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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Olat

Rumble: Lets get in the fight!

Olat Last updated on April 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my Rumble Off Tank / DPS guide. I play him as a very Tanky DPS, be warned he is not tanky until mid game. Early game you rush Rlyais for instant group slow and CC then work on your tank items after. This does not mean you cant harass or get in the face of your enemy. My runes / mastery choice is designed to help with this exact thing.

Quick Thoughts:
Rumble, what can I say about Rumble? Well, Phreak said it best in the Champ Spotlight, hes a damn Bully. His abilities make harassing a easy job, and escaping fro ma gank even easier.

- Great Pusher
- Great Harasser
- Can slow 2 champs with 'E'
- Can Slow entire Groups with Rylais and 'Q'
- Tanky DPS if built for it.
- Great Escape Mechanism
- No Mana, or Energy
- His Ult slow's and damages enemies

- Hard to Last hit Minions
- Heat Lvl take some getting used to.
- Quick use of Abilities puts him in Over Heat
- Ultimate activation will take some tries to get right.
- Needs a NERF IMO

Why would you wanna play Rumble?
If you like to get in the faces of your enemies and lay the smack down up close and personal. With Spears and flamethrowers and artillery... Rumble is for you.

Why would you not play Rumble?
If you prefer ranged champs
If you have a hard time managing Energy, Heat is kinda backwards to that.
During Overheat you do massive melee but are silenced, so its all or nothing.

My first few games I have played with Rumble have been amazing. I love every bit of his play style but I am sure he will get nerfed in an upcoming patch, and IMO he needs one.

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Proof of Concept

Only Loss was because bottom fed a Singed and Akali duo, I was laning vs Alistar and Nunu, Managed to get a kill and keep my tower alive until around 18:50 when all 5 ganked top and a teamfight ensued that we got stomped on. We surrendered at 20 mins.

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Commenting and Voting

Please try the build first and then comment and vote on it. If you disagree, let me know why and If you can persuade me, then I will change and update my guide. Do vote though one way or another, don't just down vote for no reason please. Give it a try. Thanks!

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Runes / Masteries / Summoner spells

Mark: Magic Pen
Seal: Greater Seal of Vitality HP / Level
Glyph: Magic Res / Level
Quin: Flat HP

I get Magic Pen Marks to help me get through early game MR champs and to make me hit that much harder. The seals and Quins are to help Rumble be the bully early game and not have to worry soo much about his life. With out them his base life pool at early games can be taken out quickly. The Glyphs are for Casters to just negate some dmg to stay alive. It is almost pure Tank style Runes / Mastery Setup to allow for early game pushing and bullying of the enemy.

Masteries: 9/21/0

Normal Tank spec into the masteries. Take the 9 in Offense for the Magic Pen and extra AP.
Get the extra dodge but dont put a point for the move speed buff, because you wont be stacking dodge items or getting Ninja Tabai's. Max Ardor for the extra AP and AS for Overheat and melee smashing.

Summoner Spells:

: Ghost + 'W' = Ultimate chase / Escape. Concatenate onto this Rylais and your Harpoon and your Ult slow. People wont catch you or they wont get away.

: The ultimate finisher, and or anti heal. I use this because If you tower dive and wanna make sure you get that kill Ignite is the way to go. Dive nuke, Toss ignite, pop 'W' and run. Most the time if you did enough dmg, you get the kill as you walk away.

Other Useful spells:

: Getting to a tower, a gank, or even getting out of one. Teleport is always a decent respectable choice.

: The one spell to rule them all. This is the unmatched of its kind escape spell. Even outdoing Ghost, Flash through walls to Escape or to start a gank. Flash + 'W' and your already in their face before they can react.

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Skills and Skill Sequence

Passive: All abilities create heat, at 50 + heat Rumble is in the Danger Zone making all abilities do additional damage. If he reaches 100, he overheats and is silenced. While silenced all melee attacks do additional magic damage. Rumble loses heat over time.
Q: Rumble projects a cone of fire in front of him damaging any enemy caught in its blast. Danger Zone effect: More Damage
W: Rumble Shields him self and gains a small movement speed for a few seconds. Danger Zone: Greater speed and shield
E: This is a skill shot that shoots out a harpoon damaging and slowing enemy champions it connects with. Upon using this Rumble immediately gets a 2nd harpoon to fire at no additional heat.
R: Rumble fires a volley of rockets in a line at target area damaging and slowing enemies in its path.

The skill sequence is not set in stone. There is a early game change I make that is based on my lane Partner and my enemy lane team. If I have a snare or stun on my side I would get 'Q' at level 3 and 'E' at level 4. I do this because that extra damage is VERY handy when trying to get a kill early game.

If they have fast champs or ghost, or I do not have a snare / stun / root, CC on my side I would skip the 2nd point in 'Q' at lvl 3 and get 'E', then use the harpoon to do the slows and get some extra flame damage on them. That extra point in 'Q' is worthless if you cant catch em.

Use your best judgement, otherwise max 'Q', and 'W', with 1 point in 'E' at lvl 3 or 4, to help with slows. Always taking the point in your ult at proper levels 6, 11, 16.

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Item Guide and Early - Mid Game

My item guide is used to rush Rylais to get that Gank / CC with the AoE snare based on your 'Q' After that I start grabbing Tanky items and finish off with some MR / Caster Defense. Last item is up to you. I always give 5 item recommendations and let the player chose the last optional item.

All of this is situational AFTER Boots, Rylais, and Sunfire.

Starter Item:
Great start item, extra health, armor, and regen for rumble.

Boot Choice:
Magic Pen and Movement speed.
Help get those CC's off ya so you can either get away or get back to killing. Take this if your team has a few decent CC'ers


This is the main item for Rumble. This with his can slow entire groups of champs to make them easy targets to kill. RUSH THIS ITEM.

Rumble likes to get in the fight, so let him with Sunfire, Rylais, and , the enemies are dying as they try to flee.

As stated before this is my Tanky / DPS build. this gives Rumble some much needed MR and health regen.

Getting more AP and Magic Pen. The Ap ratio isnt great but magic pen is.

This item will help negate those nasty CC's that makes Rumble grumble.

Last item is up to you. Like I said before everything beyond, Boots, Sunfire, and Ryalis is optional

Early Game:
Start with buying Dorans Shield and pick a lane. Head there and get into your bushes, hope your partner is fast enough. I would be spamming my 'Q on the way to the lane to get about 50 heat, and then try to keep it there. So if and when the Early fight starts you can push it into the Danger zone and do max DPS.

Option A: All goes well, FB or Early Kills.
You should hit lvl 6 before leaving your lane if possible, make sure to grab your ult. With anywhere from 900 - 1200 gold you can pick to grab an Early Giants Belt or Boots + Tome

Option B: Not having a good time.
Still try to hit lvl 6, use your 'W' before you go into fights and try to harass with harpoon. If going in with 'Q' is too dangerous then don't. No one likes the hero, especially the dead hero. Head to base if need be and grab your Boots of Speed. This will help you get in and out faster

Mid Game: Time to Shine

This is where Rumble REALLY shines. Im hoping by now you have your Rylais and Sunfire built. If not at least your Rylais. Its time to gank. Mid is always best or the other lane if they are pushed.

Get in bushes and get set up. keep your heat up to around 50. Ping your Target, Pop 'W' charge in and hit 'Q'. As the Enemy champs are slowed they will make a run for it. This is when you drop your Ult. Look at the movement patterns, Are they following the wall or making a Bee line for the tower? Click R, click the start Position (Best choice is right in-front of where the enemy Champ is currently at) then orient it and Make It Rain! The damage from your ground AoE and the slow of your ult + Rylais will make hunting them down a breeze. When Aiming your harpoon (E) aim to the left or the right of your ult's path, they will normally try to make a break out of your ult and this will then hit and slow them even more with Rylais.

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What not to do, and other Tips.

Rumble is pretty powerful right now but you can still die if you play stupidly. Harassing and using your 'W' when you need to get in or out of a fight is the best way. Otherwise keep it off cooldown. Best time to use 'W' is when trying run back to your lane after buying or dying. Use 'W' and toss in a 'Q' then another 'W' and you'll be around 50 Heat when you get back to lane and ready to harass again.

Do not tower dive because you have this shield that you love so much. ONLY tower dive if you have more then 1/2 health and you know you can get away. The tower still HURTS a lot.. Dont expect to play 'Ring around the Rosie' and live.

Do not grab a lot of AP items. His AP ratio from what I have seen is 0.5, please correct me if I am wrong. That means for every 2 AP an item has you get 1 actually AP. This is not a good ration to go stacking AP items on. The AP items I chose to buy have secondary abilities that will GREATLY help Rumble out.

Do not try to take on multiple enemies that have CC. Any stun and your heat starts dropping and or your 'W' is worthless. So play it smart. Rumble is a beast and can take most champs 1 on 1 if played right and if farmed or fed even a little can take 2 on 1.

Do, use your 'W' to tower dive that champ with 1 bar of life that thinks he is safe, once again, DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS you have like 1/2 life or more. Pop, ghost, 'W', then 'Q' and charge him. Beat his face in and then pop 'W' again to escape. Tower diving is much easier with Flash.

Do, use your ult on those bushes you KNOW the enemy is hiding at or they are about to run into to escape a gank. This will force them to die faster or leave those bushes in a hurry.

Do, use your 'E' on more then 1 champ for multiple slows, or use both on 1 for extra harassing.

Mid - Late Game tips:

Use your Ult to not only slow enemies but to push towers. Dropping it on the Minion path near an enemy tower will do 2 things, 1 Keep the enemy away from his tower, and 2 kill the entire line of creeps to allow yours to push and beat on the tower unhindered.

Your life pool and your 'W' should make you a pretty good tower diver if you manage to get some kills or ganks, Don't be afraid of the towers at this stage, but be aware of the enemy champs. 1 Stun or CC at a tower and Rumble goes from GOD to goon.

Have fun with rumble, thats the main thing. Every one is going to cry about the new champ, and even I admit he needs a small tweak, have fun with him though and just destroy the enemy teams.