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Riven Build Guide by goofierrez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author goofierrez

Riven, Broken Wings and broken bones (post fizz)

goofierrez Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hey guys, this is my first guide i've ever written!
i am a level 30 on LoL and i main Master Yi. i've used riven since she was released and i love her (she could be a littler hotter.. but whatever). this build focuses on low cooldowns and high damage, there is a plethora of builds out there that like to build Riven as an offtank, but those builds use items that add ap or mana, which seems like somewhat of a waste. if you want a more tanky riven, it shouldnt be hard to find a guide that does so.

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In Noxus, any citizen may rise to power regardless of race, gender, or social standing - strength is all that matters. It was with committed faith in this ideal that Riven strove to greatness. She showed early potential as a soldier, forcing herself to master the weight of a long sword when she was barely its height. She was ruthless and efficient as a warrior, but her true strength lay in her conviction. She entered battles without any trace of doubt in her mind: no ethical pause, no fear of death. Riven became a leader amongst her peers, poster child of the Noxian spirit. So exceptional was her passion that the High Command recognized her with a black stone rune sword forged and enchanted with Noxian sorcery. The weapon was heavier than a kite shield and nearly as broad - perfectly suited to her tastes. Soon after, she was deployed to Ionia as part of the Noxian invasion.

What began as war quickly became extermination. Noxian soldiers followed the terrifying Zaunite war machines across fields of death. It wasn't the glorious combat for which Riven trained. She carried out the orders of her superiors, terminating the remnants of a beaten and fractured enemy with extreme prejudice. As the invasion continued, it became clear that the Ionian society would not be reformed, merely eliminated. During one bitter engagement, Riven's unit became surrounded by Ionian forces. They called for support as the enemy closed in around them. What they received instead was a barrage of biochemical terror launched by Singed. Riven watched as around her Ionian and Noxian alike fell victim to an unspeakably gruesome fate. She managed to escape the bombardment, though she could not erase the memory. Counted dead by Noxus, she saw an opportunity to start anew. She shattered her sword, severing ties with the past, and wandered in self-imposed exile - on a quest to seek atonement and a way to save the pure Noxian vision in which she believed.

''There is a place between war and murder / in which our demons lurk.''

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Pros / Cons

+great damage
+great CDR
+good escaping or chasing with Broken Wings
+high damage

-can be harrased

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reds and quints armor pen for more damage
yellows go for ad per level, you could go for hp to add survivability but i don't
blues cooldown reduction per level

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with this new update, the mastery trees got buffed. i go 24/6/0 to max out my damage and those 6 points in defense and a little survivability early game.

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starting off, get Boots of Speed and 3 health potions.
if things go well on your first recall, you can hopefully grab your Ionian Boots of Lucidity and parts of the The Brutalizer if not a The Brutalizer itself.
the Vampiric Scepter makes you able to lane longer and once you get a Zeal, you start to become a force to be reckoned with.
with those items you have your base items. if your team is doing very well and you don't feel squishy, go for an Infinity Edge. if you feel squishy, get a Phage at least, if not a Frozen Mallet. if you want the most damage get an IE followed by The Bloodthirster. it's all up to you really. after buying a B. F. Sword you could also finish your Phantom Dancer for more dps, crits and mobility. to deal with a tank, finish Youmuu's Ghostblade.
if the game is going poorly, get a Thornmail if you are dying to AD or a Force of Nature if AP's are destroying you. to deal with both you can get a Guardian Angel

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Skill Sequence

first i max out Broken Wings and Ki Burst as fast as possible, and Valor at the end, leveling up Blade of the Exile whenever possible. this is one huge difference I've noticed between this guide and everyone else's. most other builds max out Ki Burst first, then Valor. depending on how the game is going, you may want to put more points in Valor earlier, but i have been putting one point in Valor at lvl 5 and leaving it there.

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Summoner Spells

i like the summoner spells i have listed.
you may take Ghost to help with escaping or chasing.
Ignite helps get early kills or if enemy champions keep getting away with 2 hp.
Teleport can be used to move around quicker, maybe help some allies.
Heal? a lot of people look down on it, but it does save you from a tower dive sometimes.

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farming is important fpr any champion, some are just better at it than others. riven is not a bad farmer at all. Broken Wings and Ki Burst are great for last hitting. once you hit lvl 2 save Broken Wings for harassing and last hit with Ki Burst.

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you really should solo top, but unless you have a premade team, there might not be a jungler. if you are soloing then this will still work, just ignore the partners. if it's 1v2, then you might want to just hug.

early game
just focus on getting last hits, if you have a good lane partner that fears, stuns or snares you can get a few kills which always helps. laning with champs like Annie, Xerath, Amumu, and Blitzcrank are good choices. also any carries with cc like Ashe or Akali is a good idea too. you do not however want to feed, so use good judgement. FARM.

mid game
you should hopefully have at least your Ionian Boots of Lucidity and The Brutalizer. just wait in bush and tell your lane partner to focus the squishiest champion in your lane and you should get a kill with your ulti. if they have flash, you should try to make them use it, don't want to waste your exhaust on someone who can flash away. you can flash after them if they are low enough and you think you can make it away from a turret alive, but again use good judgement. KEEP FARMING.

late game
Ionian Boots of Lucidity, The Brutalizer, Zeal, Infinity Edge, Vampiric Scepter, and Frozen Mallet. games don't usually go on this long, and if you have all those items going into late game, well unless your team is bad (which does happen) it's pretty much gg. just keep going with the mid game strat, hide, ulti, QQQW and if needed R, usually a couple auto-attacks will finish them off, but her ulti is so cool, i usually fire it off for fun.

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Riven can jungle, I have and I've noticed that I tend to match the duo lane levels and not the solo lanes. she is a great ganker, but for now i would solo top or dup lane, since the jungle keeps changing right now.

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this is what i've been using as riven, i need to try it out some more.

please give me any feedback you may have!