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Malphite Build Guide by peregrinePaladin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author peregrinePaladin

Rock Monster Malphite

peregrinePaladin Last updated on March 16, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi guys, I'm peregrinePaladin and this is how I play the Rock Monster. I've got a similar guide over on LoLking, and it seemed to be popular so I'm bringing it over here! Share the love of the Monster, Because lets face it. Malph is cool and can dominate between the lanes! My guides are focused on two things, Keeping Malph alive, through a combination of health, Armor, and MR; and giving him enough punch to remain a threat.

The guides a little bare, and just lacks Zazz. But I'll be zazzing it up as the season goes

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The Abilities!

If you look at my Malph plays, Honestly my Ability points are all over the place. Theres no real "wrong" way to go with Malph. Lets go ahead and get into what hes abilities are.

Your passive is based off your health, more HP you have, the bigger a shield your going to get, self explanatory, but once you have enough health, you'll be eating Spears for breakfast, with a side of Teemo stew.

Your Q is usually the second maxed out spell, It slows the enemy and gives you their speed to close gap. Pre-Six, its the only way you're going to get a successful gank. If you're AP heavy, and don't need the extra tank, You could even max this out first.

Your W is a damage boosting cleave. Pop it, and you gain Area damage on your Auto Attacks; plus bonus damage based off your armor, and AP. If you fall behind early game due to say...counter jungling, or a failed gank. It can be worth putting a few early points in here, to clear the jungle a little faster.

Your E allows you to channel your inner Bruce Banner and HULK SMASH. You hit the ground so hard, you leave a glowing Riot logo there. High base damage, AoE damage based off your armor/AP. Slows Attack speed. This isusually the first spell I max out.

Your R, Listen, at level six, go on youtube and Look up Miley Cyrus best song, because you're coming in like a wrecking ball. Base damage is great, gains more from your AP, it has some pretty good range, and is perhaps one of the best engages out there. Wait for the enemy team to group up, place the targeting reticle over them, and watch the Rock Monster fly through the air like Jordan, and send the enemy team airborne for 1.5 seconds. Just try not to telegraph it, if the enemy sees you barreling right at them, its pretty easy to flash out of this ult.

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Mastery can come in two flavors, The Flavor of Preseason, 0/18/12, and getting Thunderlord's Decree. Its ridiculously broken, and I expect it will be fixed but until then abuse it, the extra damage is wonderful.

If you're not into that cheese and feel like getting a more tanky set of masteries 12/0/18 Seems pretty solid to me. I'm toying around with heavier Ferocity or Cunning build, but for now Resolve seems to be best for Malph.

Now the third Tier choice, Runic Armor and Veteran's Scars. I gotta say Runic armor seems to make more of an impact throughout the game.

Strength of the Ages is my go to keystone, Grasp of the Undying is good lifesteal, but not quite what Malph needs. Same for bond of stone, good all around damage reduction, and you're going to take some of the damage from your squishier champs, its good, but not AS good as Strength of the Ages can be. Killing camps gives your more health. Stacking up to 300, and after you hit that, killing the large minions or sieges gives you 100 health. That's sustain, health, and an increase in your passive shield. 10 of 10 def recommend.

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Flat Ad marks are pretty standard, hit things harder, clear camps faster right?

Flat Armor Seals are especially good on Malph, his W and his E both gain some damage from it, but I wouldnt fault you with going HP, to get the bonus to his passive shield.

Scaling MR glyphs are my standard pick here for most games, But if they're AD heavy, you could go Cool down reduction.

Quints I think can vary some, Flat AD Quints are just like the marks, More damage, clear faster.

Flat Armor Quints are like the seals, again, stacks with his W and his E. take less damage over all, Again, I wouldnt fault you for going HP in lieu of these.

For those who are newer to the jungle, I would say grab a lifesteal quint or two. A little sustain goes a long way, makes the jungle more forgiving.

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The Armor!

Items, Sometimes your build will look this way. Sometimes it could be completely different.

The starts a bit different now, I prefer to go with the Hunters Talisman and the Refillable potion. Back as soon as you can buy the machete, then farm until can afford your enchant / Bamis Cinder

Now of the three enchants (RIP trailblazers)

With the changes to warding, Trackers might be my new go to enchant. Vision still wins games. And frees up your trinket for one of the other trinkets, or go with the trinket ward, more wards more wins.

Skirmishers will be seen in half my games filling the void left behind by Trailblazer. Hate watching Shaco invisibly walk away? (Wait....what?) Hit him with Skirmishers smite. And not only is he hurting, You can still see him when he's invisible. Same for those other pesky champs who like to hide.

Now the Stalkers, I rarely run. its an extra slow and some damage on a champ. You already have a slow, Why do you need another? Because sticking to your enemy is important. and sometimes your Q is on cool down.

Boots are simple. Who is killing it in this game? AD champs? Get Tabi. AP champs? Get Mercs. No one? Get you some Mobility and pressure the lanes.


I always grab a Dead Mans Plate. Its a perfect addition to Malphite, It speeds him up. It gives him bonus damage. It Synergizes with his Passive, W, and E. Usually my second/ Third built item.

Thornmail. For those Pesky ADCs who like to poke at you. Poke them back. Gives a pretty nice bonus to your W and E aswell. I tend to shy away from it if theres only one AD threat though.

Ice Born Gauntlet. They Removed the bonus AP, but left the Passive for your auto attacks after using an ability. Now it scales off your AD so maybe not AS good as it was but still useful. As always its packed with Armor which is just perfect for a Malph, and even a little mana! Plus the size of the passive grows with your armor.

Randuin's Omen. Health for your passive, Armor for your Spells, Slows Auto attacks, Reduces crit damage, and that active goes great after you ult in on team fights, make sure no one can escape...From the fun!

Magic Resist:

Abyssal Scepter: Raw Ability Power. Flat MR. Reduces Enemies MR. If the mid doesnt build it, and they have some form of AP Mid champ, I would grab this. Third, or even fourth. Usually its the only item with any AP you'll need to do loads of damage.

Spirit Visage: Loads of health, increased Regen, and a good ammount of MR. A solid build, and synergizes well with Warmogs and if you have any lifesteal, its going to amplify it 20%

Banshee's Veil: Almost the same as Spirit Visage, health and MR in good quantities, More regen, But its passive is quite useful, Especially if theres one particular spell that does loads of damage. (Think Lux ult, Veigar Ult, and any other caster silly enough to try and hurt you with magic)

The options:

Banner of Command: Looks great on paper, and has everything a growing rock monster needs to get strong, Health, MR, Ability Power, CDR, And some more health regen! The main reason Ive picked it up on Malph, is also the promote. Slap a seige creep with it, and head off to team fight, knowing that lane will push itself, forcing an enemy to either come stop it, or risk minions getting a tower

Maw of Malmortius: Not the best buy on Malph, MR is good, the passives help when you're low / fighting a heavy AP comp, and I guess anyone can benefit from the AD. There are better items out there, I Would say avoid this, but it can have its place if you're going with a hybrid AD/AP Malph.

Locket of the iron Solari: Health, MR, Regen, and CDR. Not to mention the active and passive. If the support doesnt build it. And your team could use the MR, or is having trouble with enemy AoE, This is a solid buy.

Titanic Hydra: Atmas is back, and its more useful than ever. This is a good buy if you're going for that Hybrid AD/AP build. The health goes right into your passive. You gain more regen, and the AD helps your autos. The big deal here is, that passive/active. Its cleave does more damage, based of YOUR health. you know. all that health your stacking for your passive. Why not make it work for your damage aswell?! use the active whenever possible for more damage

Righteous Glory: Health. Mana. Regen. Sure, all things you need. But this is purely for the active. Pop that active, and watch as your team catches up with the fleeing enemy.

AP options:

Rod Of Ages, You know I want to say no, but its bonus' are telling me yes? health. Mana, Ability power. That passive early one will help you sustain in the jungle.But, if you dont get it second. Dont get it at all.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: AP and health in mass quantities, and the slow will work off you're spells. Its not a bad buy at all. But aside from the health, nothing here makes you quite tanky. Get it if you're ahead/dont need the extra armor

Liandry's torment: Health, AP, Magic Pen, and a DoT that does more damage to people who are slowed? Synergizes great with your Q. Not much tankiness to it, aside from the health though. Get it, if you're having trouble finishing off your ganks. That burn can lock in more kills than you would think.

Athenes Unholy Grail: MR, Mana Regen, AP, and CDR. All great stats, if you find you're running out of mana constantly try fitting this into your build.

Twin Shadows: not somthing I personally build, The AP is great, The CDR helps, and movement speed is always good. The active can slow people down for your ganks, and reveal those pesky hidden champs. I would get it last, and only if you are ahead.

Other Picks:

Sterak's Gage: 500 health isnt something to sniff at, that goes right into your passive, aswell as your massive health pool. +25% Base attack damage, means if you already have an AD item in your build ((Maw & Titanic Hydra) this item can really give you a boost. But why I put it here, is that passive. Take damage. Gain even MORE AD, A sheild based off 30% of your MAX health. And you also grow in size. Great for baiting fights / turning you into the Hulk

Ohmwrecker: do you want a kill? but that pesky towers always shooing you away. NOT ANY MORE! Ohmwrecker, Health, Armor, and lock that tower up for 3 whole seconds. Enough time to kill a squishy and get out. its really a solid buy with its stats. but unless you're diving under tower quite often. I would give it a pass.

Warmogs: Lots o' health. Lots o' Regen. Synergizes well with your passive, for a huge sheild to soak up all that damage from front lining. If you have a spirit visage, the health regen will keep you going long after the battles are over. Just make sure you dont get ignited.

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Condensed Jungle Soup

I prefer to get my leash from the Bot lane, nothing against the top laners out there, but a Leash from your ADC/Support is going to be better. So why not start your game off right? Always start by Smiting Gromp, the AoE poision you gain is going to be instrumental in your first clear. After that my path of Blue > Wolves > Red (With Smite) > Raptors > Krugs seems to flow rather nicely. Inverted for the other side to Krugs (smite) > Red > Raptors > Blue (Smite, if you need mana. > Gromp (Smite) > Wolves.
Use potions as needed, and remember your passive! Its better to wait for your passive shield to pop up for every camp, why take damage when you don't need to?

Typically you'll finish your first clear, and be sitting pretty near top/bot lane, now If you're feeling frisky, and the enemy laner is spushed up, ((and your top laner isn't about to die/Bot has a stun or snare)) I'd try an early gank here. Come in with the Q, and see if you cant force them to burn either a flash, or get the early kill.

After that first clear/gank, you should have enough for your jungling item, Stalkers, Skirmishers or Trackers. Once you have that it is rinse and repeat, saving for your next items, usually boots and a health crystal.

While you peacefully farm the jungle, don't forget to keep your eyes on the lanes, If you see your team getting pushed in or hiding under their tower, come out of the jungle for a gank! Pre-Six isn't the most effective gank, You have your Q for a slow, and E to smash, But for the most part you're there to give them someone else to shoot instead of the laner.

Post Six your ganks are much more effective thanks to the range, and the effects of your Ult. Typically you'll come in from one of the side bushes ((Pro tip: Smiting raptors gives you the ability to spot stealth wards, to make sure your bush isn't warded)) I usually wait for the enemy to be about the middle of the lane, or pushed up. Pop your W, R to ult in, E for the attack speed slow and damage, Q to slow the get away. That combo, followed by your Laners ((Hopefully followed up by them!)) Should destroy most anyone, or force them to blow their summoners.

I know your thinking, But Paladin! not every laner is losing! Sometimes all the lanes are pushed! What do I do?! Simple my good Jungling amigo, If you can afford it, Purchase the Ohmwrecker! And dive that tower! After you secure the kill, or if diving isn't feasible, Why not secure an objective? Would top or mid be able to help with Rift Herald? Is botlane free to take a dragon? The stacking dragon buff comes in mighty handy late in the game.

Speaking of Drag, Malphite is a dragon Securing machine. Even if its the enemy currently fighting it. If you have vision, and if you have the testicular fortitude, you can Ult in on their jungler, The knock up will prevent them from smiting, and smite the Dragon securing the buff for your team, and then flash the hell out of dodge. The same principle for Baron, But by the time you're fighting for that, You wont always be able to escape, So make sure there is someone alive to benefit from the Buff.

As the games go on, items are bought, teams get stronger, Your role is going to be come more about your engages. Think back to the early game, Who had trouble avoiding skill shots? Was that Morganna in bot lane slow to avoid things? Or did their mid have some lag that caused them to eat a few autos to the face. Just be sure to ping before going in, not everyone seems able to see a rock monster flying through lane, Even if you do manage to secure the perfect 5-Man Ultimate.