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Viktor Build Guide by lekeke

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lekeke

Reworked VIKTOR AP mid, TOO much OP

lekeke Last updated on November 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I will be as short as possible, here I will introduce a way to play the new Viktor...that is like a .... xDD Tryhard or Hardcore Mode ON

I mean, we all know playing AP mid, 9x armor runes ,9x Magic Resis ... I encourage you to take yourselves from the conventional and exploit the most intuitive and risky game ... Believe me when I say that what you are about to cross, if decide to try this amazing game mode that I show below

do not forget ... RULES !!! xd

Here you can see a little guide of what I mean ^^

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We'll go with the basics ... we want to kill and laugh so and ^_^!!

Another good option is Flash + Exhaust in order to over surpass your enemy xDDD

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Here begin the things that you will say ... WTF ????? So yeah, because is exactly what you are seeing XDDDD For this type of game with the new Viktor ... we won`t go with Armor or Magic Res runes...we will take.... Movements speed quints .... !

why this change? because we are going to play with real skill , we have to dodge all intuitively while we smash our enemies with a lot of movement speed that will surprise the other champion

Mana Regeneration "flat " is to enhance the new Viktor early , which is where he fails nowadays, I particularly do not usually run out of mana and i can be harrasing him all the day XD

AP in blue cause of our quints, that are no longer ap ones ... and we will need the extra AP

Magic Penetration in red of course

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Typical masteries for AP mid, with mobility and Mana regeneration ^^

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Skill Sequence

The priority of the New Viktor will be max our "Q" with the first evolution of our new object ^^ ((That evolution increases our movement speed so its crazy with our MS quints hehe)). Then we will need to max "E" in order to maximize our damage and creep farming, and the last The field, W. Its true that this could be really situational will be playing and deciding what is better to max in 2nd or 3rd time ^^
But rememente...this is a non-conventional guide so, lets HARDCORE mode ON!

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An example of a TryHarding game

This is a game that I recorded playing with the new Viktor VS a Gold Azir...The beginning of the game was a little hard for me because was the first time that I faced "this new champ" and r*** me at early xDDD will see what happened ^^

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Ranked Play

Viktor has never been one of the most used characters ... so he creates enough suspicion xdd hehehehe But if you master this kind of game I assure you not only what you are going to spend funny time , but also going to shut a lot of mouths . When they see you without armor or without Magic resist, they will begin to say ... WTF ? And its true that if you dont go well... you will have a really hard time at early hahaha. But it is also true that if you have good reflexes and good intuition, you will be much more than a gadfly to the enemy and fall him completely away from heading

A FUNDAMENTAL thing ... in the League of legends ... but mainly in RANKED ... bad start does not mean losing games. Remember that the most important thing is farmimg a lot , well , getting 12-16 farm equals 1 kill so do not despair if he picks some advantage killing you 1 time. Mix the harras with farming and everything is gonna be alrigh in the later stages ... If you are ganked ... KILL THE jungler Xd Believe it, the new Viktor has an incredible burst!! A really low cooldown Q that increise your MS...that become you a machine that chase people , dodge , and destroy all of them

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Pros / Cons

Here I will tell you different tricks in order to survive, endure and destroy the main MIDs that you could face

Wow start with ap midl:

: The new character is very good against short range champions like this new viktor, you will have a hard early because whenever you want to harras hin, he will send to you his 2 soldiers, charge and finally the shield with knockout xDDDD So you have to timea well his CDs because they are pretty high. bait him in order to make him waste all so he be yours. Anyway ... do not worry because you will crush him at midgame even without having much advantage ... As you can see in the video above ^^

: The hard one without any doubt xD. Keep distances, farme carefully and when you can...go Q + autoattack...death ray to farm ... He is melee so you will hit a lot of times while he is farmin. If he goes after you... W above yours and you will see how you hit him 80 times out of 100 .... As he has great mobility,it is very difficult for us to delete him so go slowly pulling down and finally...Combo-Nuke!

: the same as Fizz, but try to keep you ulti until she uses her R in order to stop her channelling...Take care of her marks and how she detonates them

: At the firsts levels you have to harras her a lot, losing farm if it was neccessary but trying to kick her out of the game, or backing base XD. At level 6 she will try to crush you and you will need to be really "awake" in order to put your pink, use your and INSTA-delete her with all your cococococoombobreaker

: Character really...really noisy xD The good thing against this champ is that all her abilities are skill-shots and we are "master" of avoiding them with all our mobility (MS quints + lych XD) Believe me...its not as complicated as it seems to be ^^ and...If you will crush her for sure

: similar to syndra but with more range buuuuuuuuut more CD her and insta-delete ^^ care about being trapped and dont forget about her double shield

And now more about AD/assasins Mid champs:

: Care with his shadows...bait him to use and then go harras and back again. Then, when he reachs 6...he will do an All-in against you so...keep calm. Use your W above you and use everything, you will nuke him before he xD

against this, it's boring to play, be always away from your minions to not let him go jumping on you and your minions for free. Harras him with our Q + autoattack always. With your movement speed would not be problem. And if it makes you engage ... you know, W and throw him over all ... will die muahahah

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About the author...

Muy buenas a Todos, para los que no me conozcais soy Jorge Lekke (lekke me llamo en el LoL, como ya habeis visto soy platino (si, ahi también hay elohell )), le doy caña a diversos juegos y recientemente he empezado a subir gameplays como los de arriba y demás cosillas a mi canal de youtube. Si teneis curiosidad a ver qué más cosas os encontrais no dudeis en pasaros por