due to his high AS and blind. He can remove a lot of magic resistance fast. Also a lot of AS, which is awesome, because of Teemo's Toxic Shot. You will feel a boost in your damage output after this item. And farming is easier, because of the gained AS.

- Mana regeneration & ability power is great. It will make you able to put more mushrooms around the map, without lacking mana for fights. You build this into Nashor's Tooth. The reason why I go with this before Stinger is because, there are a lot of AS in the first two items, so more AP is needed before more AS.

- Finish the item, which gives all the stats you want for Teemo. AP, AS and CD reduction. Awesome for killing, farming and putting more mushrooms to get map control. With Nashor's your damage will increase quite a lot. With Malady's passive and Nashor's AS boost, you can wreck enemies.

- Awesome due to your high AS and blind. You can blind and then do a lot of extra damage in your next attack. It also gives nice AP and build into Lich Bane. It is funny to kite enemies into your mushrooms and then standard attack them, blind them and standard attack them again. It will do massive damage and piss of your enemy.

- At this point you want more AP, to get more damage from your mushrooms. This combined with Sheen will be build into Lich Bane for a sick damage output.

- The passive of this item is just too good to pass up on. When you use a spell, you will do 100% of your AP in additional damage. With blue buff you can use your darts often and then do massive damage with your next standard attack. Then you can use your W-ability 3 seconds later and afterwards put a shroom or use your dart again. Just make sure, that you get the most out of this item as possible. Try to take advantage of it's passive in 1v1. Teemo is a sick 1v1 champion & with Lich Bane he will be even better.

- The best AP-boost in the game. Your mushrooms will deal more than 1000 magic damage, when you have this. Your darts and toxic will kill enemies ****ing fast, so get this if you reach late game, just to be able to kill enemies in the matter of seconds.

This leaves a slot open, so you can pick one of the optional items from the next chapter.

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Optional Items

- You will need this, if you face a tanky team, stacking magic resistance. If this is the chase, do not hesitate to replace this with Morello's or maybe Malady - Then you will really need blue buff, so make sure you can get it, due to buff's increased mana regeneration and the CD-reduction. There's no mana regeneration in this item, so you might want to get [[Tear of the Goddess] aswell.

- A great amount of AP and a lot of spell vamp. Why is spell vamp useful? Teemo is a great kiter. He can outrun most of the champions in the League. When you kite your enemy through mushrooms you will regain health. In that way, you might win a battly against one, who you would not have won against under normal circumstances. Not the best item for Teemo, but it is great fun.

- If you struggle with surviving in teamfights and the enemy has a lot of AP, you might want to grab this item. It will give you a smaller damage output, but you won't do that much damage if you die after 5 seconds in a fight. A great survivability item, which has a nice passive.

- Nice cheap item to get out of tricky and dangerous situations, where you are stunned, ignited or similar. Then you can use this item's active and your chance for survival will improve a lot. 56 magic resistance is also quite allright.

- More health for survival capability. The 80 ability power is kinda kewl and the passive makes your blinding darts slow. It does not scale with your mushrooms, so not the greatest item for the expensive cost. However, it can be really good against champions such as Ashe, Miss Fortune, Tryndamere and similar champions.

- It gives great stats for Teemo. Mana, health and AP. If you want this, buy it early to get it's passive stat-boost up and running asap. Not surprising to find this in any caster build. I scales well with almost every AP-champion.

- Mana issues? Get one of these. The AP boost is good, so not a bad item. If you don't buy other mana items, it will not boost that much, so I recommend it if you get ROA or some other mana item.

- If you wan't a relatively cheap item, which can grant you awesome damage, when you actually attack with simultaneously standard hits. It scales so well with you high AS and your E-ability + your dart, due to it's nice passive. However, it doesn't boost the damage of your mushrooms that much. You might wanna grab this, if you are able to use standard attacks over a decent period in teamfightsm, without getting focused. It will litterally wreck the squishees apart, if you have tanks, who can keep the enemies off your grill.

- This item gives a lot of AP and it offers nice survivability. The 2 second active might be enough for you to get another blinding dart of and ghost out of there to survive. It can also be a waste, if you get aggro as soon as the stasis is over. A risky item to buy, due to the expensive cost. However, it still gives a great amount of AP, so not a waste of money.

A good item if you need more damage and more survivability against AP-heavy teams. The passive is nice, but you won't be in the center of a fight, so it may not be useful, unless you are 1v1.

If you can't have the blue buff, for mana regeneration and CD-reduction, then you might want to grab this. Good AP boost aswell. Nice new item imo.

There might be other items so feel free to experiment with items and if they work, please tell me, so other people can get to know it as well. I will probably also test new items, to see if they work well with the most evil-looking champion in the game - TEEMO!

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Laning Mid

I feel that mid is the best place to be for Teemo, due to his carrying capabilities. It is also a great plus in my book, that Teemo will get mushrooms much earlier in order to get map control. As another bonus, Teemo is great for ganking in the sidelanes, especially with Ghost & Exhaust. Tell your teammates that you want mid, unless you play with a friend and you chat on Skype or Ventrilo. Then you might want to take advantage of that by playing together in a sidelane.

What to do
Grab your starter items and head for the mid lane. Stand in the center in between your outer turret and the enemies' outer turret. Then stealth and wait. When minions arrive along with the enemy champion, you shoot a dart at him/her and start attackin with standard attacks. That will give some early harrasing and show them, who wears the big pants. Then you play a bit defensively, because you are squishy as hell. Try to use as many darts as possible on the enemy champion without taking too much damage. Then at some point, when you see a loop hole, you ghost at them, blind them and exhaust them. When you learn to time and master this, you will often get an early kill to get a huge advantage over your enemy. However, this can't be done against champions with blink, such as Le Blanc & Ezreal. When you hit level 6 you shroom in the side-bushes and maybe a lot of places around the mid lane, in order to be ungankable. Also ward dragon - really important if they have a jungler!
Try to gank side-lanes by surprising them with ghost and then exhaust the one, who is most likely to get killed. (Probably the one with the worst escape mechanisme). If you succeed your ganks, the side-lanes will be able to push and get and advantage, because one of them can help out in other lanes, while the other one protect their turret. If you are able to do it, plant mushrooms on the "hot-spot-locations" I have pointed out on the map. You might want to plant "random" places aswell, because players often go untraditional ways when they face Teemo. They do it in the hope of not running into a mushroom.

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Laning Top/Bot

If you have to lane in side-lanes, then your playstyle will be a bit different. You probably want to lane with someone who can protect you a bit like Maokai, Malphite, Rammus, Sona etc. Champions who can make sure, you wont get killed fast, if something goes wrong. In side-laning make sure to have a good communication. Time your ghost + exhaust well, so you can get some early kills to become fed and carry-potential.
Remember to focus the squishy and harras him/her with your darts. When you see a potential kill communicate with your lanemate, to set up a kill. Try to last-hit the enemy, so you can get fed.
When you hit level 6 go shroom in the bushes near your lane and in the side bushes in mid, to support your carry against ganks. Try to get the Blue Buff and place shrooms at key locations like Dragon, Nashor & Buffs.

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Who you might face (only mid - Side-lanes are too varied)

This is not comprehensive, because I haven't faced all mid-capable champions.

Easy is when you probably will get kills against your opponent, unless they towerhug like hell. You should be able to get a great farm against the easy enemy. I hope you'll face the easy champions mostly when you play Teemo, it is great fun!

Medium is when you probably wont kill the person, but you wont get killed either - Sometimes you will be able to get kills against all champions, depending on their how good the player is

Hard is when you probably won't get kills and you have to watch out, if you don't want to be killed yourself. You will most likely not outpush the enemy and they might deny you a good farm and even XP. See if you have another teammate, who is better against the enemy, if he/she is in this category.

- Annoying champion, which won't be that effected by your blind. Just try to play safe and farm well, and then you can get someone to help ganking him. It will be hard 1v1, due to his high damage and his sick survivability from Sanguine Pool. Try to keep the battle at your turret, so he can't try to kill you without getting aggro from it. It will give you a safe farm if you towerhug a bit. Then junglers won't get you either.

- Ashe won't be that big a problem. She relies on her standard attacks, which benefits your darts a lot. Try to get some darts in and when she has 50% HP or lower, try to ghost to her and kill her. If she has flash, try to get her to use it without using ghost, but only by being aggressive. Care for her ultimate, when you hit level 6. It will give her important time, where she can do massive damage on you. Simply farm and harras, and then you might get a kill early.

- Kassadin is just plain **** to face, if you are teemo. He can silence you, so you can't blind him and if you blind him, it doesn't really matter. It is also hard to play safe, due to his amazing tower-diving-capabilities. Play really safe if you face Kassadin, he has great escaping capabilities. Try to put shrooms at places, where he might teleport to use spells on you, then he probably won't engage at you. Play the same way against Le Blanc.

- Kinda like the same way as you should play against Ashe. However, you need to be careful, when you engage on MF, due to her increased AS on her W-ability and because her ulti can tear you apart.

- Mordekaiser is just disgustingly annoying to be against as Teemo. Though he is a tank, he can actually do more damage than you early game. Your blinding darts won't help you, due to his shield. Just try to farm well and get good items. Do not feed Mordekaiser!

- Just stay out of her soil and try to farm. She is a great pusher, so she might outfarm you. Try to get someone to gank her, cause you can't kill her yourself if she plays well. Her shield will simply absorb too much damage. Don't get hit by her cage, so try to stay safe behind creeps. That way you won't get killed and you might make her overextend.

- Veigar is not that hard to kill, when he doesn't have his stun. But when he does, be careful! He can do sick damage with his ultimate. Don't initiate if you don't have exhaust and more than 80% HP.

- Mirror lane can be annoying, depending on the your opponent's skills as Teemo. You are either better or worse. You will probably find out pretty fast, so adapt to that. If you are best, try to play aggressive without overextending. If your enemy is best, try to make him overextend, without feeding him.

These are the champions I have faced (I might have faced others, I don't remember.)
- The important thing is that you adapt to who you play against. Against AD-champions you can play aggressively, because you have your dart. If you face champions with silence & blink, then you have to play safe. One mistake and you're dead. If you play against melee champions, just try to harras them like hell. Then if they engange on you, blind them, attack them and then either run or exhaust them to get the kill, depending on the situation.

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In teamfights Teemo will often be focused, because he is squishy as hell. Try to wait by going in, until the fight has started and some of your tankier teammates are taking the attention. Teemo's mushrooms can be a great way to start fights, because the other team is slowed. Try to put mushrooms around placed, where teamfights may take place. Do not focus the enemy tank in a teamfight. Blind their AD-carry and try to take them out, without dying yourself. If you are on Skype/Ventrio with your teammates, you might want to communicate about running, to get the enemies to follow into muchrooms. Then you'll have a great advantage, especially late-game, where your mushrooms deals about 1000 magic damage. Just don't let your teammates down, when they initiate. They will need your damage. It will take some time to learn how to enter a teamfight, but when you master it, you will be a killing machine. It always takes time to learn how to master a new champion. This guide can only help you to be inspired and to get an idea of how to play Teemo.

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Final words

Thank you for reading the guide, I really hope it can help you become a sick mofo with Teemo. If you have suggestions, questions, critique or praises, do not hesitate to comment. I require comment to vote, which I kinda don't like to do, but I really get annoyed when people downvote or upvote without giving a reason. It is nice to know that people like your work, but it is made to help, not to get glory. The glory goes to Riot for making one of the most fun champions I have tried - Teemo...

And Teemo is just one badass **********er. He will even shoot babies with his darts, after he has raped them:

"**** you Teemo, you stupid rapist!"