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Rumble Build Guide by Monkiy25

Rumble in the Galaxy

Rumble in the Galaxy

Updated on June 20, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Monkiy25 Build Guide By Monkiy25 5,689 Views 0 Comments
5,689 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Monkiy25 Rumble Build Guide By Monkiy25 Updated on June 20, 2016
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Rumble is a fairly difficult champion to play with a skill shot ult and a lot of micro managing. When mastered though, I believe that a rumble can carry a game due to his ability to change the entire aspect of a team fight. I think that rumble is slowly coming back into the meta if he is built a certain way, he struggles against tanks, but when he is full build he can slow down assassins and not get 1 shoted allowing him to burn down the enemy team. This is a guide that will help you figure out some of the little things with rumble's builds and play style that I have found help win you a lot of games.
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Skill and Passive Overview:

In this section, I will review rumble's passive and what each of his abilities do in a broad sense. First off, rumble's passive is called Junkyard titan. This passive is seen below rumble's health bar. The way his passive works is that each ability rumble uses, he builds up his "heat" bar. There are three stages of his passive, when the bar is white, when the bar turns yellow and when the bar turns red. When the bar is white, nothing happens except for the continued build up of heat. When the bar turns yellow, rumble's abilities are slightly enhanced, meaning they do more damage to enemies. Better Rumble players are able to balance this ability in the yellow section to maximize their damage out put. When the bar is in the red section, you need to be careful. When it turns red, it means that you are overheated. This causes rumble to be silenced for 6 seconds while his heat decays. Rumble's Q is called flamespitter, this ability is a flame that comes out of rumble's character that flames toward the direction you are walking. This ability does ap damage and has a small burn effect, meaning that it does a tiny amount of damage over time. The damage of this is increased by 50% when rumble is in the yellow heat range. Rumble's W is called scrap shield, this provides rumble with a shield, and speeds him up slightly. He is shielded for 2 seconds and sped up for 1 second. These are both improved by 50% when in the yellow overheat zone. Rumble's E is called Electro-Harpoon, this ability has 2 shots. This does magic damage to enemies and slows them for 2 seconds. You can use this when in the red zone of overheat and the abilities are improved by 50% with higher heat. Rumble's final ability is called The equailizer, in this ability you click hold and release a line of rockets in a desired direction. This remains for 5 seconds, and slows their movements speed by 35%.
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Fitting into a Composition/Counter Picking

Picking Rumble into any team comp in a bronze division is very dangerous. Being ap, he doesn't shred turrets like other possible picks, therefore he wouldn't work in a siege comp. He has decent in lane poke, but one everyone is grouped at a good distance, the flame spitter cannot reach the enemy lines therefore not allowing you to poke. Due to his relative lack of mobility, and being more of a late game scaling champion he would not fit into a assassin comp. The team comp in my experience that rumble is best in, is a team fight comp. This can very risking to bank on your teammates mostly because of the lack in communication that is very common among lower tier games. If you have another source of AOE cc or AOE damage such as an Orianna, anivia or jarvan rumble has the potential to be the best champion in the game. In terms of counter picking, rumble would be good picked into a less tanky melee champion such as a xin zhou or a fizz. He also has the potential to be picked into a team with high mobility because with Rylai's and the slows within his kit will help chasing them down easier.
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Laning Phase

Rumble's laning phase is very important to his overall impact in the game. In my opinion, rumble has a very strong level 2 and level 3 power spike. At level 1 you can zone off the enemies from their CS. When level 2 is reached you either have a shield or a slow making you safer or giving you a slow. If you hit the level 3 mark before your enemy, you can most likely go in for the kill if they are below full health. Going for first blood can be a high risk, high reward action depending on how hard you commit for it. If you get tunnel vision on the kill, there are three different things that could possibly happen. First, you could get the kill, which would be great. Second, you could trade evenly. The Final outcome is you get outplayed, this could not necessarily be because of your skill level, but because of what each of the champions have available. Other than this, there are many different ways to play the laning phase in terms of wave manipulation. You can decide to push turret, or to let the wave come to your turret, or hold it somewhere in between. My advice is to, if you push into their turret, try to get overheat while attacking turret because your auto attacks are stronger and quicker.
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Rumble has one of the best team fights in the entire game. If you build tanky, than you can be a decent frontline, but that is the least of your worries in a teamfight. In a teamfight, your goal is to try to use your equalizer to either smash the other team with damage or to block off an escape route. This sounds simple enough, but if you are inexperienced on the champion then you might have some troubles. Another factor with using rumble's ult effectively, is timing. If you use it too soon, then you might not get the best damage down and they might get to escape, but on the other hand, you ensure that it does damage. If you use it later, you might get to pick up a few kills yourself, and slow them down for a chase, the only danger with waiting, is that you might not end up using it. A big indicator that I use when deciding to ult or not, is early in champ select. I look at the ultimates that our team provides and which could layer well with my own. In addition to this, in a fight I look at which ultimates have been used already for both teams. Don't get discouraged if you struggle at first, it takes time and practice to be extremely effective, as with any champion.
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- Extremely strong, pairs well with the items available and can have a huge impact
- Very strong teamfight presence, phenomenal team ultimate
- Can lane well, doesn't have mana so there is more sustain
- Can fill many different roles within any team

- Difficult to play, many skill shots
- A lot of micro mechanics that have to be learned
- Unless you have the super galaxy skin, his movement is a little jerky
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Just to summarize, rumble is a very strong pick for this meta (even coming back to LCS play) he is a very fun champion in my opinion and is worth the time learning him. Don't be afraid if people get mad if you mess up, there is a pretty steep learning curve with him and as I said he requires practice. Finally, you might not like rumble if you are just trying to pick a champion and play him just to have an "in meta" champion to play.
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