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Riven Build Guide by Swiftays

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Swiftays

Riven | Jungle & Lane Build #1

Swiftays Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome Welcome!

Welcome ladies and gents to the .. well .. obviously the best Riven | The Exile guide in all of Mobafire! What makes it the best? Well just look at it, perfectly in tune with Riven and her strengths and weaknesses. Enjoy and please comment and vote!



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Build Thoughts/Planning

Well, my thoughts to this guide was to make something that works, however isn't something too similar to the rest. Granted her build is pretty similar to Phreaks and the rest, but this guide will bring you all the nitty gritty that others don't have.

My thoughts initially for Riven were to build her very bursty with tons of Attack Damage and Attack Speed; further testing lead this theory to be false, and fail horribly. So I decided, well we can just throw in a bunch of Health.. and my hypothesis once again.. FAILED. Soo.. I was about to give up and one word saved me! "Sheen", building a sheen to tri-force lead her to the best build possible.

Now you may notice their is two builds listed, the first is by far the best I have noticed in testing, the next is a laning riven which is built to burst because she really doesn't farm too well in lane.

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Summoner Spell Choices


-- Since Riven is very mobile this just gives her more mobility making ganks on you during jungling just that much harder.

-- Your jungling.. so you take smite because you cannot kill wraiths early in the game without it.


-- Same Reason as above.

-- This gives you a way to slow enemies you are chasing, or to survive a melee like Tryn, YI, Ashe and so forth who can eat you alive.

Optional Summoners

-- Can swap this with Exhaust for more bursty.

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Skill Sequence/Combo Order


Pretty self explanatory,

Level 1 -- I get first to allow me to activate her passive more often giving you more damage.

Level 2 -- I then get to give you a shield to help you survive the creeps a bit longer.

Level 3 -- Finally I get next to increase your damage and give you a small stun which can help you escape ganks, or to gank.

Many of you will suggest to level your over well this is very viable and does make you a bit more bursty, but I feel the damage is higher with then .

Skill Combo Order

Jungling -- -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> Repeat

Laning -- -> Last Hit -> -> Last Hit - > -> Last Hit -> -> Run Out -> Wait for Cool Down -> Repeat

One on One -- -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> WAIT.. Here is a choice.. If Enemy is NOT Dead.. then decide.. Can I chase and not die? Or cannot I not chase. If you can, then do. If Not then run.

Team Fight -- -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> -> Auto Attack -> Either Win Team Fight or Lose..

NOTE: Do not be afraid to bounce around to the weakest target, you are Riven and your extremely mobile in team fights, to bounce around like a monkey on speed.

WAIT SWIFTAYS! Where DA ULTIMATE? Good Question my pupil! The great ultimate is very situational.. meaning.. in a one vs one, only use it if needed to finish them or survive. In a Team Fight you can either.. Pop it at the start for extra Q damage, or save it for killing the escaping people.

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Item Explanation/Situational Items

My item builds are pretty self explanatory, however like all guides no item build is perfect. There are many items that you may need to counter a specific team. I will list a few.

: Great early game armor, damage and life steal, plus helps her jungle easier and if your going lane Riven it still is a incredible item to help get dragon down faster. Plus its a free ward every 3 minutes.

: This item is very argued, however I find when jungling I prefer this, however if your laning other boots are just as viable.

: Combining this with her already amazing mobility it gives her great escape and chase potential, let alone giving her the ability to help her team quickly kill baron or dragon, and even push towers a bit faster.

: More Health allows her to live longer in team fights, after the enemy teams notices you are a threat, you will get bursted guaranteed.

: With her increased health from this allows her to have EVEN more damage, plus this works nicely with the next item.

: The proc of this item is godly on Riven, the point of not rushing it is because its not more important then the rest of the items. However late game this pretty much is the icing on the cake.

: To seal the deal this weapon is by far the item that spells out that your team is doomed to fail. IF you complete this build its GG.

Situational Items

: This item is the best item against heavy AP burst teams like Aniva, Veigar, Karth, Kass, Annie and so forth. Its a wonderful addition to Riven if you need it.

: If AP is destroying you or your team this is a wonderful pickup to really help out, combining this with the Hex Drinker you will seal the deal.

: YI, Tryn, Ashe, Cait, all are easy carries that can wreck your face. This item, combined with Wrecks their face.

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Jungle Route

The jungle route really depends on if the enemy team has a Jungle or not.

Blue Name - Blue Side
Purple Name - Purple Side

Jungle Route

Wolves -> Wraiths -> Golems -> Wolves -> Recall -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Golems -> Gank Top -> Recall -> Wraiths -> Golem -> Gank Bottom -> Recall -> Wolves

Ganking: The path I listed is perfect for ganking bot and top, not so much for ganking middle. Since when I play typically our middle is winning by a large margin and I don't need to gank a ton in middle, if you do, adjust the route.

Enemy Jungler: If the enemy jungler is killing faster then you, you might want to try starting at their wraiths or golems to help you counter jungle them. If that is not possible just be careful when following the route.

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Change Log

9/18/11 - Guide Created