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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kindred Build Guide by Telki98

Jungle REWORKED - S7 Kindred guide to free elo [7.11] - by the #138

Jungle REWORKED - S7 Kindred guide to free elo [7.11] - by the #138

Updated on June 14, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Telki98 Build Guide By Telki98 25 3 1,060,501 Views 12 Comments
25 3 1,060,501 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Telki98 Kindred Build Guide By Telki98 Updated on June 14, 2017
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  • LoL Champion: Kindred
    Reworked marksman Kindred buil
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  • LoL Champion: Kindred
    Nice alternative build


Hi guys!
In season 6 I climbed from gold 3 to plat 2 in 3days with kindred last season. People really really underestimate them. In this season I found the same success with them, claiming diamond in both flex and solo quene. At the moment im the #236 kindred out there!

Please vote up and comment, if you want a more in depth guide on kindred! Keep in mind that it's my first guide, so be kind please :)

Check out my youtube channel please!
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Pros / Cons


-crazy good dmg after buying bloodrazor (jungler item)
-game turning late game
-possible game winning ultimate
-good ganking potential
-nice counter-jungle potential
-good vs. tanks in the late game
-nice at dueling opponents


-no hard initiation
-very squishy early
-bit lower dmg than the average junglers EARLY (only early)
-possible game losing ultimate
-hard to play, if behind
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Summoner Spells

Smite is smite... quite self explanatory

Flash is really nice for dodging skillshots and engages also for escaping

Ghost is atm better i think bcs it gives you a lot more opportunities to get the game rollin, since you can gank, counter-gank, counter-jungle, and do all the more agro things really often since this spell is giving you the extra safety with a fairly low CD.
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In this season I picked up 9x lethality marks, last season i had 9x attack dmg marks.

With lethality u have a stronger late, but a quite a lot less potential early, but you have a better late.

With attack dmg marks you can go for some more agro actions, but you will have a weaker late (still pretty strong)

I think lethality is still good, but flat ad is a more stable choice.


These are changable depending on the enemy, but most of the times you will want some magic resist in them for sure tho.

If you can, make a rune page without mr, but 9x attack speed, because having MR vs. full ad enemies is a waste

Overall, if you don't have much IP to waste go for 9x SCALING Magic resist


I usually use 9armor, because they are really useful in every single game. I sometimes go for scaling hp, since you will not be buying hp with this build.

Overall use armor until you are more experienced with Kindred


3x attack speed should be the one you go with, it just works so well on them.
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Up until 05.02.2017 (7.1) I only used fervor, because it worked really well, but I have seen others go stormraider, warlord's bloodlust and thunderlords, so i started testing them.

So far i find stormraider quite strong on them, so definitely try it out.

Warlord's bloodlust is perhaps the ideal keystone atm for Kindred, works well on Kindred.

Thunderlord is working really well, I thought it wasn't so good on Kindred, but i was absolutely wrong. The early dmg is working out really well when it comes to ganking.

At the moment I recommend going

thunderlord's decree

, if I want more early dps, otherwise Warrior's Bloodlust.
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How to play kindred (early game)

I always start bot side, on blue side go for wolves after red, then blue and look for mark. If the mark is on chicken and your mid is pushed in abandon it, otherwise go for it all the time! On red side blue -> gromp -> wolves -> mark. After taking/contesting mark always move on for the other buff (the first mark spawns at 2:30, so u can take 3camps pre that). After this you have to adapt to the circumstances.
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Ganking & Passive usage


So, the way it works is you mark some1 of the enemy team, and after an 8sec delay it completes. After killing/assisting the marked target you gain a passive stack, which gives you dmg on hit. Keep in mind that you cant mark some1 while being in combat, and that there is  a 90sec cooldown on this passive.


- Pure pressure: if an enemy is pushed up and u mark them they will change to a lot more deffensive playstyle.
-Ward bait: if you know one of the enemy laner haven't warded yet, then go in his bush, mark him, and most of the time he will come to you, creating a perfect sandwich for you and ur laner. Keep in mind that this trick works mainly on top lane.
- Late game: in the late game you wanna mark a melee enemy/hard initiator (example: vi, maokai, zac), since they will dive ur backline and most likely die, giving yoj extra power. I like marking the enemy jungler a lot of times, if the enemy laners are playing really deffensively and i am looking for counter ganks.
- Pre ganking: If you plan on ganking an aggressive enemy lane mark him ~40secs earlier than you do so, bcs they will play deffensively for  a while, a bit later they will forget about you and go agro again = free kill/kills bby


The best ganking combo is: get in range of ur enemy AA->Q->AA->SMITE->E->W->AA->Q->AA
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Team Fights

In the late game when you have more than 10stacks, black clever and maybe even a dominiks/mortal reminder PLEASE HIT THE TANKS. Under this I most certainly don't mean that you should prioritize a full tank maokai above the corki mid, but if a tank engages on your team you can legit melt them down like crazy in like 5secs, puting your team in a huge adventage.

More details about the team fights coming soon!
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Mark system - memorize this!

Mark tier system :
    Tier 1 (0 marks): Crab
    Tier 2 (1-3 marks): Crab, Raptors, Gromp
    Tier 3 (4-7 marks): Wolf, Krugs, Blue, Red
    Tier 4 (8+ marks): Herald/Baron, Drake/Elder
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Telki98
Telki98 Kindred Guide
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REWORKED - S7 Kindred guide to free elo [7.11] - by the #138

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