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This build has been archived and is for historical display only.

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lilpwninprincess

Review Boutique

Lilpwninprincess Last updated on June 5, 2012
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Introduction & Rules

Hello and welcome to Review Boutique a Review Shop by Lilpwninprincess on MobaFire. I will review almost any and every guide requested. I will test your build out if I own the champion. Below is the list of champions I own. If the champion is on the list I will test out your build in-game. If not I will review the guide for the content and presentation as is. If the champion is free for the week I will test out the build in-game.

Currently Closed

Please, note I'm really busy so it will take me sometime to get to all.
You can still make a request but, please understand that it will take some time.

  • You meet the requirements listed below.
  • You've read all the given information here.
  • Please, respect my review. If I give you tips feel free to use them.
  • I will review more than one guide per person. Please, only post one guide at a time though. Let me review the first guide you posted first.
  • I'm not always online so, give me a few days to respond to your request.
  • If you want me to re-review please, quote your old review. And then ask for a re-review. If you would like you can let me know what you've changed.

  • I don't require anything in return other then reading the comment I left for you. That's not to much to ask is it?
  • You can +rep me if you wish to thank me.
  • A simple thank you, would be appreciated.
  • You can make me a signature if you really think I helped out a ton.
  • You can +1 or review one my guides.
  • You can even give a special thank you and link to my review shop within your guide if you'd like. If you feel I've helped you out a ton.

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Review Format

This is an example of what my review will look like; Don't be scared of the big 100 point system. It's really easy to get the points if you've taken the time and effort to make your guide the best you could:

Spelling: ?/10
  • I'm not the best at spelling but, I will check and make sure it is readable. And if I do catch any errors I will let you know.

Coding: ?/10
  • I will rate how well you used BBCoding. If you didn't use any this will score low.

Visuals: ?/10
  • If you explain in your guide why you don't use visuals than I will ignore this to a point and it will be scaled down to ?/5. Otherwise expect criticism in this area.
  • This also includes colors and format.

Content: ?/10
  • This will be the actual text and what you have to say. The more chapters and detail the higher the score.

Chapters: ?/10
  • I will rate the organization of your chapters.

Cheat Sheet: ?/40
  • I will rate your choice of items, runes, skill sequence, masteries, and summoner spells.
  • This is worth 40 points but, is easily achieved.
  • I may ask why you take Infinity Edge on Annie for example; and why I think it's a good/bad choice.

Creativity: ?/10
  • This will include the title name, chapter names, usage of images, etc.

  • I will list off any improvements and questions I have here.

Overall Score: ?/100
  • If you score below 40 I will down-vote. I don't think anyone will get this though.
  • If you score between 40-70 I won't vote. I will leave constructive criticism. Feel free to come back and ask for a re-review.
  • If you score between 70-90 I will up-vote your guide.
  • If you score between 90-100 I will up-vote your guide, and +rep you. I can't currently scout but, eventually one day once I can 90-100 will become up-vote and +scouted.

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If you meet the following requirements feel free to fill out a Submission Form, I will review you once I get the time.

  • Summoner Level 20+
  • 75+ Posts
  • You've checked out Making A Guide.
  • Language: English
  • Taken a look at this helpful forum.

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Submission Form

Summoner Level:
Spell Checked:
Reason for wanting the review:
Any specifics you want me to look at:
Guide Link:

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Date Done
Guide Name
MobaFire Name // + or - // Score

May 9th 2012
IceCreamy // + // 85.5

May 11th 2012
IceCreamy // Re-review // 93
May 10th 2012
A Chubby Baby // + // 94.5

May 10th 2012
VKZ95 // + // 76.5

May 11th 2012
IceCreamy // + // 91

May 14th 2012
Shizukani // + // 95

May 17th 2012
Shizukani // + // 92.5

May 17th 2012
Xeronn // + // 90

May 21th 2012
IceCreamy // + // 93

May 21th 2012
Iownedya // + // 88

May 24th 2012
Fulundry // + // 82

May 24th 2012
Keondre // + // 95.5

May 28th 2012
Asaki // + // 77

May 29th 2012
Asaki // Re-Review // 85
MobaFire had a error with Mastery Section. Re-Review is the original score.

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Order -> Review ~ BlackIceT
Order -> Review ~ Vitigam
Order -> Review ~ Phil Collins
Order -> Review ~ tehAsian
Order -> Review ~ Robo Ninja Monky
Order -> Review ~ Amazing Monkey
Order -> Review ~ Keondre
Order -> Review ~ Cubby1313